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Clendening Cemetery
Elk Township

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Clendening Cemetery on Cable Hollow Road, is sheltered from the narrow lane by an embankment and tucked into the woods on the crest of a hill. 

Clendening cemetery sign
The sign, parallel to the road up on the bank, is quite ineffective to a new visitor. It's possible to drive by without noticing this small cemetery.

Look instead for a line of big old maple trees, all about the same age, on the left enbankment at the edge of the road - these define the south edge of the grounds.


Driving directions from the Hickory Street bridge in Warren: Drive east on Pennsylvania Ave W/US-6 (business route) to Market Street. Turn left on Market Street and drive north through Warren, North Warren, and past Warren State Hospital on US 62. Drive straight through the intersection at Russell. Watch for the sign to the village of Akeley on the right. Make a slight right onto Akeley Road. In Akeley, follow Cable Hollow road east (about 5 miles total to the cemetery).

At the Cable Hollow Golf Course, bear right at the Y-intersection. At the Y-intersection of Cable Hollow Road and Mill Road, bear left to continue on Cable Hollow. The cemetery will be on the left (north side of the road). If you come to the intersection of Robin Hill Road, you have passed it (turn around and drive 1/4 mile west).

A stroll through the cemetery...

While the cemetery was incorporated in 1893, many of the stones predate that year.
The oldest graves are clustered on the small hillock closest to the road.
Newer stones are found further north along the edges of the grounds.
Clendening Cemetery
Headstones front row, L to R:
L. Byron, adopted son of Jason Andruss, died Oct. 6, A.D. 1861, In his 13 year
Jane, wife of Jason Andruss, 1847-1892
Lydia, late consort of Jason Andruss, Esq., died June 15, 1862
Jason Andruss, born Apr. 6, 1804, died Jan. 19, 1886
Geo. W. Andruss, who died May 5, A.D. 1866

Across the road were the Joseph and Andrew Clendening farms.
Today only one home is visible a bit further east along Cable Hollow Road.

Clendening Cemetery
  Even lost in the middle of a mature forest, the rectangular grounds remain well maintained.

Inscription on the stone to the left -
Laura E. Lackey
Feb. 27, 1893
Mar. 8, 1893

Clendening Cemetery
The other two stones are topped with a single word "Baby"
This couple died in 1882 and 1883, yet their gravestones are crystal clear. A genealogist's dream.
Clendening Cemetery
All photographs contributed by P Repko
Rebekah (LaDow) and husband Rev. Thomas Arnold


Clendening Cemetery tombstone transcriptions and photographs - contributed by Laura M. Brainard

Alphabetical transcription of tombstones - contributed by Laura M. Brainard

Almost 90 burials are listed on Find-A-Grave - Clendening Cemetery, many with photographs of individual headstones.




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