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What Was New in 2014 - 2015?

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December 30, 2015 Many engravings of Warren men from History Of Warren County Pennsylvania with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by J.S. Schenck, 1887, are online.

November 19, 2015 Look at some early views of the village of Clarendon in Mead township. More schools! A second postcard of the old high school in Sheffield. The old school at Lander in Farmington township. Plus Corydon's high school. And the Pittsfield school house. There's also a postcard depicting the hotel and post office in Pittsfield.

October 28, 2015 Two postcards: the first dated August 4, 1913 shows the old high school in Sheffield; the second is of the Kinzua Valley, both courtesy of the Warren County Historical Society.

October 8, 2015 Thanks to the Warren County Historical Society in Warren, the Rouse County Farm page now has 3 great images.

August 31, 2015 A memorable cemetery in Eldred township, the Sanford Cemetery can be viewed online. Need driving directions? They're there.

July 16, 2015 The third cemetery, relocated during the Kinza Dam construction, now posted online: Riverview Cemetery in Elk township.

June 22, 2015 From the Saturday, May 25th edition of the Warren Evening Times comes a listing of "the Mercantile Dealers, or Vendors in Warren County, including brokers, Amusement places, Pool Rooms, Bowling Alleys, Restaurants, Cafes, and Whoelesale [sic] for the year 1918." Still a work-in-progress, but what's done offers a look at a slice in time...World War I was not over yet. The Armistice would not be signed until November 11th., 1918.

May 27, 2015 Twelve photographs of the Killeen, Ryan, Shields and Henry families, contributed by Daniel Shields, show the style of portraits taken by different photograghy studios.

April 8, 2015 The little village of Grand Valley in Eldred township has two cemeteries: Loomis and newly posted Maultby Cemetery.

March 3, 2015 A new cemetery to stroll through: Youngsville I. O. O. F. Cemetery in Brokenstraw township.

February 25, 2015 All biographies with the surname beginning with the letter "A" from History Of Warren County Pennsylvania with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by J.S. Schenck, 1887, are online.

January 12, 2015 Another cemetery now available: Marshtown Cemetery in Farmington township.

December 15, 2014 All biographies with the surname beginning with the letter "R" from History Of Warren County Pennsylvania with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by J.S. Schenck, 1887, are online.

November 29, 2014 Two interesting biographies added: the Hon. William Hamilton Shortt and John Christian Sechriest, plus the obituary of 28 year old Sgt. Loten A. Dinsmoor who died in Puerto Rico in 1898.

October 19, 2014 Three very small cemeteries in Sugar Grove township listed with best directions available.

October 10, 2014 In 1918, the Warren Evening Times carried a flowery account of the dismantling of the old bridge in Warren...and more. Avec photos!

October 6, 2014 Some of the many cemeteries in Warren County are small and all but lost; however there are snippets of information about possible locations for the adventurous. Contained on a new page are four such cemeteries. In Triumph township: St. John Farm Burials and Valentine Farm Burial. And two in Watson township, both lone graves: Ralph Fry Burial and Watson Burial Plot.

September 30, 2014 Photographers have captured not only the landscape, but the people and events of their time. Finding out more about Warren County photographers will add more to this new page. Thank you, Dan Shields, for this intriguing project!

September 24, 2014 Enter the portal to the second of the three relocated cemeteries, Corydon Cemetery, the final resting place of Philip Tome, author of Pioneer Life or Thirty Years a Hunter. More information about Philip and family, including a link to his book online, can be found on the Corydon township page.

September 21, 2014 Enter the portal to the Cornplanter Cemetery, one of three cemeteries located on the same knoll in Elk township. Located north of Willow Bay on the Allegheny Reservoir and just south of the New York state line, this famous cemetery was - and perhaps remains - quite controversial.

September 14, 2014 New! Newspaper accounts of reunions from yesteryear. The first one to grace this page is the 1927 reunion of the Brown-Foster family and the second is the 1928 reunion of the Guiton family. Another section has been added to the Transportation page: Highways. Read about how in 1928 the road came to be Route 6 through Youngsville.

August 4, 2014 Read down the list of jurors selected for September 1898 to see how occupations have changed from then to now.

July 31, 2014 The Wetmore family, influential in Warren county and beyond, left an impressive legacy. Read first the biography of Lansing Wetmore (1792-1857), then son Lansing Ditmars Wetmore (1818-1905), and onto Charles C. Wetmore (1829-1867). And finally take a peek at Charles Delevan Wetmore (1866-1941) who was the architect for the Warren Public Library.

July 12, 2014 The One Hundred Fifty-Ninth Regiment merits a look at the conditions men endured during the Civil War. Also Early Immigrants from Alsace, France has been added, perhaps containing a name of your ancestor!

June 28, 2014 Now online, another addition to the list of Civil War units - the One Hundred Fifty-First Regiment.

May 14, 2014 A listing of the historic buildings in the county, although incomplete, has been added.

April 10, 2014 Hunter is a common surname and Warren county had several notable families. Oliver Henry Hunter established a dry goods mercantile business in 1842 in Warren. Read his biography and more about O. H. Hunter & Son dry goods store. Jahu Hunter, a resident of Tidioute, was engaged in many pursuits - timber, mercantile, petroleum; read his biography for details.

March 31, 2014 The Glenni W. Scofield biography is interesting reading! As is his wife Laura M. (TANNER) Scofield's obituary.

February 15, 2014 Stroll through the Garland Presbyterian Cemetery in Pittsfield township.

January 29, 2014 Read the fascinating obituary of famous acrobat Matthew Joseph Ryan, who also owned the Ryan Hotel in Tidioute. Thanks to contributor Dan Shields!


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