Dundaff, Uniondale and Lyon Street
Methodist Episcopal Churches

Members in Full Connection of the Dundaff, Uniondale, and Lyon Street Methodist Episcopal Churches- 1880 to 1893

Members Directory D through H



Davis, Owen---June 1879 -Of the Original Number

Davis, Charles---July, 1880

Davis, Ellenora---July, 1880

Dunn, P. J.---June, 1882 to May, 1886

Dunn, Lydia---June, 1882 to May, 1886

Dunn, Della---March, 1883--Name changed to Todd

Daniels, Morgan---May, 1885

Daniels, Mary---May, 1885

Dickey, Rosa---March, 1889

Darow, Alonzo---Oct., 1889--Removed to Hartford

Darow, Ida---Oct., 1889--Removed to Hartford

Dimmick, Mary---March, 1889--Mqy, 1892-Removed to Presbyterian Church

Darts Corner

Dart, Miss Orpha---Jan., 1886

Dart, Horace---Transfer from Lyon Street Church

Dart, Mrs. Sarah--Transfer from Lyon Street Church

Darte, Norton---May, 1890

Darte, Lizzie---May, 1890-From (illegible) Baptist Church

Dickey, David---May, 1890

Darte, LeGrand---Nov., 1890 to Dec., 1917-Removed to Downsville, NY

Lyon Street

Dart, Horace---Transferred from Herrick

Dart, Sarah---Transferred from Herrick

Davis, Richard R.---Transferred from Herrick

Davis, Lucy---Transferred from Herrick





Felts, Jane---Original Member to 1886-Removed to Clifford

Fyke, Mrs. Eva




Gibson, Wiliam---July, 1880

Gibson, Emarat---July, 1880

Gardener, Jacob---July, 1880-Working out of town, Transferred

Giddings, A. C.---April, 1883--May,(no year)-Removed to California

Gardner, Jane---April, 1887

Giddings, Flora---July, 1888



Goodrich, Hannah---Date not Recorded-Removed to the west


Lyon Street

Giddings, Margaret---Transferred from Herrick

Giddings, Mariett---Transferred from Herrick



Hall, James---June, 1879- Of the Original Number

Hall, Mary---June, 1879-Of the Original Number-Name changed to Stone

Hartson, Andrew J.---Sept., 1882 to Oct., 1889-Removed to Herrick Av.

Hartson, Esther A.---Sept., 1882 to Jan., 1887-Funeral & Burial at Uniondale, Jan. 17, 1888

Hartson, Sherman---Sept., 1882 to Jan., 1888

Hanser, St.John---July, 1888 to Feb., 1892

Hanser, Julia---July, 1888 to Feb., 1892

Horrel, Ellen---March, 1889

Hiller, Franc. May---May, 1887

Howell, Viola---May, 1890 to Oct., 1891



Hunter, Sarah---

Halstead, Thomas---June, 1882 to Dec., 1885-As per letter June 4,'82-Deacon in Freewill Baptist Church

Halstead, Jane---June 1882 to Dec., 1885

Hallstead, Thomas--April, 1886 to Feb., 1890-Removed to Clifford

Hallstead, Jane---April, 1886 to Feb., 1890-Removed to Clifford

Hallstead, Thomas---Nov., 1891 to Sept., 1894

Hallstead, Jane---Nov., 1891 to Sept., 1894

Hallstead, Thomas E.---Nov., 1891 to Sept., 1894