Dundaff, Uniondale and Lyon Street
Methodist Episcopal Churches

Members in Full Connection of the Dundaff, Uniondale, and Lyon Street Methodist Episcopal Churches- 1880 to 1893

Members Directory A through C



Anderson, William ----- July, 1880 to Feb.,1891

Anderson, Mary Hice ---- July, 1880 to Feb.,1891

Alvord, Ida ----- July, 1880 to Nov., 1884

Alvord, Doug ----- Nov., 1884 to July, 1887 ----- Moved to No Abington

Alvord, Ida ----- Nov., 1884 to July, 1887 ----- Moved to N. Abington

Anderson, John ------ Apr., 1887 to July, 1887

Alvord, Doug -----March, 1890 to Jan. 1891---Moved to Waymart

Alvord, Ida -----March, 1890 to Jan. 1891---Moved to Waymart


Arthur, Flora -----July, 1890----Transferred (Possibly deceased)



Brandow, John -----July, 1880 to 1886--Withdrew by his own request

Brandow, Ludencia

Barnes, Mellessia----May, 1881---Moved away

Barnes, Newton----March, 1882---Moved away

Burne, Permelia---March, 1887---Removed to Dunmore

Bradley, Luke---April, 1887---Transferred to Lyon St.

Bradley, Mrs. Luke---April, 1887--Transferred to Lyon St

Barriger, Alice----April, 1887--Now married to Mr. Aylesworth---Moved to Glassbrog(sic), N.J.

Boucher, George H.---March, 1888

Boucher, Anna E.---March, 1888

Burdick, Edgar---Dec., 1888

Burdick, Emily A.---Dec., 1888

Burns, Grace---March, 1889---Name changed to Swingle

Brandow, Mary E.---March, 1889---Name changed to Dimmick

Bowman, Mrs.---March, 1889

Brownell, Annjenette

Boswell, Mrs.---June, 1891---Removed to Lyon St.


Brownell, Ann J.---Oct.,1880

Boucher, Rena---March, 1884----Removed to Carbondale

Burdick, A. L.

Breese, Mary---May, 1890

Breese, Morris---May, 1890

Burdick, J. P. Ellis---Dec., 1891---Transferred to Uniondale



Curtis, Isaac---June, 1879--Original Member--Deceased June 1, 1919

Curtia, Angeline---June, 1879--Original Member--Deceased March, 1914

Curtis, Jerome--June, 1879

Curtis, Martha---June, 1879

Colman, Lydia---June, 1879--Original Member--Died suddenly, Aug. 2, 1879

Carpenter, Alma--Oct., 1879--Deceased Aug. 18, 1882

Christopher, Mary A.---Apr., 1879--Deceased June 30, 1886

Cory, Robert---July 1880

Curtis, Floriinda---July, 1880---Deceased June, 1882

Chandler,Alvin---July, 1880

Chandler, Cordelia---July, 1880

Curtis, Milo---July, 1880 to Nov., 1891

Carpenter, Maybelle---July, 1880 to Nov., 1898- Removed to Binghampton

Carpenter, Alice---July, 1880 toNov., 1886

Carpenter, George---March, 1882

Carpenter, Ama --March 1882 to 1890-died Feb. 19,1890

Chandler, Thomas---July 1882 to 1887-died Apr. 27, 1887

Carpenter, Edson---March, 1883 to Dec., 1884

Carpenter, Elah---Apr. ,1883 to 1890-died Nov., 20,1890

Carpenter, Mrs. Elah---Apr., 1883


Cole, George---May, 1877

Cole, Sarah---May, 1877

Chamber, Mrs. G. E.---April, 1877

Chambers, Mattie L.---April,1877 to Nov. 1886-name changed to Montgomery(married Geo. Montgomery)

Clum, Henrietta---Aug., 1877 to Nov., 1886

Coil, Olive---Nov., 1886

Cobb, Maybell---Mar., 1889

Clancy, Holly---Aug., 1883 to March, 1882 (sic)

Coleman, Jennie---Aug., 1885

Carpenter, Hannah---Aug., 1885

Carpenter, Mary Jane---Jan., 1886-Name changed to Churchill

Coleman, Vernie--Apr., 1887-Name changed to Carpenter

Carpenter, Eunice---April, 1887--Removed to Hale's Eddy

Churchill, Ivan L.---March, 1887

Curtis, Mary E.---March, 1888

Coleman, Eugene---March, 1888

Carpenter, Nora(Mrs. Arba)---Oct., 1888 to Nov., 1898

Cole, Mrs.---April, 1889

Cory(Corey), Warren---

Cory(Corey), Mrs. Rachel---

Lyon Street

Cole, (Eugene) Jesse---Oct., 1889

Coon, Martha---Transferred from Herrick

Chandler, Chas.---May, 1890-From P. Hill Baptist Church

Chandler, Alice---May, 1890

Carpenter, Frank---June, 1891

Coleman, Ida---Oct., 1889