Location of Annie and William Hansby Graves, Karori Cemetery, Wellington


Alice Bernadine Pātete’s parents are buried in the Catholic part of Karori Cemetery, Wellington, in Area 3, Block C, Row 11, Plot 14. Both have the following inscription: ‘Say One Hail Mary R.I.P’.

Annie Hansby died at home[1] on 22 August 1927, aged 69 years of age.  She had suffered chronic heart disease over a period of eight years.  WMJ (William) Hansby died 27 November 1930, aged 82 years of age.  He had suffered from chronic myocarditis. 

Buried in the same plot, as you will see in the photos further below, are:

·         Ellen Ann Hughes (nee Hansby), who was born 2 November 1890 and died 24 June 1987; and

·         B Hughes, a Private in the Canterbury Regiment, who died 29 May 1969 aged 80 years.

The Wise’s Postal Directory shows that ‘Wm Michael Jos Hansby’ was a chemist in Westport from 1913-16, then a chemist in Wellington from 1919-1921.  There are no entries for the years 1917-1918 or post 1921 to 1930, presumably because William had retired after 1921.  There is an entry for 1925 of a ‘Hanbsy WJ’ of Picton who was a ‘train examiner’.  He was the probable son of WMJ and Annie.  Presumably this is also the one and same as WJ Hansby who attended the wedding of Tame and Alice in Picton, as noted on their marriage certificate. 

The following photo shows the location of the graves.  This can be used in conjunction with the location map and further photos on the following pages.



~ Location Map of Hansby Graves at Karori Cemetery ~

to Makara


to Wadestown


to Wgtn City


Approximate location of Hansby graves


Hansby Grave Plot


William Michael Joseph and Annie (Courtney) Hansby


Annie (Courtney) Hansby


William Michael Joseph Hansby


Ellen Ann (Hansby) Hughes


Bernard Francis Hughes


[1] She and her husband resided at 87 Thorndown Quay, Wellington.

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