The Family of Phillip and Sarah (Flick) Secules
About 1907
L to r: 1st row: Clara Secules Landback, Philip Secules, Sarah (Flick) Secules,
Charles Jefferson ("Jeff") Secules *
2nd row: Brady Secules, Emma Secules Worthington, Ella Secules Sweeney,
Samuel Secules, Maude Secules Montague, Mary Secules Myers
3rd row: William Secules and Lewis A. Secules
Note: Another daughter, Martha Secules Saxer, was not at this event.
The Secules Family Reunion is among those reviewed on this page.
In 2005, the family was still holding reunions.
Photo contributed by Lewis and Maxine Secules in 2005
Lewis is the grandson of Lewis A. Secules, shown above.
* Editor's Note: You can learn more about Charles J. Secules and the origins of the Secules family
in the brief bio and footnote at the Streby History of Davidson Township.

Old Reunions
of Yesteryear


The Rogers Family Reunions of 1908, 1911 and 1922
The Lacey Reunion of 1890
The Fairchild Reunion of 1907
The Bunnell Family Reunion of 1912
The Little Family Reunions of 1900 and 1907
The Little Family Reunions of 1913
The Bolles Reunion at Gettysburgh 1905 et al
The Little Family Reunions of 1999
The Gleockler Family Reunion Between 1900-1910
The Houseknecht Family Reunion of 1911
The First Diggan Family Reunion of 1911
The Bartlow Family Reunion of 1913
The Fague and Weaver Reunion of 1913
The Frantz ("Frontz") Reunion of 1914
The Woodward Family Reunions: 1914/1915, 1981 and 1997
The Messersmith Reunion of 1916
Assorted Reunion Announcements for 1919
Assorted Reunion Announcements for 1920
The Sick and Litzelman Reunion for 1922
The Fulmer Reunion for 1924
The Wandell Reunions of 1922, 1947 and 1971
The First Fuller Family Reunion 1930
The Bird Family Reunion 1935
The Mulnix and Dieffenbach Family Reunion 1936
The Third Annual Kinsley Family Reunion 1999
The Secules, Flick & Richart Reunions of 1925 and 1927
The Potter Family Reunion 1929
The Bennett Family Reunion 1909
The Taylor Family Reunions 1923-1930
The Laurenson Family Reunion c. 1925-1930
The Peterman Reunion of 1929
Kester and Musselman Reunions 1916-1953
The Kinsley Reunion of 1925
The Crawford Reunion of 1930
The Heess Family Reunion Circa 1953
The Sweeney Reunion of 1963
Molyneux Family Reunion 2006

1908 and 1911 Rogers Family Reunions

All we have for the 1908 and 1911 Rogers Family Reunions are these two pictures contributed to the site in November 2003 by Norma Rogers. We would be delighted to have any identifications of the attendees. Please send the names directly to Bob Sweeney, the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Project Admnistrator, with a copy to Norma Rogers.

The Rogers Family Reunion of August 16, 1908
Photo contributed by Norma Rogers

The Rogers Family Reunion of 1911 *
Taken by C. H. Krumm
Photo contributed by Norma Rogers

*Editor's Note: In July 2008, Larry Pardoe pointed out Samuel Sadler Rogers and his wife Eliza Catherine (Green) Rogers to his left in the 1911 photo. He is holding his grandson Laurence Eugene Rogers who was two at the time [Third row: Eliza 3rd one in, Samuel Sadler Rogers, 4th in, holding Laurence Eugene Rogers]. Also, Larry examined the 1911 index and found many Rogers names who appear to be outside the line of Samuel Sadler Rogers. For example, Mrs. Samuel Rogers of Muncy, listed for 1911, is probably mother of some of the other Rogers et al, from Pennsdale, Bodines, and Muncy. Her husband was son of Joseph Rogers, and grandson of Samuel Rogers and Ann (Guant) Rogers. Apparently Joseph settled in the Muncy area. It appears that many in the 1911 reunion photo were from this branch. Larry would guess many in the 1911 photo were in the 1908 photo as well.

1922 Rogers Family Reunion Held in Forksville, PA

This collection of reunion memorabilia are contributed by Angel Poreda from assorted materials passed out at the Reunion, and now in the possession of her husband, James Poreda, Jr., a direct descendant of the Rogers lineage. There are also several pictures from the original Samuel Rogers family bible that has been recovered and restored by Ernest Hatton, Jr., a frequent contributor to the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Project. Ernie is also a descendant of Abigail Potter who married Moses Austin Rogers.

