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Edited by J.S. Schenck, assisted by W.S. Rann; Syracuse, N.Y.; D Mason & Co., Publishers; 1887

THE following list embraces the names of persons who have held prominent
civil offices in the National, State, or County government, while residents
of Warren county:


Members of the House of Representatives.— Carlton B. Curtis, Thirty-second
Congress, re-elected to the Thirty-third, holding from March 4, 1851, to
March 4, 1855. He was afterward elected to the Forty-third Congress while
residing in Erie county.

Chapin Hall, Thirty-sixth Congress, 1859, '61.

Glenni W. Scofield, Thirty-eighth, Thirty-ninth, Fortieth, Forty-first, Forty-
second, and Forty-third Congress, holding from March 4, 1863, to March
4, 1875. Represented the State at large during his last term.

Lewis F. Watson, Forty-fifth and Forty-seventh Congress, or terms extending
from March 4, 1877, to March 4, 1879, and from March 4, 1881, to
March 4. 1883.

Judge United States Court of Claims, Washington, D. C, Glenni W. Scofield,
commissioned May 20, 1881.

United States Consul, William H. Shortt, at Cardiff, Wales, during part of
the second term of General Grant's administration.


Lieutenant-Governor.— Charles W. Stone, elected for four years in 1878.
Auditor General.— Harrison Allen, who served from 1872 to 1875.
Members State Constitutional Convention.—Thomas Struthers, and Rasselas
, 1872-73.
State Senators.— Glenni W. Scofield, 1857-59; Harrison Allen, 1870-72;
Charles W. Stone, 1877-78; Orrin C. Allen, 1887-88.

Members of Assembly.1

[Footnote 1: Until the adoption of the new constitution in 1873, the term of office was one year. Members were elected the year previous to date shown.]

David Brown 1822
Josiah Hall 1836
Carlton B. Curtis 1837-38
Joseph Y. James 1843
Obed Edson 1844
Rasselas Brown 1845
Benjamin Bartholomew 1846
Henry P. Kinnear 1847
Glenni W. Scofield 1850-51
Joseph Y. James 1852
Carter V. Kinnear 1853
Lothrop T. Parmelee 1854
Daniel Lott 1855-56
Thomas Struthers 1857-58
Henry R. Rouse 1859-60
Ephraim Cowan 1861-62
William D. Brown 1863-64-65
Harrison Allen 1866-67
Junius R. Clark 1868-69
Charles W. Stone 1870-71
William H. Shortt 1872-73
George W. Allen 1874-75-76
W. M. Lindsey 1877-78
John B. White 1879-80
Willis B. Benedict 1881-82
Charles M. Shortt 1883-84
Henry Brace 1885-86
Henry Brace 1887-88


President Judges. 2

[Footnote 2: Of the above mentioned president judges Nathaniel B. Eldred, Rasselas Brown, Samuel P. Johnson, Glenni W. Scofield, Lansing D. Wetmore, and William D. Brown were the only ones who resided in Warren county, and all are yet living in the town of Warren, Pa., with the exception of the first named, who died years ago. See biographical sketch.]

Jesse Moore appointed 1819
Henry Shippen appointed 1825
Nathaniel B. Eldred appointed 1835
Alexander McCalmont appointed 1839
Nathaniel B. Eldred appointed 1840
Gaylord Church appointed 1843
John Galbraith elected 1851
Rasselas Brown appointed 1860
Samuel P. Johnson elected 1860
Lansing D. Wetmore elected 1870
William D. Brown elected 1880
David Derrickson, assistant judge 1856
John P. Vincent, assistant judge 1866
James Thompson, district judge 1840

Glenni W. Scofield appointed to fill vacancy in — district, 1861. See biographical sketch.

Associate Judges.

Isaac Connelly, appointed 1819
Joseph Hackney, appointed 1819
Josiah Hall, appointed 1832
Obed Edson, appointed 1836
Oilman Merrill, appointed 1841
William Siggins, appointed 1842
Oilman Merrill, appointed 1846
John Hamilton, appointed 1847
James A. Alexander, appointed 1851
Lansing Wetmore, elected 1851
John Judson, elected 1851
Griffin Brown, elected 1856
James L. Lott, elected 1856
Lewis Arnett, elected 1861
G. V. N. Yates, elected 1861
James Dennison, elected 1866
Sidney A. Wetmore, elected 1866
Isaac H. Hiller, elected 1871
Carter V. Kinnear, elected 1871
W. W. Connelly, elected 1876
W. B. Acocks, elected 1876
P.W.Brown, elected 1881
G. H. Bates (resigned 1884), elected 1881
Rufus P. King appointed 1884
Charles 0. Merritt elected 1885
J. T. Barker, elected 1886


