Susquehanna County, Pa.
Last Names A-L, Early Death Notices, 1816-1849


These records have been abstracted from "Marriage Records and Death Records 1816-1849 copied from the Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania Newspapers" by Jeanne E. S. Harrington [Mrs. D. C. Harrington], 1922. There were no marriage or death returns for 1823. Thus, if you suspect a marriage or death occurred in 1823, it probably, in fact, did. Placing the records in alphabetical order makes them much easier to use, and enables us to get a better picture of possible family groups and relationships. Please, when searching for individuals, do check alternate spellings. Any mistakes are surely mine - Bettina H. Kesteloot, 2003.

ABBOTT, Abiel, age 43, d Kingston 2Oct1838. ABEL, Gurdon L., Gibson, m 25Nov1839 Adah CARPENTER, Harford. ABEL, Rhoda E., Gibson, m 19Nov1832 Samuel S. CHAMBERLIN, Harford. ACKERMAN, Derinda, m 22Jan1829 John WATSON, both/o Lawsville. ACKERMAN, Sally Ann, Liberty, m 3Sept1837 Nathan ARNOLD, Great Bend. ACKERMAN, Stephen, m 5Sept1833 Angeline MC KINSEY. ACKLEY, Albert, Tuscarora, m 22Jan1844 Margaret LACEY, Braintrim. ACKLEY, Phares, Tuscarora, m 4March1841 Emeline CAMP, dau/o Israel CAMP, Wyalusing. ACKLEY, Sterling, Wyalusing, m 26May1843 Mary TYLER, Dimock. ADAMS, Abigail, Bridgewater, m 5Nov1829 John PASSMORE, Auburn. ADAMS, Ann C., m 4Nov1841 Horace BAGLEY, both/o Brooklyn. ADAMS, Deacon Asa, age 84, d Great Bend 14Jan1834. ADAMS, Betsey, dau/o Chester ADAMS, Auburn, m 7Aug1841 William H. WAY. ADAMS, Betsey, age 71, wid/o late Jedediah ADAMS, d Franklin 14Oct1841. ADAMS, Betsey Ann, age 17, d Liberty 25Dec1843. ADAMS, Charles D., Liberty, m 28Oct1843 Permelia TARBOX, Silver Lake. ADAMS, Gaylor V., m 2Sept1841 Susan M. GARLAND, dau/o Thomas GARLAND, both/o Brooklyn. ADAMS, Hannah M., wife/o Samuel ADAMS, dau/o Dr. Samuel BISSELL, late/o Brooklyn, d Brockton IL 29May1849. ADAMS, James L., Brooklyn, m 7July1842 Lydia T. CHAPMAN. ADAMS, James Walllace, Milford, Pike Co., m 10Sept1840 Julia Ann GEER, dau/o Capt. Charles GEER, Brooklyn. ADAMS, Jane, m 1Jan1845 William WALKER. ADAMS, Jedediah, age 78, Rev. War, born Canterbury CT 1762, d Franklin 30July1840. ADAMS, Julia, dau/o Chester ADAMS, Auburn, m 17Dec1839 Isaac BISSELL, Brooklyn. ADAMS, Julia, m 22July1845 Thomas PARSONS, M.D., both/o Troy. ADAMS, Levi, age 72, d Harford 1Aug1845. ADAMS, Lydia, Auburn, m 19Dec1844 David M. ROBERTS, Falls, Wyoming Co. ADAMS, Mary Jane, dau/o Galen V. & Susan ADAMS, d Brooklyn 15April1843. ADAMS, Melinda, Bridgewater, m 12April1838 Jesse Hartwell WILLIAMS. ADAMS, Mrs. Olive, age 78, m 1March1836 Simeon WYLIE, age 77, both/o Great Bend. ADAMS, Samuel, m 1Jan1834 Hannah M. BISSELL, both/o Brooklyn. ADAMS, Sarah, Harford, m 4May1844 Hubbard N. SMITH, Brooklyn. ADAMS, Thomas, Auburn, m 26Dec1841 Orpha DE PUE, Standing Stone. ADDISON, Hester G., Choconut, m 9July1849 Lyman EDGCOMB, Union NY. ADDISON, Isaac, m 25June1838 Laura STANTON, both/o Choconut. ADDISON, John, Choconut, m 6May1835 Maria IMPSON, Newark Valley. ADKINS, Rebecca A., Rush, m 18Oct1835 William P. BARBER, Bridgewater. AGARD, Levi S., d Rush 1Sept1818. AINEY, John, Brooklyn, m 5Nov1831 Elizabeth KETTLE, Bridgewater. AINEY, Rebecca, m 15March1835 Samuel WESTBROOK, both/o Brooklyn. AINEY, Seth, m 1Sept1844 Mrs. Hanna SUTTON, both/o Bridgewater. AKER, Jacob, Owego NY, m 2Nov1830 Catherine BARNEY, Choconut. ALBRO, Samuel, formerly Susquehanna, d New York City 30July1834. ALDRICH, Alanson, m 3Nov1841 Electa E. LOOMIS, both/o Harford. ALDRICH, Andrus, Brooklyn, m 13June1836 Harriet BROWN, Bridgewater. ALDRICH, Hosea, m 12Nov1832 Lovina PLUMB, both/o Harford. ALDRICH, Levi, age 42, d Harford 30March1825. ALDRICH, Louisa, Harford, m 22July1827 Ibra CAPRON, Modina OH. ALDRICH, Lovisa, Harford, m 14Jan1830 Perry E. TEWKSBURY, Brooklyn. ALDRICH, Mary, Springville, m 12Jan1845 Warren PHILLIPS, Abington PA. ALDRICH, Mrs. Waitstill, Harford, m 7Aug1833 Orlen CAPRON, Bath OH. ALEXANDER, J. Marim, Atty., Mt. Pleasant, m 20April1845 Annie T. ATWATER, dau/o Eldad ATWATER. ALLARD, Jacob, m 4Jan1844 Catherina STAPLE, both/o Franklin. ALLARD, Jacob, Jr., m 2Oct1825 Edith BAILEY, both/o Lawsville. ALLARD, Mainda, m 5Oct1837 John A. WELCH, both/o Franklin. ALLARD, Matilda, Lawsville, m 4March1829 Orin LESTER, Palmyra. ALLARD, Oliver H., m 6July1846 Susanna KINYON, both/o Liberty. ALLARD, Mrs. Ruth, age 64, d Franklin 18July1843. ALLARD, Sally M., m 8Sept1845 Daniel DAWLEY, both/o Liberty. ALLEN, Alexander, m 5June1821 Patty ROBERTS, both/o Rush. ALLEN, Annis, Windsor NY, m 13Sept1829 Josiah DAVIS, Great Bend. ALLEN, Charles H., m 19July1838 Miriam B. MOODY, dau/o A. MOODY. ALLEN, Cynthia L., m 13Sept1843 Edmund SMITH. ALLEN, Emeline, m 13Sept1843 E. L. C. STEWART, both/o Bridgewater. ALLEN, Frances Maria, m 24Feb1858 Jonathan M. ECKERT, both/o Bridgewater. ALLEN, Hiram, m 3Oct1832 Melissa DOWNER, both/o Bridgewater. ALLEN, Hiram, Bridgewaterr, m 30Oct1836 Adaline BUSH, dau/o Adrian BUSH. ALLEN, Iruna, age 18, d Montrose 30Sept1831. ALLEN, Jason, son/o Charles W. & Elizabeth ALLEN, d Bridgewater 19Dec1841. ALLEN, John, Auburn, m 5Oct1831 Hannah CLINK. ALLEN, Joshua, age 66, d Forest Lake 19March1843. ALLEN, Lumen W., m 12Jan1845 Harriet COMSTOCK, both/o Liberty. ALLEN, Lydia L., Bridgewater, m 14Aug1845 Moses H. RING, Choconut. ALLEN, Lydia M., age 23, wife/o Hiram ALLEN, d Rush 7Sept1834. ALLEN, Susanna, Bridgewater, m 24Feb1848 Shephard LEWIS, Jessup. ALLEN, Walter, Bridgewater, m 6June1819 Mrs. Polly THAYER. ALTHOUSE, Zachariah, m 24Aug1845 Julia A. CROFOOT, both/o Silver Lake. AMES, Rev. G. S., Honesdale, m 24Aug1843 Mary E. TINGLEY, eldest dau/o Milton T. TINGLEY, Esq. ANDRE, Michael, age 44, d Middletown 10March1843. APACY, Elizabeth W., m 13Oct1839 Albert F. HARDING. ARMS, Iddo, m 4Oct1824 Mahala CARPENTER. ARMS, Phineas, Jr., Bridgewater, m 4April1822 Maria BOLLES, dau/o John BOLLES, Springville. ANY [sic in paper], Charlotte, m 4July1841 Orlando TERPENNING. ARNOLD, Alvira C., Warren, m 4July1843 William ROBERTSON, Bridgewater. ARNOLD, George W., Clifford, m 25Feb1841 Mary A. PECK, Blakely. ARNOLD, Hannah, wife/o William J. ARNOLD, dau/o John & Hannah ROBERTS, d Warren PA 30Dec1844. ARNOLD, Nathan, Great Bend, m 3Sept1837 Sally Ann ACKERMAN, Liberty. ARNOLD, Sarah, age 56, wife/o James ARNOLD, d Warren 3Feb1844. ARNOLD, William J., Warren PA, m 15Nov1842 Hannah J. ROBERTSON. ASHLEY, Charles, age 67, son/o Col. Samuel ASHLEY o/Am. Rev., b Clearmont NH, 1837 to WI, d Waterloo WI 29March1848. ASHLEY, Lydia, dau/o Charles ASHLEY, m 1Sept1831 Daniel R. BURT, both/o Springville. ASHLEY, Roena, Auburn, m 17June1834 Jeremiah E. DODGE, Michigan. ASHLEY, Rowena Matilda, dau/o Charles & Hannah ASHLEY of Brooklyn, d Reading 5March1839. ASHLEY, Roxanna, dau/o Charles ASHLEY, Springville, m 17June1834 Jeremiah E. DODGE, Michigan ASHLEY, Col. Samuel, Rev. War, frozen to death, Springville 16Dec1820. ATHERTON, Esther, Plymouth, m 20Jan1817 Daniel ROBERTS, Montrose. ATHERTON, Minerva, Mt. Pleasant, m 3March1831 Barney DE WOLF, Bridgewater. ATWATER, Annie T., dau/o Eldad ATWATER, m 20April1845 J. Marim ALEXANDER, Atty., Mt. Pleasant. ATWOOD, Julia, age 22, d Montrose 9May1841. AUSTIN, Benoni, age 72, d Montrose 8May1848. AUSTIN, Betsey, age 25, d Bridgewater 17Sept1826. AUSTIN, Dana F., m 26Jan1848 Cecelia W. LATHROP, both/o Montrose. AUSTIN, Electa, m 1Jan1846 George E. MEEKER, both/o Silver Lake. AUSTIN, John, Bridgewater, m 21May1845 Mrs. Mary O'NEAL, Montrose. AUSTIN, Joseph, age 46, formerly Harmony, d Philadelphia 8May1847. AUSTIN, Lloyd, Bridgewater, m 19Feb1838 Matilda J. KELLY, Clifford. AUSTIN, Lucy Maria, dau/o Lloyd & Matilda Jane AUSTIN, d Bridgewater 31Aug1845. AUSTN, Mary, m 10Dec1832 Albert WARNER. AUSTIN, Mrs. Mary, age 53, wife/o John AUSTIN, d Bridgewater 3Aug1843. AUSTIN, Mrs. Nancy, age 54, wife/o John AUSTIN, d Bridgewater 3Aug1843. AUSTIN, Nancy E., Bridgewater, m 28Feb1848 Alanson W. MAINE, Dimock. AUSTIN, Nicholas L., Silver Lake, m 10Sept1844 Ann Maria PACKER, Troy. AUSTIN, Rufus, m 9May1828 Polly NICKERBOCKER, both/o Bridgewater. AUSTIN, William P., Bridgewater, m 3Oct1844 Amela S. TIFFANY, dau/o Preston TIFFANY, Dimock. AVERY, Ada C., m 4Sept1877 Spencer M. STERNS, both/o Ararat. AVERY, Amanda, dau/o Maj. F. N. AVERY, New Milford, m 21June1840 Horace SEYMOUR. AVERY, Almira, m 29Jan1824 George LEACH, both/o New Milford. AVERY, Almira H., dau/o Ebenezer AVERY, m 16May1844 Erastus WILCOX. AVERY, Betsey D., Montrose, m 28Aug1845 Luther BADGER, Harpersville. AVERY, Capt. Cyrus H., Tunkhannock, m 14Sept1825 Clarinda KASSON, Springville. AVERY, Cyrus, age 62, d Tunkhannock 8Feb1833. AVERY, David, formerly Auburn, d McHenry Co. IL 1Aug1845. AVERY, Dimock, son/o Hubbard AVERY, d Montrose 5Oc61826. AVERY, Elizabeth, m 26Oct1839 William FORDHAM, both/o Tunkhannock. AVERY, Emily B., m 2July1839 John DUNBAR. AVERY, Enice, m 14Aug1825 Capt. Volney AVERY, s/o Elijah AVERY & Betsey SPENCER, both/o Springville. AVERY, Maj. Franklin N., age 47, d New Milford 8July1843. AVERY, Gardner, m 28Feb1830 Julia DOYLE, dau/o John DOYLE, Herrick. AVERY, Helen, dau/o Charles AVERY, m 18June1847 Theodore SMITH, both/oo Montrose. AVERY, Hubbard, age 36, d Montrose 19Oct1836. AVERY, Ira, Springville, m 26Nov1830 Philamine D. GUSTIN [or JUSTIN], Waterloo IA. AVERY, Jeremiah, m 9Oct1839 Roena MORLEY, both/o Auburn. AVERY, Mrs. Joanna, wife/o Elijah AVERY, d Tunkhannock 27June1825. AVERY, Louis, age 64, d Herrick 5Feb1844. AVERY, Lyman, age 44, from Pittstown NY 1818-1819 Springville, d Tunkhannock 6April1844. AVERY, Maria, age 18, dau/o Widow Clarissa AVERY, d Montrose 9Oct1819. AVERY, Mary, dau/o Charles AVERY, Esq., m 23Oct1844 Robert C. SIMPSON, both/o Montrose. AVERY, Mary E., wife/o G. L. AVERY, dau/o Elisha & Betsey HARDING, d Herrick 14May1845. AVERY, Mary Esther, Great Bend, m 12Nov1846 Andrew GILLESPIE, New Milford. AVERY, Nancy, age 38, wife/o Ebenezer AVERY, d New Milford 3Oct1832. AVERY, Polly, m 28Feb1830 Ira TRIPPS, both/o Gibson. AVERY, Prudence, age 29, d Tunkhannock 20Jan1843. AVERY, Punderson, m 22April1834 Mary STEVENS, dau/o John STEVENS, both/o Tunkhannock. AVERY, Sarah A., dau/o Ebenezer AVERY, New Milford, m 2April1845 Nathan G. BRAINARD, Harford. AVERY, Susan P.,, dau/o John H. AVERY, Owego, m 15May1834 R. D. PIERONETTE, Friendsville. AVERY, Capt. Volney, s/o Elijah AVERY & Betsey SPENCER, m 14Aug1825 Eunice AVERY, both/o Springville. AVERY, William, m 24Jan1830 Emeline BARNUM, both/o Springville. AYLSWORTH, Lovina, dau/o Bennett & Martha AYLSWORTH, d Harmony 18April1843. AYLSWORTH, Martha, dau/o Bennett & Martha AYLSWORTH, d Harmony 18April1843. BABCOCK, Betsey, m 23Feb1843 William BUFFUM, both/o Choconut. BABCOCK, Elizabeth, m 1Jan1843 Andrew ROGERS, both/o Brooklyn. BABCOCK, Francis M., m 1March1825 Parnel ELY, Hopbottom. BABCOCK, Gardner G., m 14March1849 Amanda CARPENTER, Harford. BABCOCK, Isaac, age 53, d Dimock 11Dec1843. BABCOCK, John, age 45, d Brooklyn 14Oct1836. BABCOCK John, age 86, native of New Haven CT, d Baltimore 27Oct1843. BABCOCK, Mary Ann, Bridgewater, m 21Sept1843 John SPENCER, Prompton PA. BACKUS, Abigail, wife/o Joseph BACKUS, d Bridgewater 11Oct1833. BACKUS, Asa, age 22, d Bridgewater 13March1840. BACKUS, Esther, m 29Jan1821 Asa FESSENDEN, both/o Bridgewater. BACKUS, George, m 16Jan1828 Eliza CRANDALL, both/o Bridgewater. BACKUS, Jerusha, m 14Feb1830 Thompson PECKINS, both/o Bridgewater. BACKUS, Jerusha, age 67, wife/o John BACKUS, d Bridgewater 12Sept1846. BACKUS, Lucy, Bridgewater, m 11Jan1829 James E. HOWE, Brooklyn. BACKUS, Sally, m 26Jan1826 Edmund WEST, both/o Bridgewater. BACKUS, Samuel, age 45, d Bridgewater 11May1825. BACKUS, Samuel G., Bridgewater, m 13Oct1842 Caroline ELDRIDGE, Vestal NY. BACON, Alonzo, m 19Oct1830 Angeline SQUIRES, dau/o Lewis SQUIRES, both/o Susquehanna Co. BACON, Eli, Nicholson, m 19May1833 Julia PRATT, Brooklyn. BACON, Ruth W., Nicholsn, m 6Sept1843 Philo B. BALDWIN, Plymouth. BADGER, Charlotte, dau/o David BADGER, New Milford, m 24Dec1829 Titus SCOTT, Springville. BADGER, Emeline, m 30Jan1828 Elijah BARNUM, both/o New Milford. BADGER, Fidelia Ann, dau/o Freeman BADGER, New Milford, m 1March1830 Richard MOSS, of CT. BADGER, Frederick, New Milford, m 1Sept1833 Jane TRAVIS, dau/o John L. TRAVIS. BADGER, Luther, Harpersville, m 28Aug1845 Betsey D. AVERY, Montrose. BAGLEY, Danie B., age 34, d Brooklyn 30Aug1843. BAGLEY, Mrs. Fairlee, wife/o Jesse BAGLEY, d Brooklyn 11April1845. BAGLEY, Horace, m 4Nov1841 Ann C. ADAMS, both/o Brooklyn. BAGLEY, Loren L., m 6Aug1834 Mary Emily MACK, both/o Brooklyn. BAGLEY, Lucy C., dau/o Jesse BAGLEY o/Susquehanna Co., d Mauch Chunk 2April1849. BAILEY, Daniel, Montrose, m 6Oct1824 Laura BALDWIN. BAILEY, David, Jr., m 18Oct1838 Freelove KENYON, dau/o Roger KENYON, both/o Liberty. BAILEY, Deborah A., Liberty, m 16Dec1844 John M. GREEN, Silver Lake. BAILEY, Dudley, Brooklyn, m 10Nov1825 Mary Ann TENNANT, New Milford. BAILEY, Edith, m 2Oct1825 Jacob ALLARD, Jr., both/o Lawsville. BAILEY, Emma, m 21Feb1835 John MC COLLUM, both/o Bridgewater. BAILEY, Frederick W., son/o Col. Frederick BAILEY o/o Brooklyn, d Derry NH 7Dec1846. BAILEY, Eliphalet, age 22, son/o Lodowick BAILEY, d Brooklyn 13Oct1841. BAILEY, Elizabeth, m 18Aug1830 Nathaniel BANKER, both/o Lawsville. BAILEY, Elizabeth S., age 30, wife/o Frederick W. BAILEY, d Salem NH 30Nov1841. BAILEY, Esther W., dau/o Col. F. BAILEY, Brooklyn, m 27May1844 William B. STEVENS, Pike PA. BAILEY, Col. Frederick, Brooklyn, m 19June1829 Lucinda MORGAN, Aurora. BAILEY, Jacob, Delhi NY, m 3Jan1832 Delilah SPRAGE. BAILEY, John, m 28Nov1839 Jerusha BIXBY, both/o Middletown. BAILEY, Joseph, m 15May1843 Mercy DAWLEY, both/o Liberty. BAILEY, Joshua, age 71, d Bridgewater 6Jan1836. BAILEY, Lodowick Tyler, son/o Col. F BAILEY, d Brooklyn 25Aug1836. BAILEY, Mary, dau/o Col. Frederick BAILEY, Brooklyn, m 29Feb1832 Zina ROBERTS, Bridgewater. BAILEY, Prudence, dau/o Amos BAILEY, Hopbottom, m 16Feb1825 Robert KENT, Brooklyn. BAILEY, Richard, Liberty, m 17Jan1838 Anna WEBSTER, dau/o Alexander WEBSTER, Lawsville. BAILEY, Robert M., formerly Brooklyn, Derry NH, m 23Nov1848 Sarah L. SMITH, dau/o Moses SMITH, West Newberry NH. BAILEY, Sally Maria, dau/o Col. Frederick BAILEY, m 3April1836 Rodney JEWETT, Brooklyn. BAILEY, Watson, m 5Jan1837 Louisa DAWLEY, both/o Liberty. BAILEY, William Pitt, age 18, son/o Col. Frederick BAILEY, d Brooklyn 19Sept1834. BAKER, Adaline, m 10Oct1841 Urbane SMITH, both/o Dimock. BAKER, Betsey, Brooklyn, m 30June1829 Samuel ROBERTS, Chenango. BAKER, Dency, dau/o Joseph P. BAKER, m 2April1842 Charles NOURSE. BAKER, Elizabeth, m 27May1824 George4 GATES, both/o Springville. BAKER, Esther, Lenox, m 8April1841 Zopher R. S. MACKEY, Clifford. BAKER, George L., son/o Hiram C. & Mary BAKER, d Harford 6Oct1842. BAKER, Herbert Leroy, son/o John & Nancy BAKER, d Clifford 12Nov1843. BAKER, Isaac, Dimock, m 14June1840 Ann HANDRICK, Middletown. BAKER, Col. Jeremiah, age 66, d Great Bend 22March1839. BAKER, Joshua B., age 40, d Rush 16Jan1833. BAKER, Joshua P., age 40, d Rush 16Jan1833. BAKER, Joseph, Sr., from Chester Co. PA, d Dimock 9Jan1837. BAKER, Julia M., Dimock, m 22Sept1847 William W. BALKESLEE, Mauch Chunk. BAKER, Lewis, Great Bend, m 8Jan1833 Lovisa MOTT, dau/o Ishamer MOTT, New Milford. BAKER, Margaret, dau/o Joseph BAKER, Bridgewater, m 9May1822 Ezekiel W. HARLAN, Chester PA. BAKER, Mrs. Melissa, age 33, wife/o Goodwin BAKER, d Clifford 29Sept1843. BAKER, Mercy, m 13Sept1837 Joseph L. MERRIMAN, Franklin. BAKER, Nancy R., m 7Dec1843 James F. MC COLLUM, both/o Great Bend. BAKER, Nelson, m 10March1836 Lucy Ann THOMAS, both/o Great Bend. BAKER, Phebe, dau/o Paul BAKER deceased, m 24Nov1833 Horace WADE, New Milford. BAKER, Rachel, Bridgewater, m 1Jan1834 Dr. Isaac D. HARRIS, Rush. BAKER, Samuel S., Troy, m 22Oct1846 Emily CALIFF, Smithfield. BAKER, Townsend, Middletown, m 13Nov1845 Elizabeth FESSENDEN, Bridgewater. BAKER, William, m Aug1826 Sally SMEDLEY, Great Bend. BAKER, William H., m 22Aug1846 Catherine M. THOMPSON, both/o Dimock. BALDWIN, Abigail, wife/o Seth C. BALDWIN, d Balston 24April1818. BALDWIN, Adah, Forest Lake, m 24Feb1845 Thomas PEAT, Pike,Bradford Co. BALDWIN, Alfred, m 9July1829 Marietta FRINK, both/o Montrose. BALDWIN, Almira, Montrose, m 18May1844 James YOUNG. BALDWIN, Asa, age 43, d Bridgewater 9Aug1819. BALDWIN, Bertha, dau/o David BALDWIN, m 27June1833 Azor M. WARNER. BALDWIN, Bertha A., m 19Aug1847 Parmenas A. LOCKE, both/o Montrose. BALDWIN, Chapman, m 21Feb1837 Lucy NICHOLS. BALDWIN, Charles A., Bridgewater, m 14an1841 Emily WILSON, New York. BALDWIN, David, m 8Feb1827 Jane CHAMBERLIN, both/o Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Edmund, Tunkhannock, m 6Sept1840 Phebe M. FORDHAM, Montrose. BALDWIN, Edmund, m 1Oct1849 Jane M. DENISON, both/o Montrose. BALDWIN, Elcina, Bridgewater, m 11May1842 Frederick CAZELY, Silver Lake. BALDWIN, Eliza, m 24July1831 Nelson WARNER, both/o Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Eliza Jane, Columbia, Bradford Co., m 23Oct1844 Colborn PRESTON. BALDWIN, Elizabeth, Montrose, m 15Dec1844 Joseph N. WYLIE, Rush. BALDWIN, Emereth, dau/o Samuel BALDWIN, m 22Sept1833 Hiram PARK, Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Emily C., dau/o Orin BALDWIN, Tunkhannock, m 9Oct1842 Minot RILEY, Auburn. BALDWIN, Mrs. Flora A., wife/o Silas BALDWIN, dau/o Asa & Ruth HAWLEY, d Montrose 5July1847. BALDWIN, Jackson S., m 25July1842 Polly CHAMBERLIN, both/o Bridgewater. BALDWIN, James, age 29, d Montrose 6Feb1825. BALDWIN, Jeremiah, Bridgeport VT, m 24March1836 Lois M. SMITH, Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Jeremiah, Bridgewater, m 3Feb1842 Nancy M. TINKER, New Milford. BALDWIN, Laura, m 6Oct1824 Daniel BAILEY, Montrose. BALDWIN, Lavinia, m 16March1837 Frederick BROCK, Jr., both/o Forest Lake. BALDWIN, Lucy, m 8March1849 Bartlett GRIFFIS, Jessup. BALDWIN, Lyman, age 40, d Middletown 31May1834. BALDWIN, Lyman, m 24Aug1844 Rebecca M. STEBBINS, both/o Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Martha, only dau/o Chapman & Lucy BALDWIN, d Montrose 17Feb1841. BALDWIN, Mary, dau/o Philo BALDWIN, deceased, m 15Aug1831 Read BOSWORTH, both/o Pike. BALDWIN, Mary, Bridgewater, m 15Oct1840 Amasa MOTT, Montrose. BALDWIN, Matilda, Bridgewater, m 3Oct1832 James T. SHEARER, Choconut. BALDWIN, Matthew, m 10Aug1817 Betsey VAUGHN, Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Myron, Bridgewater, m 12Oct1846 Eliza C. SLOCUM, Delhi NY. BALDWIN, Nancy A., wife/o Silas BALDWIN, dau/o Alex MC COLLUM of Bridgewater, d Kane Co. IL 29Aug1838. BALDWIN, Nehemiah, m 28Sept1824 Mary SHERER, both/o Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Nehemiah, age 49, formerly Susquehanna Co., d New York City 16Aug1849. BALDWIN, Noah, age 84, d Bridgewater 20Jan1827. BALDWIN, Noah, Bridgewater, m Sept1837 Laura GREGORY, Braintrim. BALDWIN, Phebe, dau/o Col. F. FORDHAM, wife/o Edmund BALDWIN, d Montrose 6Aug1846. BALDWIN, Philo B., Plymouth, m 6Sept1843 Ruth W. BACON, Nicholson. BALDWIN, Polly, m 4March1824 Thomas J. SCOTT, both/o Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Mrs. Polly, m 10July1836 Archibald SHELDON, Springville. BALDWIN,Sally, dau/o Scott BALDWIN, Bridgewater, m 21Nov1830 Orin WOOD, Chenango. BALDWIN, Samuel A., son/o Matthew BALDWIN, d Bridgewater 2Jan1833. BALDWIN, Mrs. Sarah, from Herkimer Co., d Bridgewater 4Dec1842. BALDWIN, Silas, m 22Jan1829 Nancy MC COLLUM, both/o Bridgewater. BALDWIN, Silas, Rush, m 31Dec1840 Flora A. HAWLEY, Montrose. BALDWIN, Silas, m 9Dec1849 Nancy BOLLES, both/o Jessup. BALDWIN, Stanley, formerly West Bridgewater, d Addison NY 16Aug1833. BALDWIN, Susan, dau/o Samuel BALDWIN, Bridgewater, m 14Oct1841 Perry JENKS, Forest Lake. BALL, Fidelia, m 22March1845 Erasmus TURNER, both/o Abington. BALL, George, m 31Dec1829 Marietta STONE, both/o Middletown. BALL, Horace, Dimock, m 6Nov1843 Harriet WILLIAMS, Springville. BALL, James B., age 45, son/o Jeremiah BALL, d Middletown 21Sept1842. BALL, Jane, Bridgewater, m 24June1837 Andrew STOUT, New York City. BALL, Jeremiah, age 70, d Rush 11Sept1842. BALL, Lovina M., age 19, dau/o James B. BALL, d Middletown 8Sept1842. BALL, Mr., m 3Nov1842 Miss HALSTEAD, both/o Harford. BALL, Nancy, age 14, dau/o James B. BALL, d Middletown 21Sept1842. BALL, Olive, age 66, wife/o Perry BALL, from Stockbridge MA 1811, d Forest Lake 7March1847. BALL, Olive Amanda, Thomson, m 2Sept1840 Deacon Debir RIDGEWAY, Wysox. BALOU, Sarah E., age 19, d Montrose 10May1841 BANKER, Esther F., Franklin, m 24Feb1858 George W. BARTON, Liberty, Sullivan Co. NY. BANKER, Margaret, Lenox, m 4July18455 Daniel L. YOUNG, Greenfield. BANKER, Nathaniel, m 18Aug1830 Elizabeth BAILEY, both/o Lawsville. BARBER, Jessup, son/o Philander & Salome BARBER, d Jessup 14March1849. BARBER, Joel S., d Jessup 14March1849. BARBER, Mrs. [Widow], Bridgewater, m 27Nov1822 Orange MOTT, Middletown. BARBER, William, son/o Philander & Salome BARBER, d Jessup 14March1849. BARBER, William P., Bridgewater, m 18Oct1835 Rebecca A. ADKINS, Rush. BARD, A. L., Bridgewater, m 21Feb1837 H. W. PATRICK, Montrose. BARD, Cyrus W., Springville, m 10May1843 Clarissa KINGSLEY, Bridgewater. BARD, John, Jr., Montrose, m 11Jan1817 Almeda WILSON, dau/o Stephen WILSON. BARD, John, Jr., m 21Oct1836 Minerva CARRIER, both/o Montrose. BARD, Mary, Bridgewater, m 1Jan1824 George YOUNG, Springville. BARD, Sara E., Dimock, m 4Jan1843 Dann S. WATROUS, Bridgewater. BARD, Sophia, Bridgewater, m 8Oct1829 Sterling WELLS, Wyalusing. BARD, Wilson, Bridgewater, m 5Oct1841 Charity ROGERS, Romulus NY. BARKER, Eliza, dau/o Judge BARKER of Durham, m 4Oct1841 Rev. Samuel MANNING, Montrose. BARKER, Elizabeth, Sherburn NY, m 17July1828 Daniel TROWBRIDGE, Great Bend. BARKER, Rachel, m 10March1845 Mason L. TURRELL. BARKER, Sarah A., m 23Nov1844 David B. FANCHER, both/o Bridgewater. BARLOW, Cyrus, m 31Jan1837 Dotha L. HANDRAKE, dau/o John S. HANDRAKE, both/o New Milford. BARNABY, Harlow, age 76, d Geat Bend 4Sept1840. BARNARD, Alfred, m 19Dec1844 Esther TIFFANY, both/o Harford. BARNARD, Aurelia, m 20March1845 Asa W. GREENWOOD, both/o Harford. BARNARD, Mary, age 50, wife/o Samuel BARNARD, Montrose, d New York 18June1828. BARNARD, Stephen, Harford, m 9May1839 Alvira SWEET, Gibson. BARNES, Amanda, Springville, m 12Nov1820 James L. CROFUT, New Milford. BARNES, Amos, m 28Aug1828 Catherine BLOWERS, both/o Lawsville. BARNES, Ansel, Gibson, m 10Jan1839 Sarah BINGHAM. BARNES, Anson, son/o Joel BARNES of Orwell, Bradford Co., d Nichols NJ 5July1833. BARNES, Anson, son/o John BARNES of Orwell, d Nichols NY 5July1834. BARNES, Bertha, dau/o Nathaniel E. BARNES, deceased, m 12Nov1826 Joseph P. BOSWORTH. BARNES, Mrs. Betsey, wife/o Simon BARNES, d Forest Lake 28April1845. BARNES, Clarinda, m 4July1842 Elder Jonathan MELVIN, both/o Dimock. BARNES, George W., m 21Oct1841 Mary WILIAMS, dau/o Capt. Stephen WILLIAMS. BARNES, Jefferson, Lenox, m 1Jan1838 Maneda HALSTED, Nicholson. BARNES, Lurana, Gibson, m 30Dec1832 Ovid FULLER, Harford. BARNES, Lydia, Gibson, m 22June1829 Jedediah CUMMINGS, NY. BARNES, Nehemiah, age 78, d Gibson 9Oct1839. BARNES, Philander, m 14Sept1841 Abigail WAGE, both/o Orwell. BARNES, Widow Sarah, age 73, after a tedious courtship of 18 hours, m 29April1831 in Litchfield NH, Samuel SPARKE, a Rev. War soldier, age 80. BARNETT, dau/o Peter BARNETT, killed by lightening 5July1818. BARNEY, Catherine, Choconut, m 2Nov1830 Jacob AKER, Owego NY. BARNEY, David, Jr., age 21, d Little Meadows 20March1844. BARNEY,David W., m 21Aug1877 Charlotte A. VAN ORNAM, both/o Little Meadows. BARNEY, Francis, m 2Nov1830 Betsey CARRIER, both/o Choconut. BARNEY, Harry, m 6Nov1844 Floretta GRAVES, both/o Little Meadows. BARNEY, Sarah, Choconut, m 2Nov1830 Lyman H. TUCKER, Vestal NY. BARNUM, Allen S., m 2April1838 Mary B. HEPBURN. BARNUM, Araminta, dau/o Stephen BARNUM, m 26Jan1832 William LUCKY, both/o Lawsville. BARNUM, Elijah, m 30Jan1828 Emeline BADGER, both/o New Milford. BARNUM, Elizabeth, Franklin, m 15Feb1844 David OSTERHOUT, Tunkhannock. BARNUM, Emeline, m 24Jan1830 William AVERY, both/o Springville. BARNUM, Hiram, New Milford, m 27Oct1838 Mary CHAMBERLIN, Gibson. BARNUM, Mehala, dau/o Stephen BARNUM, Franklin, m 5July1846 William W. PIERSON, Rockaway NJ. BARRETT, William, killed by lightening 4July1818. BARRINGTON, Mrs. Elizabeth, at res/o son-in-law Thomas NICHOLSON, d Springville 28Jan1840. BARRON, Alexander, Franklin, m 13Oct1842 Eliza CROFUT, New Milford. BARRON, Jane, m 8Jan1833 Valine STERLING, both/o Bridgewater. BARRON, John, m 15Feb1844 Irene ROGERS, dau/o Samuel ROGERS, both/o Bridgewater. BARSTOW, Darwina Hayette, dau/o Dr. S. T. BARSTOW, Wysox, m 7May1834 Richard CATLIN, Oneida NY. BARSTOW, Margaret