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1918 Mercantile Report

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"The following is a list of the Mercantile Dealers, or Vendors in Warren County, including brokers, Amusement places, Pool Rooms, Bowling Alleys, Restaurants, Cafes, and Whoelesale [sic] for the year 1918."

Source: the Saturday, May 25th edition of the Warren Evening Times, page 2.


Birt, A. A., R. F. D. Gen. Store
Clark, E. S. Feed
Hale & Clendenning Gen. Store
Harrington, H. B. Gen. Store
Houghton, Ariel Grocery
Allen, Jay Grocery
Cook, M. S. Oils and Gasoline
Evans, W. H. Grocery
Hawkins, E. G. Feed
Lopus, L. A. Grocery
Tillotson, E. D. Gen. Store
Tillotson & Son Feed
Vaneps, Alice Millinery
Walker, L. E. [left blank]
Darling, L. F. [left blank]
Engstrom and Peterson Gen. Store
Sands, F. J. Grocery
Anderson Bros. [left blank]
Bender, Benj. Junk
Barnes, L. C. Grocery
Chambers, Agnes Dry Goods
Clarendon Garage [left blank]
Driscoll, J.H. Novelties
Fogle, David Shoes
Foster, E. L. Hardware
Hill, G. M. Grocery
Jerecki Mfg. Co. Supplies
Kreinson, S. Dry Goods
Laskowski, Joseph Groceries
Lundberg, Eric Shoes
Mcnulty, L. C. [left blank]
Meddock, E. L. Gen. Store
Malone, Thomas Cigars
Marcus, J. A. Cigars
McMarrow, S. W. Jewelry
Olson, C. O. Meats
Painter, Thomas Grocery
Simpson Pharmacy [left blank]
Sparco, James Fruit
Sackett, J. B. Cigars
St. Clair, Nellie [left blank]
Faulkner, G. W. [left blank]
Hall, James L. Phosphates
Gordon & Son Grocery
Marble, D. B. Phosphates
Nagle, George Cigars
Putnam & Parker Feed
Putnam, E. N. Grocery
Simpson, Charles Grocery
Sutton, Grant [left blank]
Clawson, E. H., & Co. Gen. Store
Griffen, J. A. Cigars
Keystone Handle Co. Handles
Learn, L. J. Hardware
Stryker, L. R. Drugs
Thomes, O. J. Grocery
Green, J. M., & Son Gen. Store
Mapes, H. C. Hardware
Thomas, Mrs. S. Grocery
Rudolph, Frank [left blank]
Andrews, Ira Gen. Store


Horn, D. D. Gen. Store
Morris, C. S. & Co. Gen. Store
Mays, A. J., & Son. [left blank]
Taylor, W. E. Phosphate
Allen, C. D., & Son Hardware
Childs, W. G. Stationery
Fehlman, Henry Cigars
Ongley, Chas. [left blank]
Peck, Geo. W. Drugs
Thompson, A. R. Gen. Store
Wood, Williston P. Coal
Cooney, E. W. Grocery
Jackson, W. F. Cigars
Keating, H. & E. [left blank]
Nelson Bros. [left blank]
Swanson, P. D. Grocery
Campbell, S. O. Meats
Clawson, C. D. Gen. Store
Carella, D. Cigars
Kinzua Garage [left blank]
King, Christine Gen. Store
Moorhouse, G. W. Hardware
Morrison, C. R. [left blank]
Martin, P. R. Grocery
Norton, B. E. Estate Drugs
White, Mrs. E. C. Baker
Cowles, H. H. Drugs
Mahan & Nelson Gen. Store
Eastman, F. E. Cigars
Wilson, E. A. Gen. Store
Russell, W. J. Feed
Buck and Sandeen Drugs
Dalrymple, H. V. Meats
Hodges, E. M. Gen. Store
Jones, T. R. Feed
Lawson, T. F. [left blank]
Lauffer, Edna M. Stationery
Morley, John O. [left blank]
North Warren Grocery Groceries
Rogers, E. & M. [left blank]
Rickerson, A. & Son Candies
Stevenson, Wm. Gen. Store
Acocks, N. L. Cigars
Brooks, D. R. Stationery
Johnson, C. C. Gen. Store
Rhodes, C. L. Grocery
Smith, W. F. Coal
Clark, Chas. Gen. Store
Chase, L. A. & Son Flour
Hale, W. C. & Son Hardware
Kelly, E. J. Cigars
Keystone Shoe Store Shoes
Larimer, D. J. [left blank]