Mark C. Dalrymple commissioned 1820
Stephen Littlefield, elected 1822
Daniel Horn, elected 1825
John King, elected 1828
John McKinney, jr, elected 1831
Thomas Martin, elected 1834
Joseph 0. Gordon, elected 1837
Abijah Morrison, elected 1840
Henry P. Kinnear, elected 1843
Abijah Morrison, elected 1846
Charles Anderson, elected 1849
James Foreman, elected 1852
George V. N. Yates, elected 1855
John B. Brown, elected 1858
Henry P. Kinnear, elected 1861
Robert Allen (died), elected 1864
John B. Brown (vacancy), elected 1867
John R. Capron, elected 1867
S. V. Davis, elected 1870
S. H. Davis, elected 1873
Henry Brace, elected 1876
Theodore Chase (died 1882), elected 1879
O. W. Randall, appointed 1882
E. A. Allen, elected 1882
Robert Love, elected 1885

County Commissioners. 1

[Footnote 1: In a previous chapter, we believe No. 14, it is intimated that probably all of the principal officers of the county at its organization, were appointed; but since that paragraph was written and printed we have become firm in the belief that the first county commissioners, at least, were elected by the people. Still, as there stated, no election returns or other evidence have been found to determine the matter.]

James Benson, elected 1819
Henry Kinnear, elected 1819
Asa Winter, elected 1819
Joseph Mead, elected 1820
Henry Kinnear, elected 1821
Lothrop S. Parmlee, elected 1822
Robert Falconer, elected 1823
James Bonner, elected 1824
Jonathan Thompson, appointed 1824
Robert Russell, elected 1825
Stephen Littlefield, elected 1826
James Gray, elected 1827
Robert Russell, elected 1828
Stephen Littlefield, elected 1829
Daniel Horn, elected 1830
Thomas Martin, elected 1831
John King, elected 1832
James Morrison, elected 1833
William Siggins, elected 1834
Elijah Smith, elected 1835
Joshua Turner, elected 1836
Thomas Sloan, elected 1837
Daniel Horn, elected 1838
John J. Berry, elected 1839
Warner Perry, elected 1840
Joseph Monroe, elected 1841
Eleazer W. Chase, elected 1842
James Gray, elected 1843
James McGill, elected 1844
Aaron Walton, jr, elected 1845
John J. Berry, elected 1846
Stephen Littlefield, elected 1847
George W. Buel, elected 1848
Erastus Barnes, elected 1849
E.G. Benedict, elected 1850
Orrin Hook, elected 1851
Marshall Jones, elected 1852
S. S. Raymond, elected 1853
Robert Allen, elected 1854
Marshall Jones, elected 1855
Erastus Barnes, elected 1856
Arthur McGill, elected 1857
Robert Campbell, elected 1858
Alden Marsh, elected 1859
Arthur McGill, elected 1860
Erastus Barnes, elected 1861
Alden Marsh, elected 1862
Melancthon Miles, appointed 1863
Melancthon Miles, elected 1863
William G. Garcelon, elected 1864
Alden Marsh, elected 1865
Melancthon Miles, elected 1866
William G. Garcelon, elected 1867
Robert H. Morrison, elected 1868
Henry Babcock, elected 1869
Nelson Mead, elected 1870
Robert H. Morrison, elected 1871
William G. Garcelon, elected 1872
E. R. Wheelock, elected 1873
Myron Dunham, elected 1874
James B. Jennings, elected 1875
Myron Dunham, elected 1875
E. R. Wheelock, elected 1877
William H. Maultby, elected 1878
James Roy, elected 1878
Benjamin Ellis, elected 1878
A. C. Blodgett, elected 1881
Darius Mead, elected 1881
Michael Crocker, elected 1884
Theodore L. Putnam, elected 1884
Joseph Clinton, elected 1884


Lansing Wetmore, commissioned 1819
John Brown, commissioned 1821
Henry Dunn, commissioned 1823
Lansing Wetmore, commissioned 1824
Lansing Wetmore, commissioned 1827
Robert Miles, commissioned 1830
Walter W. Hodges, commissioned 1833
William P. McDowell, commissioned1836
Walter W. Hodges, commissioned 1839
Walter W. Hodges, commissioned 1842
Thomas Clemons, commissioned 1845
Silas L. Axtell, commissioned1848
Rufus P. King, commissioned 1851
Rufus P. King, (resigned) commissioned 1584
Thomas Clemons, commissioned 1855
Isaac H. Hiller, commissioned 1858
Isaac H. Hiller, commissioned 1861
Isaac H. Hiller, commissioned 1864
William Jagger, commissioned 1867
Starling W. Waters, commissioned 1870
Starling W. Waters, commissioned 1873
Starling W. Waters, commissioned 1876
Joseph A. Weible, commissioned 1879
Joseph A. Weible, commissioned 1882
Delford U. Arird, commissioned 1885

County Treasurers.


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