St. Leon, dau/o Dr. BARSTOW, Wysox, m 19Nov1833 John LOUD, Georgia. BARTLEY, John, New York, m 23June1841 Elizabeth WALKER, New Milford. BARTON, Edward, Little Meadows, m 2Nov1841 Mary FINLEY, Owego. BARTON, George W., Liberty, Sullilvan Co. NY, m 24Feb1858 Esther F. BANKER, Franklin. BARTON, Heusted, m 21May1840 Elizabeth VAILE, both/o Choconut. BARTON, Pluma, Little Meadows, m 24March1842 Silas MOE, Cayuga Co. NY. BARTON, Gen. William, Rev. War, d 18Nov1831. BARTRAM, Rebecca S., m 1March1838 Abraham FORDHAM, Jr., both/o Montrose. BATES, Mary M., Choconut, m 6Oct1841 A. R. SPROUT, Binghamton. BATES, Rachel, age 74, wife/o Thomas BATES, d Great Bend 23March1833. BAULCH, Diana, Rush, m 19March1845 William DENNISON, Middletown. BAXTER, Daniel, m 21Nov1830 Mary SPAFFORD, dau/o Samuel SPAFFORD, both/o Middletown. BAXTER, Juliana, m 22Oct1820 Benjamin PETTINGILL, both/o Bridgewater. BAXTER, Wheeler, d Bridgewater 5June1837. BAYLESS, Daniel, m 28Oct1841 Charlotte BURNETT, both/o Conklin. BEACH, Fanny, age 58, wife/o Julius BEACH, d Dimock 9April1845. BEARDSLEY, Albert, Auburn, m 8June1826 Eliza R. GEER, CT. BEARDSLEY, Cathleen, dau/o Albert BEARDSLEY, d Springville 26Sept1833. BEARDSEY, Charles, Auburn, m 25June1832 Hannah HOPSON, Kent CT. BEARDSLEY, Electa, dau/o J. B. & Lucy S. BEARDSLEY, d Auburn 2Feb1843. BEARDSLEY, Infant son/o Albert & Eliza BEARDSLEY, d Springville 20April1838. BEARDSLEY, Jared, New Milford, m 9Oct1831 Polly PECK, dau/o Gideon PECK. BEARDSLEY, John B., Springville, m 21June1835 Lucy S. KASSON, dau/o Myron KASSON. BEARDSLEY, Lucy, Brooklyn, m 10Jan1842 Stephen W. BREED, Orwell PA. BEARDSLEY, Mayy, rel/o late Philonus BEARDSLEY, d 30May1835. BEARDSLEY, Philomas, d Auburn 28Jan1833. BEAUMONT, Elizabeth, dau/o Hon. A. BEAUMONT, m 15April1841 Samuel P. COLLINS, both/o Wilkes-Barre. BECK, Anthony, Montrose, m 28Feb1858 Mary YANNY, DuShore, Sullilvan Co. PA. BEDELL, Catherine J., m 8Aug1846 William P. NEWCOMB, both/o Jessup. BEDELL, Lurania Louisa, age 21, wife/o William H. BEDELL, d Dimock 11March1847. BEDELL, William H., Brooklyn, m 9April1846 Lauraine L. COY, Dimock. BEEBE, Angelina, dau/o Joseph BEEBE, m 6Dec1835 Daniel DARROW, Bridgewater. BEEBE, Anorillis, dau/o Joseph BEEBE, Choconut, m 12Oct1843 James E. STONE, Middletown. BEEBE, Mrs. Clark, d Bridgewater 21Dec1828. BEEBE, Edward L., m 7June1849 Dolly H. SMITH, both/o Frankli. BEEBE, Hannah, Bridgewater, m 3March1844 William BRAMHALL, Towanda. BEEBE, Henry, m 2June1847 Sarah CHURCHILL, both/o Franklin. BEEBE, Hiram A., m 14Nov1838 Mary C. ELLIS, Towanda. BEEBE, Lyman, m 22April1841 Phebe Jane MARYOTT, dau/o Benjamin MARYOTT, both/o Franklin. BEEBE, Orin S., m 16Nov1836 Cornelia DOWNER, both/o Bridgewater. BEEBE, Capt. Timothy, age 76, d South Windsor NY 8Sept1844. BEEBE, William L., m 8Jan1846 Susan M. BUSH. BEECH, John, Nicholson, m 15May1836 Mary GARLAND, Brooklyn. BEECHER, Miram, Pike, Bradford Co., m 28Oct1836 Lovica JONES, Franklin. BEEMAN, Calista, Forest Lake, m 27Feb1842 William M. DAVIE, Bradford Co. BEEMAN, Diana, dau/o Ebenezer BEEMAN, m 26Oct1836 Luther KELLUM, Jr., Forest Lake. BEEMAN, Emily, Wyalusing, m 26March1835 Horatio N. BREWSTER, Bridgewater. BEERS, Jerome F., m 7June1841 Malinda HIX, both/o Windham. BEERS, Jerome F., Windham, m 27June1841 Malinda HILL. BELCHER, Mary Ann, Conklin, m 8Dec1839 Peter WENCE [WENTZ], Binghamton. BELCHER, William, Gibson, m 1July1838 Mary Ann CARR, Abington. BELKNAPP, Hannah, m 15Jan1829 Elisha P. GRAY, both/o New Milford. BELKNAPP, James W., New Milford, m 12Jan1829 Chloe FOLLETT, Harford. BELL, Amy, Lenox, m 3July1826 Erastus COREY. BELL, Calvin, m 7Dec1835 Catherine OSTERHOUT. BELL, Ewing D., Montrose Depot, m 18Aug1877 Hattie E. JEFFERS, Lenox. BELL, Letita, dau/o Isaac BELL, Cork, m 8March1833 R. HANDYSIDE, N. Cork. BELL, Levi, m 18Oct1829 Susan LOTT, both/o Clifford. BELL, Patience T., m 4July1838 George CRANDALL, both/o Brooklyn. BELL, Sarah, age 77, wife/o Elisha BELL, deceased, d Lenox 18April1833. BELLSBY, William, m 4June1836 Mary SMALL, both/o Forest Lake. BENEDICT, Ruth Elizabeth, m 1March1836 Ira O DELL, both/o Harmony. BENHAM, Eveline H., age 19, d LeRaysville 18May1842. BENJAMIN, A. G., South Egremont, m 24Dec1843 Lucy F. ROBINSON, Skinner's Eddy. BENJAMIN, Caleb, m 28March1841 Ann MC ROY, both/o Bridgewater. BENJAMIN, Chauncy, m 26March1833 Assenith DENNY, both/o Gibson. BENJAMIN, Francis, Canaan, m 25Dec1839 Lodema WILMOTT, Great Bend. BENJAMIN, J. A., New York City, m 24Dec1843 Harriet F. ROBINSON, Skinner's Eddy. BENJAMIN, Lathrop, m 20July1845 Eliza Jane WASHBURN, both/o Harford. BENJAMIN, S. Sherwood, m 28April1844 Mary STEELE, both/o Brooklyn. BENNET, Jonathan W., Rhode Island, m 6Dec1840 Caroline WELLMAN, New Milford. BENNETT, Ann Eliza, dau/o Asa BENNETT, Great Bend, m 22Oct1831 Harvey W. KEECH, New Milford. BENNETT, Bildad, age 37, d Auburn 4Sept1844. BENNETT, Charles, m 4April1847 Tirza Ann BENNETT, both/o Springville. BENNETT, Elias, Rev. War, d Auburn 26Jan1830. BENNETT, Elias, m 18Feb1834 Jane PHIPPINS. BENNETT, Elias, m 18March1834 Jane PHIPPINS, both/o Auburn. BENNETT, James Gordon, Ed/o Morning Hearld, m 13June1840 Henrietta Agnes CHEAN, both/o New York. BENNETT, John, age 40, d Clifford 19April1828. BENNETT, Joseph, Providence RI, m 5Jan1844 Sarepta G. CROSS, Harford. BENNETT, Mrs. Lucinda, wife/o Rudolphus BENNETT, formerly Susquehanna Co., d Davenport IA 8Nov1843. BENNETT, Lydia, m 21March1839 Isaac FESSENDEN, both/o Auburn. BENNETT, Maria L., Montrose, m 21Jan1842 George FOSTER, New York. BENNETT Marietta, Montrose, m 7April1833 Asa G. DIMOCK, Honesdale BENNETT, Mrs. Olive, wife/o M. B. BENNETT, late of Montrose, d 31Aug1838. BENNETT, S. B., Montrose, m 17Nov1836 Lucy SMITH, dau/o Lyman SMITH, Franklin. BENNETT Sarah S., only dau/o R. BENNETT, d Davenport IA 14ept1842. BENNETT, Tirza Ann, m 4April1847 Charles BENNETT, both/o Springville. BENSON, Amanda, dau/o Hosea BENSON, Jackson, m 8March1845 Henry JENKINS, Thompson. BENSON, Ann Eliza, m 16Dec1845 Almon MOXLEY, Harford. BENSON, Miss C., Jackson, m 14Feb1844 Uriah CHANDLER, Thomson. BENSON, Caroline, m 29April1838 James A. BINGHAM, both/o Jackson. BENSON, Flora, Stourbridge MA, m 8March1838 W. C. HOLFORD, Harpersfield. BENSON, Harrison, Gibson, m 14Aug1834 Abbie WITTER, Jackson. BENSON, Lewis, Jackson, m 12Sept1844 Maria L. WARNER, Bridgewater. BENSON, Lorenzo D., Jackson, m 16Dec1845 Dorothy Emeline MILLER. BENSON, Nathaniel, age 18, son/o Hosea BENSON, d Jackson 26Jan1835. BENTLEY, Benjamin S., Bridgewater, m 7Feb1832 Hannah FITCH, Eaten NY. BENTLEY, Charles Westall, son/o Marshall BENTLEY, d Montrose 23Aug1827. BENTLEY, Elizabeth, age 73, rel/o late Stephen BENTLEY, d Montrose 29June1848. BENTLEY, George V., m 15Oct1840 Catherine C. SAYRE, dau/o Benjamin SAYRE, both/o Montrose. BENTLEY, Maria, m 28Dec1830 Walter FOSTER, Bridgewater. BENTLEY, Capt. Stephen, age 60, d Bridgewater 11May1831. BERGEN, Clestia, dau/o Col. J. S. BERGEN, m 1Jan1849 Ambrose HICKOK, Cooperstown, formerly Susquehanna Co., all/o Louisville KY. BERGEN, Eliza, dau/o Col. J. S. BERGEN, m 1Jan1849 George HITCHCOK, Cooperstown, formerly Susquehanna Co., all/o Louisville KY. BERTHOLF, Bulah Ann, Rush, m 5March1846 Dennis SHAY, Bridgewater. BEST, V., m 5July1832 Ellen WOODSIDE, dau/o James WOODSIDE, Danville. BIDDLE, James C., Montrose, m 3April1828 Sally DRINKER, Philadelphia. BIDDLE, James C., age 30, Pres. Susquehanna Co. Bank, d Philadelphia 31March1841. BIDLACK, Rev. Benjamin, age 76, Rev. War, d Kingston 27Dec1845. BILL, Griswold W., m 19June1836 Samantha GELATT, both/o Gibson. BILLINGS, Joseph, Auburn, m 23April1829 Polly MILES, Springville. BINGHAM, Esther, New Milford, m 30Nov1848 Lorenzo CARPENTER, Harford. BINGHAM, Harriet Ann, dau/o Dr. L. W. BINGHAM, d New Milford 15Feb1834. BINGHAM, James A., m 29April1838 Caroline BENSON, both/o Jackson. BINGHAM, Nancy Maria, dau/o Dr. L. W. BINGHAM, d New Milford 27Jan1845. BINGHAM, Olive Tracy, dau/o Dr. L. W. BINGHAM, d New Milford 23April1837. BINGHAM, Sarah, m 10Jan1839 Ansel BARNES, Gibson. BIRCH, Henry, advanced age, d Dimock 3July1839. BIRCH, Sally, Dimock, m 5May1836 James MEAD, Candor NY. BIRCHARD, Abigail, age 84, wife/o Capt. Jabez A. BIRCHARD, d Forest Lake 16March1843. BIRCHARD, Asahel W., age 35, d Middletown 4Aug1835. BIRCHARD, E. L., Rush, m 28Aug1834 Eunice ELDRIDGE, Choconut. BIRCHARD, E. Lyman, Rush, m 19Dec1844 Martha S. HOWARD, Silver Lake. BIRCHARD, Emma L., Rush, m 29Oct1835 Perry BOSTWICK, Bradford Co. BIRCHARD, Eunice, age 30, wife/o E. Lyman BIRCHARD, d Rush 13July1843. BIRCHARD, H. A., Middletown, m 5April1827 Ruth SHERMAN, Bridgewater. BIRCHARD, Howard Rowland, son/o Asahel & Esther I. BIRCHARD, d Middletown 23Jan1834. BIRCHARD, Capt. Israel, b CT, Rev. War, d Rush 12Dec1818. BIRCHARD, Israel, Rush, m 23March1842 Mary PARROT, Bridgewater. BIRCHARD, Jabez A., Jr., Middletown, m 1Jan1829 Lydia CHAMBERLIN, Bridgewater. BIRCHARD, Capt. Jabez, late o/Middletown, d Pleasant Valley IA 18Dec1848. BIRCHARD, Lucy, age 47, wife/o Horace BIRCHARD, dau/o Perry BALL, d Forest Lake 30Nov1848. BIRCHARD, Lydia M., Rush, m 13April1844 John N. KINSMAN, Brighton IA. BIRCHARD, Olive L., Forest Lake, m 11March1847 John A. HOWELL, Jessup. BIRCHARD, Perry C., age 21, eldest son/o Horace & Lucy BIRCHARD, d Forest Lake 4Feb1842. BIRCHARD, Ralph, Middletown, m 24Oct1833 Mary DEWERS, dau/o David DEWERS. BIRCHARD, Mrs. Ralph, age 29, d Rush 11Dec1840. BIRCHARD, Ralph S., Rush, m 16Feb1842 Avilda E. SHERMAN, dau/o Jonathan C. SHERMAN. BIRD, Henry, m 19Nov1840 Mary RECKHOW, both/o Great Bend. BIRD, Warren, age 45, d Harmony 17Aug1843. BIRDSALL, Harvey, m 4March1845 Mary O. STONE, both/o Middletown. BIRGE, Esther, Bridgewater, m 5March1842 Gilbert HUFFMAN, Great Bend. BIRGE, John, m 3Dec1830 Mary DUEL, dau/o Capt. Ira DUEL, both/o Middletown. BIRGE, Sarah E., dau/o Capt. John BIRGE, m 29March1849 James S. STEVENS, Pike. BISBEE, Betsey, dau/o Maj. S. BISBEE, Brooklyn, m 21March1844 James W. CHAPMAN, Montrose. BISBEE, Maj. Seth, Bridgewater, m 28Sept1829 Hannah LATHAM, Brooklyn. BISHOP, Austin, Lanesboro, m 5July1839 Sarah GRIFFIN, New Milford, formerly Guilford CT. BISHOP, Ira, Bridgewater, m 28Feb1816 Sally CONKLING, Bridgewater. BISSELL, Charles F., m 23Dec1838 Fanny SMITH, both/o Brooklyn. BISSELL, Charles H., son/o William & Parthenai BISSELL, d Rush 28March1843. BISSELL, Elias, son/o Dr. William & Parthenia BISSELL, d Forest Lake 18Oct1837. BISSELL, Fidelia Emeline, Brooklyn, m 2July1846 Benjamin W. MORSE, Binghamton. BISSELL, Hannah M., m 1Jan1834 Samuel ADAMS, both/o Brooklyn. BISSELL, Hepsabeth, Brooklyn, m 28Sept1842 Richard SMITH, Bridgewater. BISSELL, Isaac, Brooklyn, m 17Dec1839 Julia ADAMS, dau/o Chester ADAMS, Auburn. BISSELL, Mary W., dau/o Dr. William & Parthenia BISSELL, d Forest Lake 18Oct1837. BISSELL, Dr. Samuel, age 41, d Brooklyn 20July1829. BISSELL, Dr. William, m 24Feb1834 Parthena WEBSTER, both/o Choconut. BIXBY, Asa, Middletown, m 13Nov1828 Almena WEST, Bridgewater. BIXBY, Asa, age 48, d Middletown 2March1845. BIXBY, Darius, age 30, d Middletown 18Aug1827. BIXBY, Jerusha, m 28Nov1839 John BAILEY, both/o Middletown. BIXBY, Polly, Friendsville, m 29Dec1841 Elder Isaac B. LAKE, Braintrim. BIXBY, Rachel, age 82, wid/o Darius BIXBY, dau/o Phineas SMITH of RI, d Middletown 31May1845. Married in 1791. BIXBY, Richard, Middletown, m 30June1821 Mary BRIGE [BRIGGS?], Choconut. BIXBY, Elder Smith, d Windham 12Feb1837. BIXBY, Smith, youngest son/o Asa & Almeria SMITH, d Middletown 26Dec1841. BLACK, Alice, Tuscarora, m 3Jan1843 Dr. John PLANT, Lacyville. BLACK, D. D., Tuscarora, m 19Nov1837 Louise MARSH, Pike. BLACK, George, age 23, recently o/ Pike PA, d Elkhart Grove IL 7Oct1845. BLACKINGTON, Joanna, m 14Jan1836 Luther MAYNARD, both/o Harford. BLACKINGTON, Manley, Gibson, m 6Jan1831 Emeline SWEET. BLACKMAN, Anthony, m 14April1835 Patty WEBB, both/o Bridgewater. BLACKMAN, Elisha, Rev. War, d Hanover Twp. 27Dec1845. BLACKMAN, Mary Ann, dau/o Dr. Josiah BLACKMAN, m 18Oct1843 David BLAKELY, Jr., Otsego Co. NY. BLAINE, Joslyn, Barkon NY, m 4March1847 Jerusha C. HAMLIN, Forest Lake. BLAIR, Samuel B., o/Carbondale, d Brooklyn 18Feb1849. BLAISDELL, Elijah, d 25Oct1829. BLAISDELL, Timothy S., m 28Sept1831 Patience DEWEY, dau/o David DEWEY, both/o Middletown. BLAKE, Heres, m 2Sept1830 Betsey PHILIPS, both/o Harford. BLAKELY, David, Jr., Otsego Co. NY, m 18Oct1843 Mary Ann BLACKMAN, dau/o Dr. Josiah BLACKMAN. BLAKESLEE, Amanda, m 24Jan1826 Parson FISH 2nd, both/o Springville. BLAKESLEE, Benjamin, age 75, from Wethersfield VT, 1803 to Springville, d Springville 23Dec1848. BLAKESLEE, Clarissa, age 54, wife/o Aaron BLAKESLEE, d Springville 14Sept1844. BLAKESLEE, Eleanor, m 26April1849 Alonzo WOODHOUSE, both/o Springville. BLAKESLEE, Erasmus D., eldest son/o Aaron B. BLAKESLEE o/Springville, d Mansfield PA 7Oct1847. BLAKESLEE, G. Herman, m 14May1845 Hester Ann CARGILL, both/o Jackson. BLAKESLEE, George, Dimock, m 27Nov1834 Loeas THAYER, Harford. BLAKESLEE, George, Dimock, m 22April1838 Delight GREIST, Windham. BLAKESLEE, George H., m 20Oct1839 Jane CULVER, both/o Springville. BLAKESLEE, Hiram, Springville, m 2Feb1837 Amanda WHIPPLE. BLAKESLEE, Julia M., wife/o W. W. BLAKESLEE, dau/o John BAKER o/Dimock, d Nesquhoning 2Jan1848. BLAKESLEE, Leland, Dimock, m 20Feb1839 Mary W. POTTER, dau/o Alvan POTTER, Cooperstown NY. BLAKESLEE, Louisa, age 24, wife/o George BLAKESLEE, d Dimock 26March1837. BLAKESLEE, Lucius, m 10April1824 Mehitable BLAKESLEE, both/o Springville. BLAKESLEE, Lucius, White Haven, m 18Nov1849 Mrs. Huldah Coy KINDALE, Owego NY. BLAKESLEE, Lyman, Springville, m 2Feb1837 Maud M. WHIPPLE, Auburn. BLAKESLEE, Mehitable, m 10April1824 Lucius BLAKESLEE, both/o Springville. BLAKESLEE, Rachel, dau/o Benjamin BLAKESLEE, m 26Sept1837 Albert R. POTTER, Montrose. BLAKESLEE, Dr. William R., Susquehanna Co., m 16Feb1848 Mary Malvina JOYCE, dau/o John J. JOYCE, Philadelphia. BLAKESLEE, William W., Mauch Chunk, m 22Sept1847 Julia M. BAKER, Dimock. BLAKESLEY, Almary, Pike PA, m 13Jan1844 John M. HIBBARD, Auburn. BLAKESLEY, O. S., New Milford, m 15Dec1845 Clarissa CURTIS, Bridgewater. BLAKESLEY, Sarah, Springville, m 8Sept1830 Charles TRACY, Montrose. BLANCHARD, Mrs. Abigail, age 57, leaves father & mother over 80 years, d Jackson 18July1842. BLANCHARD, Harriet, Gibson, m 30March1837 William PAINE, Canaan. BLANCHARD, Harriet, Bridgewater, m 30March1837 William PAINE, Canaan. BLANCHARD, Capt. Jeremiah, d Pittstown Twp. 26May1837. BLANCHARD, Joseph, Musician, Great Bend, m 6March1837 Mary JONES, New Troy. BLANDING, August Sabins, age 48, d Harford 1Aug1847. BLANDING, Eleuna M., Harford, m 15April1827 Eliza TUTTLE, dau/o Friend TUTTLE, Lawsville. BLANDING, Maj. John, m 21March1836 Termperance GUILD, dau/o Samuel GUILD. BLANDING, Joseph, age 82, native/o Attleboro MA, d Harford 24Jan1848. BLATCHLEY, George H., New York, m 4June1840 Rhoda A. HAWLEY, Montrose. BLISS, Beza E., age 18, son/o Zenas BLISS o/Silver Lake, d Montrose 7May1819. BLISS, C. T., Bainbridge NY, m 25March1834 Nancy BOSTWICK, Binghamton. BLISS, Evaline, Choconut, m 16April1835 Linus BRISTER, Middletown. BLISS, Mary W., Owego NY, m 15Nov1837 Moses A. CLARK, Choconut. BLODGET, Prescott, m 31May1837 Urania LEWIS, both/o Franklin. BLOWERS, Catherine, m 28Aug1828 Amos BARNES, both/o Lawsville. BLOWERS, Daniel, m 22Feb1830 Pamela TUTTLE, both/o Lawsville. BLOWERS, George W., m 14March1839 Lydia E. MARYOTT, both/o Franklin. BLOWERS, Isaac, Chenango NY, m 19March1838 Mrs. Martha RHOADES, Dimock. BLOWERS, John, Lawsville, m 6Aug1833 Sarah LUCAS, White Creek NY. BLOWERS, Lucy, age 41, wife/o John BLOWERS, d Lawsville 7Jan1832. BLOWERS, Lydia, dau/o John BLOWERS, m 19Oct1832 Cyrus J. MESSENGER, Bridgewater. BLOWERS, Maria, m 26Nov1845 Aaron VAN VORST. BLOWERS, Samantha, m 7Sept1828 Joseph WEBSTER, both/o Lawsville. BLOWERS, William, Bridgewater, m 1May1828 Caroline PETTIS, Brooklyn. BOGERT, Margaret, m 24Dec1839 Elisha WARNER, both/o Montrose. BOLLES, Abel, Rush, m 4Sept1827 Anna STEVENS, dau/o Col. Aden STEVENS, Pike. BOLLES, Alexander, M.D., Montrose, m 20Sept1832 Mahala B. HARDING, dau/o John HARDING, Exeter. BOLLES, Andrew, age 35, d Springville 18Nov1834. BOLLES, Eliza, dau/o John BOLLES, Springville, m 14Feb1830 Thomas JOHNSON, Rush. BOLLES, John, Middletown, m 12March1833 Rachel MARCH, Pike. BOLLES, Maria, Rush, m 26Sept1816 John STEPHENS, Pike PA. BOLLES, Maria, dau/o John BOLLES, Springville, m 4April1822 Phineas ARMS, Jr., Bridgewater. BOLLES, Mary E., Dimock, m 24Sept1845 Dr. Israel B. LATHROP, Springville. BOLLES, Nancy, m 9Dec1849 Silas BALDWIN, both/o Jessup. BOLLES, Prudence, m 15July1832 Almon PICKETT, both/o Rush. BOLLES, Robinson, age 76, d Rush 28Jan1842. BOLLES, Ruth, age 43, wife/o Simeon A. BOLLES, d Rush 2April1844. BONNER, Charles, age 63, d Herrick 19March1838. BONNER, Hamilton, Gibson, m 26June1834 Hannah PEPPER, Rush. BONNEY, James M., Davenport IA, m 29July1840 Sarah Ann PARKER, formerly/o Susquehanna Co. BONNOR, David, Vestal, m 2July1839 Margaret PHILIPS, Mt. Pleasant. BOOTH, Daniel, Kingston, m 20July1836 Anna Lodema BROWN, Dimock. BOOTH, Joseph A., Kingston, m 29Jan1843 Eliza M. WILSON, Brooklyn. BOOTH, Laura, dau/o Elder BOOTH, m 1Nov1830 Oliver DENISON, formerly Montrose. BOSTWICK, Mrs. Charlotte, wid/o Philo BOSTWICK deceased, m 19Sept1835 William LAWRENCE, Dimock. BOSTWICK, Emma L., age 21, wife/o Perry BOSTWICK, eldest dau/o Pliny & Patty BIRDCHARD, d Middletown 18Dec1836. BOSTWICK, Mary, age 70, wife/o Benajah BOSTWICH, d Pike 5Jan1846. BOSTWICK, Mary E., Fort Madison, m 8Feb1844 John M. FINCH, Nauvoo IL. BOSTWICK, Nancy, Binghamton, m 25March1834 C. T. BLISS, Bainbridge NY. BOSTWICK, Perry, Bradford Co., m 29Oct1835 Emma L. BIRCHARD, Rush. BOSTWICK, Philo, age 51, killed by falling tree Middletown 9July1834. BOSTWICK, Sarah Waller, dau/o D. BOSTWICK, m 3Nov1841 Rev. George Payne HOPKINS, Pike PA. BOSWORTH, Mrs. Ann, Wyalusing, m 10Nov1841 Thomas TAYLOR, Tuscarora. BOSWORTH, Arabella, dau/o Salmon BOSWORTH, m 26Nov1830 E. W. JONES, both/o Pike PA. BOSWORTH, Arabella M., age 59, from Litchfield CT, d LeRaysville 4March1846. BOSWORTH, Electa, dau/o Salmon BOSWORTH, Pike PA, m 30Nov1828 Edward CRANDALL, M.D. BOSWORTH, Joseph, Pike, Bradford Co., m 12Sept1833 Amity COATES. BOSWORTH, Joseph P., m 12Nov1826 Bertha BARNES, dau/o Nathaniel E. BARNES, deceased. BOSWORTH, Lewis, Pike, m 15Sept1833 Sarah HANCOCK, dau/o John HANCOCK. BOSWORTH, Nancy S., m 1April1839 John MADISON, both/o Wyalusing. BOSWORTH, Nelson, m 7Feb1830 Emeline LUCKY, dau/o Lewis LUCKY, both/o Pike. BOSWORTH, Read, m 15Aug1831 Mary BALDWIN, dau/o Philo BALDWIN, deceased, both/o Pike. BOSWORTH, Salmon, age 57, d Pike 4Nov1831. BOSWORTH, Susan, m 5Dec1827 Myron STEVENS, both/o Pike PA. BOURNE, Barnebas E., Falmouth, mm 20Aug1839 Lydia N. LONG. BOWEN, James, age 41, native/o S. Wales, d Carbondale 16March1832. BOWEN, Polly, Pike, m 7Oct1838 Alanson SPENCER. BOWEN, William, m 24Oct1843 Sally Ann WASBURN, both/o Harford. BOWERS, Caroline, m 24Nov1833 Benjamin CLOUGH, Sandbornton CT, both deaf and dumb. BOWES, Joseph, m 28March1824 Rachel STURGES, both/o Great Bend. BOWES, Juliette E., Great Bend, m 18Jan1842 Ira CORBITT, Corbittsville. BOWMAN, Elizabeth, m 25Feb1824 Garner ISBELL, both/o Bridgewater. BOWMAN, Lt. James Monroe, son/o Gen. Isaac BOWMAN of Wilkes-Barre, d Ft. Wayne, Arkansas, Creek Nation 21July1839. BOWMAN, Minerva, Bridgewater, m 14Feb1833 Elisha LORD, Brooklyn. BOWMAN, Nancy, m 25Oct1837 Denison THOMAS, Springville. BOWMAN, Peggy Ann, dau/o Rufus BOWMAN, d Montrose 11July1819. BOWMAN, Capt. Samuel, Rev. War, b MA, d Wilkes-Barre 25June1818. BOYD, James, age 66, d Bridgewater 2Aug1835. BOYD, John Patterson, d Bridgewater 14Oct1835. BOYD, Mrs. Mary, age 65, wife/o James BOYD deceased, late o/Bridgewater, formerly Sadsbury, Chester Co. PA, d Montrose 21Aug1845. BOYD, Matthew, age 31, d Montrose 3Sept1837. BOYLE, James, m 3May1829 Maria CASTLE, both/o New Milford. BOYLE, Sarah Jane, dau/o James & Maria BOYLE, d New Milford 19July1838. BRADFORD, John W. H., New Milford, m 11Oct1842 Hannah M. PAGE, Jackson. BRADLEY, Caroline D., Binghamton, m 12March1845 James P. SMITH, Franklin. BRADLEY, Henry H., New Milford, m 9Aug1838 Mary HENDRICK. BRADSHAW, Betsey, dau/o William BRADSHAW, m 11July1841 Stephen H. WHITAKER, Forest Lake. BRAINARD, Lewis, m 27Aug1837 Louisa THACHER, both/p Harford. BRAINARD, Nathan G., Harford, m 2April1845 Sarah A. AVERY, dau/o Ebenezer AVERY, New Milford. BRAINARD, Timothy, New Milford, m 27March1825 Mary LEWIS, Harford. BRAMHALL, William, Towanda, m 3March1844 Hannah BEEBE, Bridgewater. BRAYTON, Cynthia, dau/o George BRAYTON, Western NY, m 3June1834 John B. JERVIS, Oneida Co. NY. BREDE, Mrs. Susan, Norwich, m 21Aug1843 Thomas TOE, Green NY. BREED, Lucy, age 34, wife/o Stephen BREED, d Brooklyn 23May1846. BREED, Stephen W., Orwell PA, m 10Jan1842 Lucy BEARDSLEY, Brooklyn. BREWSTER, Amanda, m 19Jan1838 Morgan SHERWOOD, both/o Wellsboro. BREWSTER, Amelia, Coventry CT, m 1Jan1834 Thomas B. SMITH, Lawsville. BREWSTER, Ann, dau/o Jonah BREWSTER, m 24Nov1822 Warren W. GEARNSEY, both/o Bridgewater. BREWSTER, Betsey, age 67, wife/o Nathan BREWSTER, d Bridgewater 17Sept1818. BREWSTER, Daniel, m 16May1849 Abigail PARKE, both/o Bridgewater. BREWSTER, Eldad, d Bridgewater 11Nov1831. BREWSTER, George, m 28Dec1830 Ann WATROUS, both/o Bridgewater. BREWSTER, Hannah, dau/o George & Anna BREWSTER, d Bridgewater 12June1837. BREWSTER, Harriet, dau/o Nathan BREWSTER, m 15Sept1841 Peter MC COLLUM, both/o Bridgewater. BREWSTER, Horace, Montrose, m 1April1845 Augusta MC NEIL, Bridgewater. BREWSTER, Horatio N., Bridgewater, m 26March1835 Emily BEEMAN, Wyalusing. BREWSTER, Jonah, at Southampton LI NY, m 3July1820 Sophia JESSUP, dau/o Maj. Zebulon JESSUP. BREWSTER, Joseph, d Montrose 21Dec1825. BREWSTER, Linus, m 5Jan1827Esther Galusha MOREHOUSE, dau/o Jonathan MOREHOUSE of CT. BREWSTER, Lucena, m 22June1837 Samuel SHERER, both/o Bridgewater. BREWSTER, Nathan W., m 21Jan1827 Alice E. ROBERTS, both/o Bridgewater.. BREWSTER, Nathan, age 89, Rev. War, d 21Sept1834. BREWSTER, Nathan, only ch/o Zachariah & Adaline BREWSTER, d Bridgewater 12Feb1843. BREWSTER, Polly Ann, m 4Jan1832 Hugh MC COLLUM, both/o Bridgewater. BREWSTER, Mrs. Sally, age 66, formerly Montrose, d Wellsboro 10Feb1843. BREWSTER, Sarah A., Bridgewater, m 10Feb1848 Stephen A. HEMPSTED, Montrose. BREWSTER, Tyler, Bridgewater, m 6Jan1841 Sarah Maria LYON, dau/o Samuel LYON, Harford. BREWSTER, Zachariah, Bridgewater, m 18Feb1833 Adaline BRONSN, Springville. BRIGE [BRIGGS?], Mary, Choconut, m 30June1821 Richard BIXBY, Middletown. BRIGGS, Mary Jane, m 12Feb1844 Anthony W. NORTH, both/o Silver Lake. BRIGGS, Milly, m 18Dec1842 George CHICHESTER, both/o Silver Lake. BRIGHAM, Lemuel, New Milford, m 24Nov1825 Mindwell CLAFLIN, Harford. BRISTER, Almira, dau/o Ira BRISTER, Middletown, m 30March1834 David C. SHERMAN, Bridgewater. BRISTER, Electa, Middletown, m 9Feb1845 George WHITE, Pike, Bradford Co. BRISTER, Linus, Middletown, m 16April1835 Evaline BLISS, Choconut. BRISTOL, Jane E., age 31, d Cheshire NH 11Nov1839. BROCK, Frederick, d Forest Lake 5Nov1843. BROCK, Frederick H., son/o Frederick BROCK, Sr., of Susquehanna Co., d Philadelphia 18April1841. BROCK, Frederick, Jr., m 16March1837 Lavinia BALDWIN, both/o Forest Lake. BROCK, Frederick, Jr., age 33, late o/Susquehanna Co., d Philadelphia 18April1841. BROCK, Lavinia, wife/o Frederick BROCK, Jr., d at res/o he father, David BALDWIN, Forest Lake 23April1842. BROCK, Theresa, only dau/o Frederick BROCK o/Susquehanna Co., Brockville 20Aug1828. BRONSON, Adaline, Springville, m 18Feb1833 Zachariah BREWSTER, Bridgewater. BRONSON, Amos, age 55, d Springville 4Aug1825. BRONSON, Clarissa, Honesdale, m 3Feb1841 Arunah TIFFANY, Gibson. BRONSON, Emeline, age 22, d Montrose 6July1844. BRONSON, Mrs. Eunice, wid/o Michael BRONSON [he Rev. War; b Waterbury CT], d Dimock 4Feb1841. BRONSON, Hannah, m 25Oct1825 Joseph L. MEEKER, both/o Springville. BRONSON, Helen S., m 29Aug1844 C. W. TUTTLE, both/o Montrose. BRONSON, John M., Rush, m 16Feb1826 Susanna MC BRIDE, Springville. BRONSON, Marshall, Jackson, m 22May1835 Matilda NORTON, New Milford. BRONSON, Samuel Ackley, age 40, d Montrose 27Sept1837. BRONSON, Susanna, Rush, m 4March1833 Jeremiah SMITH, Auburn. BROOKS, Dr. J., m 26Nov1845 Lydia Jane DU BOIS, both/o Great Bend. BROOKS, Roswell, m 21Nov1844 Hester Ann FISH, dau/o Caleb FISH, both/o Springville. BROOKS, Sally, age 26, dau/o Thomas & Polly SMITH, wife/o Daniel BROOKS, d Springville 23July1845. BROTHTINE, Elizabeth, Wayne, m 9June1839 Joshua T. DIMMICK, Susquehanna Co. BROUGHTON, Capt., nep/o Gen. Sir J. D. BROUGHTON, N. Pomfret, m 8March1833 Eliza PERFECT, dau/o