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A reunion of the Foulkrod family was held Saturday, July 4th at the residence of Emmett Feiro [sic] at Stoneham, Pa. There were 45 members of the family present, among whom were Mr. and Mrs. Geo Foulkrod, Corydon; Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Foulkrod and family, Kane; Mr. and Mrs. Henry Foulkrod and family, Clarendon; Mrs. C. H. Loucks and family, Warren; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Foulkrod and family, Ridgway; Mrs. Ida Beam, Bartlesville, Okla.; Mr. and Mrs. Emmett Freiro and family, Stoneham; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Foulkrod, Kinzua; Mrs. Frank Wolf and family, Warren; Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Foulkrod, Kane; Mrs. Agnes Beam, Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Morten and C. E. Morten, Warren; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Moran and Miss Helen Neal, Sheffield.

Source: Monday, July 6, 1908 edition of the Warren Evening Mirror, page 2, column 3.





The tenth annual reunion of the Brasington family was held at the Lacy farm Aug 28, 1908, and a fine time was had by all present. About 70 of the relatives were present including Mr. and Mrs. Gibson and family, of Lander, Pa., Mrs. Hurley and family of Salamanca, N. Y. and Mrs. R. A. Winchester and son of Winchester, Wyo. After enjoying a bountiful dinner a business meeting was called to order by President Dewitt Brasington and the following officers were elected for the present year: S. B. Hedges, president, Frank Schuler, vice president; Chas. W. Winchester, secretary, Miss Alice B. Hamm, treasurer. An enjoyable reature of the entertainment was speaking, etc., by several members of the party and too much credit cannot be given them for their excellent ability. After voting the occasion a grand success the guests took part in various games and amusements until a late hour in the afternoon.

Source: Warren Evening Mirror, Monday, August 31, 1908, on page 5, column 2.






The annual reunion of the Hornstrom family was held at Irvinedale Park Sunday, July 9th. The location and beautiful day served to make the reunion a grand success. A short program was had, after which the President, Mr. E. Hornstrom, took charge of the regular business meeting, and the following officers were elected for the coming year: Mrs. E. J. Ollson, President; Mr. C. F. Hornstrom, vice president; Ruth Hornstrom, secretary; Mrs. Will Erickson, treasurer. The time and place of the next reunion was left for the president and committees to decide.

Source: Tuesday, July 11, 1911 edition of the Warren Evening Mirror, page 2, column 2.




Caption on the back:

August 7, 1920
Dunn re - union, Garland, Pa.

Postcard of members of the Dunn family at their 1920 reunion in Garland, Pa.

Postcard  image courtesy of Warren County Historical Society, Warren, Pa.

No members of the Dunn family have been identified in this photograph.






The forty-first annual reunion of the decendents of Samuel and Diantha Foster Brown met at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Danielson at Brown Hill on Thursday, August 22. The day was ideal for an outdoor gathering, with about one hundred and twenty-five relatives being present. Dinner was served under a tent on the lawn, after which a business meeting was held and the following officers elected for the coming year: President, W. T. Brown; vice-president, Nick Finlan; secretary and treasurer, Mrs. Leota Carlin; Historian, Mrs. Grace Brown.

It was decided to hold the next reunion at Meadville Pa. in 1928. Among those present from a distance were: Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Carlin and daughter, Beatrice, Mr. and Mrs. D. A. Howell and daughters, Welthea and Florence, Misses Hazel and Ira and DeWayne Burrows of Pleasantville, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Andy Kitlinger, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hall, Grace and Irene Williams of Meadville; Mrs. Mate Finlan and daughter [sic], Fern and Lucy, Mrs. Leila Parkins and children, Wallace, Richard and Shirley, Mrs. Phenia Peterson and daughter, Leona, of Erie, Pa.; Mrs. Susie Patchen, Mrs. Anna Patchen and son Gene, of Salamanca, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Louie Burnette, Mr. and Mrs. Ross L. Fisher and daughter, Gertrude, Carl Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Cleo Brown of Jamestown, N. Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Green and daughter, Gladys of Tidioute, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Archie Thompson of Titusville; Mr. and Mrs. Alman Thompson, Mr. and Mrs. Everett Reynolds and son, Ellsworth, Mr. and Mrs. M. P. Brown, Mrs. Bessie Meabon of Grand Valley.

The eldest person present was Andy Kitlinger of Meadville, who is aged eight-two years and the youngest was Joyce Louise, the three weeks old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Junior Brown of Jamestown.

Source: The Warren Morning Mirror, page 5, column 3, dated Tuesday morning, August 30, 1927.






The second annual Lesh and Clendenning reunion was held Sunday at the home of Burt Fox near Russell. Picnic dinner was served in tents and there were 100 members present. Following the dinner the following officers were elected. President, Allie Kenney; vice president, Burt Fox; secretary-treasurer, Lloyd Lackey.

People were present from Erie, Cleveland, Bradford, Warren, Jamestown and Falconer. The next reunion will be held the first Sunday in August at the home of Burt Fox. The sport committee were Iria and Joe Lackey.

Source: Warren Morning Mirror, page 6, column 5, dated Saturday, August 20, 1927.






Gathering at the home of Mrs. Cora Cowles at Lander Thursday, forty members of the Mahan family celebrated the twenty-first annual reunion of the clan with a day filled with enjoyment. Dinner was served in a large tent spread on the spacious lawn after which all adjourned to the house where a business session was held.

Officers elected for the ensuing year included president, Steven Hitchcock; vice president, Ruth Mahan; secretary, Mrs. Freeman Peterson; treasurer, Fern Putnam, historian, Mrs. B. H. White and chairman literary program, Lois Peterson.

During the remainder of the afternoon a fine literary program, various contests and a social session were held with a vote of thanks being extended to Mrs. Cowles for her royal entertainment and general hospitality.

Next year the reunion will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Briggs at Sugar Grove.

Source: Warren Morning Mirror, page 6, column 5, dated Saturday, August 20, 1927.






The Guiton family held its fourth annual reunion, Sunday, at the home of R. W. Guiton at Muzette, with over 75 relatives and friends in attendance. Dinner was served at twelve o'clock, followed by an afternoon pleasantly spent with games and music, furnished by Mr. and Mrs. George Stroup of Sheffield, who played the violin and guitar.

The officers were re-elected as follows: President, Mrs. I. J Kunselman of Endeavor; secretary-treasurer, R. F. Hale of Tionesta. The historian's report showed one death, three births, and three marriages in the family during the past year.

One of the features of the reunion was the meeting, for the first time in nineteen years, of all the members of the family of Mr. and Mrs. George Stroup. Their children were all present, as follows: Mrs. Nellie Gardner of Clarendon, Pa.; Mrs. Charles Brightman of Oil City, Pa.; Mrs. James Viaropolos of Warren, Ohio; Mrs. Kate Miller of Jamestown, N. Y.; Mrs. Guy McElravey of Port Angeles, Washington; Robert Stroup and Taylor Stroup of Sheffield, Pa.

The reunion, next year, will be held the first Sunday in August, 1929, at the home of R. W. Guiton at Muzette.

Source: The Warren Tribune, page 8, column 3, dated Thursday, August 9, 1928.




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