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Cherry Hill Cemetery
Sugar Grove Township

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Cherry Hill Cemetery, situated on a very steep hillside, is a medium-sized active cemetery located north of Sugar Grove.

Sign for Cherry Hill Cemetery
Gravestone just to the right of the sign:
William Bullock, Died May 22, 1888, Aged 93 Yrs, 6 Ms, 16 Ds
Polley, his wife, Died July 10, 1879, Aged 85 Yrs, 9 Ms, 18 Ds
On the south side of same stone:
Martin Bullock, Died Jan. 19, 1831, Aged 8 Yrs, 1 Ms, 5 Ds
Claris Bullock, Died June 19, 1839, Aged 7 Yrs, 8 Ms, 23 Ds 


Driving directions from the Hickory Street bridge in Warren: Drive east on Pennsylvania Ave W/US-6 (business route) to Market Street. Turn left on Market Street (which turns into US 62) and drive north through Warren and into North Warren. Turn left onto Rt. 69 (Jackson Run Road) and continue 16 miles to the village of Sugar Grove. Follow Rt. 69 through town, heading north toward the New York state line. Look for the terraced cemetery the on the right. It's a bit further than you might anticipate from Sugar Grove, so don't give up.

A very rough, rutted gravel road lies on the north side of the cemetery. Slow down and use caution when turning into the entrance. At the time of my visit in 2012, it was humped in the middle and badly washed out. If you persevere, this lane will take you to the top of the cemetery where the grounds are the most level. The exit on this one way road is very steep. Altogether not a pleasant experience, but the grounds are so large and steep that driving up the lane is almost a necessity.


Take a stroll through the cemetery...


One of the most noteworthy burials in the cemetery is this pioneer:
Tombstone of Robert Falconer


Robert Falconer
Born Dec. 22, 1780
In Inveraven, Banffshire, Scotland
Died Oct. 20, 1851


His Wife
Born Oct. 15, 1802
At New Haven, Oneida Co, N.Y.
Died Jan. 20, 1850


Read Robert Falconer's biography to fully appreciate the following information from the U.S. Federal census.

Living with William Falconer, 25, a farmer, on the 1850 census for Sugar Grove township, was Robert, 69, listed as insane.


There were numerous tombstones down, which appeared to have been so for some time. The grounds were unkempt - trees had been cut down and brush piles had been left in the cemetery, dead trees and weeds dotted the landscape, and the mowing was spotty.

In all fairness, this would be a difficult cemetery to maintain, given the steepness and varying terrain. It would benefit from adoption by a local organization.

  Crouch tombstone, Cherry Hill Cemetery
Below, an overview of the front of the cemetery, looking from the hill down on Rt. 69
Overview of Cherry Hill Cemetery
All photographs contributed by Penelope Repko

Almost 1,050 burials in this cemetery are listed on Find-A-Grave - Cherry Hill Cemetery, many with photographs.

For history of the cemetery, including interesting information about the Underground Railroad (anti-slavery movement) in the area, open the Cherry Hill Cemetery brochure. View the gravestones of the local leaders of the anti-slavery movement highlighted in the brochure:




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