J. PERFECT, Pomfret. BROWN, Anna, dau/o Rev. W. BROWN, Ridgway PA. m 9Dec1841 Loami B. HINDS, Montrose. BROWN, Charles, Montrose, m 9April1837 Charlotte KENYON, Bridgewater. BROWN, D. D., Friendsville, m 10Sept1845 Mary E. GRAVES, Choconut. BROWN, Eliza H., Oxford, m 14Sept1831 Stephen FRANKLIN. BROWN, Ellion, Wyalusing, m 1March1838 Lois LAKE, dau/o Eleazer LAKE, Wyndham PA. BROWN, Ethlin A., dau/o Jesse BROWN, m 11Jan1845 E. A. PARSONS, Sr., Editor, Towanda. BROWN, German S., Conklin NY, m 17Oct1843 Caroline WOOD, dau/o William WOOD, Harford. BROWN, Harriet, Bridgewater, m 13June1836 Andrus ALDRICH, Brooklyn. BROWN, Hosea, Brooklyn, m 1May1842 Jemima HAWKINS, Bridgewater. BROWN, Dr. James, Great Bend, m 8Aug1835 Charlotte E. TODD, Montrose. BROWN, John, m 8June1841 Lorentine A. M. GLIDDEN, both/o Forest Lake. BROWN, John, Forest Lake, m 2Oct1844 Lovisa HILL, dau/o James W. HILL, Bridgewater. BROWN, Joseph, Great Bend, m 22Feb1835 Ede FOSTR, Bridgewater. BROWN, Juliana, m 4July1846 Asa DAVISON, both/o Brooklyn. BROWN, Laura, Great Bend, m 20June1843 William FORDHAM, Montrose. BROWN, Lodema, Dimock, m 20July1836 Daniel BOOTH, Kingston. BROWN, Mrs. Lorentina, wife/o John BROWN, d Forest Lake 29Sept1841. BROWN, Lydia B., Friend's Meeting, m 14March1839 Samuel RICHARDS, both/o Friendsville. BROWN, Margaret, m 10April1839 Patrick KELLY, both/o Tunkhannock. BROWN, Margaret, Montrose, m 20Nov1842 Thomas COTE, Lanesboro. BROWN, Matilda, m 30March1839 Daniel CROFUT, both/o New Milford. BROWN, Mrs. Phebe Ann, New Milford, m 17Oct1833 Solomon MATTISON, Jr., Jackson. BROWN, Samuel, m 20Nov1825 Betsey MILES, both/o Brooklyn. BROWN, William H., son/o Samuel A. BROWN, d Atlas IL 16Nov1838. BRUCE, Mrs. Harriet, m 20March1844 R. R. LITTLE, Atty., Tunkhannock. BRUCE, Deacon Levi, age 64, d Randolph VT 26Dec1841. BRUNDAGE, Dr. Gilbert N., m 28Jan1836 Harriet F. CLAFLIN. BRUSH, Dennison, son/o Lewis BRUSH, d Bridgewater 15April1833. BRUSH, Laura, m 21July1843 Dennison ROOT. BRYAN, Betsey, Choconut, m 12Jan1843 Joshua DURAND, Herrick, Bradford Co. BRYAN, Elder Jirah, age 59, d Choconut 16May1845. BRYAN, P. R., m 26Jan1846 Clarissa TURRELL, both/o Montrose. BRYANT, Clarissa, dau/o David BRYANT, m 15Oct1835 Oliver H. CLINTON. BRYANT, Rachel, dau/o Edward Jared & Naomi BRYAN, d Choconut 2Sept1838. BRYANT, Sebas, Jackson, m 6ept1835 Louisa PHINNEY. BUCK, Eliza T., dau/o William BUCK, m 12Nov1846 T. D. ESTABROOK, Great Bend. BUCK, Ethan, age 58, d Great Bend 30June1836. BUCK, Ferdinand, oldest son/o Georg & Hannah BUCK, d Great Bend 1June1842. BUCK, Frances, m 17Jan1836 Isaac RECKHOW, both/o Great Bend. BUCK, George, m 5Oct1837 Hannah TAYLOR, dau/o William TAYLOR, both/o Great Bend. BUCK, Julia Ann, oldest dau/o William BUCK, Great Bend, m 28Dec1831 Harry SMITH, Lawsville. BUCK, Julius, m 27March1843 Margaret MC COLLUM, both/o Great Bend. BUCK, Louisa M., Harford, m 4Jan1845 Stephen L. GREENWOOD, Jackson. BUCK, Olive Stevens, age 77, wife/o Rev. Daniel BUCK, d Great Bend 6Sept1828. BUCK, Silas, age 44, d Great Bend 13Dec1832. BUCKINGHAM, Frances, formerly of CT, m 21June1832 Capt. Stephen VAUGHN, Kingston. BUCKINGHAM, Henry, age 66, of Wyoming Valley, d Huron OH April1845. BUEHLER, Henry, m 3July1832 Margaret WOLF, dau/o Gov. WOLF, Harrisburg. BUFFUM, William, m 23Feb1843 Betsey BABCOCK, both/o Choconut. BULL, George H., Towanda, m 25Nov1833 Lucy TAYLOR, Great Bend. BULL, James P., m 16Oct1827 Anne WALLER/WALLIS. BULL, Col. James P., age 40, d Towanda 29June1842. BULLARD, Amanda, m 26June1849 Harvey TYLER, both/o Bridgewater. BULLARD, Caroline, Bridgewater, m 21Sept1842 Elisha L. A. ROBINS, Auburn. BULLARD, Elijah, m 29Dec1816 Phebe DEANS, dau/o Zebulon DEANS, Bridgewater. BULLARD, Hezekiah, m 17March1816 Matilda DEANS. BULLARD, Isaac, age 97, Rev.War, d Bridgewater 23June1842. BULLARD, Mary S., m 3Jan1849 John A. STANTON, both/o Bridgewater. BULLARD, Otis, m 12Feb1824 Mary Ann CROCKER, both/o Bridgewater. BULLOCK, Sarah, wife/o John BULLOCK, d Springville 18Aug1824. BULLOCK, Sophronia, age 26, wife/o Jesse E. BULLOCK, d LeRaysville 30March1839. BUMP, John, m 20Jan1818 Mrs. Nancy FOSTER, Middletown. BUMP, Mrs. Nancy, age 68, d Forest Lake 1Feb1844. BUNN, Elizabeth, Middletown, m 31Dec1827 Nathaniel PRICE, Bridgewater. BUNNELL,Aaron, Tunkhannock, m 23April1849 Clementine LANE, Springville. BUNNELL, Henry, Bethany, m 25Sept1836 Mrs. Amanda J. NORRIS, Jackson. BUNNELL, Sarah, m 26Aug1841 Charles GRANGER, both/o Rush. BURDICK, Elijah, Jr., Springville, m 20Jan1843 Lovencia BURDICK. BURDICK, John, Springville, m 6March1842 Lydia Ann BURDICK. BURDICK, Lovencia, m 20Jan1843 Elijah BURDICK, Jr., Springville. BURDICK, Lydia Ann, m 6March1842 John BURDICK, Springville. BURDICK, M. C., m 23Aug1840 Nelson BUTTON, both/o Springville. BURDICK, Mrs. Mary, Bridgewater, m 1Aug1831 Silas GUILD, Harford. BURDICK, Matilda, Dimock, m 17Nov1844 George THOMPSON, Springville. BURNETT, Charlotte, m 28Oct1841 Daniel BAYLESS, both/o Conklin. BURNHAM, Mrs. Ruhannah, d Rush 12Dec1817. BURNS, Henry Horace, son/o Ziba BURNS, d Herrick 15April1832. BURNS, Jonathan, Jr., Clifford, m 1Jan1835 Eliza READ, Harford. BURR, George E., son/o Clark & Jane Ann BURR, d Rush 3Nov1841. BURR, Hulda, Benton NY, m 9Feb1845 S. M. STEVENS, Dimock. BURRELL, Harriet, Great Bend, m 25June1836 Samuel GRYSOL, Damascus. BURRITT, Mary J., eldest dau/o Henry BURRITT, m 4June184 Dr. L. A. SMITH, New Milford. BURROWS, Amos, m 25July1830 Mary MELHUISH, both/o Bridgewater. BURROWS, David Emilus, son/o Jesse BURROWS, d Bridgewater 26Dec1830. BURROWS, Hon. Francis A., age 42, formerly Springville, d Ohio City 2Jan1844. BURROWS, Helen Elizabeth, only dau/o Leonard BURROWS, d Rush 17March1836. BURROWS, Mrs. Lydia, wife/o Urial BURROWS, d Bridgewater 15Jan1819. BURROWS, Miriam, age 30, wid/o Amos BURROWS, from Stafford CT, d Bridgewater 3Oct1846. BURROWS, Nancy, Bridgerwater, m 18June1825 Sabin HATCH, Great Bend. BURROWS, Nancy May, dau/o Amos & Mary BURROWS, d Bridgewater 16May1842. BURROWS, Urbane A., son/o Leonard & Charlotte, d Rush 15May1838. BURROWS, Wealthy, d Bridgewater 1May1819. BURROWS, William E., Braintrim, m 1Jan1844 Parna E. MC CLOUD, Auburn. BURT, Daniel R., m 1Sept1831 Lydia ASHLEY, dau/o Charles ASHLEY, both/o Springville. BURTIS, John J., Haverstraw NY, m 15Dec1843 Vaolitta MERRIMAN, Montrose. BURTON, Emma Louisa, dau/o Charles & Clarissa Ann BURTON, d Harford 12July1844. BURTON, James, m 23Jan1834 Mary PATTISON, both/o Silver Lake. BURWELL, Nelson, d at res/o Michael COLLINS, Great Bend 21July1834. BUSH, Abijah, Bridgewater, m 15Dec1826 Lucy Ann COGSHALL, Silver Lake. BUSH, Adaline, dau/o Adrian BUSH, m 30Oct1836 Hiram ALLEN, Bridgewater. BUSH, Amy Ann, dau/o Adrian BUSH, d Bridgewater 23March1832. BUSH, Caleb, d Bridgewater 6Nov1822. BUSH, Caleb, m 24Jan1834 Mary DANIELS, both/o Bridgewater. BUSH, Dennis, Bridgewater, m 12March1829 Rosetta COGSHALL, Middletown. BUSH, Dennis, age 43, d Bridgewater 2July1847. BUSH, Lucy, Bridgewater, m 16Oct1816 Robert DAY. BUSH, Mrs. Nancy, wife/o Caleb BUSH, d Bridgewater 10June1833. BUSH, Mrs. Rosetta, Bridgewater, m 14April1849 Joshua WEST, Forest Lake. BUSH, Susan M., m 8Jan1846 William L. BEEBE. BUSHNELL, Mrs. Flora, age 51, wife/o Zina BUSHNELL, d Silver Lake 27Feb1838. [Sis/o Ansel HILL; Dau/o Michael HILL & Dorcas WHITE; gdau/o Michael HILL & Anne GRINNELL; b Saybrook CT ca 1786; m Saybrook CT 22July1806 Zina BUSHNELL, bpt Saybrook CT 20Oct 1781, son/o Ebenezer BUSHNELL & Sarah CARPENTER-my notes-BHK 2003]. BUSHNELL, Lydia A., Silver Lake, m 3June1837 John CLARK, Philadelphia. BUSHNELL, Sally R., wife/o James C. BUSHNELL, dau/o Rev. Eli HYDE, d Thompson 14July1849. BUTLER, Chloe, m 1Sept1831 Jacob TEWKSBURY, Brooklyn. BUTLER, Mrs. Julia, age 44, wife/o Steuben BUTLER, d Wilkes-Barre 16May1833. BUTLER, Lord, d Wilkes-Barre 9March1824. BUTLER, Lord, Wilkes-Barre, m 1Feb1832 Abi W. SLOCUM, dau/o Joseph SLOCUM. BUTLER, Mrs. Polly, wife/o Lord BUTLER, d Wilkes-Barre 28Oct1834. BUTLER, Thiriza, age 40, wife/o Capt. L. C. BUTLER, d Lawsville 9May1834. BUTTERFIELD, Benjamin A., Bridgewater, m 12Nov1839 Julia STONE, Middletown. BUTTERFIELD, Hannah D., Auburn, m 14Jan1840 Nicholas STEVENS, Tunkhannock. BUTTERFIELD, Hannah D., Auburn, m 14Jan1841 Nicholas STEVENS, Tunkhannock. BUTTERFIELD, Joseph, age 70, d Bridgewater 15Dec1848. BUTTERFIELD, Joseph D., m 23June1835 Susan Maria SUTTON, both/o Bridgewater. BUTTERFIELD, Mary, Auburn, m 14July1845 Dr. Addison NEWTON, Dimock. BUTTERFIELD, Sarah, Bridgewater, m 11Dec1842 Oliver W. CHAMPLIN, Norwich CT. BUTTLES, Sylva, dau/o Rev. BUTTLES, deceased, m 10Feb1830 Nelson ROGERS, Pike. BUTTON, Nelson, m 23Aug1840 M. C. BURDICK, both/o Springville. BUTTON, William, m 24Nov1839 Maranda SWEET, both/o Springville. BUTTS, Elsie, age 63, wife/o Peleg BUTTS, d Liberty 4Jan1843. BUTTS, P. P., Binghamton, m 1March1832 Susan LOCKWOOD, Lawsville. CADE, m 18Jan1827 Amarilis SLATER, both/o Pike PA. CAIRNS, James, m 19Oct1845 Elizabeth MC ELWEE, both/o Great Bend. CALDWELL, Robert, m 8Dec1846 Triphena SKINNER, both/o Great Bend. CALHOUN, Anning O., age 40, postmaster, d Wilkes-Barre 1Feb1843. CALIFF, Emily, Smithfield, m 22Oct1846 Samuel S. BAKER, Troy. CALKINS, O. F., Earlville NY, m 12Oct1846 Martha M. LONG, dau/o Maj. E. LONG, Troy PA. CAMP, Adelia, dau/o Israel CAMP, m 23Sept1839 Almon FULLER, both/o Maryall. CAMP, Albert, m 4Sept1834 Mary Ann OVERPECK, both/o Wyalusing. CAMP, Arletta, Wyalusing, m 28Nov1837 Luther KEENEY, Tuscarora. CAMP, Emeline, dau/o Israel CAMP, Wyalusing, m 4March1841 Phares ACKLEY, Tuscarora. CAMP, Horace W., Wyalusing, m 19March1840 Adaliza O. CHASE, South Bainbridge. CAMP, Isaac L., Wyalusing, m 5Feb1832 Hannah CASWELL, Middletown. CAMP, Lydia, m 16Oct1834 Enoch DAVIS, Luzerne Co. CAMP, Nelson, m 10Nov1836 Betsey WOOD. CAMPBELL, Artaimissi Maria, dau/o James & Maria CAMBPELL, d Dimock 24May1835. CAMPBELL, Jane, Windham, m 9Feb1837 Chauncey T. GAYLORD, Braintrim. CAMPBELL, John, m 5March1834 Meriander SLOAT, both/o Dimock. CANFIELD, Abigail Ann, wife/o Salmon B. CANFIELD, d Pike 12April1844. CANFIELD, Amanda, m 20Sept1839 Daniel H. HICKOK, both/o Rush. CANFIELD, Aurelia, m 24Dec1840 James MILLARD, both/o Rush. CANFIELD, David, age 26, d Middletown 9Nov1845. CANFIELD, Jeremiah, m 2July1827 Betsey EDSIL, dau/o Jesse EDSIL. CANFIELD, Nancy, dau/o Benjamin CANFIELD, m 19Feb1835 Samuel LIGHT, both/o Rush. CANFIELD, Northrop, m 10April1849 Caroline PATTERSON, both/o Rush. CANFIELD, Orson K., son/o Elijah & Tirzah CANFIELD, d Rush 12Dec1841. CANNON, Dexter, m 19Oct1820 Amanda HUDSON. CANNON, John S., m 15Dec1842 Jerusha MILES, Dimock. CANTREL, George, m 1Feb1836 Melinda L. WARNER, dau/o Timothy WARNER, both/o Bridgewater. CAPRON, Diana, m 1Feb1818 Joel STURDEVANT, both/o Harford. CAPRON, Ibra, Modina OH, m 22July1827 Louisa ALDRICH, Harford. CAPRON, Laban, d Harford 22Nov1824. CAPRON, Marantha, Nicholson, m 23June1841 Erastus STILES, New Milford. CAPRON, Orlen, Bath OH, m 7Aug1833 Mrs. Waitstill ALDRICH, Harford. CAPRON, Roena, m 12Nov1832 Elisha N. LOOMIS, both/o Harford. CAPRON, Rosalinda, m 6April1837 Jonathan STRICKLAND, both/o Harford. CAPWELL, Maria, m 5July1830 Samuel HALSTED, both/o Lenox. CARBINE, Eliza, wife/o Horace CARBINE, d Bridgewater 8Feb1822. CARCUFF, Thomas, age 33, Sheriff-elect, d Montrose 12Nov1831. CARD, Lewis, Springville, m 22Feb1846 Sarah Jane WOOLSEY, Bridgewater. CARD, Palmer C., Abington, m 5April1837 Betsey L. WOODWARD, Gibson. CAREY, Daniel, age 37, d Plymouth 24Aug1834. CAREY, Eleazer, Pike, m 3Sept1831 Rebecca CHAPMAN, dau/o Isaac A. CHAPMAN, deceased. CAREY, Rhoda, dau/o Warren CAREY, Tunkhannock, m 15Feb1849 Elisha PACKER Carbon Co. CARGILL, Hannah, wife/o James CARGILL, d Jackson 3March1842. CARGILL, Hester Ann, m 14May1845 G. Herman BLAKESLEE, both/o Jackson. CARMICHAEL, Hannah, Bridgewater, m 11April1832 David WELCH, Morris NJ. CARMON, John, m 18May1836 Elizabeth ROWLANDSON, both/o Montrose. CARPENTER, Ada, Harford, m 25Nov1839 Gurdon L. ABEL, Gibson. CARPENTER, Alonzo L., m 25Jan1849 Emily W. JEFFERS, both/o Harford. CARPENTER, Amanda, Harford, m 14March1849 Gardner G. BABCOCK. CARPENTER, Asahel, age 46, d Harford 8Dec1842. CARPENTER, Artemus, m 14June1832 Anne HARDING, dau/o Luke HARDING, both/o Herrick. CARPENTER, Betsey, m 1May1831 Clark S. TANNER, both/o Harford. CARPENTER, Loranda, Harford, m 21Aug1845 Isaac R. LYON, Little Fort IL. CARPENTER, Lorenzo, Harford, m 30Nov1848 Esther BINGHAM, New Milford. CARPENTER, Lucy L., Harford, m 23Nov1834 James CHANDLER, Jr., Gibson. CARPENTER, Mahala, m 4Oct1824 Iddo ARMS. CARPENTER, Mary, wife/o Cyril CARPENTER, and dau/o Deacon Jonathan TYLER of Harford, d Greenfield 3July1834. CARPENTER, Mary, Gibson, m 1Jan1838 Almon SNOW, Herrick. CARPENTER, Pennell, Harford, m 31March1836 Caroline GRAAN, Barre MA. CARPENTER, Ralph R., m 11Oct1837 Minerva HEISZ, both/o Tunkhannock. CARPENTER, Stephen E., Harford, m 30Jan1845 Mrs. Hannah E. TIFFANY, Brooklyn. CARR, Ariel, m 13Sept1838 Polly E. PARK, dau/o Dr. Asa PARK, both/o Bridgewater. CARR, Ariel, Esq., Bridgewater, m 9May1845 Comfort S. TAYLOR, Forest Lake. CARR, Benedict R., Washington PA, m 8May1837 Margaret Ann MILLARD, Lenox. CARR, Chapman, d Montrose 17Feb1819. CARR, Ezekiel, Wyalusing, m 22Dec1836 Lucy Ann MARSH, dau/o Joseph MARSH. CARR, Lydia W., Otego NY, m 17Nooov18445 Henry CASWELL, Brooklyn. CARR, Mary Ann, Abington, m 1July1838 William BELCHER, Gibson. CARR, Mrs. Polly, age 27, wife/o Ariel CARR, dau/o Dr. Asa PARK, d Bridgewater 26Dec1842. CARRIER, Betsey, m 2Nov1830 Francis BARNEY, both/o Choconut. CARRIER, Clarinda, dau/o Augustine Wells CARRIER, m 15Jan1828 David WAKELEE, both/o Springville. CARRIER, Ezra, Conklin, m 6Aug1832 Ann CRUSER, Montrose. CARRIER, Lucinda, m 8June1836 Ruel R. CHAMPION. CARRIER, Minerva, m 21Oct1836 John BARD, Jr., both/o Montrose. CARRIER, Myron, m 4Jan1841 Phebe FAUROT, both/o Bridgewater. CARTER, Harriet Belinda, du/o Ebenezer & Harriet CARTER, d Liberty 6Dec1843. CARTER, William, Bridgewater, m 3Feb1840 Louisa HICKOX. CARTER, William, Bridgewater, m 3Feb1841 Louisa HICKOK, Rush. CARY, Jane E., Lanesboro, m 6Feb1840 Robert J. STEWART. CARY, Jane E., Lanesboro, m 6Feb1841 Robert J. STEWART. CASE, Benjamin, m 3Jan1838 Susan B. CORNWELL, both/o Montrose. CASE, Charles, son/o B. T. CASE, d Montrose 11Oct1826. CASE, Ellen, age 19, eldest dau/o Benjamin T. CASE, d Montrose 23April1847. CASE, Louisa, Gibson, m 9Nov1824 William TALLMAN. CASE, Louisa M., m 8Oct1834 William N. WISWALL, both/o Harford. CASE, Mrs. Mary, age 78, mother/o Benjamin T. CASE, d Owego 26Dec1843. CASE, Mrs. Sally, m 14Sept1818 George MAUGER. CASE, William P., Montrose, m 15Oct1846 P. Jane DEWERS, Rush. CASH, David, Towanda, m 17June1834 Mary Ann SPENCER, E. Haddam CT. CASH, David, Towanda, m 25June1834 Mary Ann SPENCER, East Haddam CT. CASSADY, Abel, Springville, m 10May1835 Clarissa F. STEPHENS, dau/o Hon. Philander STEPHENS. CASSADY, Spencer, formerly Springville, d Lowrytown, Northampton 3June1835. CASSEDY, Eliza, dau/o Thomas CASSEDY, Springville, m 4Oct1830 Ebenezer RAYNOLE, M.D., Michigan. CASSEDY, John, Springville, m 27June1837 Mary B. TYLER, dau/o William A. TYLER. CASSPORONS, John V., Lawsville, m 26Dec1831 Irene CHURCHILL, Honesdale. CASTLE, Maria, m 3May1829 James BOYLE, both/o Montrose. CASTLE, Mary, dau/o Booth CASTLE, deceased of CT, m 18Sept1831 David WARNER, New Milford. CASTLE, Samuel, Binghamton, m 23Dec1844 Sarah Parmelia PICKET, Rush. CASTLES, Charlotte A., wife/o E. S. CASTLES, sis/o Augusta TYLER [wife/o Ozias TYLER], d Towanda 6Oct1842. CASTLES, Elijah, Binghamton, m 23Nov1845 Minerva PICKETT, Rush. CASTLES, Fred, son/o E. S. CASTLES, d Montrose 28May1836. CASWELL, Calvin, m 2Feb1840 Sarah GARY, both/o Rush. CASWELL, Hannah, Middletown, m 5Feb1832 Isaac L. CAMP, Wyalusing. CASWELL, Henry, Brooklyn, m 17Nov1845 Lydia W. CARR, Otego NY. CASWELL, Jonathan, Rush, m 14Aug1840 Mrs. Elizabeth LEACH, New Milford. CASWELL, Ozias B., Middletown, m 24Dec1834 Caroline M. LAMBERT, Wyalusing. CASWELL, Sally, Middletown, m 1Jan1834 William TAYLOR, Choconut. CATLIN, Amanda B., age 39, formerly Montrose, d Scioto Co. OH 6May1839. CATLIN, Aurelia Elizabeth, wife/o Martin CATLIN, dau/o Almon H. READ, d Bridgewater 18May1849. CATLIN, Delia, m 19Oct1843 Abel TURRELL, both/o Montrose. CATLIN, Diantha, m 26March1826 S. F. KEELER, both/o Montrose. CATLIN, Dotha E., dau/o Luther CATLIN, Blakely, m 7Sept1831 William L. POST, Montrose. CATLIN, Eliza, dau/o Putnam CATLIN, m 25Feb1819 Anson DART, Montrose. CATLIN, Elizabeth, d Green Lake WI 8May1845. CATLIN, Erastus, Dundaff, m 28Oct1831 Eunice QUICK, Wyalusing. CATLIN, Francis P., m 28Jan1840 Elizabeth DU BOIS, both/o Great Bend. CATLIN, George Putnam, son/o F. P. CATLIN, d Great Bend 26Dec1841. CATLIN, George L., Bridgewater, m 20June1841 June D. WEST, Berlin. CATLIN, John, age 23, son/o Putnam CATLIN, d Rome NY 19Aug1834. CATLIN, Julia, dau/o Erastus CATLIN, d Montrose 15July1819. CATLIN, Julia Ann, of Litchfield Co. CT, d Pennsbury, Chester Co. 21Oct1834. CATLIN, Julius, age 25, formerly Montrose, d Rochester 26Sept1828. CATLIN, Lynde, age 16, son/o Putnam CATLIN, d Hopbottom 24July1824. CATLIN, Martin, Bridgewater, m 2Feb1842 Aurelia E. READ, 2nd dau/o A. H. READ, Esq. CATLIN, Mary, dau/o Erastus CATLIN, Springville, m 1July1824 M. HUBBARD, Bridgewater. CATLIN, Mary B., wife/o Henry CATLIN, formerly Susquehanna Co., d Lockport 7Dec1835. CATLIN, Phineas, age 69, Rev. War, d Catherine 31Jan1827. CATLIN, Polly, rel/o Putnam CATLIN o/Great Bend, mother/o George CATLIN, Indian artist, d Delta NY 15July1844. CATLIN, Putnam, age 77, Rev. War, from Wyoming, d Great Bend 12March1842. CATLIN, Richard, Oneida NY, m 7May1834 Darwina Hayette BARSTOW, dau/o Dr. S. T. BARSTOW, Wysox. CATLIN, Theodosia Amanda, age 25, dau/o Charles & Amanda CATLI, d Pensacola FL 22Dec1844. CAZELY, Frederick, Silver Lake, m 11May1842 Elcina BALDWIN, Bridgewater. CHAFFEE, Mary, m 20May1845 James M. OTIS, both/o Wisconsin. CHALKER, Ann, Choconut, m 10Dec1837 Benjamin PLATT. CHALKER, Chloe, m 1Jan1824 Amos HEATH, both/o Choconut. CHALKER, Crucy [Lucretia?] Wood, m 2July1839 Alfred ROSS, both/o Liberty. CHALKER, Elkhanay, m 22June1835 Almira PLATT, both/o Choconut. CHALKER, Mrs. Rhoda, m 13Dec1832 John L. TRAVIS, New Milford. CHALKER, Samuel, age 71, d Liberty 27Nov1843. CHAMBERLIN, Andrew J., Gibson, m 24June1834 Amy LAMB, Jackson. CHAMBERLIN, Benjamin, age 60, d Choconut 19May1822. CHAMBERLIN, Charles, Springville, m 25April1844 Mary Ann ROSENCRANTZ. CHAMBERLIN, Electa C., m 10March1839 George S. SHANNON, both/o Conklin. CHAMBERLIN, Jane, m 8Feb1827 David BALDWIN, both/o Bridgewater. CHAMBERLIN, Joab, Choconut, m 29Dec1831 Rebecca DEAN, Bridgewater. CHAMBERLIN, Josiah B., m 27June1819 Mrs. Malinda SMITH. CHAMBERLIN, Lewis, d Silver Lake 30Aug1836. CHAMBERLIN, Lewis N., Bridgewater, m 24April1836 Mrs. Mary NASON, Jackson. CHAMBERLIN, Lodusky H., m 1Jan1832 Ruel JACKSON, Great Bend. CHAMBERLIN, Lydia, Bridgewater, m 1Jan1829 Jabez A. BIRCHARD, Jr., Middletown. CHAMBERLIN, Mary, Gibson, m 27Oct1838 Hiram BARNUM, New Milford. CHAMBERLIN, Mrs. Matilda, m 28Feb1822 John LA PORT, both/o Asylum PA. CHAMBERLIN, Melvin, Choconut, m 13Aug1843 Orpha ROGERS, late/o Toland MA. CHAMBERLIN, Miranda A., m 5April1848 H. Franklin MARSH, both/o Choconut. CHAMBERLIN, Moses, age 83, Rev. War, d Gibson 14Feb1832. CHAMBERLIN, Olive, Choconut, m 10Jan1828 Oliver LOZIER, Silver Lake. CHAMBERLIN, Mrs. Olive, age 82, d Choconut 19Feb1843. CHAMBERLIN, Oliver, Gibson, m 15May1835 Mary CLARK, Great Bend. CHAMBERLIN, Phebe, dau/o James CHAMBERLIN, Gibson, m 1June1842 John B. JOHNSTON, Great Bend. CHAMBERLIN, Polly, m 25July1843 Jackson S. BALDWIN, both/o Bridgewater. CHAMBERLIN, Samuel S., Harford, m 19Nov1832 Rhoda E. ABEL, Gibson. CHAMBERLIN, Sarah A., Bridgewater, m 26Aug1845 David L. KIMBER, New Milford. CHAMBERLIN, Tully H., Gibson, m 28Feb1827 Lucina PAINE, dau/o Capt. Oliver PAINE. CHAMBERS,Emeline E., Dundaff, m 26June1842 Harmon N. MERRIMAN, Carbondale. CHAMBERS, Louisa, Lenox, m 10Sept1877 William H. MEAD, New Milford. CHAMBERS, Maria L., m 26June1842 John J. WEAVER, both/o Dundaff. CHAMPION, J. Rachel, dau/o John CHAMPION, d Bridgewater 19Jan1832. CHAMPION, Ruel R., m 8June1836 Lucinda CARRIER. CHAMPLIN, Oliver W., Norwich CT, m 11Dec1842 Sarah BUTTERFIELD, Bridgewater. CHANDLER, Adelia, dau/o James CHANDLER, m 14Oct1833 Dr. Clark DICKERMAN, Harford. CHANDLER, Charles, Jackson, m 30Aug1838 Sarah HOPKINS, New Milford. CHANDLER, Charles, Jr., Gibson, m 8Oct1832 Evaline TROWBRIDGE, Great Bend. CHANDLER, Clark, age 54, d Colraine MA 27Feb1824 [notify his son, John W. CHANDLER of Bridgewater]. CHANDLER, Francis B., 21st ch/o father's family, m 26May1841 Mary S. JESSUP, dau/o Hon. William JESSUP, both/o Montrose. CHANDLER, Hulda, Gibson, m 22Oct1841 Amasa L. HYDE, Lebanon CT. CHANDLER, Huldah, age 55, wife/o James CHANDLER, d Gibson 20Jan1830. CHANDLER, James, age 70, d Gibson 31March1839. CHANDLER, James, Jr., Gibson, m 23Nov1834 Lucy L. CARPENTER, Harford. CHANDLER, Julia A., Jackson, m 17Aug1839 Jacob DUTCHER, Gibson. CHANDLER, Stephen, Gibson, m 10Nov1834 Caroline Sarah PACKER, Brooklyn. CHANDLER, Uriah, Thomson, m 14Feb1844 Miss C. BENSON, Jackson. CHANDLER, William C., m 29June1842 Laura M. LOW, both/o Gibson. CHAPIN, Mary, Northumberland, m 6July1831 Hamlet A. KERR. CHAPMAN, Amelia S., Norwich NY, m 22Feb1838 J. G. THORP, Oxford. CHAPMAN, Deacon Benjamin, age 74, d Durham NY 2Feb1842. CHAPMAN, Betsey, age 69, rel/o late Joseph CHAPMAN, native o/Norwich CT, d Brooklyn 8April1846. CHAPMAN, Charles Henry, son/o George & Lydia CHAPMAN, d Brooklyn 18June1838. CHAPMAN, Henry, Senator, Bucks Co., m 8July1845 Nancy F. SHUNK, dau/o Gov. SHUNK. CHAPMAN, Isaac A., d Mauch Chunk 8Dec1827. CHAPMAN, James W., Montrose, m 21March1844 Betsey BISBEE, dau/o Maj. S. BISBEE, Brooklyn. CHAPMAN, John H., Brooklyn, m 2Nov1836 Sarah Louise JONES, dau/o Bela JONES. CHAPMAN, Joseph, age 76, native o/Norwich CT, d Brooklyn 10Feb1845. CHAPMAN, Joseph, Jr., son/o Joseph CHAPMAN, d Brooklyn 17Sept1829. CHAPMAN, Lydia T., m 7July1842 James L. ADAMS, Brooklyn. CHAPMAN, Mary, dau/o Benjamin CHAPMAN, m 19Sept1833 Stephen TORREY, Honesdale. CHAPMAN, N. C., Norwich NY, m 20Feb1838 Elizabeth GILBERT, dau/o Joseph T. GILBERT, Gilbertsville NY. CHAPMAN, Rebecca, dau/o Isaac A. CHAPMAN, deceased, m 3Sept1831 Eleazer CAREY, Pike. CHAPMAN, William J., eldest child and only son/o John H. & Louisa CHAPMAN, d Bridgewater 23July1842. CHASE, Adaliza, South Bainbridge, m 19March1840 Horace W. CAMP, Wyalusing. CHASE, David, Great Bend, m 20March1827 Eliza G. HANDRAKE. CHASE, David, age 25, d Great Bend 13Nov1828. CHASE, Eliza, New Milford, m 10Jan1833 Ira SIMMONS, Bridgewater. CHASE, Eunice, m 6Oct1827 George SMALL. CHASE, Lorey, m 5March1844 Sarah Marie LILLIE, both/o Bridgewater. CHASE, Phila, m 17Oct1848 Charles C. PAYNE, both/o Harford. CHATFIELD, Widow Abigail, age 78, d Rush 7Dec1843. CHATFIELD, Benaiah, age 73, d Rush 25Sept1835. CHEAN, Henrietta Agnes, m 13June1840 James Gordon BENNETT, Ed/o Morning Herald, both/o New York. CHEEVER, Abigail S., wife/o Samuel S. CHEEVER, d Skinner's Eddy, Braintrim 26Jan1840. CHEEVER, Huldah, m 14Jan1831 Rufus S. MERRIMAN, Bridgewater. CHEEVER, Samuel, Bridgewater, m 18May1829 Abigail FOWLER, Rush. CHESTER, Julia Ann, Harrisburg, m 18April1837 Obadiah JOHNSON, Bridgewater, colored. CHETFIELD [CHATFIELD?], Hannah, m 25May1824 Homer LOVELY, both/o Rush. CHEVER, Samuel S., Braintrim, m 25Jan1844 Clarissa GREY, Tuscarora. CHEVER, Sylvia, Bridgewater, m 9June1825 Hiram HOWE, Brooklyn. CHICHESTER, George, m 18Dec1842 Milly BRIGGS, both/o Silver Lake. CHICKS, Maj. Nathaniel, Ohio, m 10March1845 Widow Lucy HEALD, Choconut. CHIDESTER, Adolphus, Steuben Co. NY, m 4Sept1844 Clarissa WILMARTH, Middletown. CHRISTIAN, Emma D., Detroit, m 27Nov1836 Gurdon WINCHELL. CHURCH, Addison, m 7April1836 Mary JOHNSON, Kingston. CHURCHILL, Amos, m 4March1829 Nabby HAWLEY, Lawsville. CHURCHILL, Irene, Honesdale, m 26Dec1831 John V. CASSPORONS, Lawsville. CHURCHILL, Sarah, m 2June1847 Henry BEEBE, both/o Franklin. CLAFLIN, Harriet H., m 28Jan1836 Dr. Gilbert N. BRUNDAGE. CLAFLIN, Mindwell, Harford, m 24Nov1825 Lemuel BRIGHAM, New Milford. CLAFLIN, Nathaniel, d Gibson 5Feb1837. CLAFLIN, Sally Ann, m 16Aug1841 Harvey PIPER, both/o Gibson. CLARK, Aaron B., m 6Sept1837 Caroline C. WOODHOUSE, both/o Choconut. CLARK, Almar, m 8March1827 Eva Maria HUFF, both/o Bridgewater. CLARK, Benjamin W., Pike, Bradford Co., m 23Nov1836 Betsey A. TAYLOR, Forest Lake. CLARK, Betsey, m 27April1832 Benjamin TINGLEY, Herrick. CLARK, Mrs. Betsey, Bridgewater, m 15Oct1829 George W. LEWIS, Tioga Co. PA. CLARK, Daniel, m 