The Rogers Family Coat of Arms
Photo contributed by Angel Poreda

The Samuel Rogers Family Bible
Torn First Page Showing Birth Record for Samuel Rogers
December 6, 1782 at 2 a.m.
Also listed: Mary Akeroyd, Joseph Rogers, Jonathan (?) Rogers, John Rogers
Photo contributed by Ernest Hatton, Jr.

The following photographs and transcriptions give us a partial list of attendees and a sense of the agenda at the Rogers Family Reunion in 1922. This family goes back to the earliest days of Sullivan County and can be found throughout the pages of the local histories and issues of The Sullivan Review, the local weekly newspaper published in Dushore, PA. James Poreda, is the son of James Poreda, Sr. and Gail Hutchinson, and grandson of Paul Hutchinson and Doris Rogers, and therefore a great-grandson of Lucy Jennings Rogers. We are grateful to the Poredas for contributing this material. Angel can be reached at Angel Poreda. And, here is two pictures: the first photo shows the mother and grandparents of James Poreda, Jr.; the second photo shows Lucy Jennings Rogers with three younger generations of descendants:

Paul and Doris (Rogers) Hutchinson and Daughter Gail
Grandparents and Mother of James Poreda, Jr.
Photo contributed by Angel Poreda

Lucy Jennings Rogers 1981
Holding Gr-Granddaughter Lucy Poreda at 13 Months
Doris Hutchison and Gail Poreda Standing (Grandmother and Mother)
Photo contributed by Angel Poreda

We are also grateful to Ernie Hatton for the priceless photos of the Samuel Rogers Family Bible in his possession. The bible itself is very badly damaged and was found in an old abandoned car and was lying there for years in the rain. It was rescued by Jane Yaples, who felt so good about Ernie's commitment to selfless preservation of family records and history on the internet, on this site and elsewhere, that she asked him to preserve and record the Bible. There are more pictures and information about the Bible below. Ernie can fill in the missing dates for Rogers family members where the pages are torn if he is contacted at Ernie Hatton.

Partial Registration List for 1922 Rogers Reunion
Forksville, PA


39 Mrs. Samuel Rogers Muncy, PA
40 Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Rogers Pennsdale, PA
41 Miss Lavinia Rogers Muncy, PA
42 Mr. and Mrs. James C. Rogers Muncy, PA
43 Kenneth Rogers Pennsdale, PA
44 Eleanor Rogers Pennsdale, PA
45 H. George (?) Rogers Elmira Heights, NY
46 Frances Rogers Elmira Heights, NY
47 Robert Rogers Elmira Heights, NY
48 J. Rogers Heess Laporte, PA
49 Jean E. Woodward Norfolk, Va
50 Willard Moyer Bodines, PA
51 Mrs. Willard Moyer Bodines, PA
52 Carleton Williams
53 Serena Williams
54 Barbara Bird
55 Dorothy Bird
56 Roger H. Heess Laporte, Penna
57 Paul Woodward Norfolk, VA
58 Grace Rogers Endicott, NY
59 Benjamin D. Rogers Forksville, PA
60 J. H. Rogers Muncy, PA
61 Erma Delmot Canton, PA
62 Gene Delmot Canton, PA
63 Lynn Shaffer Dushore, PA
64 William B. Shaffer Dushore, PA
65 John P. Rogers Forksville, PA
66 Ann (?) J.P. Rogers Forksville, PA
67 Sarah A. Rogers Forksville, PA
68 G. Fred Rogers Endicott, NY
69 Lucy Rogers Endicott, NY
70 Brooks (?) Rogers Endicott, NY
71 Jennie Rogers Endicott, NY
72 Nat Rogers Elmira, NY
73 ___(?) McCarty (?) Cherokee, Kan. (?)
74 Sara A. Rogers Lincoln Falls-Forksville, PA
75 Rachel P. Rogers Lincoln Falls-Forksville, PA
76 Frank (?) E. Pardoe Lincoln Falls, PA

Births, Marriages and Deaths Reported at 1922 Reunion


Births reported at Reunion of 1922

Oct. 14, 1921 Rita Elizabeth--daughter of Stanley W. and Edna Wright, Forksville, PA
Nov. 29, 1921 William Benjamin--son of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Magess (?), Marsh Hill, PA
-1922 William Rogers--son of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Lettier (?), Ralston, PA
Aug. 20 Margaret Jean Whelan--daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elias (?) Whelan, Bing. (? Binghamton, NY)
Aug. 20, 1922 M_____(?) Janice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Ford, Laceyville, PA
July 5, 1922 Betty Virginia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elisha M. Struble, Calvert, PA
Dec. 27, 1921 Doris Patricia, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Rogers, Endicott, NY
Dec. 28, 1921 Betty Louise, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harsch, WIlliamsport, PA

