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Name Location Condition, if known
Warren County Courthouse, (1877) Market St. and 4th Ave., Warren  
Struthers Library building 302 W Third Ave., Warren  
Pennsylvania Railroad Passenger Station 316 Chestnut Street, Warren Demolished 1986
Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument Penn Ave. W. and Bridge streets, Warren  
Warren Armory 330 Hickory St., Warren  
Cobham Castle Park St. Extension, Warren  
Jackson or Sill house 224 Liberty St., Warren  
Siggins-Smith house 315 Liberty St., Warren  
Titus-Nesmith-Roach house 402 Liberty St., Warren  
Eddy-Frycklund house 407 Liberty St., Warren  
C. W. Stone house 505 Liberty St., Warren  
John P. Jefferson house AKA Jefferson Tea House/YWCA Residence 119 Market St., Warren  
Conewango Club 201 Market St., Warren  
Newmaker house 203 Market St., Warren  
Falconer-Smith house 301 Market St., Warren  
Archibald Tanner Scofield house 307 Market St., Warren  
Physicians building 308 Market St., Warren  
Myron Waters house AKA Women's Club of Warren 310 Market St., Warren  
Jamieson house 311 Market St., Warren  
Messner-Cashman house 108 Third Ave., Warren  
Hazeltine-Robertson house 412 Third Ave., Warren  
Offerle-Patchen house 415 Third Ave., Warren  
Hall-DeFrees house 419 Third Ave., Warren  
Logan-Wallace house 500 W. Third Ave., Warren  
Abram H. Lacy house 101 Fourth Ave., Warren  
Struthers-Wetmore-Schimmelfeng house AKA Warren County Historical Society 210 Fourth Ave., Warren  
David Beaty house Near Fifth Ave., Warren  
Greaves-Johnson house 208 Fifth Ave., Warren  
Robert H. Lewis house 106 Conewango Ave., Warren  
Mead-Coe house 222 Conewango Ave., Warren  
A. J. Hazeltine house AKA Honorable Charles Warren Stone Museum 710 Pennsylvania Ave. W., Warren  
Kent/E. D. Wetmore house (see 1894 snippet, The Evening Democrat ) Water St., Warren  
Judge Rasselas Brown House NE corner of Penn Ave and Hazel St., Warren Razed 1906
The Pines (Lansing Wetmore house) North Warren  
Guy C. Irvine house AKA The Locusts; the Walker House; the Kopf House on U.S. 62: 1.5 mi. south of Russell  
Chase-Putnam house SE corner Conewango/East Streets, Russell  
Robert Russell-Weatherby house Russell  
Putnamville School Valentine Run Road, Thompson Hill  
Horton house Sheffield  
Irvine Presbyterian Church Off U.S. 6 in Irvine  
Newbold Mansion Irvine Razed in 1973


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