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Old Whitestone Cemetery
Pittsfield Township

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There is no sign for the Whitestone cemetery which is very small and set back from the road, just outside the wee village of Garland.

Whitestone cemetery

All photographs contributed by P. Repko

Driving directions from the Hickory Street bridge in Warren (perhaps 18 miles; about 30 minutes): go west on Pennsylvania Ave W/US-6 (business route) along the Allegheny River. US Hwy 62 will join with US 6 before you leave Warren and the highways will become a free-access 4-lane. Drive through Starbrick and continue west on US 6 through Youngsville and on to Pittsfield. There the road will branch. Bear left onto Rt. 27 which will take you to the village of Garland. Watch for Kane Road in the center of town on the left. Follow Kane Road east out of town and into beautiful farm country. The road will make a 90 degree bend to the south just as you reach a cluster of farm buildings. Not far beyond the buildings, on the right of Kane Road will be a white fence marking the beautifully kept cemetery.

Park along the berm of the road and walk on up into the grounds and be rewarded with seeing some of the oldest gravestones in the state.


Take a stroll...

Just inside the fence are a row of Revolutionary War markers.

Whitestone cemetery

This photograph taken looking out of the cemetery east toward Kane Road.

An up-close view

Whitestone cemetery


To the right of the tree is a break in the fence leading to the Revolutionary War markers.

Whitestone cemetery

The gravestones face east and west in loose rows.
The large headstone at bottom right is that of Samuel White. Read more about the Samuel White family.


Headstone on the left: Solomon Miles
Soldier of the American Revolution

Whitestone cemetery

On the right, the caption: Betsey Crane, wife of Solomon Miles
Died June 23d, 1837
Age 50 yrs, 17 days

The corn field on the right marks the end of the cemetery. Where the white fence ends (above) does afford another route into the grounds;
however there's a bit of a steep climb up the bank.


A newer gravemarker for Hugh Long and family.

Whitestone cemetery

Hugh Long, 1802 - 1891
Eleanor Gray, his wife, 1806 - 1847...her gravestone is to the right of the main gray stone
Daniel A. Long, 1833 - 1911
Laura Long, 1836 - 1906


Sarah, wife of Giles White
Died April 24th, 1813.
In the 56 year of her age.

Whitestone cemetery

Visit Giles White's headstone for more family details.


There are fewer than 50 burials. Find them listed on Find-A-Grave - Whitestone Cemetery, many with photographs of individual tombstones and links to other family members gravestones.




Contributions are always welcome by sending information to the Warren County coordinator.

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