Marriages reported

Erma E., daughter of J. P. Rogers, Forksville, PA, to Frank L. Wilmont, Canton, PA
Beulah, daughter of C. H. McCarty, Forksville, PA, to Robert Bown, Forksville, PA

Deaths reported

Aug. 29, 1921, Flora Ives Manville, wife of Robt. Manville, of Muncy (PA)-from cancer, interment at Muncy

Resolution for Rogers Family Plot Marker


A discussion was held on the advisability of raising a fund for the perpetual care of the Rogers Family Plot in the Fairmount Cemetery at Forksville, PA.

A motion was made and carried that we raise this fund a matter of fifty dollars. A motion was made and carried all money left after expenses of Reunion are paid to (be) used for this fund until a sufficient amount is acquired.

A motion was made and carried that a resolution of rememberance and sympathy be sent by the Associaiton to the family of C. F. Rogers, Montana. This matter was placed in the hands of the Secretary.

Mary F. Snyder, Sec.

Births reported for the year.

Barbara Jean, daughter of Fred and Lucy Rogers, Endicott, NY, September 20, 1923.

Note: Apparently, this birth was appended to the "Perpetual Care" resolution as a late notice received at the time the Reunion minutes were transcribed, which appears to have been in 1923, the year after the Reunion itself.

Here are three more pages of the Samuel Rogers Family Bible:

Photos contributed by Ernest Hatton, Jr.


1890 Lacey Family Reunion Held in Laceyville, PA

The Laceys were related as step-cousins to the Crawford family of Sullivan County, whose history is presented on Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group One. The Laceys and their kin lived in and around various towns in Bradford and Susquehanna Counties, PA, including Tuscarora, Laceyville, Rush and Auburn. Here is a group picture from the reunion held on September 13, 1890.

The Laceys 1890
Photo contributed by Carol Hoose Brotzman
Originally belonged to Ella Crawford Bolles

The individuals shown in the picture are as follows:

Front row, left to right:

James A. Lacey
Mrs Miles C. Lacey
Miles Lacey
Mrs. Truman Lacey
Truman Lacey (Note: he built the West Auburn Church in 1868)
Mrs. Hiram Lacey, mother of C. H. Lacey
Hiram Lacey, father of C. H. Lacey
Mrs. Walter Simpson
Walter Simpson

Second row, left to right:

Note: These are the names recorded by Ella Crawford Bolles. Since there are more faces than names, she clearly left some individuals off her named list. Any help with the exact identifications and names of missing personnel would be appreciated.

Gertrude L. Brande, died January 14, 1933, age 74 years
Mrs C. H. Lacey, mother of W. W. Lacey
LeRoy B. Lacey, died April 29, 1916
Florence Lacey, died February 25, 1942
Mary C. Lacey (Mrs L. B. Lacey), died November 27, 1922
Mrs. J. W. Lacey
Dora Church and son (Note with picture states that Lacey D. Church visited on June 2, 1956)

Upper row, left to right:

Note: These are the names recorded by Ella Crawford Bolles. Since there are more faces than names, she clearly left some individuals off her named list. Any help with the exact identifications and names of missing personnel would be appreciated.

Arthur Lacey
Harry Lacey
Henry J. Brande, died December 12, 1922, age 67 years
Charles Lacey
C. H. Lacey, father of W. W. Lacey
Frank Lacey
Winifred W. Lacey, age 17 years, (Note: Residence: 117 Henry Street Binghamton, New York, visited July 8, 1954 and June 2, 1956
Mrs. Anna Lacey
Mrs. Taylor Lacey
Taylor Lacey

We are grateful to Carol Brotzman, a Crawford descendant, for her contribution of this information about her ancestral relatives.


