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West View Cemetery Deed,
Conewango Township

Contributed by Mary Anderson


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This document established the cemetery, almost one acre, into 28 sub-divisions, in 1862. See below for individual names (bold added) of those who were instrumental in setting up this cemetery.



Benjamin Geer


Sophia Dalrymple - Irene Geer - George W. Scott - Emery Dailey and others

Recorded - March 5, 1862

This Indenture made the first day of March AD one thousand eight hundred and sixty two between Benjamin Lesser of Conewango Township Warren County and State of Pennsylvania of the first part and Sophia Dalrymple, Irene Geer, George W Scott, Nelson Mead, Christian Gross, Robert Leonhart, Jacob Smith, George Weiler, Andrew Fehlman, John Offerle, John Sechrist, Frederick Knapp, Paul Berner, John Arnold, John Grandin, David Mead, Adam Shutt, Emery Dailey, Timothy C Jackson, Philip Shuler, Walter I Smith, George Huey, Lewis Arnett, Mathias Schuler, John Shutt, David Crull, William Smith, Isaac M Jackson and David Morse of the County and State aforesaid of the second part WITNESSETH That the said party of the first part for and in consideration of the sum of Seventy five dollars lawful money of the United States of America to him in hand paid by the said parties of the second part the receipt whereof is herby confessed and acknowledged hath granted bargainer sold premises released aliened conveyor and confirmed and by the pursuits doth grant bargain sell release alien convey and confirmed unto the said parties of the second part and to their heirs and assigns forever all that certain piece or parcel of land situate in the township of Conewango County of Warren and State of Pennsylvania. COMMENCING on the Road swerving north from the Warren & Franklin Turnpike past Benjamin Geers dwelling House, at a point where the north line of Asa Scotts land cropes said Road, thence continuing East along said Scott’s north line fourteen rods to the south west corner of the Grave yard, as now established and fenced, thence continuing east along said Scotts north line to the south east corner of said Grave yard., thence west Eighteen rods to the north west corner of said grave yard, Thence South seven rods and six perch to a point within sixteen feet of said Scotts north line, then west fourteen rods to the aforesaid road , and then south along said road sixteen feet to the place of beginning. Containing nearly one acre of ground to be used as a Grave yard or burial ground, and a road thereto. The said Grave yard by the consent of the parties interested having been subdivided into twenty eight smaller parcels numbered from one to twenty eight both inclusive, each smaller lot to be sixteen feet wide and fifty feet deep, there is also to be an alley three feet side running north and south separating each lot from the other eighteen alleys a plot or draft of said Grave yard showing the subdivision with its roads alleys to be ready the name of the owner of each lot recorded thereon and the same to be filed in the office of the Recorder of Deeds in and for the County of Warren aforesaid for the inspection of any person or persons interested therein and to occasion so filed of Record for the mutual benefit of the said parties of the second part their heirs and assigns forever. The number of each sub division as agreed upon or allotted to the said parties of the record pact is as follows to wit: No one to Irene Geer & Sophia Dalrymple, No. 2 to Asa Scott, No. 3 to A P Mead, No 4 to Chr Gross, No 5 to R Leonhart, No 6 to Iac Smith, No. 7 to Geo Weiler, No 8 to A Fehlman, No. 9 to John Offerle, No. 10 to John Sechrist, No 11 to F Knapp, No 12 to Paul Berner, No 13 to John Arnold, No 14 to John Grandin, No. 15 to David Mead, No 16 to Adam Shutt, No 17 to E Daily, No 18 to S C Jackson, No 19 to R Shuler, No 20 to W. I Smith, No. 21 to Geo Huey, No 22 to S Arnett, No 23 to M Shuler, No 24 to John Shutt, No 25 to D Crull, No 26 to Wm Smith, No 27 to I M Jackson and No 28 to Darin Morse.

Signed and Sealed

WW Stone

Signed R. K. Russell



Almost 1,000 burials are listed on Find-A-Grave - West View Cemetery, many with photographs of individual gravestones.


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