7Sept1844 Mary Ann DEUEL, both/o Forest Lake. CLARK, Ebenezer, age 44, formerly Harford, d Fishkill NY 23Feb1826. CLARK, Emily, m 12March1829 Jared C. WARNER, both/o Bridgewater. CLARK, Harry, age 26, formerly Montrose, d Exeter 3Oct1827. CLARK, Henry, Montrose, m 10Oct1822 Betsey TYLER, dau/o Simeon TYLER, Bridgewater. CLARK, John, Philadelphia, m 3June1837 Lydia A. BUSHNELL, Silver Lake. CLARK, Justin, formerly of Susquehanna Co., d Cooperstown 6May1822. CLARK, Maria P., Choconut, m 5Sept1837 Henry WOODHOUSE, Montrose. CLARK, Mary, Great Bend, m 15May1835 Oliver CHAMBERLIN, Gibson. CLARK, Mary Ann, dau/o James CLARK, Choconut, m 12May1831 George W. SCOFIELD, Masonville. CLARK, Moses A., Choconut, m 15Nov1837 Mary W. BLISS, Owego NY. CLEMONS, Henry, Montrose, m 20Sept1840 Eunice HELME, dau/o Maj. Oliver HELME, Kingston. CLINK, Hannah, m 5Oct1831 John ALLEN, Auburn. CLINK, Isaac, Auburn, m 4Sept1831 Roxanna FOWLER, dau/o Barker FOWLER, Pike. CLINTON, Oliver H., m 15Oct1835 Clarissa BRYANT, dau/o David BRYANT. CLOUD, Rev. John, Missionary, d Monrovia, Africa 3July1833. CLOUD, Mrs. John, Missionary, d Monrovia, Africa 3July1833. CLOUGH, Benjamin, Sandbornton CT, m 24Nov1833 Caroline BOWERS, both deaf and dumb. COATES, Amity, m 12Sept1833 Joseph BOSWORTH, Pike, Bradford Co. COATES, William H., m 9Oct1839 Jane MORLEY, both/o Auburn. COBB, Elmer A., m 15Oct1843 Purdence Arsella WANDELL, both/o Middletown. COBB, Phebe, m 28Feb1830 Philemon HART, both/o Bridgewater. COBURN, Cornelia, age 26, dau/p Peter COBURN, d Warren PA 22June1845. COCKAYNE, Ann, m 17Sept1849 William HENSTOCK, both/o Forest Lake. CODDINGTON, John, m 13Dec1849 Anna KEENY, both/o Rush. COGGSWELL, Dr. Hiram, m 28Feb1839 Harriet ROWLEY, both/o Pike. COGGSWELL, Theda, m 29Sept1839 Lewis A. LEMON, both/o Auburn. COGSHALL, Harmon, m 25Dec1827 Annar MACOMBER, both/o Silver Lake. COGSHALL, Lucy Ann, Silver Lake, m 15Dec1826 Abijah BUSH, Bridgewater. COGSHALL, Norman, Pike PA, m 1July1830 Eunice RHINEVAULT, Bridgewater. COGSHALL, Rosetta, Middletown, m 12March1829 Dennis BUSH, Bridgewater. COGSWELL, Jemima, age 91, d Bridgewater 19Feb1826. COGSWELL, Miranda, dau/o Julius COGSWELL, m 17June1830 David L. CRAWFORD, Auburn. COLBURN, Dr. Andrew, age 50, d Warren 15April1839. COLBURN, Olive, m 21Dec1827 William GREGORY. COLE, Almira, Franklin, m 1Oct1843 Gilbert A. SMITH, Brooklyn. COLE, Eliza A., m 24Sept1846 Henry M. SMITH, both//o Franklin. COLE, Emeline, m 3April1842 Friend TUTTLE, both/o Franklin. COLE, Lyman B., m 22Sept1842 Jerusha B. HARDING, New Milford. COLE, Sally Ann, m 14Feb1844 Eli WARNER, both/o Forest Lake. COLEMAN, Charles, son/o M. C. COLEMAN & Mary TYLER, deceased, d Montrose 10Sept1840. COLEMAN, Maria, Jackson, m 24Dec1841 John STERNS, Mt. Pleasant. COLEMAN, William N., age 26, d Jackson 2Aug1841. COLLIER, John A., Binghamton, m 20Aug1834 Elizabeth Ann MORRIS, dau/o Lewis Lee MORRIS, Butternuts. COLLINS, Samuel P., m 15April1841 Elizabeth BEAUMONT, eldest dau/o Hon. A. BEARMONT, both/o Wilkes-Barre. COLT, Keziah A., Harford, m 6July1842 Samuel REYNOLDS, Brooklyn. COMFORT, Benjamin, m 12May1829 Fanny WINTERS, both/o Harmony. [When Mr. Comfort proposed to Miss Winters he asked her if she would take Comfort and live in Harmony.] COMFORT, Henry W., m 29Oct1835 Maria A. YOUNG, New Milford. COMFORT, James, m June1830 Mary Ann MC KUNE, both/o Harmony. COMFORT, Louisa Safrona, eldest dau/o Benjamin & Frances CROCKER, d anesboro 12Aug1844. COMSTOCK, Hariet, m 28Aug1834 Philander ELLSWORTH, both/o Harford. COMSTOCK, Harriet, m 12Jan1845 Luman W. ALLEN, both/o Liberty. CONE, Mrs. Sally, m 3Aug1837 Samuel WILSON, both/o Braintrim. CONGDON, Henry, age 82, Rev. War, d Bridgewater 6Oct1841. CONGDON, Mrs. Sarah, age 82, d Bridgewater 29Dec1831. CONGDON, Stephen C., Montrose, m 22Aug1877 Linda J. DEUEL, Rush. CONKLIN, Genett, NY State, m 18March1841 Hugh LENOX, Delaware Co. NY. CONKLIN, James, m 2Jan1838 Caroline FRAYER both/o New Milford. CONKLING, Sally, Bridgewater, m 28Feb1816 Ira BISHOP, Bridgewater. CONNORS, Myra, dau/o Ira CONNERS, Bridgewater, m 24Aug1817 Thomas H. DOYLE. CONRAD, Mary, m 20Nov1839 Samuel WOODWARD, both/o Harford. CONRON, John, Dundaff, m 23Sept1827 Frederica JAROCK [JAYCOX?]. CONROY, George, Conklin NY, m 18Sept1842 Emily ROGERS, Liberty. CONSTANTINE, Abel S., m 14Sept1839 Sally FANCHER, both/o Bridgewater. CONVERS, Pamela M., m 8March1838 James E. HOWE, both/o Brooklyn. CONVERSE, Augustus, Jr., age 24, d Andover IL 20Oct1843. CONVERSE, Augustus, Sr., age 53, family formerly o/Susquehanna Co., d Andover IL 23Oct1843. CONVERSE, Erastus B., age 13, d Andover IL 18Oct1843. CONVERSE, Mrs. Sybil, age 53, d Andover IL 12Oct1843. COOK, Fanny, Bridgewater, m 2Feb1832 Clark MILLS, VT. COOK, Miss, m 15July1837 Samuel RISLEY, both/o Bridgewater. COOK, Mrs. Lois, age 106 yrs., 6 mos., d Chenango NY 26Nov1830. COOK, Lyman, m 14June1830 Eunice TURRELL, both/o Bridgewater. COOK, Nandy, dau/o Daniel COOK, deceased, m 10Oct1831 Col. Simeon B. JEWETT, Montrose. COOK, Sally, m 8Dec1842 George OTIS, both/o Rush. COOK, Sarah M., m 7Oct1838 Ebenezer FISK, Frankin. COOK, Solon, son/o Eunice & Lyman COOK, Jr., d Bridgewater 9Dec1832. COOKE, Mary Huntington, dau/o Luther D. COOKE, Sag Harbor LI, m 7May1849 William Jessup MULFORD, Montrose. COOL, Susan, dau/o William COOL , M 5May1816 Henry ELDRIDGE. COOLEY, Caroline, Auburn, m 12Nov1840 Benjamin JANE, Washington PA. COOLEY, Mrs. John Jacob COOLEY, d Bridgewater 10May1821. COOLEY, Mary, Auburn, m 26May1841 James A. KEENEY, Tuscarora. COOLEY, Robert W., Auburn, m 8Sept1842 Eliza WILLIAMS, Middletown. COOLEY, William, 2nd, Auburn, m 5Aug1841 Eleanor RUNNELL. COOMAN, Louisa M., Harford, m 18July1838 William C. TIFFANY, Tioga Co. COON, Jesse, [son/o Jedediah COON-BHK] m 12March1818 Temperance KILLAM, both/o Bridgewater. COON, John, m 9Jan1842 Lucretia ROBERTS, both/o Bridgewater. COON, Luthera T., dau/o Jesse & Tempe COON, d Bridgewater 4Aug1842. COON, Maria A., dau/0 Jesse COON, Bridgewater, m 21Nov1838 William E. SCOTT, Montrose. COONE, Matthew B., Hastings NY, m 15Jan1834 Emily WISWELL, dau/o Jason WISWELL, New Milford. COONROD, Betsey, age 37, wife/o John COONROD, d Harford 4March1826. COONROD, Cynthia Maria, dau/o Jacob COONROD, d Harford 3July1827. COONROD, Sally Ann, m 31March1839 Horace GILE, both/o Auburn. COONROD, William, age 84, d Harford 14Oct1837. COOPER, Elma, Binghamton, m 15May1848 John G. RAYMOND, Montrose. COOPER, Isaac, Springville, m 12Sept1843 Adelia DOOLITTLE, Corbettsville. CORAH, J. W., Bridgewater, m 17June1845 Mrs. Marion MOODY, dau/o Adonijah MOODY, Towanda. CORAH, Jemima, wife/o Jeremiah CORAH, and dau/o Jacob ROBERTS, d Bridgewater 5May1830. CORBETT, George Ansel, son/o Samuel B. & Jane CORBETT, d Corbettsville 2Feb1848. CORBETT, Sewell B., m 11April1838 Jane WATROUS, both/o Conklin. CORBITT, Ira, Corbittsville, m 18Jan1842 Juliette E. BOWES, Great Bend. CORBY, Cyrus C., m 12March1845 Mrs. Joanna SMITH. COREY, Erastus, m 3July1826 Amy BELL, Lenox. COREY, Jeremiah W., Nicholson, m 22Sept1825 Jemima ROBERTS, dau/o Jacob ROBERTS. COREY, Jsoeph H., m 10Nov1834 Fanny ROGERS. CORNELL, Joseph, son/o Samuel D. & Lorinda CORNELL, d Rush 27May1839. CORNELL, Lorinda, wife/o Samuel D. CORNELL, d Forest Lake 17Sept1843. CORNELL, Sarah E., Philadelphia, m 9Jan1849 Aazar LATHROP, Springville. CORNWALL, Abigail, Cairo NY, m 25Aug1819 James DEANS, Bridgewater. CORNWALL, Nathan P., m 3Feb1827 Amanda REYNOLDS. CORNWALL, Sally, m 23Oct1822 Hyde CROCKER, both/o Bridgewater. CORNWELL, Elizabeth A., dau/o Zephania CORNWELL, m 23Sept1835 William H. WESTON, Vestal NY. CORNWELL, Louisa M., m 11Oct1848 Zenas SMITH both/o Jessup. CORNWELL, Mary, dau/o Zephaniah & Susanna, d Forest Lake 14June1838. CORNWELL, Susan B., m 3Jan1838 Benjamin CASE, both/o Montrose. CORNWELL, Unice B., Forest Lake, m 4July1843 Joseph GREGORY, Tuscarora. CORWIN, Alfred E., m 25March1848 Elizabeth FOSTER, both/o Bridgewater. CORWIN, William T., New Milford, m 23Feb1843 Caroline SUTLIFF, Brooklyn. CORY, Mary Ophelia Jenson, dau/o J. W. CORY, m 10Dec1843 Otis NEWTON, Springville. CORY, Samuel P., formerly o/Bridgewater, d Perry OH 21June1846. COSS, Margaretta, m 6March1834 Charles WELCH, both/o Bridgewater. COTE, Thomas, Lanesboro, m 20Nov1842 Margaret BROWN, Montrose. COTRILL, Evangeline, wife/o N. COTRILL, d Providence 1Oct1832. COTTON, Susan, m 6March1817 William REYNOLDS. COUGHLAN, Obed G., m 28Aug1837 Hannah GUILD, both/o Harford. COX, Calvin, age 43, d Bridgewater 2Jan1843. COX, Hulda, m 5Nov1843 Benjamin SHELDON, both/o Auburn. COX, Mary B., Bridgewater, m 26Aug1846 James B. SIMMONS, Montrose. COX, Silas Henry, son/o Mrs. Margaret COX, d Bridgewater 2Oct1843. COXE, Eliza,, wife/o Henry W. COXE and dau/o James L. & Susan PIERONETTE, Friendsville, d Philadelphia 26May1832. COXE, Sackville H., m 15May1826 Sophia PIERONETTE, dau/o James PIERONETTE. COY, Alanson, m 7Oct1820 Thirza JENNINGS, both/o Montrose. COY, Alanson, m 24Dec1826 Betsey ROGERS, both/o Montrose. COY, Lauraine L, Dimock, m 9April1846 William H. BEDELL, Brooklyn. COY, Thursy Louisa, age 26, wife/o Alanson COY, d Montrose 17Aug1826. CRANDALL, Rev. Amos, d Waterford [now Brooklyn] 2July1824. CRANDALL, Asa, age 61, d Covington PA 20Oct1849. CRANDALL, Candace, Canterbury CT, m 19Aug1834 Elder Calvin PHILLEO, Ithaca. CRANDALL, Charles W., m 6Sept1846 Mary Ann WOOLSEY, both/o Jessup. CRANDALL, Edward, M.D., m 30Nov1828 Electa BOSWORTH, dau/o Salmon BOSWORTH, Pike PA. CRANDALL, Eliza, m 16Jan1828 George BACKUS, both/o Bridgewater. CRANDALL, George, m 4July1838 Patience T. BELL, both/o Brooklyn. CRANDALL, Lydia A., m 17April1845 Augustus REDMUND. CRANDALL, Mary, dau/o Asa CRANDALL, m 16Feb1836 George FRINK, both/o Montrose. CRANDALL, Sally T., New Milford, m 14Dec1838 Hiram G. RESSIGUE, Liberty. CRANE, Hannah Caroline, dau/o William M. CRANE, d Morristown NJ 2Sept1845. CRANE, Henry, m 27Dec1848 Judith SIMONS, both/o Franklin. CRANE, Oliver, m 17Oct1846 Ann Maria SMITH, both/o Bridgewater. CRAWFORD, David L., Auburn, m 17June1830 Miranda COGSWELL, dau/o Julius COGSWELL. CRIPS, Sophia, Bridgewater, m 5Nov1822 Peter JAMESON. CRIPPS, Mrs. Mary, age 81, at res/o son-in-law Peter JAMESON, d Bridgewater 10March1842. CROCKER, Almon, only son/o Hyde & Sally CROCKER, d Bridgewater 29Sept1832. CROCKER, Austin, Bridgewater, m 13Nov1828 Ann FRENCH, Lewisburg. CROCKER, Mrs. Betsey, age 75, wife/o Thomas CROCKER, d Bridgewater 1March1844. CROCKER, Charles, son/o Daniel W. CROCKER, d Montrose 26July1842. CROCKER, Daniel W., m 18April1839 Lucy M. HUNTLEY, both/o Bridgewater. CROCKER, Daniel W., m 14Nov1841 Zervia FINCH, both/o Montrose. CROCKER, Harriet, dau/o Thomas CROCKER, Bridgewater, m 22June1828 Hiram FINCH, Montrose. CROCKER, Georgiana, infant dau/o Daniel W. & Julia Ann CROCKER, d Bridgewater 23July1838. CROCKER, Hyde, m 23Oct1822 Sally CORNWALL, both/o Bridgewater. CROCKER, John, age 21, d Bridgewater 30Aug1825. CROCKER, John H., son/o Hyde CROCKER, d Bridgewater 8Jan1829. CROCKER, Mrs. Julia Ann, wife/o Daniel W. CROCKER, d Bridgewater 23July1838. CROCKER, Lucy H., dau/o Daniel W. CROCKER, d Montrose 26July1842. CROCKER, Mary Ann, m 12Feb1824 Otis BULLARD, both/o Bridgewater. CROCKER, Thomas, native o/ Bozrah CT, settler 1800, d Bridgewater 29Nov1848. CROFOOT, Julia A., m 24Aug1845 Zachariah ALTHOUSE, both/o Silver Lake. CROFUT, Daniel, m 30March1839 Matilda BROWN, both/o New Mlford. CROFUT, Eliakim, Colesville NY, m 10June1829 Polly CURTIS, Bridgewater. CROFUT, Eliza, New Milford, m 13Oct1842 Alexander BARRON, Franklin. CROFUT, Frederick G., New Milford, m 25Oct1829 Harriet ELPHICK, Montrose. CROFUT, James, age 38, formerly New Milford, d Burlington 30March1837. CROFUT, James L., New Milford, m 12Nov1820 Amanda BARNES, Springville. CROFUT, James L. son/o Eli & Sarah CROFUT, d 21July1841. CROFUT, Josiah, age 67, d New Milford 11Nov1836. CROSS, Rose W., Harrisburg, m 12Nov1844 E. S. GOODRICH, Esq., Bradford Co. CROSS, Sarepta G., Harford, m 5Jan1844 Joseph BENNETT, Providence RI. CROSSEN, Patrick, m 1May1837 Mrs. Jane L. LA GROS, both/o Bridgewater. CROSSMAN, Fanny, m 17Dec1845 Henry P. ROBBINS, both/o Bridgewater. CROUCH, Darius, m 13March1839 Mary A. MC COLLUM, both/o Bridgewater. CRUSER, Ann, Montrose, m 6Aug1832 Ezra CARRIER, Conklin. CRUSER, Bela W., infant son/o Henry & Julia CRUSER, d Conklin NY 26June1837. CRUSER, Henry, m 24Oct1832 Julia JONES, dau/o Bela JONES, both/o Bridgewater. CULVER, Jane, m 20Oct1839 George H. BLAKESLEE, both/o Springville. CULVER, Roxwell, Jackson, m 10July1842 Maria Jane STORMS, New York. CUMMINGS, Fred R., age 21, d Honesdale 16Oct1846. CUMMINGS, Jedediah, NY, m 22June1829 Lydia BARNES, Gibson. CUNNINGHAM, David, son/o John N. CUNNINGHAM of Wilkes-Barre, d Montrose 1May1834. CURTIS, Abigail, m 31Oct1819 Esek WOOD, Bridgewater. CURTIS, Mrs. Abigail, age 70, d Bridgewater 17March1824. CURTIS, Charles C., Kingston, m 13Aug1816 Olive RANSOM, dau/o Col. George P. RANSOM, Bridgewater. CURTIS, Charlotte B., m 10Sept1837 John H. LILLIE, Elmira. CURTIS, Clarissa, Bridgewater, m 15Dec1845 O. S. BLAKESLEY, New Milford. CURTIS, Daniel, Montrose, m 12May1816 Mary ROSS, dau/o Major ROSS, Rush. CURTIS, Harry/Harvey, d May1821. CURTIS, Ira, m 30April1820 Celinda HARRIS, both/o Bridgewater. CURTIS, Ira, d Oct1821. CURTIS, Ira, age 36, d Bridgewater 22Oct1828. CURTIS, Ira W., m 16March1742 Eunice OAKLEY. CURTIS, Jamees, m 17Aug1836 Sophia D. WILLIAMS, both/o Bridgewater. CURTIS, Lucinda, m 20Dec1847 Reuben HILL, both/o Jackson. CURTIS, Mary J., Rush, m 23Aug1840 William E. LITTLE. CURTIS, Polly, Bridgewater, m 10June1829 Eliakim CROFUT, Colesville NY. CURTIS, Mrs. Susannah, Silver Lake, m 1April1818 David Joel OWEN, Choconut. CURTIS, Theodosia, dau/o Nathaniel CURTIS, m 1Feb1837 Daniel MC COLLUM, Bridgewater. CURTIS, Warren, age 39, d Bridgewater 17Aug1828. CURTIS, William, d Hopbottom Oct1814. CURTIS, ---, son/o Daniel CURTIS, d Montrose 28March1824. CUSHMAN, Cormack, Montrose, m 2June1830 Sarah ELDRIDGE, Bridgewater. CUSHMAN, Sarah Antionette, dau/o Cormack & Sarah CUSHMAN, d Montrose 24Oct1849. CUSHMAN, William T., age 23, d Greene NY 12Dec1841. DAILEY, James, Wyoming Co., m 23Oct18422 Zilpha TAYLOR, Springville. DALEY, Chauncey Asher, son/o Charles & Lucy DALEY, d Brooklyn 20Sept1842. DALTON, Isaac, m 4July1832 Eliza MILLER, both/o Herrick. DANIELS, James, m 16Nov1837 Elvira FANCHER, dau/o Benjamin FANCHER, both/o Bridgewater. DANIELS, Joseph G., formerly Montrose, m 5Sept1844 Mary A. VAN BUREN, dau/o late Peter VAN BUREN. DANIELS, Mary, m 24Jan1834 Caleb BUSH, both/o Bridgewater. DANIELS, Phoebe, dau/o Richard DANIELS, d Bridgewater 7June1819. DANKS, Uriah, Syracuse, m 14Oct1848 Irene A. DEXTER, Springville. DARBY, Mary, Bridgewater,, m 23March1817 Asahel SOUTHWORTH. DARROW, Alzina, Bridgewater, m 11May1837 Henry H. MITCHELL, Tunkhannock. DARROW, Daniel, Bridgewater, m 6Dec1835 Angelina BEEBE, dau/o Joseph BEEBE. DARROW, George, age 76, d Bridgewater 16Nov1820. DARROW, Joseph, age 45, d Bridgewater 4Feb1832. DARROW, Malinda, Bridgewater, m 13June1841 Lyman HERKIMER, Brooklyn. DARROW, Stephen H., Middletown, m 19Aug1839 Jane E. SILLSBEE, Braintrim. DARSON, Elvira, dau/o Stephen H. & Jane E. DARSON, d Middletown 19March1843. DART, Anson, Montrose, m 25Feb1819 Eliza CATLIN, dau/o Putnam CATLIN. DART, Olin, age 62, d Middletown 6Sept1827. DART, Samuel M., son/o Selah M. DART, d Middletown 28Dec1827. DAVIE, William M., Bradford Co., m 27Feb1842 Celestia BEEMAN, Forest Lake. DAVIS, Christian, Rush, m 9April1846 Sally ROBERTS, Dimock. DAVIS, Daniel, m 16Dec1838 Fanny IVES, both/o Bridgewater. DAVIS, Enoch, Luzerne Co., m 16Oct1834 Lydia CAMP. DAVIS, Jane, m 21June1832 Erastus OTIS, Bridgewater. DAVIS, Josiah, Great Bend, m 13Sept1829 Annis ALLEN, Windsor NY. DAVIS, Josiah, age 92, Rev. War, d Liberty 18April1848. DAVIS, Mary, age 85, d Bridgewater 22Sept1838. DAVIS, Mary Ann, m 18June1839 Simeon MAC DONALD, both/o Great Bend. DAVIS, Willard, Honesdale, m 27Oct1841 Lydia P. SUTTON. DAVIS, Rev. William P., Southort, m 23July1834 Angeline J. PRATT, Burlington PA. DAVIS, William, m 19Nov1843 Charlotte WILLIAMS, both/o Bridgewater. DAVISON, Asa, m 4July1846 Juliana BROWN, both/o Brooklyn. DAWLEY, Daniel, m 8Sept1845 Sally M. ALLARD, both/o Liberty. DAWLEY, Louisa, m 5Jan1837 Watson BAILEY, both/o Liberty. DAWLEY, Mercy, m 15May1843 Joseph BAILEY, both/o Liberty. DAWLEY, Stephen, age 50, d Liberty 4May1845. DAY, Clarissa, dau/o Dr. E. DAY, Herrick, m 26April1841 S. S. N. FULLER, Esq. Great Bend. DAY, Climenia, m 1Nov1845 James T. TALLON, both/o Friendsville. DAY, Dr. Erastus, age 29, d Herrick 23March1839. DAY, Esther, Bridgewater, m 29Nov1826 Daniel ROSS. DAY, Frances M., Herrick, m 22Nov1844 David B. MAPES, Newburg NY. DAY, Henry, m 26Dec1832 Ann Eliza WRIGHT, both/o Bridgewater. DAY, Louisa, dau/o Lysander & Hannah DAY, d Forest Lake 7March1844. DAY, Mrs. Lucy, age 52, wife/o Robert DAY, d Bridgewater 1March1838. DAY, Lucy Ann, m 5Dec1844 Isaac W. ROBBNS, both/o Bridgewater. DAY, Mary Ann, dau/o Ebenezer DAY, m 21Nov1843 E. H. ESTABROOK, St. Paul's Church, Buffalo NY. DAY, Robert, m 16Oct1816 Lucy BUSH, Bridgewater. DAY, William P., son/o Lysander & Hannah DAY, d Forest Lake 7March1844. DAYTON, Cordelia M., Great Bend, m 11March1839 David C. NEWMAN. DEAN, Elijah, age 42, d Bridgewater 10June1840. DEAN, Dr. George, formerly Susquehanna Co., m 16March1847 Elmira MOODY, dau/p John McA. MOODY, Veteran NY. DEAN, Jane, dau/o Thomas DEAN, New Milford, m 9Feb1834 Solomon R. WILLIAMS. DEAN, Jesse, Bridgewater, m 12July1829 Malinda NICKERSON. DEAN, Judson A., Dimock, m 3May1841 Adah ROBINSON, dau/o Noah ROBINSON, Freemansburg. DEAN, Lucinda, m 2Dec1832 Artemus HALL, Great Bend. DEAN, Olive, m 28March1828 Joshua PHINNEY, both/o New Milford. DEAN, Mrs. Olive, age 65, widow/o the late Luther DEAN, d Bridgewater 16April1835. DEAN, Permelia, Bridgewater, m 23Nov1826 John LACET, Braintrim. DEAN, Rebecca, Bridgewater, m 29Dec1831 Joab CHAMBERLIN, Choconut. DEAN, Mrs. Sophia S., wife/o L. M. DEAN, formerly Bridgewater, d Ulysses PA 25Dec1842. DEANS, Mrs. Abigail, wife/o James DEANS, d Bridgewater 27Sept1836. DEANS, Fanny, Montrose, m 21Oct1824 Thadeus FIELDS, Ithaca NY. DEANS, James, Bridgewater, m 25Aug1819 Abigail CORNWALL, Cairo NY. DEANS, James, m 15March1837 Charlotte PARK, Frankln. DEANS, John F., Bridgewater, m 12April1831 Eleanor STERLING, Auburn. DEANS, Julia, dau/o John & Eleanor DEANS, d 22Sept1841. DEANS, Lucy, Montrose, m 1June1824 David FIELDS, Ithaca NY. DEANS, Mary Ellen, dau/o Judson & Adah DEANS, d Dimock 1Nov1843. DEANS, Matilda, m 17March1816 Hezekiah BULLARD. DEANS, Nancy, dau/o Joseph DEANS, Woodstoct CT, m 10Nov1834 Reuben WELLS, Jr., Bridgewater. DEANS, Phebe, dau/o Zebulon DEANS, Bridgewater, m Elijah BULLARD. DEANS, Zebulon, age 78, d Bridgewater 13April1848. DEATOR, Peter D., Chenango NY, m 30Dec1843 Lucy Ann RUSSELL, Bridgewater. DECKER, Andrew,Blakely, m 9July1842 Emily E. EMMONS, Wilkes-Barre. DE LA MONTAYNE, Robert, Orange Co. NY, m 14Feb1843 Polly Ann FOOT, New Milford. DEMING, Mrs. Laura, age 29, wife/o Abner DEMING, at the res/o her father, Calvin WHEATON, d Liberty 19May1842. DENISON, Dr. B. A., age 64, at this bro's Mason DENISON, d Dimock 8Feb1837. DENISON, George, s/o Dr. Mason DENISON, d Montrose 10Feb1819. DENISON, Jane M., m 1Oct1849 Edmund BALDWIN, both/o Montrose. DENISON, Oliver, formerly Montrose, m 1Nov1830 Laura BOOTH, dau/o Elder BOOTH. DENISON, Polly, m18April1827 Sloan HAMILTON, both/o Montrose. DENISON, Sarah, Kingston, m 8March1838 Gilbert REILEY, Troy. DENNIS, Ann C., m 14Sept1841 Amos N. MEYLERT, Esq., both/o Montrose. DENNIS, William [2nd time] m 6Feb1826 Minerva JACOBS. DENNISON, George, age 42, d Wilkes-Barre 21Aug1831. DENNISON, Georgiana S., dau/o Dr. Mason & Wealthy DENNISON, at Mannington Boarding School, d Choconut 23March1837. DENNISON, Dr. J. W., m 22Sept1842 Caroline FASSETT, dau/o Maj. J. FASSETT, both/o Windham. DENNISON, Dr. Mason, age 50, d Montrose 27Sept1838. DENNISON, William, Middletown, m 19March1845 Diana BAULCH, Rush. DENNY, Assenith, m 26March1833 Chauncy BENJAMIN, both/o Gibson. DENNY, Joel, Gibson, m 31Dec1835 Esther STEENBACK, dau/o Silas STEENBACK. DENNY, Rufus, m 11May1849 Paulina ENTROTT, both/o Gibson. DENNY, Samuel, age 31, d Herrick 24Feb1842. DE PUE, Orpha, Standing Stone, m 26Dec1841 Thomas ADAMS, Auburn. DUEUL, Ann, Middletown, m 24Dec1843 Daniel M. TERRY, Rush. DEUEL, Linda J., Rush, m 22Aug1877 Stephen C. CONGDON, Montrose. DEUEL, Mary Ann, m 7Sept1844 Daniel CLARK, both/o Forest Lake. DEUEL, Mercy, dau/o Capt. Ira DEUEL, Middletown, m 9April1835 Uriah TERRY, Rush. DEVINE, Mary Ann, m 16Jan1843 Daniel SEELEY, both/o Rush. DEVINE, Sarah, Rush, m 24April1844 Thomas S. JAMES, Auburn. DEVOL, Abraham, age 78, of Catlin NY, Rev. War, d Williamsport 20March1834. DEWEL, Gideon, Middletown, m 22Nov1837 Orinda DEWEL, dau/o Allen DEWEL, Forest Lake. DEWEL, Orinda, dau/o Allen DEWEL, Forest Lake, m 22Nov1837 Gideon DEWEL, Middletown. DEWER, Hiram, Middletown, m 28Dec1826 Clarissa TUPPER, Rush. DEWERS, Mary, dau/o David DEWERS, m 24Oct1833 Ralph BIRCHARD, Middletown. DEWERS, Mary Ann, m 9Nov1845 Christopher SHERMAN, both/o Rush. DEWERS, P. Jane, Rush, m 15Oct1846 William P. CASE, Montrose. DEWEY, Holdridge, New York City, m 23Oct1837 Cynthia B. GERE, Montrose. DEWEY, Patience, dau/o David DEWEY, m 28Sept1831 Timothy S. BLAISDELL, both/o Middletown. DE WITT, Evi, Brookllyn, m 28Dec1843 Ann E. WILSON, Carbondale. DE WITT, Silas, Harmony, m 19March1834 Phebe SMITH, Dimock. DE WOLF, Barney A., Bridgewater, m 3March1831 Minerva ATHERTON, Mt. Pleasant. DEXTER, Irene A., Springville, m 14Oct1848 Uriah DANKS, Syracuse. DICKERMAN, Dr. Clark, Harford, m 14Oct1833 Adelia CHANDLER, dau/o James CHANDLER. DICKERMAN, James Bedell, son/o Dr. Clark & Sarah A. DICKERMAN, d Harford 11April1842. DICKEY, Emeline, eldest dau/o Benjamin DICKEY, twin bro/o Joseph DICKEY, Holland VT, m 1March1827 John DICKEY, eldest s/o Joseph DICKEY. DICKEY, John, eldest/s/o Joseph DICKEY, m 1March1827 Emeline DICKEY, eldest dau/o Benjamin DICKEY, twin bro/o Joseph DICKEY, Holland VT. DICKS [DIX?], John A., m 18April1844 Emeline WILLIAMS, dau/o Gurdon WILLIAMS, both/o New Milford. DIKEMAN, Eliza, dau/o John & Sally DIKEMAN, d Harford 18April1845. DILLEY, Charlotte, dau/o Jesse DILLEY, Wilkes-Barre, m 18Feb1849 C. E. LATHROP, Tunkhannock. DIMMICK, Joshua T., Susquehanna Co., m 9June1839 Elizabeth BROTHTINE, Wayne. DIMOCK, Adelia Robertine, dau/o Col. Asa DIMOCK, d Harrisburg 27May1849. DIMOCK, Asa, age 62, d Herrick 18Dec1833. DIMOCK, Asa G., Honesdale, m 7April1833 Marietta BENNETT, Montrose. DIMOCK, Benjamin J., age 44, d Prompton, Wayne Co. 8June1844. DIMOCK, Hon. D., Jr., d Montrose 13Jan1842. DIMOCK, David, 87, Rev. War, d Bridgewater 14Feb1832. DIMOCK, David, son/o Elder Davis DIMOCK, lost at sea 17May1839. DIMOCK, Davis, Jr., Bridgewater, m 4Oct1832 Maria WARD, New Milford. DIMOCK, Dr. G. Z., m 17June1846 Elizabeth V. POST, both/o Montrose. DIMOCK, George Washington, son/o Col. Asa DIMOCK, Jr., d Montrose 6Oct1833. DIMOCK, John H., Harrisburg, m 12Oct1839 Mary Elizabeth DIMOCK, dau/o Col. Asa DIMOCK, Montrose. DIMOCK, Lillie, dau/o John & Mary DIMOCK, d Montrose 22Jan1849. DIMOCK, Lydia C., dau/o Elder DIMOCK, m 24Oct1832 Leonard SEARLE, Montrose. DIMOCK, Lydia Maria, wid/o Hon. Davis DIMOCK, Jr., m 8Jan1845 William L. POST, both/o Montrose. DIMOCK, Mary Elizabeth, dau/o Col. Asa DIMOCK, Montrose, m 12Oct1839 John H. DIMOCK, Harrisburg. DIMOCK, Robert Asa, son/o John H. & Mary E. DIMOCK, d Montrose 4April1847. DIMOCK, Robert Henry, son/o Asa & Electa DIMOCK, d Montrose 1May1838. DIMOCK, Roxana M., Herrick, m 24May1842 William MEREDITH, Clifford. DIMOCK, Warren, age 47, d Herrick 1Feb1844. DIMOCK, Warren S., son/o Col. Asa DIMOCK, m 8July1849 Julia Ann MC KUNE, dau/o Joseph MC KUNE, Harmony. DIMON, Mrs. Abigail, age 75, d Great Bend 5Nov1834. DIX, Betsey C., Gibson, m 1Nov1843 Seymour GRIFFIS, Jackson. DIX, Calvin, m 30June1836 Charlotte LARABEE, both/o Jackson. DIX, Hannah, Mt. Pleasant, m 17March1831 George TYLER, Herrick. DIX, Maria A., Jackson, m 6Oct1835 Samuel DODGE. DOAK, Mrs. Lydia, m 12Feb1849 George P. STEELE, both/o Wilkes-Barre. DOAK, William, age 42, d Wilkes-Barre 29May1847. DOBSON, Jacob D., Windsor, m 27Dec1848 Margaret JONES, Conklin. DODD, William, recently Susquehanna Co., d Owego 26July1839. DODGE, Jeremiah E., Michigan, m 17June1834 Roena ASHLEY, Auburn. DODGE, Jeremiah E., Michigan, m 17June1834 Roxanna ASHLEY, dau/o Charles ASHLEY, Auburn. DODGE, Mary, dau/o Daniel DODGE, Owego NY, m 27 May1834 Henry GRIFFIN, Tioga. DODGE, Roccena, dau/o Charles DODGE & Roccena ASHLEY, late of PA, and wife/o J. E. DODGE, Esq.., d Wisconsin 