Moreau, V. A. [left blank]
Mattison, G. E. Grocery
Pine Grove Flour and Feed Mill [left blank]
Putnam, L. A. & Sons [left blank]
Russell, H. F. Gen. Store
Thompson, F. E. Lumber
Van Orsdale & Wiltzie Gen. Store
Young, H. R. Meats
Young, A. E. Gen. Store
Yost, A. A. Cigars
Firth, Benj. [left blank]
Thomas, H. G. [left blank]
Carlson, C. A. Gen. Store
Chinberg, John Shoes
Anundson, J. A. Jeweler
Anderson Bros. [left blank]
Baldensperger, John Cigars
Bramer Bros. Garage
Beer, O. M. Lumber & Paints
Borden, G. Undertaker
Boston Candy Store Candies
Cederlof, C. A. Clothing
Carlson, C. F. Pharmacy
Folan, Elizabeth Millinery
Dwyer, M. B. Confectionery
Epstein, Wm. Clothing
Epstein, Levy Clothing
Hinkley & Wrights Meats
Hamm, A. W. Cigars
Johnson, Gust A. Racket Store
Morelis, C. [left blank]
Malone, John Cigars
Nelson, C. E. [left blank]
O'Donnell, Ed. Cigars
Peterson, R. E. Meats
Pinsler, Leo Clothing
Ryberg, C. O. Groceries
Smith, C. H. & Co. Gen. Store
Skelton, W. O. Drugs
Stenger & Anderson Confectionery
Witock, Tony Grocery
Woods, G. R., & Sons Co. Lumber
Lay, D. D. Gen. Store
Ayers, Donna Coal
Donaldson Bros. Grocery
Lester, Frank Feed
Lay, C. F. [left blank]
Bova, Peter Fruit
Bourquin, Julius Grocery
Christy, W. H. [left blank]
Coral, Sarah [left blank]
Carmicheal, David Cigars
Culver, E. A. Grocery
Caldin, J. W. Cigars
Crawford, J. C. Meats
Devore, M. V. [left blank]
Dennis, D. L. [left blank]
Dalhouson, A. C. Bakery
Dunn, L. D. Dry Goods
Donaldson, Florence Miss Millinery
De Carios, Catherine [left blank]
Ewald, Henry Jewelry
Gibb Department Store Gen. Store
Grettenberger Sons Oil Well Supplies
Hunter, J. L. Lumber
Jennings, F. R. Grocery
Kemble & Son Drugs
Kinnear Bros. Dry Goods
Linquest, C. O. News
Lodger, J. B. [left blank]
Merkle, C. P. Drugs
McCarry, Wm. Cigars
Mapes, H. C. [left blank]
Robertson, D. M. Meats
Schwab, Louis H. Auto Supplies
Stillman, James A. [left blank]
Smutz, F. J. Grocery
Sage, John P. Furniture
Springer, Charles Furs
Tidioute Water Co. Cigars
Tipper & King Clothing
Ulf Bros. [left blank]
Wood, John A. Stationery
Parker & Co. Gen. Store
Abbott, Earl T. Gen. Store
Abbott, John M. Lumber
Abbott, J. M. Gen. Store
Barlow, W. D. Gen. Store
Coxson, Bros. Junk
McDonald, J. G. Gen. Store
Dalrymple, Maude Millinery
Allgass, C. H. Cigars
Harrington, L. P. Shoes
Howard, Wm. Junk
Phelps, John Gen. Store
Sanders, C. H. [left blank]
Smth [sic], Clifford Cigars
Schoonover, F. A. Furniture
Thorpe, J. B. Meats
Wheelock, Frank Hardware
Wilson, Harry J. [left blank]
McConnell, W. E. Gen. Store
Atlantic Refining Company [left blank]
Armstrong, J. W. Grocery
Anderson, John A. Grocery
Armstrong, Grant Grocery
Anderson, E. B. Grocery
Anderson Shoe Company Shoes
Annusson, J. A. Jewelry
Bucklin, Miss L. A. Dry Goods
Berger, James A. Grocery
Backstrom, H. A. Grocery
Suzanne Cable [left blank]
Bartsch, C. Frederick Furniture
Baker & Johnson Dry Goods
Behrman, C. D. Grocery
Bradford Supply Co. Hardware
Blackwell, Alonzo Cigars
Berson, Sam Clothing
Beshlin, M. Coal
Borg, J. M. Photos
Bayer, J. S. Furniture
Beckley, Clarence Elec. Supplies
Baird Tire Shop Auto Supplies
Brown, J. S. Clothing
Bairstow, Studio Photo Supplies
Black, A. R. Paints
Balasilos, James & Ztompas Conf.
