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Blue Eye Skimming Station

Contributed by Betty Matteson Rhodes

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The following 'short story' has been contributed by Betty Matteson Rhodes who has ancestors from Spring Creek Township.

The Blue Eye Skimming Station

As told by Clyde Messenger (1891-1968) to Florence Little Tripp (1903-1994)

"Blue Eye" is a location - namely a pretty good sized hill, called Blue Eye Hill, north out of Spring Creek, PA, with Blue Eye Road, and Blue Eye Run (a fork in the road) leading up over the hill.

"In 1903, William H. Messenger (b. 1869) of Warren, Pa, bought the Blue Eye, the Bear Lake, and the Wrightsville Skimming Stations. The Blue Eye Skimming Station was situated on a rise of ground on the west side of the (Blue Eye) run so that the weight tank and storage tank separated skim milk to the skim milk tank. For seven years all the cream went into butter and was shipped to New York City.

Clyde Bassett operated it for awhile, then Tom Messenger ran it for the last two years that it was in operation. Irvin Briggs painted the creamery red. The building became part of the wood shed on the Roy DeJean's farm on Baker Hill, Spring Creek."

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