The 1907 Fairchild Family Reunion

We are not sure of the venue for this Fairchild Reunion, although the scene appears to be on a farmstead, perhaps one of the original Fairchild farms in the Dushore area. There were two related but separated Fairchild families in Sullivan County, one descended from Freeman and Hannah (Ketchum) Fairchild and the other from Daniel Howell and Hannah (Gard) Fairchild. These two brothers in turn were children of Jonothan and Sarah (Howell) Freeman. The following picture, taken in July 1907, was found in The Fairchild Family Origins file at the Sullivan County Historical Society and Museum. It was reproduced in the February 15, 2007 issue of the Sullivan Review. We do not know who took the picture. However, some of the pictured attendees are identified in the caption below:

The Fairchild Reunion of July 1907
The following individuals are identified: First row of adults, l to r: Mrs. Emily J. Martin, grandmother of Ethel Martin Keller; unidentified man holding a child believed to be Mary Gravely; Susan Williams; Lottie Fairchild; Bayard Martin, holding Ethel Hester Martin, his daughter; Mrs. Bayard (Taylor) Martin; Mrs. Clarence William, mother of Susan Williams; Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newell
Source: The Fairchild Family Origins
Reprinted in the Sullivan Review, February 15, 2007


1912 Bunnell Family Reunion Held in Laceyville, PA

The Bunnell family was related to the Crawford family of Sullivan County, whose history is presented on Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group One. The Bile family from the Terrytown and Wilmot, PA areas in Bradford County were also related to both the Bunnells and the Crawfords. We don't know the specific identities of the people in the large picture below, but we do know there were Bunnells from all over the northeastern US as well as their related families in attendance. We are grateful once again to Carol Hoose Brotzman for contributing this picture and information. You can learn more about the extensive history of this family at Bunnell-Bonnell Family.

The Bunnells 1912
Photo contributed by Carol Hoose Brotzman

1900 Little Family Reunion, Eaglesmere, PA

The Little Family Crest
Contributed by Pj Little of Carthage, MO

The reunion of the Little family which took place at Eaglesmere, Thursday, August 23, 1900, was an enjoyable event, long to be remembered by all those who were fortunate enough to be present. An excursion train brought the members of the several families residing in Lycoming county to this beautiful Mere on the mountain top where they were joined by the numerous relatives of Sullivan and adjoining counties. It was an ideal day. All nature seemed in harmony with the spirit breathed forth in the renewing of old friendships and the forming of new. Most of the time until the dinner hour arrived, was spent shaking hands with old friends, and forming the acquaintance of relatives who had never been seen before. As the dinner hour approached, the company, which now numbered about one hundred and forty, repaired to a delightful bit of woods near the Chatauqua grounds where the tables spread in a semicircle were loaded with the choicest viands. After doing ample justice to this sumptuous repast the company was entertained by A.C. Little of Eaglesmere, who read a very interesting history of the Little family. The history was traced back to John Little who settled in New Jersey. He having three sons commisoned officers in the Revolutionary War, one of whom Theophilus Little, settled in Pennsylvania soon after the close of the war. Those in attendance at the reunion, were but a small number of his descenadants. An organization was formed by electing Theodore Little of Picture Rocks for President; W.H. Little of Picture Rocks, Secretary, and Mrs. C.L. Rothrock of Forksville, Treasurer. A committee was then appointed to arrange for the next reunion with A.C. Little of Eaglesmere as chairman. The afternoon passed all too quickly for many who had here met, after long years of seperation. At a later hour, all left for their homes feeling that the first reunion of the Little family had been a decided success, and hoping that they might have the privilege of enjoying many such occassions.

Editor's Note: The preceding report was contributed by Pj Little of Carthage, MO. We have subsequently verified that it was published on September 6, 1900 in the Sullivan Review, Dushore, Sullivan County PA. Meanwhile we also know that the 102nd Little Family Reunion was held the second week of August 2001 at Little's Rest near Nordmont, PA. Pictures would be appreciated.

1907 Little Family Reunion
Eagles Mere, PA

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
August 1, 1907

Little Family Re-Union

The eighth annual re-union of the Little family will be held in the pavillion at Eaglesmere Park, Thursday, August 15.
The attendance at the re-uniion has been rapidly increasing from year to year, and those in charge are making a special effort to make the meeting a success this year.
All connections of the family are cordially invited to be present.
Special excursion rates from all points on W. & N. B. R. R. between Halls and Eaglesmere, 75 cents for the round trip.
Train leaves Halls 7:50 a.m., Hughesville 8:05, Picture Rocks 8:11, Muncy Valley 8:35.
Returning train leaves Eaglesmere Park at 7:35 p.m.

Sara A. Huckell, Sec'y

1913 Little Family Reunion
Lake Mokoma, Laporte, PA

Matt Stackhouse provided us with the following old reunion photo, which was dated to 1913 by Nancy Spencer Little. There are some identifications on the back, which can be read by clicking on the caption below the photo. They are not all easy to read. However,the well known artist John Wesley Little appears to be the man in the white shirt sitting behind the woman holding a child at the left end of the front row. You can learn more about this perhaps most famous resident of Picture Rocks at John Wesley Little.