21April1841. DODGE, Samuel, m 6Oct1835 Maria A. DIX, Jackson. DOLLY, Laura, m 5Nov1845 J. D. WEBSTER, Liberty. DOLPH, Almon F., Carbondale, m 17May1837 Saphronia W. JOSLIN, Dundaff. DONNELLY, Margaret, Carbondale, m 5May1839 James MC MAHON, Binghamton. DONNELLY, Thomas, age 67, d Choconut 10Feb1845. DOOLITTLE, Adelia, Corbettsville, m 12Sept1843 Isaac COOPER, Springville. DOOLITTLE, Enos B., New Milford, m 18Nov1845 Clarinda SMITH, Franklin. DOOLITTLE, Hannah, age 90, d New Milford 3Aug1836. DOOLITTLE, Rev. Nelson, Berkshire NY, m 16Oct1828 Catherine STEPHENS, Bridgewater. DORRANCE, Mrs. Mary S., Lykens Valley, m 1March1836 Hon. David SCOTT, Harrisburg. DORRANCE, Nancy, wife/o Col. Benjamin DORRANCE, d Kingston 2Feb1834. DOUD, Henry, Homer NY, m 22Aug1830 Mary Ann MC CARTY, New Milford. DOUGHERTY, John, Middletown, m 23March1842 Peggy Ann MINKLER, Silver Lake. DOUGLASS, Frances E., age 19, dau/o Samuel & Anna DOUGLAS, formerly Franklin Twp., d New Haven CT 7April1844. DOUGLASS, Henry H., son/o Samuel & Anna DOUGLASS, d Texas. DOUSE, Mrs. Maria, m 18Oct1846 Isaac LLOYD, both/o Bridgewater. DOTY, Charlotte, eldest dau/o Zurah & Phebe Ann DOTY, d 15May1835. DOTY, Nathan, son/o Zuri & Phebe Ann DOTY, d Bridgewater 7Aug1834. DOUD, James, m 17June1833 Jemima HALSTED, both/o Lenox. DOUDLEY, Mary, m 19Jan1838 Gilead PICKETT, both/o Rush. DOUDNEY, Clementine, Wyalusing, m 4Oct1838 Perrin LATHROP, Rush. DOUGLAS, Henry H., formerly Franklin, d Houston TX 17Sept1838. DOW, Elam K., son/o Joseph Jr. & Abigail DOW, d Thompson 19Jan1837. DOW, Mrs.Sarah, age 28, wife/o Jeremiah DOW, d Tunkhannock 15Sept1843. DOWNER, Cornelia, m 16Nov1836 Orin S. BEEBE, both/o Bridgewater. DOWNER, Margaret, widow, age 87, d Bozrah CT 3Jan1830. DOWNER, Maria, m 8April1829 Waller OLMSTED, both/o Bridgewater. DOWNER, Melissa, m 3Oct1832 Hiram ALLEN, both/o Bridgewater. DOWNING, Thomas, Edinburg NY, m 14Jan1824 Esther REYNOLDS, Hopbottom. DOYLE, Julia, dau/o John DOYLE, Herrick, m 28Feb1830 Gardner AVERY. DOYLE, Thomas H., m 24Aug1817 Myra CONNERS, dau/o Ira CONNERS, Bridgewater. DRAKE, Adaline, dau/o Hon. J. R. DRAKE, Owego, m 12Aug1834 J. B. GEER, Ithaca. DRAKE, Charlotte, dau/o Judge DRAKE, m 17July1837 Edward RAYNSFORD, Ithaca NY. DRINKER, Henry, Montrose, m 5June1845 Frances C. MORTON, dau/o John MORTON, at Friends Meeting House, Wilmington DE. DRINKER, Henry S., formerly Philadelphia PA, d Silver Lake 3July1824. DRINKER, Sally, Philadelphia, m 3April1828 James C. BIDDLE, Montrose. DRINKER, William, formerly Montrose, d St. Charles MO 18Feb1836. DU BOIS, Clara, dau/o Francis P. DU BOIS, d Green Lake WI 8May1845. DU BOIS, Clara C., youngest dau/o Abraham & Juliette DE BOIS, d Great Bend 26Jan1842. DU BOIS, Elizabeth, m 28Jan1840 Francis P. CATLIN, both/o Great Bend. DU BOIS, Jane, m 26Nov1845 Dr. J. BROOKS, both/o Great Bend. DU BOIS, Mina, d Great Bend 14March1824. DU BOIS, Nicholas, m 24Dec1845 Louisa GRIFFIN, dau/o Dr. GRIFFIN, both/o Great Bend. DUEL, Mary, dau/o Capt. Ira DUEL, m 3Dec1830 John BIRGE, both/o Middletown. DUFFY, Julia, Dimock, m 23Sept1845 Alexander SMITH, Montrose. DUNBAR, Harriet Elizabeth, dau/o John DUNBAR, m 3July1838 William MERCEREAU, both/o Vestal. DUNBAR, Jhn, m 2July1839 Emily B. AVERY. DUNCAN, Judge Thomas, PA Supreme Court, d Lancaster 16Nov1827. DUNMORE, Ann L., Rush, m 1Feb1824 Curtis F. RUSSELL, Auburn. DUNMORE, Catherine, Montrose, m 3Jan1843 Matthew MURPHY, Carbondale. DUNMORE, E. C., m 3Jan1843 William MURPHY, Esq., both/o Montrose. DUNMORE, Everett F., son/o John F. & Sarah M. DUNMORE, d Rush 25Oct1844. DUNMORE, Hannah Maria, dau/o Matthew & Sarah DUNMORE, d Rush 4Oct1841. DUNMORE, John, Rush, m 15April1824 Margaret HEAVERLY, Auburn. DUNMORE, John, m 27Sept1826 Minerva HYNES, dau/o James HYNES, deceased. DUNMORE, Larry I., Rush, m 16Jan1825 Cynthia FRINK, dau/o Jabez FRINK, Bridgewater. DUNMORE, Mary, m 9Dec1827 Jacob HAVERLY, both/o Auburn. DUNN, Hannah Maria, dau/o John & Sophia DUNN, d Bridgewater 6June1842. DUNN, James, Herrick, m 1May1836 Sally Elizabeth SCOTT, Harford. DUNN, John P., Bridgewater, m 1Jan1843 Mahala PARMENTER, Dimock. DUNN, Joseph, Herrick, m 15Oct1840 Olive M. WITTER, Gibson. DURAND, Joshua, Herrick, Bradford Co., m 12Jan1843 Betsey BRYAN, Choconut. DURFEE, Peter, age 38, d Dimock 17Aug1844. DUTCHER, Jackob, Gibson, m 17Aug1839 Julia A. CHANDLER, Jackson. DUTCHER, Nancy, m 24Dec1835 Simon SLOAT. DWYER, W. H. H., Smithfield PA, m 13Jan1841 Amanda D. WHITCOMB, Windham. DWYER, William H., Smithfield, Bradford Co., m 13Jan1840 Amanda D. WHITCOMB, dau/o J. M. WHITCOMB, Windham. DYKEMAN, Alice, New Milford, m 23Sept1830 Elijah KENT, Brooklyn. EADY, Alice L., m 23Oct1845 John H. HALL, both/o Dimock. EADY, Mary E., m 23Oct1845 Erastus T. SPROUT, both/o Dimock. EARL, Esther, m 21Oct1836 Benjamin HANNAH. EARLE, Beach, Tunkhannock, M 17June1825 Alpha TEWKSBURY, Brooklyn. EARLE, Benjamin, Tunkhannock, m 11April1842 Nancy SEELEY, Auburn. EARLY, Elijah, Colchester CT, m 3July1828 Chloe SAMPSON, dau/o Ezekiel SAMPSON, Jackson. EASTMAN, Ann, m 3Nov1829 Ira GREGORY, both/o Bridgewater. EASTMAN, Lorin, Bridgewater, m 25March1829 Henrietta FARRER, dau/o Eliab FARRER, Harford. EASTMAN, Luca, in Canaan, Wayne Co., m 11June1827 John LEFLER. EATON, Emmons, Canaan, m 31Dec1834 Ruth GREEN, Dimock. EATON, Mary H., Mt. Pleasant, m 29May1838 Asa WILBUR, Hinesburg, Chittenden Co. VT. ECKERT, Jonathan M., m 24Feb1858 Frances Maria ALLEN, both/o Bridgewater. EDDY, A. B., Wysox, m 3Aug1834 Amelia JOHNSON, Rome. EDGCOMB, Lyman, Union NY, m 9July1849 Hester G. ADDISON, Choconut. EDSIL, Betsey, dau/o Jesse EDSIL, m 2Jul1827 Jeremiah CANFIELD. EDSON, Polly, m 27March1831 Thomas HOPKINS, both/o New Milford. EDWARDS, Isaac, age 81, d Lawsville 24Dec1842. EDWARDS, Louisa H., Gibson, m 16Sept1849 Cyrus S. JOHNSTON, Harford. ELDRED, Gabriel B., m 23Oct1844 Jane H. TUTTLE, both/o Montrose. ELDRED, Luther H., Choconut, m 20Feb1849 Sardinia GUARD, Bridgewater. ELDRIDGE, Caroline, Vestal NY, m 13Oct1842 Samuel G. BACKUS, Bridgewater. ELDRIDGE, Emily, Groton NY, m 21Nov1832 Col. Daniel LATHROP, Bridgewater. ELDRIDGE, Eunce, Choconut, m 28Aug1834 E. L. BIRCHARD, Rush. ELDRIDGE, Henry, m 5May1816 Susan COOL, dau/o William COOL. ELDRIDGE, James, age 88, native of CT, Rev. War, d Bridgewater 2Aug1841. ELDRIDGE, James N., m 4Aug1831 Elvira C. PATRICK, both/o Bridgewater. EDLRIDGE, Jane, dau/o Christopher ELDRIDGE, m 21Nov1830 James HAWLEY [in Binghamton]. ELDRIDGE, Old Mrs. d June1824. ELDRIDGE, Orlando, Brooklyn, m 18Jan1837 Mary A. TAYLOR, Bridgewater. ELDRIDGE, Sarah, Bridgewater, m 2June1830 Cormack CUSHMAN, Montrose. ELLET, George W., Herrick, Bradford Co., m 22Dec1847 Lois PICKETT, Jessup. ELLIS, H. B., m 3Feb1839 Sarah LATHROP, both/o Rush. ELLIS, Capt. Hezekiah H., age 32, d Herrick 26Aug1828. ELLIS, John, Pittstown, m 11Dec1843 Diana GARDNER, Brooklyn. ELLIS, Lucy, age 16, wife/o Noah ELLIS, and dau of present wife/o Benjamin RUSSELL of Forest Lake, d Johnstown MI 29May1839. ELLIS, Mary C., Towanda, m 14Nov1838 Hiram A. BEEBE. ELLIS, Stephen, age 85, Rev. War, formerly Franklin, New Haven Co. CT, d Herrick 16Nov1847. ELLSWORTH, Ann, m 29April1838 Russell TIFFANY, both/o Harford. ELLSWORTH, Joseph, m 27Aug1818 Mary FANCHER, Bridgewater. ELLSWORTH, Lovisa S., Harford, m 2Oct1848 Dr. Henry A. TINGLEY, Equiunk, Wayne Co. ELLSWORTH, Lovisa S., Harford, m 25Oct1848 Dr. Henry TINGLEY, Equinunk. ELLSWORTH, Philander, m 28Aug1834 Hariet COMSTOCK, both/o Harford. ELPHICK, Harriet, Montrose, m 25Oct1829 Frederick G. CROFUT, New Milford. ELTON, Mrs. Hannah, m 16April1831 William LONNERGAN, both/o Gibson. ELY, Capt. Ami, age 52, d Brooklyn 11Jan1842. ELI, Ami, m 9Dec1849 Emily L. TEWSKBURY, both/o Brooklyn. ELY, Elizabeth C., Brooklyn, m 21April1838 Albert G. REYNOLDS, Bridgewater. ELY, Gabriel, age 87, Rev. War, d Tunkhannock 27Sept1842. ELY, Mahala, Brooklyn, m 25May1843 Henry STEVENS, Chemung Co. ELY, Orin C., Brooklyn, m 8March1838 Jane J. GARDNER, Gibson. ELY, Parnel, Hopbottom, m 1March1825 Francis M. BABCOCK. ELY, Sarah E., m 11Oct1848 James PECKHAM, both/o Brooklyn. ELY, Therese, m 15Sept1818 Charles V. GORE, both/o Waterford. EMERSON, Mrs. Betsey, m 16May1827 Ezekiel TITUS, both/o Harford. EMMONS, Emily E., Wilkes-Barre, m 9July1842 Andrew DECKER, Balkely. ENGER, Catherine, m 29March1830 Joseph REIMON, both/o Springville. ENGLES, Amanda, m 10March1824 Isaac FORD. ENSIGN, Harmon C., Conklin, m 29Sept1843 Caroline E. LINES, Franklin. ENSIGN, Mary M., m 18Sept1843 Joseph H. ESTABROOK, both/o Conklin. ENTROTT, Paulina, m 11May1849 Rufus DENNY, both/o Gibson. ENTROTT, Mrs. Prudence, m 17Aug1843 Amos TAYLOR, both/o Gibson. ERWIN, Laughlin, in 105th yr., d Silver Lake 16Dec1843. ESTABROOK, E. H., m 21Nov1843 St. Paul's Church, Buffalo NY, Mary Ann DAY, dau/o Ebenezer DAY. ESTABROOK, Joseph H., m 18Sept1843 Mary M. ENSIGN, both/o Conklin. ESTABROOK, T. D., Great Bend, m 12Nov1846 Eliza T. BUCK, dau/o William BUCK. ESTUS, Anna L., Auburn, m 20July1834 Joseph S. HURLBURT, Rush. ESTUS, Elizabeth, m 20July1834 David LIGHT, both/o Rush. ETHRIDGE, Isaac N., age 45, d New York City May1838. EVANS, Cadwallader, age 67, of Philadelphia PA, d Wheeling VA 24June1825. FAIRBROTHER, Revo, Vestal NY, m 18June1829 Lexa THATCHER, Gibson. FAIRBROTHER, Thomas, m 29June1820 Elizabeth GRIFFIN, Choconut. FAIRBROTHER, William, Choconut, m 28Nov1833 Etarpy PICKET, Rush. FAIRCHILD, Mrs. Lucinda Ann, wife/o David FAIRCHILD, dau/o Benajah BOSTWICK of Bradford Co., d Huron OH 4Feb1844. FAIRCHILD, Jane, m 3May1829 William C. WARD, both/o New Milford. FALLIN, Patrick, m 21Feb1832 Mary SAUNEY, both/o Silver Lake. FANCHER, David B., m 23Nov1844 Sarah A. BARKER, both/o Bridgewater. FANCHER, Elvira, dau/o Benjamin FANCHER, m 16Nov1837 James DANIELS, both/o Bridgewater. FANCHER, Margaret, dau/o John FANCHER, d Bridgewater 18May1827. FANCHER, Mary, Bridgewater, m 27Aug1818 Joseph ELLSWORTH. FANCHER, Mary, dau/o Benjamin FANCHER, m 6Nov1833 William D. THODE, Silver Lake. FANCHER, Mary, Bridgewater, m 26Oct1842 Erastus ROGERS, Montrose. FANCHER, Olive, m 2Jan1839 Jonas MACK, both/o Bridgewater. FANCHER, Sally, m 14Sept1839 Abel S. CONSTANTINE, both/o Bridgewater. FANCHER, Samuel, m 15Jan1840 Betsey ROBINSON, both/o Bridgewater. FANCHER, William, Bridgewater, m 11Sept1842 Susan MACK, Montrose. FANSHER, Harriet, dau/o John FANSHER, m 10Dec1835 Solomon FRANTZ, Montrose. FANSHER [FAUCHER], Richard, Montrose, m 17March1830 Maria JACOBS. FARGO, Elizabeth C., m 14Aug1845 David H. TAFT, both/o Harford. FARGO, James L., Dimock, m 23Nov1841 Caroline FROST, Carbondale. FARGO, Norris, m 4July1843 Fanny GREGORY, both/o Tuscarora. FARGO, Orrin F., m 18Aug1842 Emily KELLOGG, dau/o William KELLOGG, both/o Dimock. FARMER, Silas Warner, son/o P. & L. WARNER, d Forest Lake 4May1842. FARR, Suel, Montrose, m 2March1826 Harriet FISK, New Milford. FARRAR, Clarissa B., Harford, m 10April1845 Daniel T. ROE, New Milford. FARRAR, Daniel M., m 30Sept1840 Mary HART, both/o Harford. FARRAR, E. M., Harford, m Emily A. HUMPHREY, Orwell. FARRAR, Emeline A., Harford, m 14Oct1841 Rev. Elias O. WARD, Dundaff. FARRER, Henrietta, dau/o Eliab FARRER, Harford, m 25March1829 Lorin EASTMAN, Bridgewater. FASSETT, Amos L., Rockton IL, m 1June1846 Sarah L. MILES, Sterling IL. FASSETT, Caroline, dau/o Maj. J. FASSETT, m 22Sept1842 Dr. J. W. DENNISON, both/o Windham. FASSETT, James, Scottsville, m 2Jan1848 Rachel E. SPAULDING, Forkston. FAROUT, Elizabeth, Bridgewater, m 16Sept1845 George VANNES, Standing Stone. FAUROT, Phebe, m 4Jan1841 Myron CARRIER, both/o Bridgewater. FELL, Mrs. Mehitable S., age 44, d Pittstown 20Oct1846. FELTON, Mrs. Catherine, Harford, m 21Jan1838 David SHEPARDSON, Gibson. FELTON, Henry, Luzerne Co., m 1Jan1836 Mary Esther PICKERING, dau/o John PICKERING. FELTON, Polly, m 18Aug1841 Stephen J. MILLARD. FENNELL, William, m 6June1841 Mrs. Louise LOWRY, both/o Middletown. FESSENDEN, Asa, m 29Jan1821 Esther BACKUS, both/o Bridgewater. FESSENDEN, Caroline Elizabeth, m 29Dec1841 Billings STROUD, Bridgewater. FESSENDEN, Elizabeth, Bridgewater, m 13Nov1845 Townsend BAKER, Middletown. FESSENDEN, Esther, wife/o Asa FESSENDEN, only dau/o John & Jerusha BACKUS, d Bridgewater 5Oct1844. FESSENDEN, Eunice, age 41, wife/o Henry FESSENDEN, d Bridgewater 15June1846. FESSENDEN, Harriet N., m 20Nov1841 Luke JAGGER, both/o Bridgewater. FESSENDEN, Isaac, m 21March1839 Lydia BENNETT, both/o Auburn. FESSENDEN, Patty, wife/o Henry FESSENDEN, d Bridgewater 19July1839. FESSENDEN, Sally Esther, dau/o Henry FESSENDEN, m 23Oct1833 George FRINK, Bridgewater. FESSENDEN, Samuel, B., m 29Jan1821 Hannah HARRIS, both/o Bridgewater. FESSENDEN, Thomas, Bridgewater, m 10June1824 Caroline PERRY, New York. FIELDS, David, Ithaca NY, m 1June1824 Lucy DEANS, Montrose. FIELDS, Mrs. Ellen, age 69, d Montrose 13Sept1837. FIELDS, Thadeus, Ithaca NY, m 21Oct1824 Fanny DEANS, Montrose. FIELDS, William Henry, son/o David & Lucy B. FIELDS, d Wilkes-Barre 29Aug1845. FINCH, Ann, dau/o Hiram FINCH, Montrose, m 30Dec1846 Michael MEYLERT, New Milford. FINCH, Aurilla J., Conklin, m 9Oct1839 Orrison W. HALL, Liberty. FINCH, Hiram, Montrose, m 22June1828 Harriet CROCKER, dau/o Thomas CROCKER, Bridgewater. FINCH, Hiram, age 56, d Montrose 2Jan1848. FINCH, John M., Nauvoo IL, m 8Feb18444 Mary E. BOSTWICK, Fort Madison. FINCH, Minerva, age 32, wife/o Hiram FINCH, d Montrose Nov1825. FINCH, Zervia, m 14Nov1841 Daniel W. CROCKER, both/o Montrose. FINK, Rosana, m 6Feb1837 Horace FRANKLIN, both/o Montrose. FINLEY, Mary, Owego, m 2Nov1841 Edward BARTON, Little Meadows. FISH, Alva H., Liberty, m 16Dec1839 Sarah N. VANCE, Franklin. FISH, Fanny, dau/o Anthony FISH, Bridgewater, m 14Feb1836 James HEWETT, Brooklyn. FISH, Hester Ann, dau/o Caleb FISH, m 21Nov1844 Roswell BROOKS, both/o Springville. FISH, Joseph, age 42, d Great Bend 25Sept1833. FISH, Mary, m 7Jan1849 Dr. William RICHARDSON, both/o Brooklyn. FISH, Parson, 2nd, m 24Jan1826 Amanda BLAKESLEE, both/o Springville. FISH, Rhoda, age 80, wife/o Pardon FISH, d Springville 26Dec1830. FISH, Rufus, age 66, d Franklin 24Nov1842. FISH, William, son/o Anthony FISH, d Brooklyn 29Oct1838. FISHER, Narcissa, Forest Lake, m 5Feb1844 Thomas SPAULDING, Vestal. FISK, Ebenezer, Franklin, m 7Oct1838 Sarah M. COOK. FISK, Harriet, New Milford, m 2March1826 Suel FARR, Montrose. FISK, Olive, Great Bend, m 11March1832 Nathan C. HOWARD. FISK, Sarah, m 24Jan1843 Anan PLACE [Mormon ceremony]. FITCH, Caroline Augusta, New Haven CT, m 22Dec1841 Rev. Anson SMYTH, Orange CT. FITCH, Dr. Erastus, Canton, m 17July1834 Lydia M. LONG, Troy PA. FITCH, Hannah, Eaten NY, m 7Feb1832 Benjamin S. BENTLEY, Bridgewater. FITZGERALD, Julia A., Silver Lake, m 4July1848 Edward M. MC CASSEN, Great Bend. FLETCHER, Gustavus, Cohoes NY, m 24Sept1837 Elizabeth M. WARNER, Bridgewater. FLYNN, Jeremiah, age 41, Roman Catholic Priest, d Montrose 16Jan1830. FOLLETT, Charles H., Franklin, m 1March1843 Nancy GARD, Harford. FOLLETT, Chloe, Harford, m 12Jan1829 James W. BELKNAPP, New Milford. FOLLETT, Hiram, Harford, m 25Dec1826 Nancy GREEN, Gibson. FOOT, Belus, d New Milford 5Sept1841. FOOT, Betsey, o/Ada, dau/o Mrs. Betsey FOOT, d New Milford 21July1844. FOOT, Betsey, age 50, wid/o late Belus H. FOOT, d New Milford 3Aug1841. FOOT, Ellen, dau/o late Belus FOOT, d New Milford 22March1845. FOOT, Mrs. J. B., age 28, wife/o Edwin FOOT, d Prompton 21April1845. FOOT, John, age 72, d New Milford 16June1826. FOOT, Polly Ann, New Milford, m 14Feb1843 Robert DE LA MONTAYNE, Orange Co. NY. FOOTE, Linus, m 15Sept1818 Laury PALMER, both/o New Milford. FORBES, Charlotte, m 23April1828 Dr. Thomas SWEET, Jr. FORBES, Lucy Ann, dau/o Charles FORBES, Honesdale, m 17Sept1830 Zenas H. RUSSELL. FORBES, Nancy M., m 21April1836 David A. LATHROP, M.D., both/o Bellevue OH. FORD, Isaac, m 10March1824 Amanda ENGLES. FORDHAM, Abraham, Jr., m 1March1838 Rebecca S. BARTRAM, both/o Montrose. FORDHAM, Ann Eliza, dau/o Abraham & Letita FORDHAM, d Montrose 17Jan1849. FORDHAM, Caroline Elizabeth, dau/o Charles & Hannah FORDHAM, d Middletown 11Dec1836. FORDHAM, Elizabeth, age 31, formerly Susquehanna Co., d Sycamore IL 13March1847. FORDHAM, Emma, age 20, d Montrose 2Jan1848. FORDHAM, Harriet, Montrose, m 14April1841 George JONES, Carbondale. FORDHAM, Jeremiah, age 33, formerly Montrose, d Southampton LI NY 26Dec1826. FORDHAM, Nancy, Montrose, m 21March1839 George H. WILLISTON, Janesville WI. FORDHAM, Phebe M., Montrose, m 6Sept1840 Edmund BALDWIN, Tunkhannock. FORDHAM, Sibyl, Montrose, m 17Jan1828 Royal TYLER, Auburn. FORDHAM, William, Montrose, m 20June1843 Laura BROWN, Great Bend. FOREST, Sarah Jane, Milton PA, m 9July1834 Maj. S. W. PAINE, Towanda. FORDHAM, William, m 26Oct1839 Elizabeth AVERY, both/o Tunkhannock. FOSTER, Anna, dau/o Widow FOSTER, m 14Jan1819 Jesse C. SHERMAN, Middletown. FOSTER, Ann, dau/o William FOSTER, d Montrose 5Dec1836. FOSTER, Caroline, Gibson, m 18April1841 Almon SWEET, Harford. FOSTER, Ede, Bridgewater, m 22Feb1835 Joseph BROWN, Great Bend. FOSTER, Eliza, New Milford, m 30Oct1827 John SMITH, Jr. FOSTER, Eizabeth, m 25March1848 Alfred E. CORWIN, both/o Bridgewater. FOSTER, George, New York, m 21Jan1842 Maria L. BENNETT, Montrose. FOSTER, Harriet, dau/o Isaac FOSTER, m 3Decc1845 Joseph D. WEST, Honesdale. FOSTER, Joseph W., m 8Oct1844 Roxana M. HORTON, both/o Bridgewater. FOSTER, Lilliis C., dau/o William C. & Mary A. FOSTER, d Montrose 27Nov1837. FOSTER, Mary Ann, dau/o William FOSTER, d Montrose 13July1833. FOSTER, Mary H., m 10May1841 John W. WALKER, both/o Abington. FOSTER, Millicent, dau/o Isaac FOSTER, m 3Dec1845 Horace A. WOODHOUSE, Honesdale. FOSTER, Mrs. Nancy, Middletown, m 20Jan1818 John BUMP. FOSTER, Mrs. Phoebe, age 66, wife/o Daniel FOSTER, d Bridgewater 20Aug1822. FOSTER, Solomon, Montrose, m 23Feb1835 Sally PALMER, Bridgewater. FOSTER, Thomas J., m 30June1849 Eliza A. WATROUS, dau/o Ansel WATROUS, both/o Conklin. FOSTER, Walter, Bridgewater, m 28Dec1830 Maria BENTLEY. FOSTER, William H., Honesdale, m 31Dec1838 Harriet H. JESSUP, dau/o Sylvanus JESSUP, Carbondale. FOWLER, Abigail, Rush, m 18May1829 Samuel CHEEVER, Bridgewater. FOWLER, Janem m 2Feb1837 Abanoam HINDS, Jr. FOWLER, Roxanna, dau/o Barker FOWLER, Pike, m 4Sept1831 Isaac CLINK, Auburn. FOWLER, Samuel, Pike, m 24Dec1833 Sarah POWELL, dau/o John POWELL, deceased, Great Bend. FOWLER, Samuel B., age 54, d Rush 29Dec1836. FOWLER, Samuel B., age 54, d Rush 29Feb1837. FOWLER, Samuel B., age 54, d Rush 29Dec1839. FOX, Nancy, m 25Dec1817 Jonathan TAFT, both/o Springville. FOX, Orilla, dau/o Stephen FOX, Tioga NY, m 30Jan1834 Hiram MC ALLISTER, Choconut. FRANKLIN, Horace, m 6Feb1837 Rosana FINK, both/o Montrose. FRANKLIN, Rev., Presbyterian, d Smithfield 24May1834. FRANKLIN, Roxanna, wife/o Horace FRANKLIN, late of Montrose, d New York City 1June1839. FRANKLIN, Stephen, m 14Sept1831 Eliza H. BROWN, Oxford. FRANKS, Caroline, age 31, wife/o William FRANKS, d Forest Lake 18March1846. FRANS, William, Owego NY, m 9Nov1841 Caroline SLATTER, Forest Lake. FRANTZ, Solomon, Montrose, m 10Dec1835 Harriet FANSHER, dau/o John FANSHER. FRASER, Dr. Charles, age 56, d Montrose 4Feb1834. FRASER, Philip, late Montrose, m 1Nov1843 Mary E. WILLIE, Florida. FRAYER, Caroline, New Milford, m 2Jan1838 James CONKLIN. FREEMAN, Elijah A., Canaan, m 21April1841 Mary LYON, Herrick. FREEMAN, Elijah Peck, son/o Capt FREEMAN, d Harford 3Dec1835. FREEMAN, John, m 10April1845 Betsey MORGAN, both/o Montrose. FRELINGHUYSON, Catherine, m 18May1818 Rev. Gideon N. JUDD. FRENCH, Ann, Lewisburg, m 13Nov1828 Austin CROCKER, Bridgewater. FRENCH, Mrs. Mary, m 19Jan1834 Ephraim WARFIELD, Montrose. FRENCH, P. T. P., Auburn NY, m 4Feb1841 Gilbert WARNER, Bridgewater. FRENCH, Polly, Bridgewater, m 28Dec1825 Moses TYLER, Montrose. FRICK, Robert, m 3March1818 Catherine MONTGOMERY, dau/o Robert MONTGOMERY. FRINK, Angeline, m 14Sept1837 Albert MERRIMAN, Franklin. FRINK, Charles, son/o Amos FRINK, d Bridgewater 12April1830. FRINK, Cynthia, dau/o Jabez FRINK, Bridgewater, m 16Jan1825 Larry I. DUNMORE, Rush. FRINK, Mrs. Eleanor, wife/o Jabez FRINK, d Rush 4Nov1845. FRINK, Emma, Bridgewater, m 6June1833 Elisha LATHROP, Rush. FRINK, Esther, m 27Sept1827 Ezekiel FRITZ, both/o Montrose. FRINK, George, Bridgewater, m 23Oct1833 Sally Esther FESSENDEN, dau/o Henry FESSENDEN. FRINK, George, m 16Feb1836 Mary CRANDALL, dau/o Asa CRANDALL, both/o Montrose. FRINK, Jabez, m 8Jan1826 Eleanor B. RANDALL, Brooklyn. FRINK, Lois, Bridgewater, m 25Dec1827 Truman O. GOODSELL, Springville. FRINK, Lorinda, Bridgewater, m 21Nov1822 Caleb WEEKS, Montrose. FRINK, Lydia, Montrose, m 24May1843 Mason TINGLEY, Dimock. FRINK, Marantha, d Bridgewater 23March1828. FRINK, Marietta, m 9July1829 Alfred BALDWIN, both/o Montrose. FRINK, Mrs. Mary, age 52, d Montrose 4May1832. FRINK, Mary M., dau/o George & Mary FRINK, d Montrose 10May1841. FRINK, Minerva, dau/o Amos FRINK, d Bridgewater 5April1830. FRINK, Orin, Susquehanna Co., m 3May1829 Maria ROBERTS. FRINK, Polly, m 17Nov1824 Charles M. PICKETT, both/o Bridgewater. FRINK, Rhoda, age 53, wife/o Amos FRINK, d Rush 19April1851. FRINK, Sally Esther, wife/o George FRINK, d Bridgewater 14May1834. FRINK, Susan, Montrose, m 25Aug1840 John N. MESSENGER. FRINK, Tracy, Auburn, m 24Oct1841 Harriet L. GRIFFIN, dau/o Robert GRIFFIN, Esq., Rush. FRITZ, Ezekiel, m 27Sept1827 Esther FRINK, both/o Montrose. FROST, Caroline, Carbondale, m 23Nov1841 James L. FARGO, Dimock. FROST, James, m 25April1816 Nancy REYNOLDS. FULLER, Almon, m 23Sept1839 Adelia CAMP, dau/o Israel CAMP, both/o Maryall. FULLER, Charles Hepburn, son/o Charles FULLR, d Montrose 1Feb1826. FULLER, Charles Francis, son/o Isaac & Abigail FULLER of Montrose, d Honesdale 28July1834. FULLER, Deborah, dau/o Edward FULLER, m 6June1831 John N. SUMNER, M.D., both/o Bridgewater. FULLER, E. L., Jr., Towanda, m 14Nov1838 C. A. MYERS, Wysox. FULLER, Edward, son/o Isaac & Abigail FULLER, d Seneca Falls NY 30Aug1838. FULLER, Elizabeth H., m 4Nov1829 Ebenezer KINGSBURY, Jr., both/o Montrose. FULLER, Francis, Providence, m 15May1842 Polly Ann VAUGHN, Blakely. FULLER, George Augustus, son/o George & Mary FULLER, d Montrose 6April1834. FULLER, Helen A., dau/o Uriah FULLER, Brooklyn CT, m 3Nov1842 Frederick P. GROW, Millardsville. FULLER, Henrietta, age 28, wife/o Stillman FULLER, d Liberty 21Aug1849. FULLER, Henry, Johnstown OH, m 3Oct1842 Margaret THAYER. FULLER, Isaac, Jr., Montrose, m 3Jan1833 Abigail A. SUTTON, dau/o James SUTTON, late o/Lancaster Co. FULLER, Jesse Darlington, son/o Isaac & Abigail FULLER, d Montrose 6Sept1835. FULLER, Lydia Ann, Auburn, m 8March1845 Luther JAGGER, Bridgewater. FULLER, Mary, dau/o Edward FULLER of Montrose, d Exeter 28Aug1820. FULLER, Ovid, Harford, m 30Dec1832 Lurana BARNES, Gibson. FULLER, S. S. N., Esq., Great Bend, m 18Sept1841 Clarissa DAY, dau/o Dr. E. DAY, Herrick. FULLER, Stillman, Liberty, formerly Carver MA, m 2Aug1843 Henrietta WEBSTER, Choconut. FULLER, Thomas, age 40, attorney, d Honesdale 16Dec1843. FULLINGTON, Mrs. Eve, m 10April1847 Daniel HOFF, both/o Jessup. GAGE, Ira, m 3Feb1822 Eunice TURRELL, both/o Bridgewater. GAGE, Ira, age 31, d Bridgewater 16May1828. GAGE, Mortimer D., Great Bend, m 28Sept1830 Nancy HOAG, Silver Lake. GAIGE, Caroline, Middletown, m 15Jan1842 Jonathan WILBUR, Nichols NY. GAIGE, Mortimer E., m 30Oct1836 Phebe GAIGE, both/o Silver Lake. GAIGE, Phebe, m 30Oct1836 Mortimer E. GAIGE, both/o Silver Lake. GAIGE, Sarah, Silver Lake, m 1Aug1849 Artemus HALL, Great Bend. GALLOWAY, Mary Ann, m 14May1829 George WOODWARD, both/o Gibson. GALLOWAY, Theodore, m 28Dec1843 Betsey Ann NORTHRUP, both/o Bridgewater. GAMAGE, Martha, m 23July1834 Rev. William HOSMER, both/o Burlington PA. GAMBLE, George K., son/o George GAMBLE o/Harford, d Wilkes-Barre 7Nov1843. GAMBLE, George M., M.D., m 6June1848 Catherine GUILE, Harford. GARD, Hannah, m 8April1841 David PARMETER, both/o Harford. GARD, Jerusha, m 11Dec1839 Chauncy PAYNE, both/o Harford. GARD, Nancy, Harford, m 1March1843 Charles H. FOLLETT, Franklin. GARD, Polly, Harford, m 1Jan1837 Austin KENYON, Bridgewater. GARD, Sally Jane, Bridgewater, m 1Jan1845 Edward GOSS, Dimock. GARDNER, Diana, Brooklyn, m 11Dec1843 John ELLIS, Pittstown. GARDNER, George, son/o William & Anna GARDNER, d Bridgewater 6Jan1845. GARDNER, Hannah, Bridgewater, m 9Nov1836 Joseph STANTON, Newark NJ. GARDNER, Jabez, m 27May1844 Electa POTTER, both/o Gibson. GARDNER, Jane J., Gibson, m 8March1838 Orin C. ELY, Brooklyn. GARDNER, Laura, Lenox, m 10Feb1843 Albert P. WOODWARD. GARDNER, Louisa, m 1June1841 Francis THOMAS, both/o Springville. GARDNER, Mary, Dimock, m 19Nov1843 Edward T. MOORE, Wyoming Co. GARDNER, Phebe, m 8July1844 George LEIGHTON, both/o Tunkhannock. GARDNER, Ruth, dau/o John GARDNER, m 17Oct1845 Rev. Nathan