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Trim Cemetery
Eldred Township

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Trim cemetery, sometimes spelled Trimm, is not readily visible from the road, nor is it a short and direct trip from Warren. Established in 1889, many improvements to the grounds were made following the cemetery's association reorganization in 1999.


Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township

All photos taken by Penelope Repko

A long gravel track, improved in 2014, leads up to a high point on a hill where sits the cemetery and this sign.


Driving directions from the Hickory Street bridge in Warren (about 26 miles; 40 minutes): go west on Pennsylvania Ave W/US-6 (business route) along the Allegheny River. US Hwy 62 will join with US 6 before you leave Warren and the highways will become a free-access 4-lane. Drive through Starbrick and continue west on US 6 through Youngsville and on to Pittsfield. There the road will branch. Bear left on to Rt. 27 which will take you to the village of Garland.

After crossing the bridge over the Big Brokenstraw Creek, watch for Mickle Hill Road (3006) on the right. Follow Mickle Hill Road all the way until it T's into Oil Creek Road (about 7 miles). Turn left. In a very short distance, Sunback Road will enter from the right. Continue slowly along Oil Creek Road, because the very next left will be an inconspicious gravel track leading uphill between forest and field. This is the entrance to the cemetery.

January 2021 NOTE from the Secretary/Treasurer of Trim Cemetery Association, Inc. - "In Google Search the address is listed as Grand Valley. The situs address is actually 6161 Oil Creek Road, Spartansburg, Pa. 16434. It is in fact in Eldred Township."

If you come to Devilslide Road on the left, you have gone too far.

The gravel track to the grounds is approximately 1/4 mile and the grassy track continues around the cemetery. This is not a busy grave yard - park in or to the side of the road anywhere along the circular drive.


Take a stroll through the cemetery ~


According to notes at the Warren County Historical Society, "A monument to Ezra Trimm has been erected here by the citizens of Eldred township.
Ezra Trimm left all his estate for the benefit of the poor of the township."

Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township

Metal chain attached to concrete posts protects the stone monument.

The inscription reads:
Ezra Trim
Jan. 13, 1819. July 28, 1893.
who bequeathed the use of his
whole estate to the poor of
Eldred township Warren Co Pa.
His Wife
Nov. 28, 1828. June 12, 1890.



Martha, wife of G. W. Belknap
Died Jan. 30, 1880
Aged 79 ys, 25 d.

Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township

Second name on the stone, below Martha:
Nancy J., dau. of M. & G. W. Belknap
Died Apr. 17, 1874
Aged 32 ys., 3 ms., 2 ds.



The weathered rock caption below the cemetery name:
Addition donated by
Ned Wojtowicz in 2002.

Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township

Caption on the gravestone on the left:
Thomas W.
2 11 27 -
Helena W.
1 5 31 -
Thomas A.
4 10 50 -

Inscription on large marker:
Lewis 1913-1941
Stella 1915-2007
John 1917-1998
Josephine 1919-
Matthew 1921-
Frances 1924-
Mildred 1927-
Wanda 1928-
Helena 1931-
Carolina 1931-

Caption on the small stone on the right:
In living Memory of
Josephine S. W.
6 19 19 -
Pamela C.
5 5 52 -



On the right side of the photograph above (behind the large Wojtowicz stone), note the rhododendron with the rock below it.

Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township

Beneath the rhododendron lies
1909 - 1934
...or it could be 1984 when he died.



A large field lies behind the well-cared for cemetery.

Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township


David E. Ricketts
1889 - 1936

Cecile E. Burleigh
1898 - 1974

David Ernest Ricketts, according to his death certificate, was born May 25, 1889, in Wales. His father's name was Evan Ricketts, also born in Wales.
Married to Cecile Young, he was a stone cutter by trade.

He died at the age of 46 years, 10 months, and 15 days, at Harrisville, in Butler county, on April 9, 1936, and was buried on April 11th.



An unusual find.

Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township

Stone crosses embedded in the ground dot the cemetery.



The many stone crosses can be clearly seen in this photograph.

Views of Trim Cemetery, Eldred Township

A clump of trees sits just beyond the fenced Ezra Trim memorial and
in the distance, the straight paved road to the right of the forest is Sundback.

The cemetery holds a commanding view of surrounding farmland and forest of the township


Just over 150 burials are listed on Find-A-Grave - Trim Cemetery, many with photographs of individual headstones.




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