The Little Reunion 1913

Click on the photo for a larger image.
Click HERE to see the back of the photo with some of the listed names.
Photo contributed by Matt Stackhouse.
* Editor's Note: Nancy Little Spencer dates the photo to 1913. Her date is based upon one identity that really caught her eye. There is an infant named Roxanna (Little) Kraus in the photo. She was born on November 28, 1912, a daughter of Llewellyn and Mary Rider Little. She passed away in 2011. She is being held by the woman at the far left of the front row. Based on her age in the photo, the year was 1913.

1999 Little Family Reunion, Sullivan County, PA

Muncy Luminary
September 15, 1999

A Century Moment
Howard Peterman
Masonic Home
Elizabethtown, PA

My daughter called me a few days ago to keep in touch on recent events and happenings. One thing she mentioned was the 100th anniversary of the Little family that was celebrated this summer.

The Little family is not so little, since one of the early settlers of Sullivan County was a Little. Now many folks in that area can claim their ancestry points back to that one man who came from northern Europe.

In those early days, family members found a livelihood a few miles from home and lost their close family ties due to slow travel. Relatives living 10 miles apart and working diligently to raise a family became less and less bound together by family. In just a few years, we became like strangers even though related.

A list of addresses in the telephone book could all be traced back to Theophilus Little from Sullivan County. Then, of course, there are hundreds of "half-Littles" like me, who lost the family name by marriage due to the girls who took on a husband's last name.

My grandfather Charles Little had five girls and three sons. All were good natured, honest, and hard working like thier father, and lived happy lives. That can be said of all the Littles I knew. In their community, they were known as good neighbors.

When Dad picked a partner for life, I'm sure he looked at the Little family thoroughly. After marrying my mother, Elizabeth "Lizzie" Little, he realized that he could not have hired anyone to work as hard as she did. I believe her good-natured disposition and working nature was passed on to me and others in the family.

So when the anniversary was celebrated this summer, they held it in a large park where there was a lot of room for the big Little family to meet and greet the many branches of the family tree.

By the way, here is Howard Peterman's direct Little family chart:

Thomas Laird Little
+Anna M. Pennington
.....1-Charles Wright Little
.......+Maryetta Sperry
...........2-Lizze Ellen Little b:1884
.............+Glenn Peterman
..................3-Howard Peterman.....

You can find out more about Howard Peterman's Little heritage at Charles Wright Little and Maryetta Speary.

The Bolles Family at Gettysburgh 1905, 1910 et al

An informed history of the Bolles family and their relatives can be found at The Leo Bolles Collection. In the first picture presented below, we find Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bolles, with two companions, on the Gettysburgh battlefield. The picture is marked with the note "High Water Mark Gettysburgh". It presumably shows the famous spot on Cemetery Ridge where, on the third day of battle in July 1863, Pickett's Charge momentarily breached the Union line before being repelled with enormous casualties. Of that moment in time, the Civil War historian Shelby Foote once wrote that "this was the last time the South could not lose the war...".

Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Bolles at Gettysburgh
August 8-9, 1905
L to r: Edgar W. and Katherine R. Bolles, Professor W. L. Thatcher and Miss Mary Judson
The back side reads "for Mr. Charles Fuller November 14th 1905; Don't forget to see Gettysburg [sic], Edg. Bolles".
Source: Leo Bolles Collection

The back side also bears a different handwritten set of notes next to the names of the photograph subjects. These notes were apparently added by Leo Bolles at a later point in time. The locations linked with each name are all in the same general area of Susquehanna County, PA. They tell us that:

Edgar W., resident of Fairdale, PA, d. Oct. 13, 1928
Katherine R., resident of Fairdale, d. April 30, 1924
W. L. Thatcher, resident of Harford, PA, d. November 2, 19[?]
Mary Judson, resident of South Auburn, PA; she is the daughter of Edgar and Katherine and later married A. L. Vandervort on January 15, 1917; she died November 2, 1927.

Let's briefly sort these folks out. Edgar Warren Bolles was born July 13, 1833, the son of Elkhannah and Sally W. (Stephens) Bolles and the grandson of Robinson and Hannah (Stoddard) Bolles. About 1974, in Fairdale, PA, he married Katherine Roe ["Catherine" in the 1880 Federal census for Jessup, Susquehanna County, PA], born in New Jersey in about 1842. She was the daughter of David and Sophia (Dennis) Roe, who relocated to Susquehanna County from New Jersey after her birth.

