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David Curtis Cemetery
Columbus Township

Referenced by Bimmy Urso

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"At a meeting of the East Side Cemetery Association recently held, the name of the cemetery was changed and hereafter it will be known as the David Curtis Cemetery, in honor of the man who gave the land for the purpose. A bee was held in the cemetery on Wednesday last and good work begun."

--From the Friday, October 12, 1900, edition of The Evening Democrat, page 2, column 5, under the heading "Columbus Cullings."

David Curtis Cemetery sign
Photograph contributed by Bimmy Urso


David Curtis Cemetery is a large active cemetery located on Scrambling Road on the east edge of the village of Columbus. The grounds, well maintained, are easily visible from the road.

Driving directions from the Hickory Street bridge in Warren (about 28 miles; 37 minutes): drive west on Pennsylvania Ave W/US-6 (business route) along the Allegheny River. US Hwy 62 will join with US 6 before you leave Warren. The highways will become a free-access 4-lane. Drive approximately 26 miles, through Starbrick, west to Youngsville (where PA 27 will join with US 6), and on to Pittsfield (where US 6 will split with PA 27) and head north, still on US 6. Approaching Columbus, cross a RR track. Turn right on Erie Street; and at the T-intersection, turn right on W. Main Street/PA 957. Drive to the second road on the left, which may be marked as either Stacy Street or Scrambling Road, and turn left. Drive out Scrambling Road to the cemetery which will be on the left.


David Curtis Cemetery
Photograph contributed by Penelope Repko
An overview of the grounds


There are almost 900 burials in this cemetery, listed on Find-A-Grave - David Curtis Cemetery, many with individual gravestone pictures. Bimmy Urso added several hundred entries a number of years ago so that the burial listings on Find-A-Grave make up an almost complete accounting.




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