Hansby Family Crest
Source: Sir Ralph Hansby, December 2006

Descendants of William Charles Hansby and Ursual Lillian McAuliffe

We are grateful to Terri Hynes for the timeless photographs shown on this page. Her ancestors, William Charles and Ursula Lillian (McAuliffe) Hansby, were married April 11, 1910 in Denniston, New Zealand. He was born in Greymouth on the South Island on April 1, 1879; she was born in Victoria on December 9, 1889. They lived in Denniston until the mid-1920s, when they moved to Victoria.

Let's meet Terri, her parents and brothers sisters. We have a group family photo taken in 2002:

Family of Frank and Regis (Hansby) Hynes
Front, l to r: Joe, Regis, Frank, Damien
Back, l to r: Bill, Carmel, Gerard, Terri, Francis, Regis, Junior
Source: Terri Hynes

Following are several photos of the Hansby ancestors, with captions to go along. Compare the first two pictures below, the family of Bill and Ursula Hansby. The first one was taken about fifteen years earlier than the second.

Family of William Charles John "Bill" Hansby and Ursula Lillian "Lil" McAuliffe
William is holding Leo Francis, the baby. The child in front is Regis Lillian. The children in the middle are,
left to right, John Courtney, Annie Bernardine ["Bernie"] and Cecil William.
Photo Likely Taken at Their Home in Victoria, Australia About 1925.
Source: Terri Hynes

Family of William and Ursula (McAuliffe) Hansby
Kneeling in front: Leo
Center, l to r: Joy, Ursula, William
Back: John, Regis, Bernie, Cecil
Taken in Australia Likely in the Late 1930s
Source: Terri Hynes

Here is Bill Hansby (1879-1943) with two of his sons:

Cecil William, William Charles and John Courtney Hansby
Father and Sons
Victoria, Australia in Mid-1930s
Source: Terri Hynes

Next, we have three pictures of Ursulal McAuliffe, wife of Bill Hansby, as a young woman:

Ursula (McAuliffe) Hansby
Likely Taken in New Zealand About the Time of Her Wedding in 1910
Source: Terri Hynes

Ursula (McAuliffe) Hansby
Likely Taken in New Zealand About the Time of Her Wedding in 1910
Source: Terri Hynes

Ursula (McAuliffe) Hansby on Right
With Unidentified Friend on Left
Time and Venue Unknown
Source: Terri Hynes

Here is Ursula in old age in the company of Ellen Ann ("Aunt Nell") (Hansby) Hughes, her husband's sister and grandmother of Bob Sweeney. The venue is unknown, since Ellen was a ready traveler. However, it is either Wellington or somewhere near the Hansby home in Victoria, Australia. Ursula lived from 1889-1965; Nell lived from 1890-1987. We would guess the date is about 1955-1960.

Ellen Ann (Hansby) Hughes and Ursula (McAuliffe) Hansby
Time and Venue Not Known
Source: Terri Hynes

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