Bechakas, James [left blank]
Bright, Harriet Millinery
Churngold Margarine Oleo
City Drug Store Drugs
Costello, S. J. Cigars
Cornen, G. V. Pianos
Carlson F. R. & L. A. Grocery
Christenson, Christ. [left blank]
Cogswell, H. S. [left blank]
Cole, Chas., A., & Co Grocery
Callahan, J. H. Grocery
Chaffee, F. W. Tires
City Meat Market Meats
Coates, L. A. Cigars
Clemensons' Confectionery [left blank]
Cole, John A. Grocery
Conewango Grocery [left blank]
Conewango Garage & Sale Co. [left blank]
Dasen, Mrs. Fred Grocery
Delcos, Peter Cigars
Daurora, D. Cigars
Daley, Thos. Tobacco
Erickson, Sidney Stationery
Eberhart, Mrs. R. Grocery
Esselstyn, Robert Dry Goods
Exchange Hotel Cigars
Educational Promoting Co. Meats
Eberhart & Miller Shoes
Eagan, James Cigar [sic]
Everts, E. D. & Co. Hardware
Folkman, Geo. L. Furniture
Fehlman's Quality Shop Grocery
Franklin Car Co. Autos
Frantz Market Meats
Frederick Piano Co. [left blank]
Glassman, E. I. Clothing
Globe Grocery Inc. [left blank]
Glasser, Jos. Confectionery
Geracimos, Geo. Confectionery
Geracimous, Geo. Confectionery
Green & Davidson Dry Goods
Gotto, Jos. Fruit
Guiffre, A. Confectionery
Giegerich, A. R. Furniture
Graham, Merle Cigars
Green, Grace Photo Supplies
Greenlund, H. L. Furniture
Guiffre Fruit
Glade Grocery [left blank]
Gordon, W. Junk
Gibson & Wilson Furniture
Glade Restaurant Cigars
ackson [sic], Glenn D. & Co. Grocery
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. [left blank]
Gidlund, Mary E. Millinery
Globe Grocery Store [left blank]
Great Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. [left blank]
Harvey, Carey, Babcock Co, Inc. [left blank]
Huber, Henry Meats
Hill, C. N. Bicycles
Hatton, C. J. & Co. Dry Goods
Hoffman, A. J., Co. Oleo
Humphrey & Patchen Meats
Hesch, C. J. Grocery
Harper, M. G. Millinery
Hanson, A. F. Paper
Healy, Jos. Cigars
Hornstrom Bros. Grocery
Huber, Leo J. Meats
Hornstrom Studio Photo Supplies
Jamieson Hwde & Supply Co. Hdwe [sic]
Johnson & Young Clothing
Johnson, Jacob A. Cigars
Johnson, J. M., Miss Dry Goods
Johnson, J. A. Clothing
Johnson, Gilbert F. Clothing
Jensen's Clothing Co. [left blank]
Johnson & Erickson Grocery
Johnson, E. & Son Grocery
Jensen, Mrs. M. Drygoods [sic]
Kertcher, J. F. Millinery
Kidder Flower Store [left blank]
Kell, F. W. Grocery
Keystone Garage Auto Supplies
Kornreich, Samuel Junk
Kirberger, A. C. Jewelry
Kopp, Christ Grocery
Kuhre Bros. Meats
Keller Bros. Harnesses
Keller & Schaffer Bicycles
Kopp & Henry Grocery
Larson, Lenard Tobacco
Lydiatt, J. S. Grocery
Lester Shoe Company Shoes
Lewton, B. G. Pianos
Lawson, Anna K. Hair Parlor
Larson, M. & Co. Cement
Lesser, The Misses Dry Goods
Lewis Market Meat
Lynch, Thos. Cigars
Lunn, John O. Cigars
Leonhart, L. J. & Co. Harness
Masterson, P. F. Cigars
Maitland & Whiting Clothing
Mead, R. S. Meats
McMarrow, S. M. Jewelry
Morrison, E. H. Grocery
Mahaffy, H. A. Grocery
Mullen, J. B. Drugs
Metzger, Wright Dry Goods
Mott, Keoblin & Co. Hardware
Madden J. E. Cigars
Morse, C. S. Hardware
Monarch Billiard Parlor Cigars
Nichols, F. M. Candy
Neal & Co. Hardware
Newell, John T. Stationery
Newell Bros. Drugs
Offerle, Sherm Flowers
