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VAN GUILDER, Solomon D. - Grand Valley p. o., Eldred twp (page xcvi, Brief Personals *)

S.D. Van Guilder was born in New York in 1815, and settled in Warren county in 1858. He married Emeline Nichols, of Crawford county, by whom he had a family of eight children—Sarah E., George E., Sophia A., Henrietta, David, Dean, Cassius, and Charles. Mr. Van Guilder was in early life engaged in lumbering, but now devotes the greater part of his time to farming, owning a farm of one hundred and twenty-five acres. His son, George E., served in the late war, in the Twelfth Pennsylvania Cavalry. Frederick Van Guilder, his father, married Sarah Van- Guilder, by whom he had a family of four children, of whom the only one now living is S. D.




VAN EPS, John F. - Bear Lake p. o., Freehold twp (page xcvi, Brief Personals *)

John F. Van Eps was born in Genesee county, N. Y., July 3, 1830, and settled in Warren county in 1838. He married Harriet Stainbrook, who died in 1863 leaving four children. He was again married September 19, 1864, to Mary Tyrrel (widow of David O. Tyrrel, who was a soldier in the civil war and died in Libby prison). To them have been born four children. Mr. Van Eps is now a retired farmer.




VANMON, Erik - Ackley Station p. o., Pine Grove twp (page xcvi, Brief Personals *)

Erik Vanmon was born in Umea, Sweden, in 1846. He came to America in 1869, and until 1871 resided at Jamestown, N. Y., when he came to Pine Grove. Prior to this time he was a farm laboror. Mr. Vanmon purchased a tract of land in the northeast part of the town, a heavily timbered tract, upon which his start in the town was made. By remarkable perseverance, industry, and energy he has cleared and stumped a considerable portion of the land and purchased more, so that he now has a farm of eighty acres, fifty-five of which are cleared and are in a good state of cultivation as any in the township. He has in course of erection a new dwelling which compares favorably with a majority of those in the town. Erik Vanmon began here with only $150, and his possessions are worth nearly twenty times that amount. In 1872 he married Augusta Lawson. They have had no children. Mr. Vanmon adheres to the principles of the Republican party, and takes an active part in political affairs.

[Warren County coordinator's note: By the 1900 census, the couple had adopted a child named Anna, born in September 1889. See 1900 and 1910 census records for Pine Grove, Warren County.]




VAN ORSDALE, Augustus - Ackley Station p. o., Pine Grove twp (page xcvi, Brief Personals *)

Augustus Van Orsdale was born in Orange county, N. Y., in 1813. He went while quite young to Lisle, Broome county, N. Y., where he married Eunice Graham. In 1844 he went to Crawford county, and there engaged in the manufacture of lumber for five years. From there he moved to Steuben county, N. Y. In 1870 he came to Pine Grove and settled in that part of the town known as Cable Hollow. In early life Mr. Van Orsdale was apprenticed to learn the tanning and shoemaker's trade with John Burghardt, of Upper Lisle, Broome county, N. Y., where he remained until about thirty years old. The new mill on Rice Run, on the old Brownell tract, originally built by Mr. Sloan, is now owned by Charles A. and John T. Van Orsdale, sons of Augustus Van Orsdale, and is managed by Charles A. John T. is a graduate of West Point, and is now lieutenant of Seventh Infantry U. S. Army, stationed at Fort Laramie, Wyoming Territory. The brothers own a tract of about 285 acres of good timber land on which the new circular saw-mill is now located.




VAN SICKEL, P. N. - Tidioute Borough, Deerfield twp (page xcvii, Brief Personals *)

P. N. Van Sickel was born in New Jersey, and settled in Tidioute, from New York city, in 1873. He became engaged in the production of oil in 1864, in various sections, but his principal interests are in Warren and McKean counties, and became superintendent of "New York and Allegheny" now "McKean and Allegheny Oil Company" in 1875, and still remains in that position. Mr. Van Sickel married for his first wife, Ann Eliza Runyon, of Plainfield, N. J., and by her has one son, living in New York city. In 1868 he married Hattie Williams, of Erie city. They have one child — Blanche, residing with her parents.




VENNESS, George - Sugar Grove twp (page xcvii, Brief Personals *)

George Venness is a leading farmer of Sugar Grove, and was bom on his present farm in 1833. He married Prudence Andrews, of Busti, Chautauqua county, N. Y., who was bora in 1839. They were married in 1860, and had two children born to them — Clyo L. and Kate Belle. Prudence was a daughter of Deloss and Hannah Andrews. Deloss died in 1879, and his wife, Hannah, in 1845. They left four children — Hendrick, Prudence, Alice, and Eris. George was a son of John and Harriet (Davis) Venness. He was born in 1800, and his wife, Harriet, was born in 1802. They were married in 1822. They were natives of Sussex, England, and with a family of five children left England April 14, and landed in New York May 17, 1828. Two of their children died on the voyage. They settled in Utica, N. Y., and in 1830 they settled in Sugar Grove. They had a family of eleven children, six of whom are now living—George, John, Harriet, Sarah, Caroline, and Mary. Harriet, his wife, died in 1869.




VERMILYEA, George W. - Columbus twp (page xcvii, Brief Personals *)

George W. Vermilyea was born in Seneca county, N. Y., in 1823. He was a son of Edward and Mary (Wentworth) Vermilyea. She was bom in Dutchess county, N. Y., and her husband, Edward, was bom in Chenango county, N. Y.. in 1794. They were married in Seneca county, N. Y., and had a family of thirteen children born to them, of whom three sons and five daughters are now living. They settled in Columbus in 1827, Mary died in 1851. George W. Vermilyea was married in 1848 to Lovina White, who was born in Cattaraugus county, N. Y., in 1829. They have had a family of four children born to them — Mark E., Edith M., Rachie, and George Orton. Lovina was a daughter of Mark S. White. George W. Vermilyea has held the offices of assessor and constable. He has been a machinist, and manufacturer of wooden ware.




VIRGIL, Sylvester R. - Sugar Grove twp (page xcvii, Brief Personals *)

Sylvester R. Virgil was bom in Genesee county, N. Y., in 1828, and was a son of John and Betsey Elizabeth (Rich) Virgil. He was a native of Maine and his wife, Betsey Elizabeth, was born in Connecticut. They were married and settled in Fort Plain, Montgomery county, N. Y. He was a contractor on the Erie Canal, and built several locks on the canal in 1822, '23, and '24, and later he settled in Orangeville, Wyoming county, N. Y., where they died, leaving a family of six children, four of whom are now living, one son and three daughters. Sylvester married Mary A. Kelso, of Chautauqua county, N. Y. She was born at Otsego county, N. Y., and married April 14, 1853. They have had two daughters born to them — Ella Louise and Julia Elizabeth. Ella L. married A. Dustin. Sylvester R. settled in Farmington, as a farmer, in 1867, and in early life was a carriage-smith. In 1871 he purchased his homestead in Sugar Grove.




* Source: History Of Warren County Pennsylvania with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by J.S. Schenck, assisted by W.S. Rann; Syracuse, N.Y.; D Mason & Co., Publishers; 1887.



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