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Some history, photographs, and postcards of Tidioute.



Drawing of Tidioute, 1896

Drawing dated 1896.



Undated photograph of the flooded Allegheny River
 Tidioute flooded by the Allegheny River
invading the tiny borough of Tidioute.
Nestled in a valley beside the river, Tidioute experienced this annual event until the Kinzua Dam was built.




Newspaper Clippings


January 23, 1872 - from the Wednesday edition of The Forest Republican, page 2, column 1, under clippings from the Warren Ledger:

On Monday morning last at about five o'clock, a fire broke out in Tidioute near the Tidioute bridge, and destroyed several buildings. Among the sufferers were Glen & Gilfillen, H. Ramsdell and F. McDonnel, all blacksmiths. Their losses were quite heavy, all having recently put up new buildings for their work and all well stocked with iron. Tidioute acknowledged itself indebted to Green's water works in having the fire stopped where it was. A subscription was handed around on Monday for the benefit of the losers, and quite a large amount subscribed. It is believed all will resume business at an early day.




February 6, 1872 - from the Wednesday edition of The Forest Republican, page 3, column 1:

--We have hitherto, owing to a press of business, neglected to notice the Tidioute Daily Commercial, which has come to our office since some time in the latter part of January. It is a spicy, lively sheet, and seems to be well patronized. It seems to us that Tidioute is hardly large enough to hold out inducements for a daily, but the proprietor of the new concern has best wishes for his sucess.




June 25, 1872 - from the Wednesday edition of The Forest Republican, page 3, column 1:

--The Tidioute Journal says that the Commercial ceased publication on Thursday last. The former which has heretofore been a morning paper will hereafter appear in the evening. The expenses of running the institution will thereby be reduced and more news dished up to the public.




November 11, 1874 - from the Wednesday edition of The Forest Republican, page 3, column 2:

--Being in Tidioute, on Saturday last, we called at the office of the Warren County News, a paper which has recently been moved there from Youngsville. It is edited and published by J. B. White, whom we find to be a very gentlemanly and agreeable man. He has our best wishes for success in his new field of labor, and deserves the encouragement of the citizens of Tidioute and Warren county




November 10, 1875 - from the Wednesday edition of The Forest Republican, page 3, column 3:

--H. Ewald has re-opened the Empire Hotel in Tidioute, with everything new and fresh. His rooms are excellent, and his table is always set with the best the market affords. Charges reasonable.




June 1, 1899 - from Thursday edition of the Warren newspaper, The Evening Democrat, page 2, column 6:


Our Thriving Neighbor Borough is Enjoying Healthy Business Boom--Furniture Industry is Assuming Enviable Proportions.

May 31.--Tidioute manufactories are much encouraged by the orders being received. At no time in recent years has the outlook been more satisfactory. Simmons, Holdridge & Co. have all the orders they can fill. This firm is showing a number of new designs in parlor, toilet and folding tables, which are meeting with the most flattering reception. Manager Simmons, one of the most capable furniture men in this section, is surrounded by a force of practical men and partners who are well acquainted with the product of their plant; all thorough business men and most deserving of the success which they are bound to meet. Forty hands are now employed and more are soon to be added.

The Tidioute (not legible) company, employing fifty hands is also rushed with orders and the mattress works, in the same building, is way behind, but working hard to meet the rapidly increasing demand for its goods.

The Tidioute Cutlery Works, turning out some meritorious ware and constantly gaining trade friends, is in the rush business and with bright prospects for the future.

It is generally believed that with the extensive oil operations underway in the immediate vicinity of Tidioute, some noteworthy developments will be encountered. In some of the old territory a number of good wells have been found. The character of the men engaged in opening up the new district is assurance that if oil is found the operations will be such as to very materially aid all branches of business here.

The one thing how [sic] desired by the people of this boro is that the Allegheny bridge be made free and that the town may enjoy the resultant benefits therefrom in the way of trade that unquestionably now goes to other places. The farmers roundabout are jubilant over the prospects of the county commissioners complying with the new law relating to free bridges.