LEIGHTON, Tunkhannock. GARLAND, Mary, Brooklyn, m 15May1836 John BEECH, Nicholson. GARLAND, Susan M., dau/o Thomas GARLAND, m 2Sept1841 Gaylor V. ADAMS, both/o Brooklyn. GARLAND, Thomas, m 10Sept1818 Judith TEWKSBURY. GARLUTE, Zurenda, Bridgewater, m 26March1829 Peleg WOOD. GARNEY, Sophia, m 12Sept1826 Peter WILLIAMS, both/o Brooklyn. GARNSEY, Abigail, age 29, wife/o Levi GARNSEY, d Dimock 5Jan1835. GARRISON, Abraham, Hector NY, m 12March1845 Harriet SPENCER, Spencerville. GARTLEY, Samuel W., Friendsville, m 2Feb1837 Anne HUDSON, London, Eng. GARY, Daniel, New Troy PA, m 19Sept1833 Mary Ann TUPPER, Rush. GARY, Sarah, m 2Feb1840 Calvin CASWELL, both/o Rush. GASTROG, William, m 6July1837 Sivella SCHMALZREED, both/o Harrisburg. GATES, George, m 27May1824 Elizabeth BAKER, both/o Springville. GATES, John, m 21Sept1826 Minerva NEWTON, both/o Springville. GAVITT, Lebeus, Springville, m 24Feb1827 Mary SQUIRES, Nicholson. GAVITT, Temperance, m 7July1845 David REYNOLDS. GAYLORD, Chauncey T., Braintrim, m 9Feb1837 Jane CAMPBELL, Windham. GAYLORD, Mrs. Jane, m 7March1844 Jacob KNAPP, both/o Braintrim. GAYLORD, Lois, age 40, wife/o Ambrose GAYLORD, dau/o Ezekiel & Lydia LATHROP, d Dimock 2Aug1845. GEARNSEY, Warren W., m 24Nov1822 Ann BREWSTER, dau/o Jonah BREWSTER, both/o Bridgewater. GEER-half of the time was also spelled `GERE.' GEER, Miss A. L., Montrose, m 6April1835 Simon PARK, Jr., Lawsville. GEER, Miss A. L., Bridgewater, m 4Nov1841 J. C. HELME, Wilkes-Barre. GEER, Albert R., m 3July1845 Sarah TEWKSBURY, dau/o Jonathan TEWSKBURY, both/o Brooklyn. GEER, Capt. Charles, age 66, d Brooklyn 5Feb1842. GEER, Christopher M., m 4Sept1842 Emma SMITH, both/o Brooklyn. GEER, Cynthia B., Montrose, m 23Oct1837 Holdridge DEWEY, New York City. GEER, Cornelia, m 26Oct1838 Edward PACKER, both/o Brooklyn. GEER, Ebenezer, age 67, native New London CT, d Brooklyn 2Dec1845. GEER, Eliza R., of CT, m 8June1826 Albert BEARDSLEY, Auburn. GEER, Harriet, Brooklyn, m 24Nov1825 David N. WHEELER. GEER, Helen Louisa, dau/o George M. & Sarah C. GEER, d Brooklyn 2Aug1833. GEER, J. B., Ithaca, m 12Aug1834 Adaline DRAKE, dau/o Hon J. R. DRAKE, Owego. GEER, Jeremiah, age 72, son/o Capt. R. GERE, d Brooklyn 21Sept1842. GEER, Julia Ann, dau/o Capt. Charles GEER, Brooklyn, m 10Sept1840 James Wallace ADAMS, Milford, Pike Co. GEER, Lucy L., dau/o Ebenezer GEER, m Reuben O. MILES, both/o Brooklyn. GEER, Nancy M., Brooklyn, m 6May1847 John A. VAN FLEET, Auburn NY. GEER, Pedy E., m 20Feb1842 Burdon PALMER, both/o Brooklyn. GEER, Permelia A., Kent CT, m 28Oct1832 Benjamin HITCHCOCK, Springville. GEER, Phebe Ann, dau/o Davis GEER, Brooklyn NY, formerly Montrose, m 22May1841 Oliver H. P. TOWNSEND, Brooklyn NY. GEER, Sarah, age 64, wife/o Capt. Charles GEER, d Brooklyn 16March1841. GEER, Stephen, Waterford, m 16Jan1817 Abigail OLNEY. GELATT, George, Gibson, m 21April1825 Susan L. WILLIAMS, Harford. GELATT, Samantha, m 19June1836 Griswold W. BILL, both/o Gibson. GERI, Charles Denison, age 26, d Brooklin 3June1832. GERMAN, Lieut. Lewis, d Sacket's Harbor 14May1819. GESS, Rachel, age 42, wife/o John GESS, d Bridgewater 15Jan1843. GIBBS, Laura M., West Springfield MA, m 31March1833 Henry B. SMITH, Lawsville. GIBSON, Benjamin, Towanda, m 15July1839 Genet JOHNSON, Bridgewater. GIBSON, Benjamin, lat o/Towanda, d Montrose 16April1841. GIBSON, Diantha, Towanda, m 24April1834 Jonas INGHAM, Wyalusing. GIDDINGS, John T., only son/o Dr. Cyril GIDDINGS, d Brooklyn 8Sept1840. GIDDINGS, Louisa, dau/o James GIDDINGS, Herrick, m 1May1839 Spencer WATROUS, Bridgewater. GIDDINGS, Maria, Harford, m 5April1838 Walter LYM, Herrick. GIDDINGS, Sarah, dau/o Capt. James GIDDINGS, m 22Dec1825 John B. LYON, Herrick. GIDY, Ma---, age 80, m 26May1837 Mr. HUMPHREYS, age 84, Rev. War, Madison Twp., WI. GILBERT, Desdemona E.., Harford, m 4Dec1838 Ira H. PARRISH, Washington CT. GILBERT, Elizabeth, dau/o Joseph T. GILBERT, Gilbertsville NY, m 20Feb1838 N. C. CHAPMAN, Norwich NY. GILBERT, Mary, dau/o Oliver GILBERT, Durell, m 1June1843 Francis HOMET, Wyalusing. GILBERT, Mehitable, m 11Sept1827 Peter THATCHER, both/o Harford. GILBERT, Sarah J., Lenox, m 29Oct1838 Solomon HOBBS, Greenfield. GILE, Horace, m 31March1839 Sally Ann COONROD, both/o Auburn. GILES, Betsey, Brooklyn, m 20Aug1837 Stephen L. MARIT. GILES, Jabez, m 27May1824 Elizabeth HARLAN, both/o Springville. GILFEATHER, John, m 23April1836 Mrs. Amanda MAYNARD, Great Bend. GILLESPIE, Andrew, New Milford, m 12Nov1846 Mary Esther AVERY, Great Bend. GILLESPIE, Robert, m 16Oct1845 Martha E. WORDEN, both/o Jackson. GILLETT, David H., m 4Aug1846 Olive W. SMITH, both/o South Creek. GILLETT, Jacob L., Gibson, m 20March1844 Almedia PARMENTER. GILLETT, Sophia, dau/o Willard GILLETT, Gibson, m 1Jan1836 Daniel C. PAYNE, Honesdale. GILMORE, William, Binghamton, m 30Sept1841 Mary NORTH, Silver Lake. GLIDDEN, Benjamin, Friendsville, m 26Jan1840 Emma STEVENS, Warren. GLIDDEN, Benjamin, Friendsville, m 27Jan1841 Emma STEPHENS, Warren. GLIDDEN, Clementine, m 20Jan1844 Isaac G. WEST, Forest Lake. GLIDDEN, Lorentine A. M., m 8June1841 John BROWN, both/o Forest Lake. GLIDDEN, Olive, m 15May1839 Archie STANLEY, both/o Choconut. GLIDDEN, Sarah, Middletown, m 21Dec1837 Samuel HORTON, Choconut. GLIDDEN, Sarah, Middletown, m 25Jan1838 Samuel HORTON, Choconut. GLIDDEN, Sarah, m 2Aug1842 Jonah KELLUM, both/o Forest Lake. GOODRICH, E. O'Meara, Bradford Co., m 20July1845 Miss S,. O'HARA, Binghamton. GONDRICH, Eliza, m 14March1839 John GOULD, both/o Herrick. GOODRICH, Harriet T., m 11June1845 H. W. PATRICK. GOODRICH, Sarah Eliza, dau/o James GOODRICH, m 4Dec1845 Col. James P. MC GILL, both/o Tioga. GOOD, Joseph, New London PA, m 9Sept1822 Hannah HARPER, Bridgewater. GOODRICH, E. S., Esq., Bradford Co., m 12Nov1844 Rose W. CROSS, Harrisburg. GOODRICH, Orin, Sterling, m 23June1833 Flora M. WHEELER, Mt. Pleasant. GOODSELL, Truman O., Springville, m 25Dec1827 Lois FRINK, Bridgewater. GORE, Charles V., m 15Sept1818 Therese ELY, both/o Waterford. GOSS, Edward, Dimock, m 1Jan1845 Sally Jane GARD, Bridgewater. GOSS, Thomas, Sterling, m 4Oct1841 Almeda GUARD. GOSS, William H., m 7Feb1848 Betsey Ann REYNOLDS, both/o Bridgewater. GOULD, Ephraim, Owego, m 26Aug1839 Jane LINDSLEY, Bridgewater. GOULD, Irene, Chenango, m 18April1845 Edward HEALD, Choconut. GOULD, John, m 14March1839 Eliza GONDRICH, both/o Herrick. GOULD, Maria, dau/o James GOULD, Middletown, m 21Nov1830 George A. WHITING, Boston. GOULD, Sally E., Liberty, m 21Sept1836 Benjamin D. HORTON, Chenango NY. GRAHAM, Christine, dau/o Peter GRAHAM, Dundaff, m 13Sept1842 Charles A. POULSON, Jr. GRANGER, Ann Maria, Rush, m 28Feb1833 Reuben T. KEENEY, Braintrim. GRANGER, Charles, m 26Aug1841 Sarah BUNNELL, both/o Rush. GRANGER, James Haswell, son/o Henry & Elizabeth GRANGER, d Rush 8Feb1838. GRANT, Caroline S., Lenox, m 16Dec1838 F. Davis THAYER, Harford. GRANT, John L., New Jersey, m 23Jan1841 Catherine GREEN, Auburn. GRANT, Josiah N., Bridgewater, m 20July1841 Julia TAYLOR, Pike. GRAVES, Floretta, m 6Nov1844 Harry BARNEY, both/o Little Meadows. GRAVES, Leonard, d Honesdale 2Aug1842. GRAVES, Mary E., Choconut, m 10Sept1845 D. D. BROWN, Friendsville. GRAY, Elisha P., m 15Jan1829 Hannah BELKNAPP, both/o New Milford. GREELE, William, Esqu., Bethany, m 6July1834 Olive MESSENGER, Susquehanna. GREEN, Aaron, Montrose, m 12July1820 Anne NICKERSON, Bridgewater. GREEN, Aaron, age 45, formerly Montrose, d Honesdale 25Dec1842. GREEN, Barney R., son/o Aaron GREEN, d Montrose 7Nov1832. GREEN, Calvin Leroy, son/o Lines & Jane GREEN, d Gibson 6Sept1844. GREEN, Caroline, Barre MA, m 31March1836 Pennel CARPENTER, Harford. GREEN, Catherine, Auburn, m 23Jan1841 John L. GRANT, New Jersey. GREEN, Fanny, dau/o John GREEN, d Lawsville 16Feb1825. GREEN, Jerome, m 18Oct1841 Polly TAYLOR, Tuscarora. GREEN, John, m 1July1828 Phila SMITH, both/o Lawsville. GREEN, John, Frankln, m 11Jan1837 Betsey SMITH. GREEN, John M., Silver Lake, m 16Dec1844 Deborah A. BAILEY, Liberty. GREEN, Leonidas, Abington, Luzerne Co., m 25Oct1843 Miss D. LEIGHTON, Franklin. GREEN, Lines, Gibson, m 6May1838 Jane PECK, Franklin. GREEN, Marcey, Braintrim, m 3Dec1841 Taylor GREGORY, Tuscarora. GREEN, Mary, m 13Dec1838 Orrin JINKS, M.D., both/o Silver Lake. GREEN, Nancy, Gibson, m 25Dec1826 Hiram FOLLETT, Harford. GREEN, Parmelia, m 5Sept1830 Hector PRICHARD, both/o Springville. GREEN, Phila, wife/o John GREEN, d Lawsville 2June1835. GREEN, Ruth, Dimock, m 31Dec1834 Emmons EATON, Canaan. GREEN, Mrs. Ruth, age 67, wife/o Obediah GREEN, d Forest Lake 15Oct1839. GREEN, Sarah, Braintrim, m 15Sept1839 Reuben MATTERSON, Tuscarora. GREEN, Sarah Ann, m 6Dec1848 Joseph W. MARYOTT, both/o Franklin. GREEN, Simeon E., Bradford Co., m 21Feb1842 Miranda SPENCER. GREEN, William, Thomasville GA, m 9Aug1842 Sarah J. SMITH, dau/o Titus SMITH, Franklin. GREEN, William, Philadelphia, m 17Nov1842 Abigail TRUE, Warren PA. GREEN, William L., Alba NY, m 2Aug1844 Wealthy Ann SIMONS, Troy. GREENE, Eliza, m 7May1846 Charles LAMB both/o Troy PA. GREENHILL, Harvey, m 16Dec1845 Olive PATENT, both/o Harford. GREENWOOD, Aaron, age 65, d Harford 18June1845. GREENWOOD, Asa W., m 20March1845 Aurelia BARNARD, both/o Harford. GREENWOOD, Stephen P., Jackson, m 4Jan1845 Louisa M. BUCK, Harford. GREGORY, Abijah, m 3July1834 Hannah LANE, bot/o Dimock. GREGORY, Amanda B., Bridgewater, m 22Oct1832 Rev. Seth ROGERS, New York. GREGORY, Amy, dau/o Eli GREGORY, d Montrose 17Feb1819. GREGORY, Ann Eliza, Forest Lake, m 29Jan1843 Isaac STRANGE, Bridgewater. GREGORY, Anna, wife/o Ira GREGORY, d Bridgewater 3Oct1843. GREGORY, Asa P., Jr., age 27, son/o Samuel GREGORY of Susquehanna Co., graduate of West Point NY, Lt., 3rd Artillery of U.S. Army, d Jacksonville FL 19Nov1840. GREGORY, Asahel, age 80, Rev. War, at res/o son Samuel GREGORY, d Bridgewater 14April1842. GREGORY, Asahel, age 83, Rev. War, Herrick, father/o Samuel GREGORY o/Bridgewater, d Bridgewater April1842. Buried on Dr. Asa PARK's old place. GREGORY, Daniel, m 15Sept1816 Huldah MILLER, both/o Bridgewater. GREGORY, Daniel, d Auburn 26April1836. GREGORY, Diadema, m 17Sept1846 Edwin HILL, both/o Bridgewater. GREGORY, Eri, m 6Sept1825 Hepsiba WOOD, both/o Bridgewater. GREGORY, Esmond, m 14Jan1819 Amanda TROWBRIDGE. GREGORY, Fanny, m 4July1843 Norris FARGO, both/o Tuscarora. GREGORY, Hannah, dau/o Joseph B. GREGORY, m 11Aug1816 John MC LOED, Lawsville. GREGORY, Harriet S., dau/o Samuel GREGORY, m 4Sept1836 Philander LINES, Montrose. GREGORY, Hubbell, son/o Asahel GREGORY,tavern with father, Asahel 1818, store in Herrick 1820; d Ann Arbor MI, age 72. GREGORY, Ira, m 3Nov1829 Ann EASTMAN, both/o Bridgewater. GREGORY, Israel B., m 29March1818 Polly LINDSLEY, both/o Bridgewater. GREGORY, Joseph, age 78, d Bridgewater 31May1843. GREGORY, Joseph, Tuscarora, m 4July1843 Unice B. CORNWELL, Forest Lake. GREGORY, Mrs. Joseph, d Bridgewater 20Oct1819. GREGORY, Laura, dau/o Samuel GREGORY, d Bridgewater 20Aug1826. GREGORY, Laura, Braintrim, m Sept1837 Noah BALDWIN, Bridgewater. GREGORY, Levi, m 1Jan1822 Miranda HOWARD, both/o Bridgewater. GREGORY, Lorana, dau/o Asahel GREGORY, m Dr. Asa PARK, Preston CT. GREGORY, Nehemiah, m 29Oct1834 Belinda SWEET, both/o Dimock. GREGORY, Parna, dau/o Joseph GREGORY, d Bridgewater 29Oct1819. GREGORY, Philena, m 23Jan1838 Orin W. TAYLOR, both/o Auburn. GREGORY, Rufus B., age 34, eldest & only remaining son/o Samuel GREGORY, d Jacksonville FL 20May1841. GREGORY, Samuel, son/o Asahel GREGORY, Sheriff o/Susquehanna Co. 1818. GREGORY, Sarah, wid/o late Joseph GREGORY, d Bridgewater 12Oct1843. GREGORY, Sarah R., dau/o Samuel GREGORY, m 15July1840 Samuel T. SCOTT, both/o Bridgewater. GREGORY, Sydney H., son/o Levi & Miranda GREGORY, d Bridgewater 22Jan1837. GREGORY, Taylor, Tuscarora, m 3Dec1841 Marcey GREEN, Braintrim. GREGORY, William, m 21Dec1827 Olive COLBURN. GREIST, Delight, Windham, m 22April1838 George BLAKESLEE, Dimock. GREY, Clarissa, Tuscarora, m 25Jan1844 Samuel S. CHEVER, Braintrim. GRIDLEY, Chauncey, Orwell, m 11Sept1834 Sophia MORGAN, Dimock. GRIFFIN, Elizabeth, Choconut, m 29June1820 Thomas FAIRBROTHER. GRIFFIN, Harriet L., dau/o Robert GRIFFIN, Esq., Rush, m 24Oct1841 Tracy FRINK, Auburn. GRIFFIN, Henry, Tioga, m 27May1834 Mary DODGE, dau/o Daniel DODGE, Owego NY. GRIFFIN, Isaac, m 27Oct1830 Julia MOORE. GRIFFIN, Louisa, dau/o Dr. GRIFFIN, m 24Dec1845 Nicholas DU BOIS, both/o Great Bend. GRIFFIN, Sarah, New Milford, formerly Guilford CT, m 5July1838 Austin BISHOP, Lanesboro. GRIFFIS, Abner, m 20April1843 Lucy A. TURRELL, both/o Forest Lake. GRIFFIS, Bartlett, Jessup, m 8March1849 Lucy BALDWIN. GRIFFIS, Calvin B., Forest Lake, m 3Dec1843 Jane M. VAUGHN, Bridgewater. GRIFFIS, Calvin B., Forest Lake, m 3Jan1844 Jane M. VAUGHN, Bridgewater. GRIFFIS, Leander, Jackson, m 16Dec1845 Jane MILLER. GRIFFIS, Lovisa, Jackson, m 2Feb1837 L. Miner TURRELL. GRIFFIS, Patty, m 20Nov1828 Joel TURRELL, both/o Middletown. GRIFFIS, Sarah, age 45, wife/o Thaddeus GRIFFIS, d Bridgewater 17Nov1837. GRIFFIS, Sarah A., Montrose, m 1April1849 Benjamin R. STURGES, Chicago IL. GRIFFIS, Seymour, Jackson, m 1Nov1843 Betsey C. DIX, Gibson. GRIFFIS, Stephen, age 89, Rev. War, d Brooklyn 18Nov1836. GRIFFITH, Mary, White Pigeon MI, m 30May1840 Lawrence RUSSELL, Windsor. GRIGG, Lemuel, native/o Hampton, Windham Co. CT, eldest son/o Nathan GRIGG of Gibson PA, d Harford 8April1828. GRIGGS, Noah, age 72, d Herrick 25Feb1841. GRIMES, Anna, m 22Aug1842 Thomas O'NEAL, both/o Montrose. GRINNELL, Otis, m 14Oct1844 Angeline TIFFANY, both/o Harford. GRIPPEN, Martin, Luzerne Co., m 24Jan1844 Eliza MOORE, Springville. GRISWOLD, Abigail, age 61, wife/o Jehiel GRISWOLD, d Choconut 9Oct1837. GRISWOLD, Abigail, dau/o Jehiel GRISWOLD, Warren, m 10Sept1839 Samuel MILLIGAN, Ellerslie. GRISWOLD, Amelia A., dau/o Judson GRISWOLD, m 22Nov1843 Dr. John H. PIERCE, both/o Springville. GRISWOLD, George, m 10April1817 Betsey ROSE, Choconut. GROVER, Barzillia G., Montrose, m 5Jan1836 Almira MITCHELL, dau/o Seth MITCHELL, New Milford. GROVER, Mary J., dau/o Barzilla & Almira GROVER, d Montrose 22April1838. GROVER, Mrs. Nancy, m 26July1837 Seth MITCHEL, New Milford. GROVES, William Augustus, son/o John & Harriet GROVES, d Montrose 5March1844. GROW, Frederick P., Millardsville, m 3Nov1842 Helen A. FULLER, dau/o Uriah FULLER, Brooklyn CT. GROW, John, m 7March1839 Caroline WAKEFIELD, both/o Auburn. GRYSOL, Samuel, Damascus, m 25June1836 Harriet BURRELL, Great Bend. GUARD, Almeda, m 4Oct1841 Thomas GOSS, Sterling. GUARD, Emeline, Bridgewater, m 9April1849 Edmund W. IRISH, Choconut. GUARD, James Henry, son/o John & Fanny GUARD, d Harford 13April1842. GUARD, Mary Ann, Bridgewater, m 22Dec1842 David SHELDON, Middletown. GUARD, Sardinia, Bridgewater, m 20Feb1849 Luther H. ELDRED, Choconut. GUERNSEY, Julia M., dau/o Hiram GUERNSEY, m 1May1844 Nehemiah P. MILLER, New Milford. GUGENHEIMER, George, Montrose, m 4Dec1849 Caroline M. PALMETER, Bridgewater. GUILD, Hannah, m 29Aug1837 Obed G. COUGHLAN, both/o Harford. GUILD, Lysander, m 2April1835 Abigail MOSS, both/o Harford. GUILD, Rockwell, m 30Nov1826 Mary THATCHER, both/o Harford. GUILD, Silas, Harford, m 1Aug1831 Mrs. Mary BURDICK, Bridgewater. GUILD, Temperance, dau/o Samuel GUILD, m 21March1836 Maj. John BLANDING. GUILE, Alvira, m 26Dec1831 Abel READ, Jr., both/o Harford. GUILE, Catherine, Harford, m 6June1848 George M. GAMBLE, M.D. GUILE, Harlem, age 21, d Harford 2Aug1836. GURNEY, Elizabeth T., m 23Nov1842 Daniel S. HOAG, Silver Lake. GURNEY, Hannah N., Friendsvill, m 20Sept1842 James TURRELL, Forest Lake. GURNEY, Sarah Ann, Friendsville, m 18March1849 Deacon Eben POTTER, Washington PA. GURNSEY, Levi B., Tioga PA, m 6Dec1827 Abigail TYLER, Bridgewater. GUSTIN [or JUSTIN], Philamine D., Waterloo IA, m 26Nov1830 Ira AVERY, Springville. HADLEY, Archibald B., m 28May1834 Eliza STOTT, youngest dau/o James STOTT, Carbondale. HADSELL, Francis, m 21Jan1845 Harriet R. PERKINS, both/o Bridgewater. HADSELL, Marilla, m 7Dec1835 David HARRIS. HAGINS, Phoebe Maria, dau/o Isaac & Marilla HAGINS, d Montrose 23July1842. HAINES, Lydia M., dau/o George HAINES, Lancaster, m 15Oct1840 Volney L. MAXWELL, Wilkes-Barre. HALL, Artemus, Great Bend, m 1Aug1849 Sarah GAIGE, Silver Lake. HALE, Elizabeth, age 74, wife/o Isaac HALE, d Harmony 16Feb1842. HALL, Artemus, Great Bend, m 2Dec1832 Lucinda DEAN, Bridgewater. HALL,Catherine, m 29June1830 Garrick MALLORY, Harrisburg. HALL, Drew, m 7March1821 Almira VAILL. HALL, Edward B., son/o Artemus & Lucinda HALL, d Great Bend 17Oct1838. HALL, Elizabeth, m 27Oct1834 Lenthal PLATT, both/o Lawsville. HALL, Emely, m 28June1847 William B. LACEY, both/o Lacyville. HALL, James R., m 25May1834 Mary SUTLIFF, Orwell PA. HALL, John, North Fenton NY, m 17Aug1872 Emma HINMAN, Montrose. HALL, John H., m 23Oct1845 Alice L. EADY, both/o Dimock. HALL, Nancy, Jackson, m 24Dec1842 Isaac D. SEELEY, Great Bend. HALL, Orrison W., Liberty, m 9Oct1839 Aurilla J. FINCH, Conklin. HALL, Perry W., m 18June1845 Thankful P. ROBINSON, both/o Jackson. HALL, Rachel, dau/o Seth & Penila HALL, d Great Bend 13April1837. HALL, Richard, Binghamton, m 8Oct1835 Ann HILL, Bridgewater. HALL, Sally, Bridgewater, m 16Oct1816 Josiah LORD, Waterford. HALL, Timothy, age 71, Rev. War, d Great Bend 1April1831. HALL, Timothy, age 71, Rev. War, d Great Bend 1 April1834. HALLECK, Charlotte, Minisink NY, m 15Oct1840 George H. WELLS, Wilkes-Barre. HALLOCK, Charlotte, Minisink, m 14Aug1840 George H. WELLS, Wilkes-Barre. HALSEY, Delia, Fairfield NY, m 16Aug1841 Harvey PIPER, Gibson. HALSEY, Eliza S., m 7Deb1837 Norman MITCHELL. HALSTEAD, Miss, m 3Nov1842 Mr. BALL, both/o Harford. HALSTEAD, Nathaniel, Bridgewater, m 20Oct1844 Fally A. THACHER, dau/o Orin & Minerva THACHER, Clifford. HALSTED, Jemima, m 17June1833 James DOUD, both/o Lenox. HALSTED, Lemuel, Nicholson, m 18Feb1837 Delilah LOUDON, dau/o John S. LOUDON, Springville. HALSTED, Maneda, Nicholson, m 1Jan1838 Jefferson BARNES, Lenox. HALSTED, Samuel, m 5July1830 Maria CAPWELL, both/o Lenox. HAMILTON, Augusta L., mm 21Aug1838 O. R. TYLER. HAMILTON, Sloan, m 18April1827 Polly DENISON, both/o Montrose. HAMILTON, William, m 2July1848 Clarissa A. MILLARD, both/o Lenox. HAMLIN, Elias B., son/o Solomon & Clarissa HAMLIN, d Forest Lake 20Aug1838. HAMLIN, Jerusha C., Forest Lake, m 4March1847 Joslyn BLAINE, Barkon NY. HAMLIN, Marietta, eldest dau/o Solomon & Clarissa HAMLIN, d Forest Lake 14Aug1838. HAMLIN, Theron, son/o Salmon & Clarissa HAMLIN, d Forest Lake 26Sept1841. HAMMOND, Candace, m 24Aug1839 Walter WATSON, both/o New Milford. HAMMOND, Candace, age 49, d New Milford 14Aug1841. HAMMOND, Esther, age 63, wife/o Samuel HAMMOND, d Harford 14March1841. HAMMOND, Malvina, m 21Oct1843 George WATSON, New Milford. HAMMOND, Sarah, New Milford, m 11Juuly1827 Sylvanus MOTT. HANCE, Asher, m 4July1843 Johanna WHIPPLE, dau/o Joseph WHIPPLE, both/o Silver Lake. HANCE, Wapples, age 90, d Liberty 6Dec1843. HANCOCK, Louisa, age 46, formerly Susquehanna Co., d Pike 24Sept1837. HANCOCK, Mrs. Polly, wife/o James HANCOCK, dau/o D. PERKINS, d Wilkes-Barre 22Jan1845. HANDCOCK, Violetta, m 6March1839 Almond P. STEPHENS, both/o Pike. HANDOCK, Sarah, dau/o John HANCOCK, m 15Sept1833 Lewis BOSWORTH, Pike. HANDRAKE, Aramintha, m 26May1822 Richard HICKOK. HANDRAKE, Dotha L., dau/o John S. HANDRAKE, m 31Jan1837 Cyrus BARLOW, both/o New Milford. HANDRAKE, Eliza G., m 20March1827 David CHASE, Great Bend. HANDRAKE, William B., Middletown, m 24ept1834 Sabina SHERMAN, dau/o J. C. SHERMAN, Bridgewater. HANDRICK, Amelia S., m 27Dec1848 William HARDING, both/o New Milford. HANDRICK, Ann, Middletown, m 14June1840 Isaac BAKER, Dimock. HANDRICK, Mrs. Betsey, age 47, wife/o William G. HANDRICK, d Middletown 8April1837. HANDRICK, Eliza, dau/o W. G. HANDRICK, Friendsville, m 7May1843 William MILES, Dimock. HANDRICK, Elizabeth Adelia, dau/o William G. HANDRICK, d Middletown 5Nov1833. HANDRICK, Mrs. Lois, age 50, wife/o William G. HANDRICK, d Middletown 26Sept1843. HANDRICK, Louisa, wife/o Sheldon G. HANDRICK, dau/o Sylvester & Polly SMITH, d Franklin 25July1849. HANDRICK, Lucinda, Middletown, m 19March1845 Jonathan H. MILES, Dimock. HANDRICK, Wakeman C., Middletown, m 2Jan1837 Urania STONE, dau/o Judson STONE. HANDRICK, William G., Middletown, m 1July1839 Mrs. Lois RICHARDSON, rel/o Col. Lee RICHARDSON, Harford. HANDYSIDE, R., N. Cork, m 8March1833 Letita BELL, dau/o Isaac BELL, Cork. HANNAH, Benjamin, m 21Oct1836 Esther EARL. HARDENBROOK, Margaret, m 19March1845 Edwin T. TIFFANY, both/o Harford. HARDING, Albert F., m 13Oct1839 Elizabeth W. APACY. HARDING, Anne, dau/o Luke HARDING, m 14June1832 Artemus CARPENTER, both/o Herrick. HARDING, Ann, age 18, d Harford 22Feb1835. HARDING, Chapman, m 2Nov1843 Harriet ORAM. HARDING, Elisha, d Eaton 1Sept1839. HARDING, Jerusha B., New Milford, m 22Sept1842 Lyman B. COLE. HARDING, John, age 63, of Susquehanna Co., d Luzerne Co. 26June1826. HARDING, Larine, Harford, m 2Sept1830 Stephen KEECH, Jr., Lenox. HARDING, Mahala, m 20Dec1838 Peter KNAPP, both/o Lenox. HARDING, Mahala B., dau/o John HARDING, Exeter, m 20Sept1832 Alexander M. BOLLES, M.D., Montrose. HARDING, Stephen, ag 71, d Harford 11Sept1842. HARDING, Uriah, age 41,son/o Elisha & Elizabeth HARDING, d Herrick 3Feb1844. HARDING, William, m 27Dec1848 Amelia S. HANDRICK, both/o New Milford. HARE, Caroline, m 6March1849 Matthew SCOTT, both/o Silver Lake. HARKINS, Barney C., age 21, son/o William HARKINS, d Dimock 3April1841. HARKINS, William, age 78, d Springville 5Nov1824. HARLAN, Elizabeth, m 27May1824 Jabez GILES, both/o Springville. HARLAN, Ezekiel W., Chester PA, m 9May1822 Margaret BAKER, dau/o Joseph BAKER, Bridgewater. HARPER, Hannah, Bridgewater, m 9Sept1822 Joseoph GOOD, New London PA. HARRINGTON, William H., Moravia NY, m 20Dec1840 Miranda LANE, dau/o late Martin LANE, Lanesboro. HARRIS, Abby, m 1Jan1845 Charles OSSENCUP, both/o Auburn. HARRIS, Amanda, dau/o Henry HARRIS, m 4July1820 William JESSUP, Southampton LI NY. HARRIS, Celinda, m 30April1820 Ira CURTIS, both/o Bridgewater. HARRIS, David, age 56, d Bridgewater 9Aug1817. HARRIS, David, m 77Dec1835 Marilla HADSELL. HARRIS, George W., Brooklyn, m 10Dec1830 Mrs. Lucinda MORGAN, w/o Late Capt. William C. MORGAN. HARRIS, Hannah, m 29Jan1821 Samuel B. FESSENDEN, both/o Bridgewater. HARRIS, Dr. Isaac D., Rush, m 1Jan1834 Rachel BAKER, Bridgewater. HARRIS, John, m 21Oct1836 Orpha PHIPPEN, Auburn. HART, Conklin, m 1Jan1830 Almira TENNANT, both/o New Milford. HART, Mary, m 30Sept1840 Daniel M. FARRAR, both/o Harford. HART, Mrs. Mary, age 67, d Rush 13Jan1842. HART, Philemon, m 28Feb1830 Phebe COBB, both/o Bridgewater. HART, Philemon, Rush, m 24Aug1839 Rachel SMITH, Bridgewater. HART, Mrs. Phoebe, wife/o Jacob HART, d New Milford 26Aug1820. HARTSHORN, Mary, age 47, dau/o late Putnam CATLIN, sis/o George CATLIN o/Susquehanna Co., d Hamilton NY 9June1848. HARTSON, Beriah, age 62, d German Flats 16May1830. HASDELL, H. L., Wayne Co., m 12Nov1844 Miss S. RICHARDSON, Harford. HATCH, Elizabeth, dau/o Sabin & Abby Ann HATCH, d Montrose 9Oct1843. HATCH, Mrs. Hannah, age 36, d Great Bend 11Aug1834. HATCH, Helim, age 24, d Great Bend 8April1837. HATCH, Lucy Jane, m 26April1845 William M. POST, both/o New Milford. HATCH, Milo, age 25, at father's residence, d Great Bend 4April1833. HATCH, Nancy, wife/o Sabin HATCH, d Great Bend 30Sept1839. HATCH, Olivere, Great Bend, m 3Sept1825 Phebe TROWBRIDGE. HATCH, Sabin, Great Bend, m 18June1825 Nancy BURROWS, Bridgewater. HATCH, Sabin, age 41, d Montrose 7Feb1844. HATCH, William K., Liberty, m 27Sept1849 Susan M. SMITH, Franklin. HAVERLY, Jacob, m 9Dec1827 Mary DUNMORE, both/o Auburn. HAVERLY, Mrs. Mary, age 38, wife/o Jacob HAVERLY, formerly o/Harford, d New Albany 27Oct1842. HAVERLY, William, Auburn, m 1July1841 Ann H. TYLER, Dimock. HAWES, Homer, Forest Lake, m 26Oct1842 Lydia Cordelia TAYLOR, dau/o Seth TAYLOR. HAWES, Sally, m 22May1845 Warren WHITE. HAWKINS, Jemima, Bridgewater, m 1May1842 Hosea BROWN, Brooklyn. HAWLEY, Benjamin, m 14Oct1836 Flavia WELLMAN, Brooklyn. HAWLEY, E. W., Montrose, m 31Dec1840 Mary S. HICKOK, Bridgewater. HAWLEY, Ephraim, m 14Oct1836 Almira WELLMAN, Brooklyn. HAWLEY, Flora A., Montrose, m 31Dec1840 Silas BALDWIN, Rush. HAWLEY, Isaiah, age 69, d Bridgewater 15July1842. HAWLEY, James [in Binghamton], m 21Nov1830 Jane ELDRIDGE, dau/o Christopher ELDRIDGE. HAWLEY, John, New Milford, m 9May1832 Phebe HITCHCOCK, Bridgewater. HAWLEY, Joseph, Bridgewater, m 30Jan1833 Mrs. Lydia WESTBROOK, Brooklyn. HAWLEY, Mary A., dau/o John & Merab HAWLEY, d Philadelphia 24July1843. HAWLEY, Nabby, Lawsville, m 4March1829 Amos CHURCHILL. HAWLEY, Parmelia, m 24March1833 Burton PRITCHARD, Springville. HAWLEY, Mrs. Phebe, age 80, d Lawsville 19March1832. HAWLEY, Rhoda M., Montrose, m 4June1840 George H. BLATCHLEY, New York. HAWLEY, Sally, New