Record of Marriages
Methodist Episcopal Church
Dundaff, Uniondale, Lyon Street and Darts Corner


Note:The information is set up as follows; Year, Date and Month, Name of the Man,(Age of the Man)/ Residence of the Man- Name of the Woman ( Age of the Woman)/ Residence of the Woman, Officiating Minister, Remarks or Names of Witnesses.

1880--Dec., 19th--Joseph W. Lee(21)/Greenfield--Emma J. Cobb(20)/Dundaff--Robt. P. Christopher--Mrs. R. P. Christopher

1881--Jan., 1st--Louis G. Whipple(22)/Uniondale--Addie B. Westgate(19)/Clifford--Robt. P. Christopher--Mrs. R. P. Christopher

1881-Sept. 13th--Fred E. Wilcocks(23)/Laport,Sullivan Co.--Rosetta A. Westgate(26)/Uniondale-Robt. P. Christopher--Married at the Residense of Elias Westgate, Uniondale

1882-Jan., 29th--Alfred W. Larrabee(about 40)/Uniondale--Mrs. Georgia L. Dumond(about 40)/Uniondale--Robt. P. Christopher--Married publicly in the M.E. Church in Uniondale.

1882--June 12th--Lewis W. Bedford(22)/South Gibson--Elma C. Baker(20)/South Gibson--C. W. Todd--Mrs. A. M. Todd & M. B. Todd

1882--June 18th--Wm. M. Bunnell(20)/Carbondale--Ella J. Wayman(17)/Greenfield--C. W. Todd--Mary A. Christopher, G(illegible)

1882-July 4th--No Name(no age)/Herrick--No Name(no age)/Herrick--C. W. Todd--W. U. Norton

1882--Sept., 24th--Frank M. Norton(20)/Uniondale--Hattie M. Davis(18)/Uniondale--C. W. Todd--F. F. Todd & M. B. Todd

1883--Jan. 16th--Herman B. Bundy(32)/Masonville, N.Y.--Ella M. Pursell(29)/Uniondale--C. W. Todd-E. L. Bundy, Martha Pursell

1883--Jan. 16th--Dr. J. W. Still(no age)/No Residence--Margoletta D. Jones(no age)/Uniondale--C. W. Todd--Russel Carpenter & wife

1883--Dec. 26th--A. C. Giddings(20)/Uniondale--Fannie F. Todd(20)/Uniondale--C. W. Todd--Dilla Dusick(?),S. W. Norton

1884--June 22--W. M.(?) Hugaboom(26)/Mt. Pleasant--Marion R. Bennett(24)/Preston--C. W. Todd--Mrs. C. W. Todd, Mary Todd

(Note: From 1885 on, no ages are given.)

1885--Sept. 8--Edwin A. Walker/Herrick Township--Myrtle E. Kelly/Herrick Township--John B. Sweet--W. H. Hiller, J. L. Thomas

1889--Apr. 30--William Eugene Doud/Scranton--Ettie Stevens/Dundaff--Will H. Hiller--John Rivenburg, H. Richardson

1889--No Date--Watkins Watkins/Clifford,Pa.--Marietta Crafts/Jefferson, NY--Will H. Hiller--Dr. Crafts & Mary Hiller

1889--No Date--William White/Dundaff, Pa.--Ann Davis/Dundaff,Pa.--Will H. Hiller--No Recorded Witnesses

1889--No Date--Henry Race/Dundaff, Pa.--Aminda Bernard/Dundaff, Pa.--Will H. Hiller--No Recorded Witnesses

1890--Oct. 16th--Chas. M. Coleman/Dundaff, Pa.--Ida (G or L)Webb/Dundaff, PA.--Will H. Hiller--No Recorded Witnesses

No Date--Wills Jones/Northumberland--Mame Daniels/Residence not Given--Will H. Hiller--No Recorded Witnesses

1891--Jan. 27--John W. Davis/Clifford--Maggie M. Hayden/Herrick--Will H. Hiller--No Recorded Witnesses

1891--Feb. 18th--Clarence E. Vail/Fell Township--Ida E. White/Dundaff--Will H. Hiller--F. May Hiller, Mrs. M. O. Rounds

1891--March 12--David E. Dickey/Gibson, Pa.--Emeline A. Doyle/Ararat, Pa.--Will H. Hiller--Wm. O. Doyle, Nelson Dickey

1891--March 19--William R. Coleman/Dundaff, Pa.--Clara A. Rivenburg/Dundaff, Pa.--Will H. Hiller-Man Parents Reside at Uniondale. Wilt, Rena Sherman, R(?) Rounds

1891--Sep. 9--Elmer E. Rounds/Uniondale--Emma C. Wedeman/Uniondale--Will H. Hiller--E. E. Sherman, Bertha Rounds

1891--Sep. 17--James Stevens/Elkdale--Gertrude Lyon/Herrick--Will H. Hiller--Grant Stevens, Agnes Lyon

1891--Nov. 26--Daniel Hunter/Clifford, Pa.--Mary M. Pallen/Clifford, Pa.--Will H. Hiller--No Recorded Witnesses