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LA BREE, Loren - Kinzua p. o., Elk twp (page Ivi, Brief Personals *)

Smith La Bree was born in Brintwood, N. H., June 24, 1797, and came to Kinzua in 1815, when but eighteen years of age. He found work in the woods, at which he continued for one year; returned to his father's and served him one year; came back to Kinzua and followed lumbering for many years; in fact, he became a pioneer lumberman. In October 1822, he married Susanna Hamlin, by whom he had a family of seven children—Sally, born December 27, 1824, died July 28, 1825; Adeline, born December 22, 1829, died August 4, 1833; Loren, born April 16, 1805, died July 27, 1839; Rosina, born March 26, 1832, died July 7, 1863; Rosetta, born June 19, 1834, married J. O. McManus; Loren, born November 28, 1840; Archibald, born September 17, 1846, died April 9, 1879. Smith La Bree died November 27, 1860, and Susanna, his wife, died March 29, 1877. Loren La Bree married Mary H. Neff, by whom he had two children—Ethel A. and Harry S.. Mr. La Bree enlisted and served in the late war, under Captain James. By occupation he is a farmer, and his residence is among the best of the town. Both he and his wife are devoted members of the M. E. Church.




LACY, James D. - North Warren p. o., Conewango twp (page Ivi, Brief Personals *)

James D. Lacy is a farmer, and was born in Plainfield, N. J., September 16, 1813. He was a son of Silas and Nancy (Parker) Lacy. He was brought up in Benton, Yates county, N. Y., and came to Warren county in 1849, and settled in Conewango, and located on the farm which he now owns and occupies in 1876. He has been married twice. His first wife was Hannah Wells, of Louisville, Ky., by whom he had a family of three children—Mary J., James P., and Julia. His second wife was Hannah Hart, of Jamestown, N. Y.,by whom he had five children—Orange R., Charles C., Eva B., Ada, and Emma.




LAKE, John M. - Sugar Grove p. o., Freehold twp (page Ivi, Brief Personals *)

John M. Lake was a son of John Lake, who was born in Sweden in 1807, and came to America in 1850. By his first wife, Helen Lake, he had a family of three children—John M., Christian, and Helen; and by his second wife, Sarah Lake, he had one child—Anna Sophia (deceased). John M. was born in Sweden in 1836, and married Louise C. Anderson, of Warren county. They had a family of three children, only one of whom is living—Charles M., (Henry and George deceased). John M. enlisted in the Eighty-second Pennsylvania Infantry and served until the close of the war. He is now a successful farmer.




LANGDON, Joseph B. - Sugar Grove twp (page Ivi, Brief Personals *)

Joseph B. Langdon was born in Sugar Grove township in 1834. He is a son of Noah B. Langdon and Barbara Brown, sister of Judge Brown and daughter of David and Jannett Brown. Noah was born in May, 1803, and settled with his parents in 1817; they had a family of fourteen children, but two of whom now survive. Noah died in 1882, and his wife in 1840, leaving five children, only one of whom is now living—Joseph B. The grandfather was a soldier in the War of 1812, being then a resident of Genesee county, N. Y. Joseph B. spent thirteen years in California—from 1854 to 1867—when he returned and married Margaret Younie in 1872. They have two daughters—Jenette B. and Anna Y.. Margaret was a daughter of James and Mary Jane Younie, of Scotland. Joseph was elected justice of the peace in 1882.

[Warren County coordinator's note: According to the Warren County Marriage Index, book 7, page 373, Jennet Bird Langdon married John Martin Abbott between 1913 and 1915.

This tidbit from the newsapaper about daughter Anna:

Speech Correctionist Here

Miss Anna Langdon, of Seattle, Washington, is the guest of her sister, Mrs. J. M. Abbott, for a few days before leaving for New York where she will spend two weeks doing special observation along her line of work, speech correction. Upon her return she will go to Ithaca, N. Y., where she will accept a position as assistant in Dr. Martin's School for Speech Correction. This school is affiliated with Cornell University. After the holidays she will again resume her duties in the far-western city following her attendance at a National convention of Speech Correctionists to be held at Cincinnati.

Source: The Warren Tribune, September 17, 1927, page 7, column 3.]