Milford, m 1Feb1832 A. K. IVES, Lawsville. HAWLEY, Sarah M., m 23Nov1843 Joseph MOONY, both/o Montrose. HAYDEN, Andrew W., son/o Warner C. & Sally C. HAYDEN, d New Milford 17Oct1843. HAYDEN, Benjamin, age 57, from MA, d New Milford 11Dec1841. HAYDEN, Electa S., Brooklyn, m 28March1830 Giles C. SMITH. HAYDEN, James M., Quincy MA. M 19June1842 Adaline S. WILD, Milton MA. HAYDEN, John, m 27April1843 Catherine MC DIVIT, both/o New Milford. HAYDEN, Tracy, m 2May1848 Henrietta SUMMERS, dau/o Ira SUMMERS, both/o New Milford. HAYDEN, Dr. William, Canaan PA, m 9Sept1845 Henrietta KINGSLEY, Harford. HAYS, Thomas, Conklin NY, m 8Oct1845 Betsey NEWCOMB, Great Bend. HAYZEE, Oliver, Truxton NY, m 1Jan1834 Amy NEWCOMB, Bridgewater. HAZEL, Henry, age 18, negro, d Bridgewater 11Oct1842. HEALD, Alfred, d Choconut 14Dec1835. HEALD, Edward, Choconut, m 18April1845 Irene GOULD, Chenango. HEALD, Widow Lucy, Choconut, m 10March1845 Maj. Nathaniel CHICKS, Ohio. HEALEY, Henry C., Harford, m 4Sept1830 Frances WILLIAMS, Mt. Pleasant. HEATH, Amos, m 1Jan1824 Chloe CHALKER, both/o Choconut. HEAVERLY, Margaret, Auburn, m 15April1824 John DUNMORE, Rush. HEDDEN, David, m 11Nov1840 Elizabeth WOOD, dau/o Rev. Joseph WOOD. HEISTER, Elizabeth, age 76, wife/o Joseph HEISTER, Susquehanna Co., d Reading 11June1825. HEISZ, Minerva, m 14Oct1837 Ralph R. CARPENTER, both/o Tunkhannock. HEIZ, Catherine, Springville, m 3July1831 Admiral RUPLEY [RIPLEY?], Montrose. HELME, Eunice, dau/o Maj. Oliver HELME, Kingston, m 20Sept1840 Henry CLEMONS, Montrose. HELME, J. C, Wilkes-Barre, m 4Nov1841 Miss A. L. GEER, Bridgewater. HELME, Rhoda, m 21July1836 DeWitt Clinton WARNER. HEMPSTED, Julia, m 4Oct1843 Mr. TIFFANY, both/o Dimock. HEMPSTED, Rev. O. G., m 30Sept1845 Eliza O. TYLER, dau/o Simeon TYLER, both/o Dimock. HEMPSTED, Stephen A., Montrose, m 10Feb1848 Sarah A. BREWSTER, Bridgewater. HENDERSON, Polly, dau/o Joseph HENDERSON, m 5Nov1831 Stephen QUICK, both/o Great Bend. HENDRICK, Fanny, m 25Dec1828 William SMALL, both/o Middletown. HENDRICK, Mary, m 9Aug1838 Henry H. BRADLEY, New Milford. HENDRICKSON, Jacob, Ulster Co. NY, m 27Aug1834 Lydia ODLE, Great Bend. HENSTOCK, William, m 17Sept1849 Ann COCKAYNE, both/o Forest Lake. HEPBURN, Mary B., m 2April1838 Allen S. BARNUM. HERINGTON, William, m 2Feb1843 Maria POTTER, both/o Bridgewater. HERKIMER, Lyman, Brooklyn, m 13June1841 Malinda DARROW, Bridgewater. HERRICK, Hon. Edwin, Athens, m 3July1832 Rebecca ROSS, Harrisburg. HEWES, Oliver, Forest Lake, m 22Sept1846 Cynthia MACHUE [MACHUA?], Tioga NY. HEWETT, James, Brooklyn, m 14Feb1836 Fanny FISH, dau/o Anthony FISH, Bridgewater. HEWETT, Mrs. Jerusha, age 78, d Bridgewater 21Nov1825. HEWETT, Latham, age 38, d 10Aug1825. HEWIN, Orange, Rush, m 5Feb1843 Celeste NEWCOMB, Middletown. HEWITT, Charles B., m 9June1842 Lucy PECK, both/o Franklin. HEWITT, Mrs. Clarissa, m 19Aug1837 Peter JAMESON, both/o Bridgewater. HEWITT, Diadema, Dimock, m 1Jan1840 Nehemiah MACK, Brooklyn. HEWITT, Mrs., wid/o late Israel HEWITT, d Dimock 29June1840. HEWITT, Sally Mary, m 30April1844 Herman SINES, both/o Dimock. HEWITT, William, m 1Oct1840 Adelia LORD, both/o Brooklyn. HEWS, Elizabeth, Lycoming Co., m 22June1834 John M. SPALDING, Bradford. HIBBARD, Hiram, Canterbury CT, m 18Feb1834 Elizabeth M. JUSTIN, Springville. HIBBARD, John M., Auburn, m 13Jan1844 Almary BLAKESLEY, Pike PA. HICKOK, Adelaide, dau/o James HICKOK, d Springville 7Sept1833. HICKOK, Ambrose, Cooperstown, formerly Susquehanna Co., m 1Jan1849 Clestia BERGEN, dau/o Col. J. S. BERGEN, all/o Louisville KY. HICKOK, Caroline M., dau/o Thomas N. HICKOK, Bridgewater, m 15May1842 Rev. James S. PALMER. HICKOK, Daniel H., m 20Sept1839 Amanda CANFIELD, both/o Rush. HICKOK,Darius, age 45, son/o Benjamin HICKOK of Waterbury CT, d Bridgewater 2Sept1828. HICKOK, H. C., Bloomfield PA, m 17Nov1841 Margaret L. PARKE, youngest dau/o Col. Thomas PARKE, Springville. HICKOK, Louisa, Rush, m 3Feb1841 William CARTER, Bridgewater. HICKOK, Lucretia, m 21Feb1836 Josiah M. PRATT. HICKOK, Mary, age 81, rel/o Joel HICKOK, at res/o son James HICKOK, from Litchfield CT, d Springville 30March1846. HICKOK, Mary S., Bridgewater, m 31Dec1840 E. W. HAWLEY, Montrose. HICKOK, Oscran B., m 11Dec1849 Elizabeth WILLIAMS, dau/o Amos WILLIAMS, both/o Springville. HICKOK, Richard, m 26May1822 Aramintha HANDRAKE. HICKOX, Louisa, m 3Feb1840 William CARTER, Bridgewater. HICKS, Polly [both deaf & dumb], Rome, m 2Aug1834 William MC KLASKY, Luzerne Co. HILBORN, Caroline, dau/o William & Sarah HILBORN, d Harmony 21July1843. HILBORN, John, age 84, d Harmony 15April1826. HILL, Ann, Bridgewater, m 8Oct1835 Richard HALL, Binghamton. HILL, Betsey, dau/o Ansel HILL, Silver Lake, m 23Nov1830 Elihu STURDEVANT, Braintree. HILL, Mrs. Catherine, age 45, wife/o James W. HILL, d Bridgewater 25July1843. HILL, Edwin, m 17Sept1846 Diadema GREGORY, both/o Bridgewater. HILL, Eliza Ann, dau/o Joseph HILL, d Gibson 26Feb1827. HILL, Eunice M., Jackson, m 9Nov1837 Elihu S. PAGE, Bridgewater. HILL, Lovisa, dau/o James W. HILL, Bridgewater, m 2Oct1844 John BROWN, Forest Lake. HILL, Malinda, m 27June1841 Jerome F. BEERS, Windham. HILL, Capt. Moses, age 60, formerly Rockingham VT, d Springville Nov1843. HILL, Orson, son/o J. W. HILL, d Bridgewater 30July1829. HILL, Reuben, Esq., Jackson, m 16Dec1845 Ann TAYLOR. HILL, Reuben, m 20Dec1847 Lucinda CURTIS, both/o Jackson. HILL, Sarah M., m 3Jan1849 Orlande WATROUS, both/o Bridgewater. HILL, Sherman H., Susquehanna Co., m 18March1845 Julia A. PORTER, Troy. HILL, Wakeman W., age 17, son/o James W. HILL, d Bridgewater 28April1833. HILLARD, Charlotte, Jackson, m 31Dec1828 Sheffield MATTISON, Susquehanna. HILLIS, William, Vestal NY, m 28Feb1858 Anna Maria WHITE, Bridgewater. HINDS, Abanoam, Jr., m 2Feb1837 Jane FOWLER. HINDS, Abanoiam, age 85, early settler, d Wysox 30Jan1849. HINDS, Agnes [slave dau], m 12Oct1831 John STOUT [colored], both/o Montrose. HINDS, Agnes, age 70, rel/o Bartlett HINDS, d Montrose 7May1834. HINDS, Albert, son/o Stephen HINDS, d Montrose 15July1822. HINDS, Bartlett, Rev. War, d Montrose 11Oct1822. HINDS, Conrad, son/o Deacon Conrad HINDS, d Bridgewater 28Dec1830. HINDS, Maj. David, m 14Aug1845 Malvina JENKS, both/o Bridgewater. HINDS, Emeline B., dau/o Preserved & Ann HINDS, d Forest Lake 12June1845. HINDS, Jane, dau/o Deacon Conrad C. HINDS, m 18Sept1842 Charles SPROUT, both/o Bridgewater. HINDS, John B., m 2March1834 Sarah WOOD, both/o Bridgewater. HINDS, Loami B., Montrose, m 9Dec1841 Anna BROWN, dau/o Rev. W. BROWN, Ridgway PA. HINDS, Ruth, m 2Feb1837 Benjamin HOLBROOK. HINDS, Susanna P., m 30Sept1841 Edwin J. WEBB, both/o Montrose. HINE, Elena Elizabeth, dau/o Merritt HINE, d Jackson 13June1827. HINE, John, Pike PA, m 11Nov1830 Almira SUMNER, dau/o J. B. SUMNER, Auburn. HINE, Louisa, m 6Jan1831 William G. HOLMES, Gibson. HINES, Mrs. Martha, age 28, d Pike 7May1830. HINKLEY, Marquis, Lenox, m 25Dec1838 Mary L. MARYOTT, Brooklyn. HINMAN, Elijah S., age 50, d Catherine 20March1827. HINMAN, Emma, Montrose, m 17Aug1872 John HALL, North Fenton NY. HITCHCOCK, Benjamin, Springville, m 28Oct1832 Permelia A. GEER, Kent CT. HITCHCOCK, Phebe, Bridgewater, m 9May1832 John HAWLEY, New Milford. HITCHCOK, George, Cooperstown, formerly Susquehanna Co., m 1Jan1849 Eliza BERGEN, dau/o Col. J. S. BERGEN, all/o Louisville KY. HIX, Malinda, m 7June1841 Jerome F. BEERS, both/o Windham. HOAG, Daniel S., Silver Lake, m 23Nov1842 Elizabeth T. GURNEY. HOAG, Nancy, Silver Lake, m 28Sept1830 Mortimer D. GAGE, Great Bend. HOAR, William L., age 40, d Dimock 20Aug1834. HOBBS, Cynthia, m 31Dec1840 Austin KNIGHT, both/o Springville. HOBBS, Solomon, Greenfield, m 29Oct1838 Sarah J. GILBERT, Lenox. HOFF, Daniel, m 10April1847 Mrs. Eve FULLINGTON, both/o Jessup. HOFF, Margaret, age 61, wife/o Daniel HOFF, d Jessup 7Oct1846. HOLBROOK, Benjamin, m 2Feb1837 Ruth HINDS. HOLCOMB, Samuel, Coventry NY, m 24Jan1834 Olive WALLING, Montrose. HOLFORD, Mrs.Mary Ann, age 64, at res/o Lloyd AUSTIN, d Bridgewater 29Jan1844. HOLFORD, W. C., Harpersfield, m 8March1838 Flora BENSON, Stourbridge MA. HOLIDAY, James K., Tunkhannock, m 12June1843 Mary STERLING, dau/o late Maj. Daniel STERLING, formerly Braintrim, Luzerne Co. HOLLISTER, Chuzer, Bridgewater, m 4Oct1841 Mrs. Olive SILLSBEE, Braintrim. HOLLISTER, Mrs. Eliza, age 45, d Dimock 3Feb1841. HOLLISTER, Mrs. Eliza, age 45, d Dimock 2March1841. HOLLISTER, S. E., dau/o C. HOLLISTER, d Dimock 16Oct1845. HOLLY, Phebe, m 20Sept1829 Hervey S. STEPHENS, both/o Bridgewater. HOLMAN, John, Jr., Middletown, m 12Feb1845 Mary E. HOWARD, dau/o S. C. HOWARD. HOLMES, Amanda, Falls Twp., Wyoming Co., m 25Feb1858 Edmond STILES, Benton, Luzerne Co. HOLMES, John, Jr., Middletown, m 21Jan1845 Mary C. HOWARD, Silver Lake. HOLMES, William G., Gibson, m 6Jan1831 Louisa HINE. HOMET, Francis, Wyalusing, m 1June1843 Mary GILBERT, dau/o Oliver GILBERT, Durell. HOPKINS, Rev. George Payne, Pike PA, m 3Nov1841 Sarah Waller BOSTWICK, dau/o D. BOSTWICK. HOPKINS, James, age 77, distinguished counselor, d Lancaster 14Aug1834. HOPKINS, Larned, formerly RI, at house/o Lyman LEWIS, d 25March1833. HOPKINS, Sarah, New Milford, m 30Aug1838 Charles CHANDLER, Jackson. HOPKINS, Thomas, m 27March1831 Polly EDSON, both/o New Milford. HOPSON, Hannah, Kent CT, m 25June1832 Charles BEARDSLEY, Auburn. HOPSON, Mrs. Lydia, at res/o Charles BEARDSLEY, res/o Montrose, bur Kent CT, d 10Dec1848. HOPSON, Polly, age 48, at res/o Charles BEARDSLEY, her bro-in-law, d New York City 28July1842. HORTON, Benjamin D., Chenango NY, m 21Sept1836 Sally E. GOULD, Liberty. HORTON, Esther Elizabeth, m 19Nov1837 William TWINING. HORTON, Hester, dau/o Jonathan & Polly HORTON, d Forest Lake 8July1843. HORTON, Jane, m 1Nov1845 Henry JENNERS, both/o Forest Lake. HORTON, Maria, Clifford, m 11April1832 Egbert J. PLUMB, Honesdale. HORTON, Mary, m 29April1838 Elijah RILEY, both/o Forest Lake. HORTON, Nicholas F., formerly Susquehanna Co., d Clayborn AL 25Oct1820. HORTON, Roxana M., m 8Oct1844 Joseph W. FOSTER, both/o Bridgewater. HORTON, Samuel, Choconut, m 21Dec1837 Sarah GLIDDEN, Middletown. HORTON, Samuel, Choconut, m 25Jan1838 Sarah GLIDDEN, Middletown. HORTON, William, age 22, d West Bridgewater 25June1835. HOSMER, Rev. William, m 23July1834 Martha GAMAGE, both/o Burlington PA. HOTCHKISS, Henry D., d Montrose 18April1836. HOTCHKISS, Maria, m 24Jan1844 Merritt SOLEY, both/o Harford. HOUGH, Col. David, Unadilla NY, m 30Sept1837 Mrs. Betsey SLADE. HOUSE, William, Choconut, m 12Sept1837 Eliza Maria TURNER, dau/o Capt. TURNER, Silver Lake. HOUSTON, Jane Martha, eldest dau/o Dr. T. T. HOUSTON, Athens PA, m 4Nov1844 O. N. WORDEN, Tunkhannock. HOWARD, Martha S., Silver Lake, m 19Dec1844 E. Lyman BIRCHARD, Rush. HOWARD, Mary C., Silver Lake, m 21Jan1845 John HOLMES, Jr., Middletown. HOWARD, Mary E., dau/o S. C. HOWARD, m 12Feb1845 John HOLMAN, Jr., Middletown. HOWARD, Miranda, m 1Jan1822 Levi GREGORY, both/o Bridgewater. HOWARD, Nathan C., Lawsville, m 11March1832 Olive FISK, Great Bend. HOWARD, Oscar M., son/o Charles & Mary HOWARD, d South Auburn 25Sept1845. HOWARD, Samuel, age 70, formerly Brooklyn, d Auburn 28Jan1843. HOWE, Ephraim, age 67, d Brooklyn 1Sept1840. HOWE, Hiram, Brooklyn, m 9June1825 Sylvia CHEVER, Bridgewater. HOWE, James E., Brooklyn, m 11Jan1829 Lucy BACKUS, Bridgewater. HOWE, James E., m 8March138 Pamela M. CONVERS, both/o Brooklyn. HOWE, James K., son/o Ephraim HOWE, d Brooklyn 19July1841. HOWE, Margaret, m 12Dec1844 Leander WOOD, both/o Bridgewater. HOWE, Mary Ann, Brooklyn, m 22Nov1826 Zenas NICHOLS. HOWE, Syrenus, m 1July1836 Mrs. WILMOT, Locust Hill. HOWELL, Ann Eliza, Montrose, m 7June1832 James SEYMOUR, Carbondale. HOWELL, Elizabeth B., Elizabeth NJ, m 2April1832 Thomas P. PHINNEY, Dundaff. HOWELL, Harriet, dau/o Matthew HOWELL, m 4Oct1820 Walter G. WOODHOUSE, Southampton LI NY. HOWELL, John A., Jessup, m 11March1847 Olive L. BIRCHARD, Forest Lake. HOWELL, Zervia H., d Montrose 27March1816. HOWLAND, Asahel, m 19Nov1840 Eliza Jane WELLMAN, New Milford. HOWLAND, Lucy T., m 13Oct1841 David WELLMAN, Jr., both/o New Milford. HUBBARD, Isaac, age 76, formerly Bridgewater, d Battle Creek MI 16Feb1841. HUBBARD, Lucy, wife/o Isaac WATROUS and mother of large WATROUS family of Susquehanna Co., d Johnstown MI 29May1839. HUBBARD, M., Bridgewater, m 1July1824 Mary CATLIN, dau/o Erastus CATLIN, Springville. HUDDLES, John, Chester Co., m Sept1833 Esther PRICHARD, dau/o Amos PRICHARD, Springville. HUDDLESTONE, R. W., m 2April1829 Ann SMALL, both/o Forest Lake. HUDSON, Amanda, m 19Oct1820 Dexter CANNON. HUDSON, Ann, London, Eng., m 2Feb1837 Samuel W. GARTLEY, Friendsville. HUDSON, Mrs. Esther, age 76, d Bridgewater 23April1825. HUFF, Eva Maria, m 8March1827 Almar CLARK. Both/o Bridgewater. HUFFMAN, Gilbert, Great Bend, m 5March1842 Esther BIRGE, Bridgewater. HULL, Samuel, Candor NY, m 28Dec1842 Julia Ann OAKLEY, Harford. HUMPHREY, Emily A., Orwell, m 13Aug1839 E. M. FARRAR, Harford. HUMPHREYS, Mr., age 84, Rev. War, Madison Twp., WI, m 26May1837 Ma--- GIDY, age 80. HUNT, Nancy V., Tioga, m 5March1846 William P. MC KUNE, Harmony. HUNTER, Jane M., Clifford, m 7Oct1841 Daniel M. TIFFANY, Bridgewater. HUNTINGTON, Gen. Jedediah, age 79, Rev. War, d New London 19Oct1818. HUNTLEY, Lucy M., m 18April1839 Daniel W. CROCKER, both/o Bridgewater. HURLBURT, Ezra, m 3Aug1834 Louisa A. WEBBER, both/o Honesdale. HURLBURT, Joseph S., Rush, m 20July1834 Anna L. ESTUS, Auburn. HYATT, David, d Great Bend 22Feb1826. HYDE, Amasa L., Lebanon CT, m 22Oct1841 Hulda CHANDLER, Gibson [2 entries]. HYDE, Betsey K., dau/o Jabez HYDE, m 13April1833 Samuel B. SHOEMAKER, both/o Rush. HYDE, Jabez, age 67, d Rush 8Oct1841. HYDE, Mrs. Lucy, rel/o Hon. Jabez HYDE, early settler Rush, d Springville 16Feb1849. HYDE, Lydia J., age 22, dau/o Jabez HYDE, Jr., d Rush 2Sept1826. HYNES, Minerva, dau/o James HYNES, deceased, m 27Sept1826 John DUNMORE. IMPSON, Maria, Newark Valley, m 6May1835 John ADDISON, Choconut. INGALS, Sarah P., Jackson, m 22May1844 Hugh MEREDITH, Stuben NY. INGHAM, Jonas, Wyalusing, m 24April1834 Diantha GIBSON, Towanda. INGHAM, Samuel H., m 13Aug1831 Harriet E. RANDALL, both/o Brooklyn. INGRAHAM, Jonas, Wyalusing, m 17March1816 Sally ROBINSON, Bridgewater. INNES, Samuel, age 39, Ed/o Eastern Dem., d Easton 8Feb1841. INNES, Urial, son/o William & Charlotte INNES o/Shaftsbury VT, d Choconut 11Dec1846. IRISH, Edmund W., Choconut, m 9April1849 Emeline GUARD, Bridgewater. IRVIN, Charles, New York City, m 31July1837 Margaret B. IRVIN, Dimock. IRVIN, Margaret B., Dimock, m 31July1837 Charles IRVIN, New York City. ISBELL, Garner, m 25Feb1824 Elizabeth BOWMAN, both/o Bridgewater. ISBELL, Garner, age 60, d Bridgewater 1Dec1846. ISBELL, Gibbon, son/o Garner & Elizabeth ISBELL, d Montrose 6Sept1833. ISBELL, Mary A., Havana NY, m 3Aug1842 George LITTLE, Esq., Bridgewater. IVES, A. K., Lawsville, m 1Feb1832 Sally HAWLEY, New Milford. IVES, Almira, d Great Bend 1Jan1838. IVES, Fanny, m 16Dec1838 Daniel DAVIS, both/o Bridgewater. IVES, John, m 23Aug1846 Asenath TRUESDELL, both/o Liberty. IVES, L. W., age 48, at res/o uncle, d Liberty 30Jan1845. IVES, Melissa, Bridgewater, m 1Jan1845 William W. KEEN, Luzerne Co. IVES, Mrs. Sally, New Milford, m 15Nov1836 Hezekiah NICKERSON, Bridgewater. IVES, Sarah H., wife/o Henry IVES, dau/o Deacon John HAWLEY, d New Milford 2Dec1836. IVES, Titus, age 43, d New Milford 17July1828. IVES, Ursula, m 18April1833 Aurelius WILLIAMS, both/o New Milford. IVES, William H., m 20June1844 Jane ROSS, both/o Liberty. JACKSON, Benjamin B., m 23March1845 Hannah LILLEY, Brooklyn. JACKSON, Chauncy, m 1Oct1843 Silva SMITH, both/o Windham NY. JACKSON, Joshua, age 80, Rev. War, native Essex MA, d Brooklyn 11Sept1842. JACKSON, Mary Ann, m 4July1839 John SABINS, both/o Conklin. JACKSON, Orton S., Carbondale, m 6April1837 Hannah RICE, Harford. JACKSON, Plura Ann, Binghamton, m 3March1839 Robert ROBINSON, Mannington. JACKSON, Rebecca, m 21Dec1827 M. M. NOAH. JACKSON, Ruel, Great Bend, m 1Jan1832 Lodusky H. CHAMBERLIN. JACKSON, Thomas, M.D., m 16June1830 Fanny M. POST, dau/o D. POST, both/o Montrose. JACKSON, Thomas, m 1Oct1843 Julia Abigail MUZZY, both/o Springville. JACOBS, Maria, m 17March1830 Richard FANSHER [FAUCHER], Montrose. JACOBS, Minerva, M 6Feb1826 William DENNIS [2nd time]. JAGGER, Luke, m 20Nov1841 Harriet N. FESSENDEN, both/o Bridgewater. JAGGER, Luther, Bridgewater, m 8March1845 Lydia Ann FULLER, Auburn. JAGGER, Sarah C., m 13Dec1845 Benjamin VANNESS. JAMES, Maria H., m 5Sept1844 Alanson B. LUNG, both/o Rush. JAMES, Thomas S., Auburn, m 24April1844 Sarah DEVINE, Rush. JAMESON, Jane Sophia, age 39, wife/o Peter JAMESON, d Bridgewater 27June1836. JAMESON, Peter, m 5Nov1822 Sophia CRIPS, Bridgewater. JAMESON, Peter, m 19Sept1837 Mrs. Clarissa HEWITT, both/o Bridgewater. JAMESON, Peter, age 59, d Bridgewater 25May1848. JAMESON, R. F., m 3Jan1849 Miss M. E. WILSON, both/o Montrose. JANE, Benjamin, Washington PA., m 12Nov1840 Caroline COOLEY, Auburn. JAROCK [JAYCOX?], Frederica, m 23Sept1827 John CONRON, Dundaff. JAYNE, David, Washington PA, m 15Sept1841 Nancy Ann SHOVE, Rush. JAYNE, Mary, m 31Dec1845 Silvanus MACK, both/o Brooklyn. JEFFERS, Emily W., m 25Jan1849 Alonzo L. CARPENTER, both/o Harford. JEFFERS, Hattie E., Lenox, m 18Aug1877 Ewing D. BELL, Montrose Depot. JENKINS, Henry, Thompson, m 8March1845 Amanda BENSON, dau/o Hosea BENSON, Jackson. JENKINS, Jane E., dau/o Col. Harry JENKINS, m 24Oct1839 J. J. LEWIS, Springhill, Bradford Co. JENKINS, Mrs., age 89 yrs., 10 mos., 28 days, wid/o late Col. John JENKINS, at the res/o her son, Berthier JENKINS, d Wyoming Village 11Aug1842. JENKINS, William, Thomson, m 16March1839 Lucinda MC KUNE, Harmony. JENKS, Malvina, m 14Aug1845 Maj. David HINDS, both/o Bridgewater. JENKS, Perry, Forest Lake, m 14Oct1841 Susan BALDWIN, dau/o Samuel BALDWIN, Bridgewater. JENKS, William, Middletown, m 20Aug1839 Betsey STRANGE, Bridgewater. JENNERS, Henry, m 1Nov1845 Jane HORTON, both/o Forest Lake. JENNINGS, George, m 15Oct1840 Almira PICKERING, both/o Jackson. JENNINGS, Lancaster, New Milford, m 9March1845 Eliza RICHARDSON, Harford. JENNINGS, Thirza, m 7Oct1820 Alanson COY, both/o Montrose. JERVIS,John B., Oneida Co. NY, m 3June1834 Cynthia BRAYTON, dau/o George BRAYTON, Western NY. JESSUP, Harriet A., dau/o Hon. William JESSUP, m 28July1846 Isaac L. POST, both/o Montrose. JESSUP, Harriet H., dau/o Sylvanus JESSUP, Carbondale, m 31Dec1838 William H. FOSTER, Honesdale. JESSUP, Henry, Orange Co. NY, m 24July1846 Minerva R. WILLIAMS, Brooklyn. JESSUP, Jane dau/o Hon. William JESSUP, m 23Sept1844 J. B. SALISBURY, both/o Montrose. JESSUP, Mary S., dau/o Hon. William JESSUP, m 26May1841 Francis B. CHANDLER, both/o Montrose. JESSUP, Sarah, Montrose, m 10Nov1835 Solomon Z. LORD, Honesdale. JESSUP, Sophia, dau/o Maj. Zebulon JESSUP, m 3July1820 Jonah BREWSTER at Southampton LI NY. JESSUP, William, Southampton LI NY, m 4July1820 Amanda HARRIS, dau/o Henry HARRIS. JESSUP, Zerviah, at res/o son-on-law S. S. MULFORD, rel/o Maj. Zebulon JESSUP, late of Southampton LI NY, d Montrose 25May1835. JEWETT, Allen, Brooklyn, m 23Dec1845 Joanna PASSMORE, Bridgewater. JEWETT, Betsey, m 13Sept1834 Alfred MACK, both/o Brooklyn. JEWETT, Catherine, dau/o Nathan JEWETT, d Brooklyn 21May1825. JEWETT, Rodney, Brooklyn, m 3April1836 Sally Maria BAILEY, dau/o Col. Frederick BAILEY. JEWETT, Col. Simeon B., Montrose, m 10Oct1831 Nancy COOK, dau/o Daniel COOK, deceased. JINKS [JENKS?], Orrin, M.D., m 13Dec1838 Mary GREEN, both/o Silver Lake. JOHNSON, Amelia, Rome, m 3Aug1834 A. B. EDDY, Wysox. JOHNSON, Bethia, Luzerne Co., m 5Nov1842 Charles WALLACE, Benton. JOHNSON, Caroline, m 4July1839 John STEWART, both/o Bridgewater. JOHNSON, Dr. Charles H., son/o Dr. Johnson of Tenbury, Eng., d Bridgewater 24July1835. JOHNSON, Genet, Bridgewater, m 15July1839 Benjamin GIBSON, Towanda. JOHNSON, Hannah, wife/o J. C. JOHNSON, youngest dau/o Asa & Matilda CRANDALL, formerly Montrose, d Tioga Co. 18Jan1849. JOHNSON, James, age 17, d Conklin NY 15July1840. JOHNSON, Mary, Kingston, m 7April1836 Addison CHURCH. JOHNSON, Mary Ann, m 27Jan1844 Benjamin RISLEY, both/o Bridgewater. JOHNSON, Obadiah, Bridgewater, colored, m 18April1837 Julia Ann CHESTER, Harrisburg. JOHNSON, Robert Charles, m 19May1834 Mary Elizabeth PLUMPELLY, dau/o James PLUMPELLY, Owego NY. JOHNSON, Thomas, Rush, m 14Feb1830 Eliza BOLLES, dau/o John BOLLES, Springville. JOHNSTON, Cyrus S., Harford, m 16Sept1849 Louisa H. EDWARDS, Gibson. JOHNSTON, James, m 19May1826 Eliza WOODWARD, both/o Gibson. JOHNSTON, John B., Great Bend, m 1June1842 Phebe CHAMBERLIN, dau/o James CHAMBERLIN, Gibson. JONES, Alice C., dau/o Alfred JONES, d Bridgewater 9Feb1835. JONES, Ann Eliza, Brooklyn, m 13Aug1825 Mr. WIGHTMAN, Ovid NY. JONES, Charlotte, age 41, wife/o Capt. Alfred JONES, b New London CT 1804, to Susquehanna Co. 1829, d 29Nov1848. JONES, E. W., m 26Nov1830 Arabella BOSWORTH, dau/o Salmon BOSWORTH, both/o Pike PA. JONES, Frances K., m 1Oct1839 William H. VAN DYKE, Braintrim. JONES, Frances May, dau/o Bela & Polly JONES, d Bridgewater 21Jan1833. JONES, George, Carbondale, m 14April1841 Harriet FORDHAM, Montrose. JONES, John, age 91, formerly Brooklyn, d Braintrim 9July1834. JONES, Julia, dau/o Bela JONES, m 24Oct1832 Henry CRUSER, both/o Bridgewater. JONES, Julius, d Lawsville 19Jan1830. JONES, Lovica, Franklin, m 28Oct1836 Miram BEECHER, Pike, Bradford Co. JONES, Margaret, Conklin, m 27Dec1848 Jacob D. DOBSON, Windsor. JONES, Mary, New Troy, m 6March1837 Joseph BLANCHARD, Musician, Great Bend. JONES, Sarah Delilah, dau/o Joel & Lydia JONES, d Harford 14April1842. JONES, Sarah Louise, dau/o Bela JONES, m 2Nov1836 John H. CHAPMAN, Brooklyn. JONES, William Thompson, son/o Bela JONES, d Bridgewater 8Feb1834. JOSLIN, Saphronia W., Dundaff, m 17May1837 Almon F. DOLPH, Carbondale. JOYCE, Mary Malvia, dau/oo John J. JOYCE, Philadelphia, m 16Feb1848 Dr. William R. BLAKESLEE, Susquehanna Co. JUDD, Rev. Gideon N., m 18May1818 Catherine FRELINGHUYSON. JUSTIN, Elizabeth M., Springville, m 18Feb1834 Hiram HIBBARD, Canterbury CT. JUSTINE, James K., son/o Dellis C. JUSTINE, d Auburn 30Dec1834. KASSON, Clarinda, Springville, m 14Sept1825 Capt. Cyrus H. AVERY, Tunkhannock. KASSON, Lucy S., dau/o Myron KASSON, m 21June1835 John B. BEARDSLEY, Springville. KASSON, Phebe, age 22, dau/o Myron KASSON, d Springville 7Jan1830. KEECH, Harvey W., New Milford, m 22Oct1831 Ann Eliza BENNETT, dau/o Asa BENNETT, Great Bend. KEECH, Josiah, Great Bend, m 12Sept1831 Sarah NEWMAN, Bridgewater. KEECH, Stephen, Jr., Lenox, m 2Sept1830 Larina HARDING, Harford. KEELER, Edwin, Pike PA, m 23Dec1846 Phebe Ann SILL, Herrick. KEELER, George, m 6Sept1832 Flora SIMMONS, both/o Bridgewater. KEELER, George, son/o George & Flora KEELER, d Montrose 22May1842. KEELER, Maria A., Towanda, m 7Dec1835 William MOTT, New Milford. KEELER, Morrell, son/o S. F. KEELER & Diantha KEELER, d Montrose 5June1832. KEELER, S. F., m 26March1826 Diantha CATLIN, both/o Montrose. KEEN, William M., Luzerne Co., m 1Jan1845 Melissa IVES, Bridgewater. KEENEY, Henry F., m 24Nov1841 Antionette LACY, both/o Braintrim. KEENEY, James A., Tuscarora, m 26May1841 Mary COOLEY, Auburn. KEENEY, Capt., Joshua, age 72, d Braintrim 5April1837. KEENEY, Reuben T., Braintrim, m 28Feb1833 Ann Maria GRANGER, Rush. KEENEY, William, m 24Nov1841 Sarah SKINNER, both/o Braintrim. KELLAM, Luther, age 86, Rev.War, b 3Jan1760 Stonington CT, d Forest Lake 5June1845. KELLOG, Emily, m 6May1837 Benjamin SHELDON, both/o Auburn. KELLOGG, Emily, dau/o William KELLOGG, m 18Aug1842 Orrin F. FARGO, both/o Dimock. KELLOGG, Polly, dau/o William & Sarah KELLOGG, d Auburn 22April1837. KELLUM, Ann E., Standing Stone, m 31Dec1840 Hampton UPDIKE. KELLUM, Fanny, Bridgewater, m 30May1827 Sargeant TEWKSBURY, Harford. KELLUM, Isaac, m 19Jan1838 Mary B. WOODRUFF, both/o Towanda. KELLUM, Jonah, m 2Aug1842 Sarah GLIDDEN, both/o Forest Lake. KELLUM, Luther, Jr., Forest Lake, m 26Oct1836 Diana BEEMAN, dau/o Ebenezer BEEMAN. KELLUM, Lyman W., m 21Feb1839 Sally WILLIAMS, dau/o Col. Stephen WILLIIAMS, both/o Brooklyn. KELLUM, Phebe, m 11Nov1841 Jacob MERICLE, both/o Vestal NY. KELLUM, Samuel, Jr., age 20, d Springville 28March1830. KELLY, Margaret, Montrose, m 15May1842 Kennedy MADDIGAN, Canada, Ontario. KELLY, Matildfa J., Clifford, m 19Feb1838 Lloyd AUSTIN, Bridgewater. KELLY, Patrick, m 10April1839 Margaret BROWN, both/o Tunkhannock. KENNARD, Dr. George D., Skinner's Eddy, m 15June1841 Abigail LANE, Lanesboro. KENNARD, Martha, m 15Dec1836 Alexander MC COLLUM, Bridgewater. KENNEDY, Harvey, Mt. Pleasant, m 17Sept1842 Catherine THAYRE, Gibson. KEENEY, Luther, Tuscarora, m 28Nov1837 Arletta CAMP, Wyalusing. KEENEY, Nelson, Braintrim, m 28Aug1843 Parmelia K. TUPPER, Rush. KEENY, Anna, m 13Dec1849 John CODDINGTON, both/o