Dundaff and Uniondale
Methodist Episcopal Churches

Names Position Position Position Position When Appointed When Official Relation Ceased
G. A. Fike Steward   Trustee   January 1895  
H. A. Sullenden Steward   Trustee   January 1895  
* George Graham Steward       January 1895 March 1897
G. W. Rogers Steward Leader Trustee   January 1895  
*L. E. Halstead Steward       January 1896 March 1897
J. H. Cross Steward   Trustee   January 1896  
*A. L. Burdick Steward          
J. H. Stevens Steward   Trustee S. S. Supt.    
*Clarence Vail Steward   Trustee   March 1897 August 1902
Mrs. G. A. Fike Steward       October 1897  
Mrs. J. H. Stevens Steward       October 1897  
Minnie Russell Steward       October 1897  
Mrs. Brownell Steward          
Mrs. Annie Chambers Steward          
John Bolton     Trustee   July 31st, 1902  
W. L. Decker     Trustee   July 31st, 1902  
Edith Decker Steward       Jan. 10th, 1903  
There is a notation in the book: Old board accepted for 1898-99 except for those marked *.