LAUFFENBERGER, Jacob (1st) - Warren, Pleasant twp (page lvii, Brief Personals *)

A farmer, born in Alsace, France, August 18, 1817. He is a son of Frank and Christina E. (Leonhart) Lauffenberger. He came to Warren in 1840, and in 1843 settled in Pleasant township on the farm he now occupies. In 1844 he married Elizabeth, daughter of Jacob and Louisa Klein, of Pleasant township. They have one adopted daughter — Lena. Mr. L. and wife are members of the Lutheran Church of Warren.

[Warren County coordinators note: on the 1850 U.S. Federal census, 34 yr old Jacob "Laufenburgh" is living in Pleasant Twp. with his wife Elizabeth, 28, her father Jacob "Kline," 69, and George "Kline," 11. For 1870, see note below Martin Lauffer entry. Jacob Lauffenberger died in 1893, read his obituary].




LAUFFENBERGER, Jacob (2nd) - Warren p. o., Pleasant twp (pages lvi-lvii, Brief Personals *)

Jacob Lauffenberger, 2d, is a farmer and was born in Alsace, France, April 23, 1828. He was a son of Philip and Barbara (Rhinehart) Lauffenberger. His father came to this county in 1873. He had a family of eight children—Philip, Barbara (deceased), Jacob, John (deceased), Fred (deceased), Sally, George, and Mary (deceased). Jacob came to Warren county in 1851, and settled in Pleasant township on the farm which he now occupies, all of which he has cleared and improved himself. He was married June 6, 1856, to Rachel Risley, of Warren, by whom he has had a family of ten children — Amy, Flora (deceased), Charlie, Mary, Carrie, Frank, Jennie, Bertie, Louis, and Dora. Mr. Lauffenberger and his wife are members of the Lutheran Church of Warren.

[Warren County coordinators note: just to keep things interesting, Jacob Lauffenberger, born 1828, also died in 1893 (on August 22) and is also buried in the Oakland Cemetery. He was 65 years, 6 months and 3 days of age when he committed suicide. He was interred on the 24th of August. Read his obituary.]




LAUFFER, Martin - North Warren, Pleasant twp (pg lvii, Brief Personals *)

A farmer, born in Alsace, France. He is a son of Martin and Catherine (Gruber) Lauffer. He came to this country in 1852 and settled in Warren county, locating upon the farm upon which he now resides in 1862, most of which he cleared and improved himself. In 1854 he married Emeline, daughter of Jacob and Emeline (Peters) Dible, natives of Alsace, France, who settled in Pleasant township in 1847. By this marriage there were six children — Henry, George, Albert, John, Clara, and Fred. Mr. Lauffer and wife are members of the Luther Church of Warren.

[County coordinator located this family and others from France on U.S. Federal Census records:

Jacob and Emeline (Peters) Dible: On the 1850 census for Pleasant Twp, Emeline's parents' names are listed as Jacob and Emeline "Dyvall" w children John, 14, Sally, 11, and Jacob, 6, all born in France. On the same page are others born in France: Jacob Myer, 48, Lawrence and Margaret Snaverly ( 41 and 31 years, respectively), and George and Barbara Magill/Gagill?, (41 and 30 yrs old) and Marcus and Elizabeth Folts/Fotts, (56 and 48).

By 1860, the name on the Pleasant Twp census had changed to "Deibel" with family members Jacob, 63, Emeline, 53, John, 23, Saloma, 21, Jacob 14, and Henry,8. Living right next door are Jacob Meyer, 58, and family as well as other famillies from France. The 1860 U.S. Federal census lists Martin "Lover" , 37 and a farmer, as living in Conewango Twp. with his wife Emiline, 29, and children Edward, 10, Michael, 8, Henry, 4, George, 3, and Albert, 1 month.

On the 1870 census for Pleasant Twp., only Jacob, 72, and Emaline, 58, remain in the household - with the last name spelled "Difle." Living on one side of this couple is the Jacob "Loughenberg" family: Jacob, 52, Elizabeth, 46, Emeline, 5, and Emaline "Cline" who is 37. On the other side of the Dible's are Martin and Emaline "Laffer" (46 and 48) w children Mike, 18, Henry, 14, George 12, Albert, 10, John, 4, and Clara L., 2.]




