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Lottsville Cemetery
Freehold Township

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This medium-sized, active cemetery is located on the edge of the village of Lottsville. It is just east of the intersection of PA Routes 958 and 957. While it sits well back from the road, it is clearly visible on the right.

Lottsville Cemetery sign
All photographs contributed by Penelope Repko
The sign is at the far east edge of the grounds.
If traveling east from Lottsville, it's very easy to drive right by the entrance.


Driving directions from the Hickory Street bridge in Warren (about 23 miles; 31 minutes): drive west on Pennsylvania Ave W/US-6 (business route) along the Allegheny River. US Hwy 62 will join with US 6 before you leave Warren. The highways will become a free-access 4-lane. Drive approximately 17 miles, through Starbrick, west to Youngsville (where PA 27 will join with US 6), and on to Pittsfield (where US 6 will split with PA 27) and head north, still on US 6. Make a slight right onto PA 958 and drive approximately three and one half miles, through the village of Wrightsville and into Lottsville. At the intersection of PA 958 and 957, turn right and proceed up a slight rise. The cemetery is on the right, at the edge of town. Proceed slowly, the cemetery sign is well past the gravel road entrance.

Take a stroll through the cemetery...


A dirt track divides the cemetery, with older stones on the right.
Lottsville Cemetery
Looking from the very back of the cemetery, the older grave markers are on the left (or west side)
among mature conifers and maple trees.
Lottsville Cemetery



Looking into the east side of the grounds,
the front tombstone marker reads:


1902 - 1974

1904 - 1996

  Lottsville Cemetery

RICKER family stone


Miss Clara Ricker (read her obituary)

Edwin Ricker and wife Luella

F. Ricker and his wife Ann

Looking from the very back of the driveway out toward the highway.
The gravestones on this, the east side, are newer and are arranged to face the driveway.
Lottsville Cemetery
The level grounds are well maintained.
Lottsville Cemetery
Overview of the old section of the cemetery.
Lottsville Cemetery A small maintanence shed sits at the back of the cemetery where the road deadends.
There's plenty of room to park your car here.
All photographs contributed by Penelope Repko    


Over 390 burials in this cemetery are listed on Find-A-Grave - Lottsville Cemetery, many with photographs of individual tombstones.




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