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Transcribed extractions from a newspaper published in Warren.
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Monday, June 11, 1928

(edition was ten pages in length; wedding announcement was on page 5, columns 1-3.)


Pretty Church Wedding Unites Dorothy Hunter to Marshal Wendell Ulf

Edifice at Tidioute is Transformed Into Bower of Beauty For Ceremony

Miss Dorothy Hunter, daughter of Mrs. L. L. Hunter of Tidioute, was married Saturday, June 9th, at twelve o'clock noon to Marshal Wendell Ulf of Cleveland, Ohio, son of C. A. Ulf of Tidioute. The ceremony was performed in the Presbyterian church at Tidioute by the pastor, Rev. Thomas Lambert. Present for the wedding were more than three hundred invited guests, among whom were many from Warren.

Banked about the church was a profusion of pine, dogwood and gladioli which, under the direction of Mrs. Robert L. Dunn of Tidioute, had transformed the edifice into a bower of pink, green and white. The decorative scheme centered upon the arch at the chancel of the church where the marriage service was performed.

A recital by the church organist, Mrs. Walter Murphy, assisted by Mrs. Paul Riston, pianist, Miss Anderson, cellist, Miss Charlotte Anderson, violinist and Walter Scott, flutist, preceded the wedding rites.

At the hour of noon, the organist struck the first notes of the "Lohengrin" bridal march and the pastor and bridegroom with his groomsman, his brother, Dorman Ulf, of Boston, came to the arch before the alter. Heading the bride's party that came down the main aisle of the church to the measured strains of the march were the ushers, Edgar Ulf of Sharon, Marshall Bucklin of Tidioute, Howard Hoffman, of Cleveland, and Jahu A. Hunter of Gowanda, N. Y. Then came the bridesmaids, Miss Lavina May Knight of Akron, Ohio, Miss Elizabeth Ulf, of Kane, Miss Margaret Faunce of Pittsburgh, and Miss Dorothy Jenkins of Philadelphia. The bridesmaids were followed by the matron of honor, Mrs. W. Floyd Clinger of Warren, sister of the bride, and by the flower girl, Miss Dorothy Clinger of Warren, niece of the bride. The bride, with her trainbearers, Elizabeth Clinger of Warren, and Richard Ulf of Boston, escorted by her brother, J. L. Hunter of Warren, completed the party for the ceremony.

The bridal gown was a DeMedici design of ivory satin and lace. The bride carried a shower bouquet of roses and lillies-of-the-valley.

Upon the completion of the wedding ceremony, the organist struck into the strains of "Mendelsohn's Wedding March" and the wedding party left the church followed by the guests, and went to the home of the bride where a reception was given by Mrs. Hunter.

Friday night, preceding the wedding, a dinner was given by Mrs. L. L. Hunter, the bride's mother, at the Community House in Tidioute for the bridal party and guests. This was followed by a dance given by Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Grandin, Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Bucklin, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Phillips, and Dr. and Mrs. Walter Sutton.

Following the reception on Saturday, Mr. and Mrs. Ulf left for an automobile tour. They will be at home, after July 1st at 1990 Ford Drive, Cleveland, Ohio, where Mr. Ulf is employed by the General Electric Company at Nela Park.

Miss Hunter is a graduate of Smith College, Morthampton, Mass., and Mr. Ulf a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Among those present at the wedding and reception were: Mr. and Mrs. James Livingston Hunter of Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Jahu Hunter of Gowanda, N. Y., Mr. and Mrs. W. Floyd Clinger of Warren, Mr. and Mrs. Maurice A. Knight, Miss Lulu Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Hal G. Knight, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Iredell, of Akron, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Ulf and Charles Ulf of Kane, Mrs. George Maynard Minor and Mrs. Charles Bissell of Southinston, Conn., Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Ulf of Boston.

Guests from Warren were: Mrs. W. H Allen, Miss Effie Braddock, Mr. and Mrs. David Beaty, Miss Susan Beaty, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Banghart, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Beaty, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Clark, Mrs. F. M. Caughev, Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Conarro, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Crary, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Crary, Mr. and Mrs. M. H. Deardorf, Mrs. William Hammond, Mrs. W. H. Fuller, Mr. and Mrs. G. M. Grandin, Mrs. W. F. Henry, Mr. and Mrs. Byron Knapp, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keelor, Mrs. Rose Messner, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Messner, Harold Triggs, Mrs. H. W. Mitchell, Mr. and Mrs. Robert MacKay, Miss Helen Noyes, Miss Anna Rockwell, Mrs. Alice Hall Siggins, Mrs. Joseph Schofield, Miss Rebecca Schofield, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Steber, Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Smith, Mrs. Agnes Sill, Miss Ethel McCray, Mrs. W. D. Todd, Mrs. J. O. Messerly, Mrs. Ella Bucklin, and Mrs. C. S. Keefer.

Other guests from out of town were: Mrs. M. E. England, Olean, N. Y.; Percy Darby and Miss Ruth Darby, Frank Kennebrook, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Montgomery, Buffalo, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. William Grover, Dansville, N. Y.; Mrs. May Everett Johnson and Miss Gwendolyn Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. John Jones, Miss Marie Jones, Robert Jones, Mr. and Mrs. John A. Eckman, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eckman, Mr. and Mrs. Francis Irvine, of Jamestown, N. Y.; Miss Marv Graham, Mrs. Frank Stanton, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Liggett, of Pittsburgh; Mr. and Mrs. Eliot C. Grandin, Titusville; Dr. and Mrs. Walter Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Phillips, Mrs. George Coblenz, Erie; Mr. and Mrs. George Stitzinger, New Castle; Mrs. S. Q. Wilson, Miss Queen Wilson, Mrs. James Wilbur, Mr. and Mrs. James Sutton, Pleasantville, Penna.; Mrs. N. P. Wheeler,Sr., Mrs. N. P. Wheeler, Jr., Major and Mrs. A. R. Wheeler, Mrs. J. W. Leonard, Mrs. W. O. Fuelhart, Mr. and Mrs. R. R. Chaffee, Miss Alice Neil Siggins, Mrs. Sue Warden, Mr. and Mrs. George Warden, Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Morrow, Endeavor; Mrs. H. A. Couse, Miss Maude McCall, Miss Leila Tobin, Cleveland; Mr. and Mrs. Frnak Holdridge, Lancaster, Penna.; Mrs. Mina Grimes, Port Allegany, Penna.; Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Marks, Saltsburg, Penna.

Mrs. Ceora Thompson, Pittsburgh; Mrs. Sanford Smith, Oakland, N. J.; Lyle Peters, Peekskill, N. Y.; Mrs. Hugh Shaw, Bradford.


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