LEARN, Jacob - Ackley Station, Elk twp (pg lvii, Brief Personals *)

Levi Learn was a native of Pennsylvania, and when a young man went to Wayne county, N. Y. He lived and married there- His wife was Margaret Shook, who bore him seven children — Benjamin, Jacob S., Lewis, James, Adam, Mary, and Hannah. They came to Quaker Hill in 1834, and the family were quite prominent in early days of the town. Levi Learn died only a few years ago. Jacob, who is the oldest son now living, married Hannah Rider, by whom he had a family of three children. After her death he married Sarah Northrup, who bore him four children. Jacob Learn seems to have taken his father's place in the affairs of the town, and his quiet manners, good judgment, and excellent private life have made him a person who is generally respected by all who are in any manner associated with him.

[County coordinators note: on the 1880 U.S. Federal census, Levi Learn, 84, is living with his son Lewis Learn, 53, Annie, 39, and their children Levi, 5, and Mary Ann, 2, in Pine Grove Twp, Warren County.]




LEITER, Warren - North Warren, Conewango twp (pg lvii, Brief Personals *)

Born in Dansville, N. Y., on March 5, 1844. He was a son of Joseph and Barbara (Montz) Leiter. His father was a native of Pennsylvania, and his mother of Germany. Warren came to Pennsylvania when he was fourteen years old, and settled in Warren in 1861, and in 1862 he settled in Crawford county. He returned to Warren in 1872, and then purchased the farm in Conewango where he now resides, and which was cleared and improved by his father-in- law, Merritt Babcock. He was married in 1872 to Antis D. Babcock, and to them have been born three children — Nellie E., Effie V., and Bertie J.. Antis D. Leiter was a daughter of Merritt and Lucinda (Sturdevant) Babcock, of Conewango.




LEONARD, Levi - Spring Creek twp (pg lvii, Brief Personals *)

Born in Warren county in 1832. He married Cordelia Donaldson, of Spring Creek, by whom he had a family of two children — Guy C, and Nora. He has been a justice of the peace for two years last past, and has three years to serve; and was deputy sheriff for thirty years. He now owns a farm which consists of sixty acres. Levi L. was a son of Arnold and Emeline (Gillis) Leonard. Arnold Leonard was born in Warren county in 1811, and his wife, Emeline, was bom in Chenango county, N. Y., in 1812.




LESSER, August - Warren, Pleasant twp (pg lvii, Brief Personals * )

A farmer, born in Alsace, France, January 8, 1840. He is a son of Conrad and Saloma (Keller) Lesser. He came with his father to Warren in 1851; was a resident of Warren eight years, serving as clerk in a grocery, and also working at the cooper's trade — assisting in making the first oil barrels used in Warren county. In 1873 he settled in Pleasant township on a farm of 100 acres, about forty of which he has cleared. In 1862 he married Mary, daughter of John and Mary (Gutzel) Lauffer, of Warren; they have six children — Daniel E., Mary E., George A., Helena B., Anna J., and Augusta.




LIVERMORE, George - Bear Lake p. o., Freehold twp (pg lvii, Brief Personals * )

George Livermore was born in Allegheny county in 1854. He married Mary L. Phillips. In 1884 he commenced the manufacture of harness at Bear Lake, a business which he followed up to October, 1886, when he engaged with H. J. Phillips. They are now doing a fine business in drugs and medicines.




LOGAN, John B., West Spring Ceeek p. o., Spring Creek twp (pg lviii, Brief Personals *)

John B. Logan was born in Genesee county, N. Y., in 1862. He married Harriet Morton, of Chautauqua county, N. Y. They have had nine children, seven of whom are now living, as follows: Merritt A., Martha A., Elbert, Harvey D., Lois Allener, Hattie May, and Bessie. Mr. Logan has held the offices of school director and road commissioner. He has a farm of 150 acres. His father, Lemuel, served in the War of 1812 ; he was married three times, and left ten children.




LOGAN, John - North Clarendon p. o, Mead twp (pg lviii, Brief Personals *)

John Logan, proprietor of the Bradford House, was born in Scotland February 8, 1848, and is a son of John and Ellen (Brice) Logan, who settled in Freehold township in 1851. The subject of this sketch was reared in Warren county, and located in Mead township in 1880; he has conducted the Bradford House one year. On November 28, 1882, he married Mary, daughter of Lawrence and Elizabeth (Lauffer) Baldensperger, of Mead. They have had one child — Belle E.




