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Sanford Cemetery
Eldred Township

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Sanford Cemetery
The sign, parallel to the road and not readily visible, can be found midway along the southern half of the cemetery.

Driving directions from the Hickory Street bridge in Warren: go west on Pennsylvania Ave W/US-6 (business route) along the Allegheny River. US Hwy 62 will join with US 6 before you leave Warren and the highways will become a free-access 4-lane. Drive through Starbrick and continue west on US Hwy 6 to Youngsville. Stay on the four-lane Youngsville bypass (where PA Hwy 27 will join with US Hwy 6), and follow Hwy 27 through Pittsfield (where US 6 will split with PA 27), Garland, and on to the tiny village of Torpedo.

Remain on Hwy 27 but be mindful of the roads on the right between Torpedo and Grand Valley. First will be the Newton Sanford Road, which is gravel. At the middle of the very small village of Starr will be the next road on the right - Sanford Road. (If, however, you reach Grand Valley on Hwy 27, you have driven too far and have missed your turn. Go back and try again; this cemetery should not be missed.)

Turn right onto paved Sanford Road and follow it through rolling countryside. Commanding a wonderful view, the cemetery will be obvious, on the left, on a hilltop.

There are two entrances to the grounds. The first will be on the left just after a house and a row of trees, on the southern edge of the cemetery - if you're not familiar with the cemetery, you will probably drive right by this dirt road. A bit further on is the second dirt road on the left which leads directly into the center of the cemetery and to the Sanford Cemetery Memorial at the very back of the grounds. This dirt road makes a rectangle around the southern half of the cemetery (and back to that first dirt road).

There is no designated parking area, but there is ample room to pull off the road at the back (western edge) of the cemetery.


Take a stroll through...

...a much loved cemetery.
Brown tombstone
While bordered by forest on three sides, this rectangular cemetery feels spacious because of a large field that lies to the west.
The grounds slope away on the north side - there is no car access so walking shoes are in order to see this side.
Yatsko gravestone  

There are a mix of old and new grave markers, none monumental in size.




Grady Louis Yatsko
June 11, 2007
October 19, 2007

Our Son, Our Angel


There are 22 Sanfords buried in this cemetery. Below is the restored stone which reads:

In Memory Of
Washington S. Sanford
Who Died
June 6 1862

Read more about this Sanford family.

Washington S. Sanford grave marker

Behind and to the left of the Sanford tombstone, is another patched-together marker.

Ida I. McCullough
Wife of M. O. McCullough

Just visible behind and slightly to the left of Ida McCullough's stone (above photo) is the Sanford Cemetery Memorial, marked by a flagpole.

Sanford Cemetery Memorial

Dedicated to the men and
women of the armed forces
who served in war and peace
past, present and future.


This memorial stone is easy to find.
Drive straight in the main (second to the north) dirt road and follow to the back of the cemetery.

  Sanford Cemetery Memorial stone
Leary marker   Dorothea Leary
10 - 21 - 1953 -- 9 - 11 -2001
Forever In Our Hearts
Below, an overview of the cemetery on the gently sloping north side.
Sanford Cemetery overview
All photographs contributed by Penelope Repko
The grounds are well tended and well stocked with shrubs and flowers.


Six hundred interments are listed on Find-A-Grave -Sanford Cemetery, many with photographs of the individual tombstones.




Contributions are always welcome by sending information to the Warren County coordinator.

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