Matthew Joseph Ryan, Dan Shield's great uncle, owned the Ryan House Hotel from about 1894 to 1903.
Hotel Ryan, Tidioute
Photograph courtesy of Dan Shields
Matt wrote a tongue-in-cheek flier, above, to promote his hotel.
Matt J. Ryan, 41, and wife Catherine, 39, appear on the 1900 U. S. Federal census.
They had been married 16 years. Matt was born in N. Y. in March 1859; Catherine in Pennsylvania in May 1861. Matt's parents were both from Ireland. Occupation hotel keeper.
At the time of the census, there were 13 boarders and 4 servants listed as living in the hotel.
The building was later torn down by Guy Downey who built a large garage on the lot for his trucks.
This undated photograph of Matt was taken during his career as an acrobat.
Matthew Joseph Ryan, undated
Photograph courtesy of Dan Shields
Matthew J. Ryan died in 1906 at Silver Springs, N. Y., age 47,
and was buried in St. Johns Catholic cemetery in Tidioute.
His obituary contained many details of his life as a famous acrobat.




John Rudolph Binder, photographer, lived in Warren and later Tidioute. He was born June 1871 in N.Y. state. He first married Jennie Densmore (between 1903 and 1909); his second marriage was to Hazel Williams (between 1920 and 1922).

At age 28, he was a photographer in Warren in 1900; but by 1910 Tidioute Directory

On the 1920 U.S. Federal census: widowed at age 48, occupation listed as photographer, living on West Main Street. In the 1930 Tidioute Directory: J. R. Binder, photographer, 110 Main Street, Tidioute. He died in 1933 and was buried in the Oakland Cemetery.

On the front page of the Monday, April 30, 1894, edition of The Evening Democrat was this notice:

One half interest in the photograph business carried on by J. R. Bairstow in Warren borough has been sold to J. R. Binder. All demands against J. R. Bairstow should be presented to Bairstow & Co. for payment and all parties owing J. R. Bairstow are requested to pay the accounts to Bairstow & Co, before July 1st 1894, as all accounts not paid at that date will be left with an attorney for collection. Bairstow & Co.

Under Personal Mention in the Tuesday, October 30, 1894, edition of The Evening Democrat:

Mr. John R. Binder, of J. R. Bairstow & Co, photographers, left Monday afternoon for what he told was a business trip to various points in Ohio.


Main St. No 5, Tidioute, Pa.
Pub. by J. R. Binder
with a copyright mark in the lower left corner dated 1909

Postcard of Tidioute by J.R. Binder, copyright 1909.

Postcard image courtesy of Warren County Historical Society, Warren, Pa.

Sign on the wood building in the center of the photo begins with "Livery" but the rest is difficult to read.
Wouldn't it be great to see the full series of these postcards?




Undated postcard of the Economy Bridge

Postcard of Economy Bridge across Allegheny River at Tidioute

Postcard image courtesy of Warren County Historical Society, Warren, Pa.


Postcard, mailed July 21, 1912, of the Economy bridge leading across the Allegheny River into Tidioute.

Postcard showing bridge into Tidioute

Postcard image courtesy of Warren County Historical Society, Warren, Pa.

Hanging sign reads: Five Dollars Fine for Driving Faster than A Walk When Crossing this Bridge.




Newspaper Clipping


August 8, 1928 - from the Wednesday edition ofThe Warren Tribune, page 10, column 3:



Ten Men Are Employed At Start; Force Will Be Increased


TIDIOUTE, Aug. 7.--Monday morning, the Pennsylvania Cutlery and Tool Co., Inc., while for some time had been making arrangements for a shop in Tidioute, completed arrangements and opened their shop, in the building formerly used by the Baldwin Cutlery Co. The new company started operation with a crew of ten men. Executives state that they intend to gradually increase the force and in due time employ a large number of men.

O. A. Brown and J. C. L. Brown, sponsors of the busines [sic], are experienced manjfactureers from Canton, Ohio, and some to Tidioute well recommended. Associated with them are V. R. Atkins, well known Tidioute resident, who has been affiliated with them in Canton, Ohio, in the Cutlery manufacture.

The company expects to place on the market a high grade of cutlery. O. A. and J. C. L. Brown will have charge of the sales and V. R. Atkins in charge of production at the plant.

All work for the time being will be done at the pressent location, but it is hoped that within a short time they will be able to take over the National Aluminum Products building, which those who understand modern methods of cutlery manufacture state is ideally located for an up to date plant. The new firm also has a line of auto and mechanics tools that will greatly increase production at the local plant.




Caption on undated postcard reads
"Main Street Business District
Tidioute, Pa. No. 5"

Postcard image of Main Street, Tidioute

Handwritten number in the lower left corner: 10912.


Caption on undated postcard reads
"Main Street center of Business District
Tidioute, Pa. No. 6"

Postcard image of Main Street, Tidioute

Postcard image courtesy of Warren County Historical Society, Warren, Pa.

Handwritten number in the lower left corner: 10913.




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