Rush. KENT, Charles, Brooklyn, m 26Feb1839 Henrietta WATROUS, dau/o Col. Joseph WATROUS, Bridgewater. KENT, Elijah, Brooklyn, m 23Sept1830 Alice DYKEMAN, New Milford. KENT, Ezra S., Brooklyn, m 8March1837 Harriet WATROUS, dau/o Col. Joseph WATROUS, Bridgewater. KENT, Harley Ann, m 27Dec1827 Henry LYON, both/o Herrick. KENT, Henry W., m 19Feb1834 Rhoda PALMER, both/o Brooklyn. KENT, Miles L., eldest son/o David & Betsey KENT, d Brooklyn 23March1843. KENT, Robert, Brooklyn, m 16Feb1825 Prudence BAILEY, dau/o Amos BAILEY, Hopbottom. KENT, Stewart, Brooklyn, m 8March1837 Harriet WATROUS, dau/o Col. Joseph WATROUS. KENT, William D., youngest son/o David & Betsey KENT, d Brooklyn 23March1843. KENYON, Anna, m 4July1845 Calvin STANFORD, both/o Liberty. KENYON, Augustus, age 51, d Dimock 28July1842. KENYON, Austin, Bridgewater, m 1Jan1837 Polly GARD, Harford. KENYON, Austin, Harford, m 4July1838 Caroline STILLWELL, New Milford. KENYON, Charlotte, Bridgewater, m 9April1837 Charles BROWN, Montrose. KENYON, Freeove, dau/o Robert KENYON, m 18Ooct1838 David BAILEY, Jr., both/o Liberty. KENYON, Josephus, son/o Austin KENYON of Bridgewater, drowned Forest Lake 13June1838. KENYON, Mary Ann, Dimock, m 28May1839 George W. LEWIS, New Milford. KENYON, Phebe, Liberty, m 13Dec1847 Russell B. SHERMAN, Exeter RI. KERR, Ann, m 24Dec1829 Joseph REASE, both/o Bridgewater. KERR, Hamlet A., m 6July1831 Mary CHAPIN, Northumberland. KETCHAM, Mrs. Catherine, wife/o Addison KETCHAM, dau/o John HANCOCK, d Friendsville 14Dec1842. KETCHUM, George, age 36, d Bridgewater 10March1846. KETCHUM, Harriet, Bethany, m 23Jan1845 John F. ROE, Honesdale. KETTLE, Elizabeth, Bridgewater, m 5Nov1831 John AINEY, Brooklyn. KIDDER, Luther, age 64, d Pike 2Sept1831. KILLAM, Temperance, m 12March1818 Jesse COON, both/o Bridgewater. KIMBER, David L., New Milford, m 26Aug1845 Sarah A. CHAMBERLIN, Bridgewater. KINDALE, Mrs. Huldah Coy, Owego NY, m 18Nov1849 Lucius BLAKESLEE, White Haven. KING, Harriet, age 21, dau/o Rev. Samuel KING, d Warren 30July1834. KING, John F., Cortland NY, m 9Feb1834 Mary Ann MC CARTY, dau/o Nicholas MC CARTY, NY. KING, Mary W., Ceres, McKean Co., m 28June1842 John S. MANN, Coudersport. KING, Mary, Warren, m 25Nov1829 Hiram STEVENS, Pike PA. KING, Mary, Sugar Loaf PA, m 2Aug1841 W. S. WARD, Carbondale. KING, Mary, Choconut, m 22Sept1845 Fayette ROWLEY, Owego NY. KING, Rev., advanced age, d Gibson 5April1839. KING, Sarepta A., m 10July1836 Samuel B. NASON, both/o Jackson. KINGSBURY, Ebenezer, Jr., m 4Nov1829 Elizabeth H. FULLER, both/o Montrose. KINGSBURY, Hon. Ebenezer, age 40, b Jericho VT 1804, 1812 to Harford, d Honesdale April1844. KINGSBURY, Rev. Ebenezer, age 80, Pastor Congregational Ch., d Harford 22March1842. KINGSBURY, Edward Payson, son/o E. KINGSBURY, Jr., d Carbondale 31July1833. KINGSBURY, Hannah, age 23, dau/o Ebenezer KINGSBURY, d Harford 18Aug1819. KINGSBURY, Lt. Joseph, Towanda, m 18Dec1834 Matilda MIX, dau/o Col. Hiram MIX. KINGSBURY, Nancy M., dau/o John KINGSBURY, m 21Sept1837 Payson KINGSBURY, Harford. KINGSBURY, Noah W., son/o Rev. E. KINGSBURY, d Harford 8Sept1822. KINGSBURY, Payson, Harford, m 21Sept1837 Nancy M. KINGSBURY, dau/o John KINGSBURY. KINGSBURY, Payson, age 36, d Harford 25Oct1843. KINGSBURY, Samuel Ely, age 30, d Harford 12Feb1832. KINGSBURY, Sarah S., dau/o Ebenezer KINGSBURY, Harford, m 21Nob1838 Lyman RICHARDSON, Windsor NY. KINGSLEY, Clarissa, Bridgewater, m 10May1843 Cyrus W. BARD, Springville. KINGSLEY, Elvira, dau/o Roswell KINGSLEY, m 8Aug1836 John STROUD. KINGSLEY, Henrietta, Harford, m 9Sept1845 Dr. William HAYDEN, Canaan PA. KINGSLEY, Henry Martin, son/o John KINGSLEY, d Harford 16July1841. KINGSLEY, Lucinda, age 79, wife/o Rufus KINGSLEY, d Harford 39May1846, lived 60 yrs. together. KINGSLEY, Mary L., Harford, m 12Dec1838 Ira NICHOLS, Herrick. KINGSLEY, Rufus, age 84, Rev. War, b Windham CT 1Feb1763, d Harford 26May1846. KINGSLEY, Uranie, Bridgewater, m 9June1849 John YOUNG, Jessup. KINSMAN, John N., Brighton IA, m 13April1844 Lydia M. BIRCHARD, Rush. KINYON [KENYON?], Susanna, m 6July1846 Oliver H. ALLARD, both/o Liberty. KITE, Lydia, dau/o John L. KITE, d Choconut 13Sept1834. KITTLE, Belinda, Choconut, m 9April1839 Elon J. STANLEY. KITTLE, Harmon, m 11April1841 Keziah YOEMANS, Brooklyn. KITTLE, Harmon R., m 10Oct1838 Harriet SMITH, both/o Bridgewater. KNAPP, Abigail, m 14June1845 Chester PRATT, both/o Pike Co. KNAPP, Jacob, m 7March1844 Mrs. Jane GAYLORD, both/o Braintrim. KNAPP, Lucy Ann, m 29May1849 George LATHROP, both/o Springville. KNAPP, Lyman, Springville, m 4July1846 Maria PERKINS, Bridgewater. KNAPP, Peter, m 20Dec1838 Mahala HARDING, both/o Lenox. KNAPP, Sarah, dau/o Justus KNAPP, m 15Feb1845 James QUICK, Springville. KNIGHT, Austin, m 31Dec1840 Cynthia HOBBS, both/o Springville. KNIGHT, Mary Louisa, Brooklyn, m 3Dec1835 Edward STRICKLAND, Springville. LACEY, Anna C., dau/o David LACEY, m 31Aug1842 David RUGG, both/o Auburn. LACEY, Edwin J., Lacyville, m 2April1844 Ruth Ann SAGE, Mt. Upton NY. LACEY, George, Laceyville, m 15Sept1842 Agnes L. SCOTT, elder dau/o Deacon N. SCOTT, Bridgewater. LACEY, Henry W., age 30, formerly Auburn, d Laceyville 24Aug1844. LACEY, John, Braintrim, m 23Nov1826 Permelia DEAN, Bridgewater. LACEY, Lydia Ann, dau/o Ebenezer LACEY, Braintrim, m 25Nov1829 Cyrus STEVENS, Pike PA. LACEY, Margaret, Braintrim, m 22Jan1844 Alfred ACKLEY, Tuscarora. LACEY, William B., m 28June1847 Emely HALL, both/o Lacyville. LACY, Antionette, m 24Nov1841 Henry F. KEENEY, both/o Braintrim. LACY, Paul O., Lacyville, m 25Jan1843 Mary STURDEVANT, Braintrim. LACY, Mrs. Sarah, wife/o Edwin J. LACY, dau/o Elder BRAND, d Braintrim 7July1842. LACY, Wallace F., son/o J. P. & P. B. LACY, d Springhill, Bradford Co. 2June1845. LADD, Almeda, Monroe, Bradford Co., m 21April1842 Oliver LATHROP, Springville. LADD, Eliza, m 4July1844 Barrett SHERER, both/o Choconut. LADD, Rev. Francis B., Farmington ME, m 16June1846 Caroline ROSE, dau/o late Robert H. ROSE, Silver Lake. LADD, Hannah, m 20March1818 William ROWLEY, both/o Bridgewater. LADD, Henry, m 1July1829 Betsey RHINVAULT, both/o Bridgewater. LADD, Lemuel, m 2March1826 Harriet SNYDER, both/o Bridgewater. LADD, Sally, m 11March1829 David P. WEST, both/o Bridgewater. LA FRANCE, Byron, m 31Aug1872 Dora PLACE, dau/o John PLACE, Esq., Auburn. LA GRANGE, Mrs. Dolly, age 50, wife/o John LA GRANGE, d Vestal NY 14April1845. LA GROS, Mrs. Jane L., m 1May1837 Patrick CROSSEN, both/o Bridgewater. LAIRD, Mrs. Matthew [missionary], d Monrovia, Africa 3July1833. LAIRD, Rev. Matthew [missionary], d Monrovia, Africa 3July1833. LAKE, Daniel, only son/o Eleasor LAKE, d Windham 16April1837. LAKE, Irene, New Paltz NY, m 2Nov1837 Allen G. PLUM. LAKE, Elder Isaac B., Braintrim, m 29Dec1841 Polly BIXBY, Friendsville. LAKE, Lois, dau/o Eleazer LAKE, Wyndham PA, m 1March1838 Ellion BROWN, Wyalusing. LAMB, Chauncey, m 24Nov1829 Gratia WELLS, both/o Jackson. LAMB, Emily, age 30, wife/o Joel LAMB, d Thompson 22Sept1849. LANE, Hannah, m 3July1834 Abijah GREGORY, both/o Dimock. LAMB, Amy, Jackson, m 24June1834 Andrew J. CHAMBERLIN, Gibson. LAMB, Charles, m 7May1846 Eliza GREENE, both/o Troy PA. LAMB, Col. Henry F., age about 61, native New London Co. CT, d Wilkes-Barre April1845. LAMB, Maj. Joel, d Jackson 13March1832. LAMB, Lucy, age 61, wife/o Maj.Joel LAMB, d Jackson 21Oct1826. LAMB, Rebecca, m 27June1819 Stephen LYON, S. Carolina. LAMBERT, Caroline M., Wyalusing, m 24Dec1834 Ozias B. CASWELL, Middletown. LAMBERT, Dr. J. P., m 21Feb1839 Harriet RILEY, dau/o John RILEY, both/o Auburn. LAMPSON, Mary, Vermont, m 28Sept1817 Isaac D. STEWART. LANCASTER, Eliza, m 26April1841 Hollis LEONARD. LANCE, Harriet, Friendsville, m 8Oct1842 William ROBJOHN, late/o Devonshire, Eng. LANCE, Mary Jane, dau/o James LANCE, New York, m 11Oct1837 John S. PIERONETTE, Friendsville. LANE, Abigail, Lanesboro, m 15June1841 Dr. George D. KENNARD, Skinner's Eddy. LANE, Charles P., age 33, d Harrisburg 12Nov1839. LANE, Clementine, Springville, m 23April1849 Aaron BUNNELL, Tunkhannock. LANE, George W., Catskill NY, m 8Sept1842 C. WINTERS, Harmony. LANE, Gershom F., age 86, Rev. War, d Springville 20Nov1838. LANE, Mary E., Dimock, m 9March1844 Daniel L. NORTH, Ithaca. LANE, Miranda, dau/o late Martin LANE, Lanesboro, m 20Dec1840 William H. HARRINGTON, Moravia NY. LANE, Sarah, dau/o Martin LANE, Lanesboro, m 19June1831 Nathan S. WILLIAMS. LANE, Stillman, age 21, son/o George W. LANE, d Springville 23Nov1832. LANE, William Whatsley, son/o Rev. Freeman LANE, d Springville 23Jan1840. LANGDON, Rev. George, MA, m 30Oct1842 Sally Ann LUM, Braintrim. LANGDON, Jonathan T., Bethany, m 10Nov1836 Lovisa SWEET, dau/o Asahel SWEET. LANGLEY, Albert L., son/o Albert LANGLEY, d Great Bend 9Aug1842. LANGLEY, Harry, m 20Feb1834 Roxy Ann TROWBRIDGE, both/o Great Bend. LANGLEY, Roxy Anna, wife/o Hy LANDLEY, dau/o N. TROWBRIDGE, d Great Bend 31Jan1843. LANSING, Alzina, Febins NY, m 8Aug8141 Eben P. MORLEY, Braintrim. LANSTAFF, Mary Ann, m 23Marcch1847 William Enoch STERLING, both/o Brooklyn. LA PORT, John, Esq., m 28Feb1822 Mrs. Matilda CHAMBERLIN, both/o Asylum PA. LA PORTE, Elizabeth, dau/o Hon. John LA PORTE, m 29Nov1843 Col. Charles F. WELLS, Jr. LARABEE, Charlotte, m 30June1836 Calvin DIX, both/o Jackson. LARABEE, Emery, m 22Dec1835 Laura Ann WHEATON, both/o Jackson. LATHAM, Ella A., Brooklyn, m 30Nov1837 John USTICK, New Milford. LATHAM, Hannah, Brooklyn, m 28Sept1829 Maj. Seth BISBEE, Harford. LATHROP, Ann P., m 6Nov1845 John P. WARNER, both/o Montrose. LATHROP, Asa, age 73, d Springville 2Sept1827. LATHROP, Azar, Springville, m 9Jan1849 Sarah E. CORNELL, Philadelphia. LATHROP, C. E., Tunkhannock, m 18Feb1849 Charlotte DILLEY, dau/o Jesse DILLEY, Wilkes-Barre. LATHROP, Cecelia W., m 26Jan1848 Dana F. AUSTIN, both/o Montrose. LATHROP, Clarissa, dau/o Benjamin LATHROP, m 30Nov1836 F. M. WILLIAMS, Springville. LATHROP, Mrs. Cynthia, age 38, wife/o Col. Daniel LATHROP, d Montrose 7Nov1832. LATHROP, Col. Daniel, Bridgewater, m 21Nov1832 Emily ELDRIDGE, Groton NY. LATHROP, Col. Daniel, age 54, d Bridgewater 23July1842. LATHROP, David, A., M.D., m 21April1836 Nancy M. FORBES, both/o Bellevue OH. LATHROP, Elisha, Rush, m 6June1833 Emma FRINK, Bridgewater. LATHROP, Elizabeth H., Rush, m 6April1845 Nelson H. ROBERTS, Auburn. LATHROP, Ellen M., Rush, m 18Dec1837 Zenas B. PLATT, Montrose. LATHROP, Esther, age 83, at home of her son Charles D. LATHROP, d Bridgewater 2April1838. LATHROP, Ezekiel, Jr., m 26Feb1829 Lorinda LATHROP, Rush. LATHROP, Fanny, Southampton LI NY, m 27May1818 Sylvanus S. MULFORD. LATHROP, Frederick A., Beloit, formerly Susquehanna Co., m 4Jan1849 Maria P. MORRIS, dau/o Col. MORRIS, Grafton WI. LATHROP, George, m 29May1849 Lucy Ann KNAPP, both/o Springville. LATHROP, Hamlin, son/o Oliver & Amelia LATHROP, d Springville 20Dec1844. LATHROP, Hannah, m 25Sept1844 William W. SMITH, both/o Montrose. LATHROP, Dr. Israel, Springville, m 24Sept1845 Mary E. BOLLES, Dimock. LATHROP, Jane, dau/o Col. Daniel LATHROP, m 11June1842 William MC KUNE, Bridgewater. LATHROP, Janette, m 17March1837 William WURTZ, both/o Carbondale. LATHROP, Junia B., Springville, m 30June1842 John C. STRUDEVANT, Windham. LATHROP, Lorinda, Rush, m 26Feb1829 Ezekiel LATHROP, Jr. LATHROP, Lucy, Orwell, m 25Nov1833 George H. BULL, Towanda. LATHROP, Maria, Springville, m 25Feb1834 Jacob STURDEVANT, Braintrim. LATHROP, Marvin, m 28Oct1834 Permelia WHEELER, both/o Rush. LATHROP, Oliver, Springville, m 21April1842 Almeda LADD, Monroe, Bradford Co. LATHROP, Orin F., son/o Elisha & Emma LATHROP, d Rush 27Nov1842. LATHROP, Pennin, Rush, m 4Oct1838 Clementine DOUDNEY, Wyalusing. LATHROP, Polly B., Springville, m 19Aug1839 Edwin LEWIS, Wyalusing. LATHROP, Ruby, m 13Nov1817 Roswell MORSE, Rush. LATHROP, Sarah, m 3Feb1839 H. B. ELLIS, both/o Rush. LATHROP, William F., Dimock, m 7Oct1841 Emeline SPROUT. LAW, Garry, Liberty, m 7July1841 Eliza SMITH, Franklin. LAW, Edward, age 20, son/o Garry & Sarah LAW, d Liberty 29April1846. LAW, Phebe, Liberty, m 2June1841 Andrew Lee SMITH, Franklin. LAWRENCE, Amos, age 20, of Susquehanna Co., d Beloit, Wash. Terr 19Aug1838. LAWRENCE, Clark W., m 12April1838 Hannah M. LEWIS, both/o Dimock. LAWRENCE, Freeman H., Auburn, m 1Jan1844 Clarinda MYERS, Dimock. LAWRENCE, Lucy, dau/o W. LAWRENCE, m 17Dec1829 William YOUNG, both/o Springville. LAWRENCE, William, Dimock, m 19Sept1835 Mrs. Charlotte BOSTWICK, wid/o Philo BOSTWICK deceased. LEACH, Elizabeth, New Milford, m 14Aug1840 Jonathan CASWELL, Rush. LEACH, Emily, dau/o Capt. Hezekiah LEACH, m 14March1837 Alexander MC KINSTRY, New Germantown NJ. LEACH, George, m 29Jan1824 Almira AVERY, both/o New Milford. LEACH, Capt. Harry, m 8May1831 Sally Ann WARD, dau/o William WARD, both/o New Milford. LEACH, Jane, m 10April1845 Anson WALDO, both/o New Milford. LEACH, Sarah, m 17Jan1835 Daniel MC MILLAN, both/o New Milford. LE BARON, Lucy S., Columbia PA, m 12Aug1845 Elder A. B. STOWELL, Bishop of Baptist Church, Factoryville, Tioga Co. NY. LEE, Hannah, m 26April1849 Mr. LEWIS, Braintrim. LEE, Joel D., m 5Aug1878 Mary J. HALLETT, both/o Starrucca, Wayne Co. PA. LEE, Philip, age 43, d Tunkhannock 21April1845. LEEBRICK, Elizabeth, dau/o George LEEBRICK, Halifax, m 13Jan1831 Benjamin PARKE, Bridgewater. LEET, Elizabeth M., dau/o Dr. Calvin LEET, Friendsville, m 28Nov1842 Andrew J. WATKINS, Philadelphia. LEET, Capt. Luther, age 70, Rev. War, d Friendsville 13Jan1833. LEFLER, John, m 11June1827 Luca EASTMAN, in Canaan, Wayne Co. LE GRANGE, Moses, Vestal, m 10Feb1841 Nancy K. MORGAN, dau/o Capt. David MORGAN, Brooklyn. LEIGHTON, Andrew, Albany NY, m 20July1848 Frances M. SISSON, Abington. LEIGHTON, Anna, m 29Nov1848 Wellington C. SMITH, both/o Franklin. LEIGHTON, Arphaxad, age 22, d Franklin 29April1848. LEIGHTON, Miss D., Franklin, m 25Oct1843 Leonidas GREEN, Abington. LEIGHTON, George, m 8July1844 Phebe GARDNER, both/o Tunkhannock. LEIGHTON, Rev. Nathan, Tunkhannock, m 17Oct1845 Ruth GARDNER, dau/o John GARDNER. LEISENRING, Conrad, age 24, son/o John LEISENRING, d Mauch Chunk 3May1839. LEMON, Lewis A., m 29Sept1839 Theda COGGSWELL, both/o Auburn. LENOX, Hugh, Delaware Co. NY, m 18March1841 Genett CONKLIN, NY State. LEONARD, Gen. C. H., age 44, d Friendsville 20Feb1844. LEONARD, Catherine, Apolacon, m 1Jan1849 Gerrad STONE, Middletown. LEONARD, Hollis, m 26April1841 Eliza LANCASTER. LEONARD, Laura, Middletown, m 19Jan1824 Abraham STEWART, Rush. LESTER, Mrs. Clarry, m 1June1828 Benjamin YOUNG, both/o Lawsville. LESTER, John P., son/o Orin & Matilda LESTER, d Bridgewater 27june1842. LESTER, Orin, Palmyra, m 4March1829 Matilda ALLARD, Lawsville. LESTER, Ruth Elizabeth, dau/o Orin & Matilda LESTER, d Bridgewater 18Aug1834. LEWIS, Clarissa P., m 1Jan1845 John SHELP, Jr., both/o Bridgewater. LEWIS, Cornelius, age 49, d Milford 25Sept1841. LEWIS, Edwin, Wyalusing, m 19Aug1839 Polly B. LATHROP, Springville. LEWIS, Elisha, Wyalusing, m 7Sept1841 Philena STEVENS, Stevensville. LEWIS, Giles, age 50, d Thompson 3May1844. LEWIS, George B., Bridgewater, m 16Sept1844 Elizabeth L. ROGERS, Brooklyn. LEWIS, George W., Tioga Co. PA, m 15Oct1829 Mrs. Betsey CLARK, Bridgewater. LEWIS, George W., New Milford, m 28May1839 Mary Ann KENYON, Dimock. LEWIS, Gould, m 15Jan1828 Sarah SPAULDING, both/o Pike. LEWIS, Hannah M., m 12April1838 Clark W. LAWRENCE, both/o Dimock. LEWIS, J. J., Springhill, Bradford Co., m 24Oct1839 Jane E. JENKINS, dau/o Col. Harry JENKINS. LEWIS, John, m 2May1839 Rozenia STILLWELL, both/o New Milford. LEWIS, Julia Ann, Berlin CT, m 27Sept1838 Jonathan [Jotham] OAKLEY, Harford. LEWIS, Lebbeus, Harford, m 2Jan1837 Mrs. Betsey SCOTT, New Milford. LEWIS, Mary, Harford, m 27March1825 Timothy BRAINARD, New Milford. LEWIS, Miles, m 31Dec1838 Miranda SEGAR, both/o Jackson. LEWIS, Mr., Braintrim, m 26April1849 Hannah LEE. LEWIS, Nathan, d Harford 24Nov1826. LEWIS, Phebe, Harford, m 15Jan1829 William TENNANT, New Milford. LEWIS, Phila Ann, Conklin NY, m 29May1845 Peter A. MAIN, Binghamton. LEWIS, Shephard, Jessup, m 24Feb1848 Susanna ALLEN, Bridgewater. LIGHT, David, m 20July1834 Elizabeth ESTUS, both/o Rush. LIGHT, Samuel, m 19Feb1835 Nancy CANFIELD, dau/o Benjamin CANFIELD, both/o Rush. LILLEY, D., Ed./o Argus, Towanda, m 13Aug1836 Sophia PARSONS, Columbia, Bradford Co. LILLEY, Hannah, Brooklyn, m 23March1845 Benjamin B. JACKSON. LILLIE, George, age 36, d Bridgewater 10March1846. LILLIE, John H., Elmira, m 10Sept1837 Charlotte B. CURTIS. LILLIE, Sarah Maria, m 5March1844 Lorey CHASE, both/o Bridgewater. LILLY, Susan, m 2Jan1845 Ary PACKER, both/o Harford. LINCOLN, Daniel, d Middletown 6Jan1830. LINCOLN, Hulda Ann, m 3July1845 Charles MORSE, both/o Forest Lake. LINCOLN, Huldah G., wife/o Daniel F. LINCOLN, d Forest Lake 26Aug1849. LINDLEY, Levi, m 5Nov1837 Mary Ann PIERPONT, both/o Brooklyn. LINDSEY, Mrs. Betsey, age 62, wife/o Amherst LINDSEY, d Bridgewater 30Oct1843. LINDSEY, Oney T., son/o Myron & Malinda LINDSEY, d Dimock 8April1840. LINDSLEY, George, Bridgewater, m 2Jan1843 Laura O. RICHARDSON, Harford. LINDSLEY, Jane, Bridgewater, m 26Aug1839 Ephraim GOULD, Owego. LINDSLEY, Emily, dau/o Jacob CIST, m 14Nov1841 Harrison WRIGHT, Attorney, both/o Wilkes-Barre. LINDSLEY, Myron, m 11Jan1825 Malinda TIFFANY, both/o Bridgewater. LINDSLEY, Polly, m 29March1818 Israel B. GREGORY, both/o Bridgewater. LINDSLEY, William, m 12March1840 Mary Adelia RUGG, Chenango. LINES, Asa P. Gregory, son/o Philander & Harriet LINES, d Montrose 14Jan1842. LINES, Belisle, m 20April1834 Parmelia SUMMERS, both/o Lawsville. LINES, Caroline E., Franklin, m 29Sept1843 Harmon C. ENSIGN, Conklin. LINES, Orin P.,age 26, late o/Binghamton, d Cincinnati OH 5June1839. LINES, Philander, Montrose, m 4Sept1836 Harriet S. GREGORY, dau/o Samuel GREGORY. LINES, Ransom, son/o Belisle LINES of Franklin, d Coonsville NY 20Dec1838. LINES, Rhoda Amanda, dau/o Philander & Harriet LINES, d Bridgewater 4June1842. LINES, Rufus, Rev.War, d Lawsville 17July1835. LINES, Urania, m 31May1837 Prescott BLODGET, both/o Franklin. LIPPINCOTT, Samuel, age 72, d Mauch Chunk 18March1849. LITTLE, George, Esq., Bridgewater, m 3Aug1842 Mary A. ISBELL, Havana NY. LITTLE, George H., Rush, m 9Oct1837 Harriet N. WOODWARD, Bethany. LITTLE, Harriet, age 23, wife/o George H. LITTLE, d LeRaysville 22April1842. LITTLE, R. R., Atty., Tunkhannock, m 20March1844 Mrs. Harriet BRUCE. LITTLE, Ralph D., m 14April1840 Ann POST, youngest dau/o D. POST, both/o Montrose. LITTLE, William E., m 23Aug1840 Mary J. CURTIS, Rush. LLOYD, Isaac, m 18Oct1846 Mrs. Maria DOUSE, both/o Bridgewater. LOCKE, Capt. John, age 83, Rev.War, d Choconut 31March1834. LOCKE, Mary, mother of R. B. LOCKE deceasedm d Choconut 5Oct1844. LOCKE, Parmenas A., m 19Aug1847 Bertha A. BALDWIN, both/o Montrose. LOCKE, Reuben, age 51, d Montrose 2May1842. LOCKHART, Alexander, early on the Lehigh, d Mauch Chunk 11July1847. LOCKWOOD, Elkhana, Silver Lake, m 5Sept1827 Caroline STANFORD, Lawsville. LOCKWOOD, Susan, Lawsville, m 1March1832 P. P. BUTTS, Binghamton. LONERGAN, Thomas, age 86, d Gibson 25Feb1842. LONG, Jesse, from Northampton Co., d Brooklyn 21June1839. LONG, Lydia B., m 20Aug1839 Barnebas E. BOURNE, Falmouth. LONG, Lydia M., Troy PA, m 17July1834 Dr. Erastus FITCH, Canton. LONG, Martha M., dau/o Maj. E. LONG, Troy PA, m 12Oct1846 O. F. CALKINS, Earlville NY. LONGSTREET, Elder George G., late of Hamburg NJ, d Conklin NY 4April1843. LONNERGAN, William, m 16April1831 Mrs. Hannah ELTON, both/o Gibson. LOOMIS, Caspar Wister, d Springville 8Aug1839. LOOMIS, Confucius F., Sanford NY, m 1Oct1835 Betsey LYONS, Great Bend. LOOMIS, Electa E., m 3Nov1841 Alanson ALDRICH, both/o Harford. LOOMIS, Elisha N., m 12Nov1832 Roena CAPRON, both/o Harford. LOOMIS, Fairlee, Springville, m 22Feb1832 Moses OVERFIELD, Braintrim. LOOMIS, Susan A., Springville, m 23Sept1841 Theodore Daniel STERLING, Braintrim. LOOMIS, Susan A., dau/o Jasper LOOMIS, Auburn, m 23Sept1841 Daniel Theodore STERLING, Braintrim. LORD, Adelia, m 1Oct1840 William HEWITT, both/o Brooklyn. LORD, Betsey, dau/o Josiah LORD, Bridgewater, m 30Jan1817 Thomas WILLIAMS, Owego. LORD, Catherine S., m 11Oct1841 Josiah MOSS, both/o New Milford. LORD, Elisha, Brooklyn, m 14Feb1833 Minerva BOWMAN, Bridgewater. LORD, Capt. Elisha, m 1Dec1830 Jerusha F. SMITH, dau/o Richard SMITH, Bridgewater. LORD, Eliza, age 19, wife/o Capt Elisha LORD, d Brooklyn 31July1831. LORD, Josiah, Waterford, m 16Oct1816 Sally HALL, Bridgewater. LORD, Josiah, age 99, Rev. War, native o/ Lyme CT, d Brooklyn 7Dec1845. LORD, Josiah, Jr., m 10Dec1837 Saphronia STERLING, Brooklyn. LORD, Mrs. Matilda, age 35, wife/o Capt. Elisha LORD, d Brooklyn 21Aug1829. LORD, Mrs. Sally age 36, wife/o Jjosiah LORD, Jr., d Brooklyn 4March1837. LORD, Sarah Bacon, dau/o Elisha LORD, d Brooklyn 26April1832. LORD, Solomon Z., Honesdale, m 10Nov1835 Sarah JESSUP, Montrose. LOSEY, Ebenezer T., M.D., m 21Sept1831 Lucy WALTON, dau/o J. B. WALTON, Honesdale. LOTT, Angeline, m 18Oct1829 John WHITMORE, both/o Clifford. LOTT, Margaret, m 13Oct1837 Richard LOTT, both/o Auburn. LOTT, Peter, m 19Aug1830 Elsie RYNEARSON, both/o Lenox. LOTT, Peter, age 63, d Bridgewater 25April1840. LOTT, Richard, m 13Oct1837 Margaret LOTT, both/o Auburn. LOTT, Susan, m 18Oct1829 Levi BELL, both/o Clifford. LOUD, John, Georgia, m 19Nov1833 Margaret St. Leon BARSTOW, dau/o Dr. BARSTOW, Wysox. LOUDON, Delilah, dau/o John. S. LOUDON, Springville, m 18Feb1837 Lemeul HALSTED, Nicholson. LOVELY, C. A., m 28May1846 Lawrence MARTIN, both/o Jessup. LOVELY, Homer, m 25May1824 Hannah CHETFIELD, both/o Rush. LOVELY, Homer, age 51, d Jessup 4Aug1846. LOW, John, m 20July1834 Mary Ann MC EWINE, both/o Honesdale. LOW, Laura M., m 29June1842 William C. CHANDLER, both/o Gibson. LOW, Sarah, m 11Nov1822 Robert ROSE LOWRY, Mrs. Louise, m 6June1841 William FENNELL, both/o Middletown. LOZIER, Oliver, Silver Lake, m 10Jan1828 Olive CHAMBERLIN, Choconut. LUCAS, Sarah, White Creek NY, m 6Aug1833 John BLOWERS, Lawsville. LUCE, Fidelia, m 27Sept1832 Eliada B. WARNER, both/o Bridgewater. LUCE, Philo, Liberty, m 18Oct1826 Roxana SOUTHWORTH, dau/o Gideon SOUTHWORTH.. LUCE, Phoebe, Lawsville, m 11Feb1829 James WATROUS, Bridgewater. LUCE, Roxana, wife/o Philo D. LUCE, dau/o Gideon SOUTHWORTH, d Liberty 28March1843. LUCKY, Emeline, dau/o Lewis LUCKY, m 7Feb1830 Nelson BOSWORTH, both/o Pike. LUCKY, William, m 26Jan1832 Araminta BARNUM, dau/o Stephen BARNUM, both/o Lawsville. LUDLOW, Rev. Peter, age 40, d New York 6May1837. LULL, Joanna, Springville, m 3Sept1844 Lewis S. TAYLOR, Auburn. LUM, Charles, Braintrim, m 27Nov1832 Susan TAYLOR, Springville. LUM, Sally Ann, Braintrim, m 30Oct1842 Rev. George LANGDON, MA. LUMM, C. B., Braintrim, m Nov1832 Susan TAYLOR. LUNG, Alanson B., m 5Sept1844 Maria H. JAMES, both/o Rush. LUNG, Albert, son/o Alanson & Mary LUNG, d Rush 1April1842. LUNG, G. W., m 1Nov1845 Anna SHOVE, both/o Rush. LUNG, Warren, age 53, d Rush 11Nov1845. LUSK, Betsey, m 15Aug1844 William SMITH, both/o Montrose. LUSK, Franklin, Binghamton, m 26Feb1832 Jane NIVEN, Great Bend. LYM [LUMM?], Walter, Herrick, m 5April1838 Maria GIDDINGS, Harford. LYMAN, Sally, age 38, wife/o Dr. E. LYMAN, d Great Bend 13Oct1838. LYNN, John, late of Susquehanna Co., en route to Philadelphia, d 12April1827. LYNN, Joseph, formerly Philadelphia, d Montrose 27Dec1827. LYON, Barney, age 25, d Montrose 19Oct1830. LYON, Ellen Sophia, dau/o Isaac & Sally LYON, d Harford 22Dec1839. LYON, Henry, m 27Dec1827 Harley Ann KENT, both/o Herrick. LYON, Isaac R., Little Fort IL, m 21Aug1845 Loranda CARPENTER, Harford. LYON, John B., Herrick, m 22Dec1825 Sarah GIDDINGS, dau/o Capt. James GIDDINGS. LYON, Mary, Herrick, m 21April1841 Elijah A. FREEMAN, Canaan. LYON, Polly, age 46, wife/o Daniel LYON, formerly Harford, d Griggsville IL 4Jan1840. LYON, Sarah Maria, dau/o Samuel LYON, Harford, m 6Jan1841 Tyler BREWSTERm Bridgewater. LYON, Stephen, S. Carolina, m 27June1819 Rebecca LAMB. LYONS, Betsey, Great Bend, m 1Oct1835 Confucius F. LOOMIS, Sanford NY. LYONS, Benjamin Francis, youngest ch/o Jerre & Malinda LYONS, d Montrose 14Jan1842. LYONS, Daniel, Great Bend, m 19Oct1820 Anna SMITH, Springville. LYONS, David, Great Bend, m 23April1824 Amanda SMITH, Springville. LYONS, David A., m 17Aug1846 Emeline E. LYONS, dau/o I. LYONS, both/o Lanesboro. LYONS, Ellen Maria, dau/o Jerre LYONS, d Montrose 18July1822. LYONS, Emeline E., dau/o I. LYONS, m 17Aug1846 David A. LYONS, both/o Lanesboro. LYONS, Hannah Calista, only dau/o Capt. Jacob LYONS, d Herrick 11May1835. LYONS, Mrs. Jerusha, age 20, from Brattleboro VT, wife/o Nathan LYONS, d Montrose 11Feb1819. LYONS, Maria A., age 45, wife/o Benjamin R. LYONS, dau/o Hon. Clark CHALNDER o/Coleraine MA, d Montrose 16June1846. LYONS, Mary Aurelia, dau/o Jerre & Melinda LYONS, d Montrose 23Sept1837.