O'Dell, George Clothing
Olson, C. A. Grocery
Offerle, Victor Flowers
Parshall, M. C. Auto Supplies
Pollock, H. W. Grocery
Peel, C. S. Meats
Pryor, S. E. Cigars
Printz Co., Inc. Clothing
C. Punsky Junk
Penn Store Grocers
Pavania Oil Co. Oil
Peerless Restaurant Cigars
Pullease, Peter Grocery
Perks, Gros. Grocery
Pickett Hardware Co. Hardware
Pickett Lumber Co. Lumber
Peterson, A. Clothing
Quinn, T. P. [left blank]
Russell Bros. Auto Supplies
Rollins, Mrs. M. M. Confectionery
Russell, R. K. Auto Supplies
Reig, Eugene Drugs
Rhodaberger, S. M. Grocery
Rogers, A. S. Confectionery
Richardson, F. S. Dry Goods
Rothschild, H. Junk
Reading Shoe Store Shoes
Rowley & Johnson Meats
Reig, Eugene, Jr. [left blank]
Scolnik, B. Junk
Stein, E. L. Dry Goods
Schellhammer, A. L. & Co. Hardware
Smith Shoe Store Shoes
Sontag, H. Rags
Schirck, F. H. Grocery
Schwing, A. E. Tobacco
Schueltz, W. F. Cigars
Summers, H. A. & Son Grocery
Seafert, Emma Millinery
Saul, C. E. & Co. Confectionery
Simmonsen Wall Paper Co. [left blank]
Schraybman, S. Junk
Smith, C. H. Co. Gen. Store
Sharman, A. H. Grocery
Schipano, Bruno Grocery
Schindler, H. J. Book Binding
Smith, R. O. & Co. Gen. Store
Star Garage Auto Supplies
Slantz, Mac Junk
Singer Sewing Machine Co. [left blank]
Selin, A. N. Grocery
Scalise, J. A. Grocery
Siggins, Geo. H. Grocery
Star Grocery [left blank]
Smedley, Samuel Dry Goods
Snedeker, J. A. Jewelry
Swanson, C. O. Grocery
Schuler Bros. Garage [left blank]
Thelin, Gust Grocery
Trusler, Frank Feed
Warren City Mills [left blank]
Wooster, Mrs. John Grocery
Wade Grocery Co. [left blank]
Weaver, Frank & Son Bakery
Wetmore, L. D., Co. Inc. [left blank]
Weaver, J. K. Crockery
Warren Commission Co. [left blank]
Wyman & Conarro Jewelry
Warren Hardware Co. [left blank]
Warren Meat & Provision Co. [left blank]
Wlls [sic] Henry Cigars
Warren Planing Mills [left blank]
Warren Garage Co., Ltd. [left blank]
Wagner, J. J. Meats
Wenroth, C. J. Pictures
Warren Clothing Co. [left blank]
Warren Concrete & Stone Co. [left blank]
Wager, M. J. Cigars
Weidert, E. J. Cigars
Warren News Company [left blank]
Wagner, John G. Oleo
Warren Electric Co. [left blank]
Warren Fish Market [left blank]
Watson & Greenlee Grocery
Wendelboe, N. K. Wall Paper
Wood's Flower Shop [left blank]
Woolworth, F. W., & Co. Ten Cent Store
Yeagel, F. A. Grocery
Zeller, Mrs. E. Grocery
Brooks, H. E. Grocery
Boardman Bros. Grocery
M. E. Kremble [left blank]
Anderson, Chas. A. Dry Goods
Argelius, J. W., Estate Gen. Store
Anderson, I. L. Grocery
Brown, Bert Cigars
Brown, P. L. Millinery
Canfield, Harry S. Cigars
Davis & Dalrymple Confectionery
Engstrom, J. V. Clothing
Ellis & Son Meats
Brazee & Hill [left blank]
Haupin, O. B. Auto Supplies
Hull, H. A. Furniture
Miller, Tony Confectionery
Mead, W. J. Hardware
Mead, Mrs. C. S. Millinery
Morrison, F. O. Grocery
Mead, C. S. Grocery
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Currie, W. E. Youngsville
Stenger & Annunsson Sheffield
Warren Amusement Co. Warren, Pa.
Warren Library Theatre Warren
The Gem Theatre Co. Tidioute
Simmons, J. E. Warren

Merchantile Appraiser.




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