LONG, Hugh - Pittsfield, Pittsfield twp (pg Iviii, Brief Personals *)

In the year 1800 Hugh Long's parents, George and Isabel (McCormic) Long, settled in Spring Creek township, Warren county, about three miles west of Garland on the Big Brokenstraw Creek, and there built the first saw-mill that was erected in Spring Creek township; there their son Hugh was born on the 2d of February, 1802; he was the first white child born in the township. In 1808 or '09 his father sold his property to Daniel Horn, and then settled in Pittsfield township, about two miles east of Garland, built another saw-mill and cleared up a farm, upon which he resided till his death in 1854. His wife died in 1858. He was in the Revolutionary War, and present at the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown, Va. Hugh married Eleanor Gray October 26, 1826, and bought a farm about one mile from his father's, where he has since resided. They have had five children — Harriett, William W., Daniel A., Laura, and Cordelia C.. They are all living but one—William W.. His wife, Eleanor, died in September, 1847. His occupation has been farming in the summer, getting out lumber in the winter, and rafting it down the river in the spring; he has also hunted some — bears, wolves, deer, and almost all kinds of small game being very plenty in his early days. He served as justice of the peace ten years, constable four years, school director about fifteen years, supervisor, auditor, assessor, etc., for a number of years. But now the effects of age compel him to give up worldly affairs and live a retired life.




LONG, James C, Tidioute p. o., Glade twp (pg Iviii, Brief Personals *)

James C. Long, a general hardware merchant, was born in Butler county in 1845. He was a son of Robert and Sarah (Quinlan) Long, who died in Butler county, leaving a family of three children—James C., William, and Eva. He was a prominent justice and one of the leading men of his town. James C. enlisted in Co. E., 17th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers in 1861, and served for three years, and at the end of that time was honorably discharged. He settled in Tidioute in 1867, and embarked in the general hardware business, dealing in stoves, tinware, and also engaged in the oil business. He was appointed postmaster in 1877, an office which he held until March, 1886. He has also been town clerk, and has held other minor offices. James C. married Mary Leighty, of Irvine, in 1867. They have had a family of four children born to them—Fannie, Tilly, Jessie, and Maud.




LOREE, Nathaniel - Warren p. o., Conewango twp (pg Iviii, Brief Personals * )

Nathaniel Loree was born in Steuben county, N. Y., on September 9, 1817. He was a son of Samuel and Elizabeth (Hendricks) Loree. He was reared in his native county, and in 1864 he settled in Warren county, on the farm he now occupies, and which consists of 140 acres, 100 acres of which have been improved, and most of which he cleared himself. He was married twice, his first wife being Lydia L. Jones, of losko, Mich., by whom he had two children—Rhoda E., and Josephine, both of whom are now dead. His second wife was Philopena (Rarick) Denny, of Yates county, N. Y., by whom he had six children — Elizabeth (Mrs. Albert Head), Josephine (Mrs. H. C. Dible), Sarah (Mrs. Godfried Gruble), Lucinda (Mrs. George Lauffer), and Nathaniel, jr..




LOVE, Jesse - Russell p. o., Pine Grove twp (pg lix, Brief Personals * )

Jesse Love was born in the State of Rhode Island, May 10, 1816. His wife, Mary Ann, was born March 27, 1823. They were married in 1839. Their children were Margaret, Sylvester, Robert A. (now sheriff), Betsey M., Martha L., Rachel J., Mary L., Laura Ann, Fanny J., Sarah L., Charles, and Amy L.. Jesse Love died April 18, 1876. Mary Ann, his widow, married Samuel P. Allen, an old and respected resident of Pine Grove, in February, 1880. Jesse Love settled in Warren county in 1820. He was a self-made man, successful in business, and at the time of his death in comfortable circumstances. During the several years preceding his death he resided in Pine Grove.





* Source: History Of Warren County Pennsylvania with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers, edited by J.S. Schenck, assisted by W.S. Rann; Syracuse, N.Y.; D Mason & Co., Publishers; 1887.



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