Dundaff, Uniondale and Lyon Street
Methodist Episcopal Churches

Members in Full Connection of the Dundaff, Uniondale, and Lyon Street Methodist Episcopal Churches- 1880 to 1893

Members Directory S through Z


Smith, Henry---June, 1879(of the Original Numbers)

Smith, Catherine---June, 1879(of the Original Numbers)

Smith, Parmee---Oct., 1879-Transferred from Herrick Charge- to July, 1889-died July, 1889.

Smith, Hattie---July, 1880

Shifley, Hannah---Sept., 1883 to Jan., 1886-died Jan., 31, 1886

Sherman, Rena---March, 1889 to Oct., 1892-Removed to Binghampton, NY

Sherman, Stella---March, 1889 to Oct., 1892-Removed to Binghampton, NY

Spangenburg, Flora---May, 1890

Sherman, Delila---July, 1891 to Oct., 1892-Removed to Binhampton, NY

Swingle, Grace---March, 1889-Removed to Forest City


Sullender, Henry---1877

Sullender, F. A.---1877

Sprung, James--1877(note:drinks)

Sprung, Ann---1878

Stevens, Martha---Date of Reception Not Recorded

Spencer, Henry---Oct., 1880

Spencer, Sarah---Oct., 1880 to Oct., 1885

Sclocum(?), Joseph P.---Oct., 1880 to Feb., 1886-died Feb. 7, 1886

Sclocum,Minnie---Oct., 1880 to Dec., 1887-died Dec., 1, 1887

Sclocum, Ruth H.---Oct., 1880

Sullender, Maggie---Date of Reception Not Recorded-died Dec., 1886

Sullender, Susan---Date of Reception Not Recorded

Sprung, Alfred---Oct., 1889

Stevens, Sarah---March, 1889

Sullender, Gertrude---Dec., 1891

Darts Corner

Spangenburg, Earnest---Aug., 1886




Truesdale, E. H.---Aug., 1879 to June, 1882

Tonkins, Nicholas---July,1880

Tonkins, Amanda---July 1880

Tonkins, Rosa---July, 1880 to March 1882-died March, 1882

Tonkins, Jerome---July 1880 to June, 1887-Removed to Park Place, Pa.

Tonkins, Nelson---July, 1880

Tonkins, Bessie---July, 1880

Todd, A. M.---

Todd, Mary B.---name changed to Worton

Todd, Fannie F.---name changed to Giddings by marriage-Removed to ? 1885

Todd, W. P.----Aug., 1885

Thomas, Lucy J.---Dec., 1886

Tonkins, Ida May---April 1887-Removed to Binghampton

Tonkins, Laura---April, 1887 to April, 1893

Tuttle, Elias---July, 1888 to 1890

Tuttle, Mary---July, 1888 to 1890

Tifany, Mrs.---July, 1887

Tenant, Burt---March, 1889

Tuttle, Etta---March, 1889

Tuttle, Chas.---March, 1889

Todd, Dilla(nee Dunn)- See Dunn-Married Wm. Todd

Thomas, Mgt. Ann---July 1889 to Nov., 1891-Removed to New York

Thomas, Ezenia---Oct., 1889

Thompson, Geo.---March 1890-Transferred from Cong. Church

Thompson, Mrs. David---Nov., 1889-Transferred from Pres. Church- to July, 1891



Tingley, A. K.---July, 1891

Tingley, Angie---July, 1891

Tennant, Robt.---July, 1891

Tennant, Minnie-July, 1891



Vail, Clarence---Oct., 1889

Vail, Ida---Oct., 1889



Westgate, Fayatte---June, 1879(of the Original Number)

Westgate, Augusta---June, 1879(of the Original Number) to May, 1890

Westgate, Phoebe---June, 1879-name changed to Jaycocke by marriage.

Warren, Augusta---July, 1880

Warren, Belle---July, 1880

Westgate, Arthur---July, 1880 to July 1889

White, George D.---Aug., 1885 to Sept., 1885

Wedeman, David---Jan., 1885-Transferred from Dundaff

Wedeman, Jane---Jan., 1885

Wedeman, Emma---Jan., 1885 to April 1892-name changed to Rounds-Removed to Forest City

Whipple, Belle---April, 1886 to July, 1890

Westgate, Gennie--- April, 1887 to July, 1890

Weilman, Mrs.---May, 1888 to Feb., 1892

Whiteing, Rosa---March, 1889-Name changed to Dickey


Wilbur, Willm---(Original Member)note:member for 60 years to Jan. 1888- died Jan., 12, 1888-Funeral and Burial at Dundaff, Jan. 15, 1888

Wilbur, Amanda--(Original Member)

Wedeman, Martin P.---1877

Wedeman, Jane L.---1877

Wedeman, Sybel---1877 to April, 1887

Wedeman, Emme---1877

Well, Sarah---Oct., 1880 to 1866-died Dec., 1886

White, Adeline---June, 1878

Woodmansey, Geo. A.---March, 1890

Wedeman, Sybil---March, 1890-Removed to Providence

Williams, Vinnie---May, 1890-Married Harry Wittan-Removed to Scranton

Watkins, Maretta---Aug., 1890-Transferred from Jefferson, NY

Warren, Clinton---

Warren, Ruthana---March, 1891



Well, Luther---(Original Member)

Wells, Hattie---(Original Member)

White, Albert---June 1885 to May, 1888

White,Mrs. A.--- June, 1885 to May, 1888

White, Eva---June, 1885 to May, 1888-died May 4, 1888

White, Sybil---June, 1885 to May, 1888

White, Clara---June, 1885 to May, 1888

White, Charles---June, 1885 to May, 1888

White, Albert, Jr.---June, 1885 to May, 1888

White, Geo.---June, 1885 to May, 1888

Webb, Emma---Mach, 1889

Whitman, Albert---

Whitman, Mrs. Albert---

Wedeman, Elizabeth---May, 1889-Removed to Forest City

Wedeman, Ella---May, 1889-Removed to Forest City

Webb, Ida G.---Oct., 1889-name changed to Coleman

White, Ida---Oct., 1889-name changed to Vail

White, Anna---Oct., 1889

Wilcox, Fred---Feb., 1892

Wilcox, Rosetta---Feb., 1892