Historic Act of the Origin of the Uniondale and Dundaff Charge

The Uniondale M. E. Church, now united with the Dundaff M. E. Church and known as the UnionDale and Dundaff Charge originated as follows; The Revd J. P. Chynoweth who was pastor of the Herrick Centre charge in the Year of 1877 came over to preach at Uniondale for a short period of about Two Months. during which time he met with considerable annoyancies which indicated that Methodist Episcopal services in Uniondale were Not looked upon with favor by some persons.

At the close of Bro.Chynoweths pastoral term in the Herrick charge the Revd. S. Wood was appointed to succeed him, April 1878. Bro. Wood came over to Uniondale & preached a few times in the Public School house, but finally concluded that the other points of his charge would not allow him to give attention to Uniondale, consequently, the appointment was given up. In 1878 a short time after the session of the Wyoming Conference, Bro. P.J. Gates, a Local preacher again commenced preaching and his service were much appreciated by the people. Bro Gates closed his labor in the fall, leaving a little hanful (sic) of Members Numbering about Eleven, whose Membership was nominally with the Herrick Centre charge, but who were, at the close of Bro. Gates labors, left as Sheep without a Shepherd.

In the following Spring, April 1879, the Revd. Robt. P. Christopher who had for many years been engaged in Pastoral work within the limits of New York East Conference moved into the Village of Dundaff, at which time he was appointed to commence Pastoral work at Uniondale under the presiding Elder, the Revd. A. J. Vancleft. God's blessing abundantly attended this arrangement. Preaching at first in the New School House every Sabbath Morning at 10 1/2 O clock. It now became evident that the people loved to hear the Gospel of the Grace of God preached., and in a very little time the School house became filled with anxious & inquiring hearers. On Sabbath, June 15th, 1879, Special services were held for the purpose of Reorganizing a Methodist Episcopal Church in Uniondale, at which time there was added to the little Nucleus of Eleven. Bro. Israel Rounds.Sister Emaline Rounds.Sister Belle Roberts by letter, and Bro. Jerome Curtis.Martha Curtis and Phoebe Westgate were recd as full members, their probationary term being expired. Making the Membership up to the above date 17 in number -. Realizing the necessity of a Church Edifice to worship in, the present Church building which was formerly a School House was purchased and placed upon its present site and after being remodeled & fitted up for Church purpose was Dedicated as the Uniondale M. E. Church . September 10th, 1879 . by the Revd. A. J. Vancleft presiding Elder of the Honesdale Dist.. This occasion was one of Interest and Influence which will not be Forgotten by the present generation in Uniondale. On the day of its Dedication . and during several weeks protracted Meetings . God poured out His Spirit and Uniondale was favored with a blessed Pentecost. On the Sabbath, October 12th, which will ever be remembered as a Glorious day in Uniondale Methodism. Notwithstanding the opposition which showed itself on the part of Several belonging to other Denominations. 46 were taken into the Church on Probation. who had professed convertion(sic) around the Alter of the Newly Dedicated Church.(Most of which were Heads of Families) 23 of which were Baptised by Sprinkling & 10 by Immersion. Since that time up to the present, the Church has been steadily growing. Her (illegible) strengthening .borders extending & converts Multiplied. At the Meeting of the Wyoming Confce held in Scranton April 14, 1880 .the Uniondale Charge was thrown in with the Clifford Charge.and was to be known hereafter as the Clifford and Uniondale Circuit-.Geo. M. Peck and R. P. Christopher being appointed as Pastors.but, at the 1st Quarterly conference held at Clifford May 20th, 1880.it was decided to divide the Charge, setting off the Uniondale Church and Dundaff Church as a separate and distinct charge from the Clifford Charge.G. M. Peck being Pastor of Clifford & R. P. Christopher Pastor of Unuiondale & Dundaff under the presiding elder- this action constitutes the Origin of the Uniondale & Dundaff Charge. The Writer of this Historic Acct is now closing up his labors on this charge.with gratitude to God for his abundant blessings upon his labors. "May God bless whoever shall come to be the Under Shepard of the Sheep and Lambs upon this Charge".and Make him even more successful in Winning souls.Is the Earnest prayer of the outgoing Pastor.

Dundaff, April 4th, 1882. Robt. P. Christopher.