How was Edgar related to Leo Bolles? Leo was the son of George Warren Bolles and his wife Lucetta/Lewcette E Lyon, and also grandson of James Stoddard and Susan (Heady) Bolles; James was a brother of Elkhannah and George Warren was therefore first cousin to Edgar Warren Bolles. This would make our Leo a first cousin, once removed from Edgar. However, in a small community with many Bolles families, all related, it should come as no surprise that these cousins were probably closer than the pure kinship distance might suggest. Mary Judson (Bolles) Vandervort was named after the husband of her aunt Anne Bolles, who married William Judson. This line is descended from John Bolles and Rachel March, John being yet another brother of Elkhannah and James Stoddard Bolles. An old written family record shows John F. and Rachel (March) Bolles, who were born in Connecticut. This record also shows their children, birth information and partial marriage and death data. This John F. Bolles Family Record indicates that both John and Rachel were born in Connecticut, but were married in Pike township, Bradford county, PA in 1833. Their five children were Robinson G., Byron D. , Henry W., Joseph E. and an adopted daughter named Anna Azalia. In the 1880 census, Rachel has died, but John is living in Pike township with his son Byron D. Bolles, daughter-in-law MarthaE. , two grandsons Clifton and Raymond Bolles, and a woman named Susan Northrop, who appears to be a housekeeper or servant. A full ancestral chart of the Bolles family in the area can be seen at The Bolles Families of Northern Pennsylvania.

Mary Judson Bolles, daughter of Edgar Warren Bolles, married A. Lazelle Vandervort (1855- December 20, 1947) after his first wife died. He was previously married to Lillie C. Smith (1857-December 26-1915). Wallace L. Thatcher was apparently just a friend along for the trip. He married Mary Ellen "Ella" Van Buskirk on December 18, 1867. In Commemorative Biographical Record of Northeastern Pennsylvania including the counties of Susquehanna, Wayne, Pike and Monroe [J. H. Beers Co., Chicago, 1900], Wallace is characterized as an intellectual indebted to his wife's inherited thrift and devotion for his successes. He was related by marriage to the Possinger family of the Auburn area, who were also close friends of the Bolles family.

Here is a second Bolles family reunion photo; this is a large group photo taken at Butterfield Springs near Rush Township, Susquehanna County, PA; it is undated but must be from roughly 1900. We might speculate that the third man from the right is Edgar Warren Bolles, just based on how his arms are crossed; it is the same stance as that made by Edgar in the 1905 photo. Any other identifications would be greatly appreciated.

Bolles Family Reunion
Undated Turn of Twentieth Century
Butterfield Springs, Rush Township, Susquehanna County, PA
Source: Leo Bolles Collection

Finally, we have this report on the 1910 Bolles Family Reunion, held at the Lawton Fair Ground on August 31 of that year. Lawton is about five miles east southeast of Leraysville, PA and just into Susquehanna County from Bradford County. The reunion report was accompanied by a poem written for the occasion by Mary L. (Bolles) Branch of Connecticut, a niece of Robinson and Hannah (Stoddard) Bolles, the first Bolles settlers in Pennsylvania.

Source: Leo Bolles Collection, but newspaper not identified:

Bolles Reunion.

Annual Yearly Gathering Held on Lawton Fair Ground.

The reunion of the descendants of Robinson and Hannah Stoddard Bolles has been with few exceptions an annual occurrence for twenty-give years or more. Since its organizations, descendants of other branches of the family have joined us. This year it was held on the Lawton fair ground, AUg. 31, 1910, and fifty names were registered. The warm-hearted greetings and evident interest in the welfare of each for the other made the occasion a very happy one.
Three marriages, five deaths and five births were reported for the year. Roy Bolles, of Naugatuck, Conn., was chosen president pro tem. Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Our friend, Elder W. C. Tilden, made the after dinner speech, and a greeting from our Connecticut cousin, Mrs. M. L. B. Branch, was read. Adjourned to meet next year at same place, the last Wednesday in August.


To the Bolles Cousins.

When our first Joseph crossed the sea
He sought the shores of Maine;
A young and valiant man was he
And honor high did gain.

Around his home eight children played,
With merry shouts and glee,
And one kind Providence assigned
Our ancestor to be.

That was our Thomas, who set forth
To make his way afar;
Still on Connecticut's green hills
His stately acres are.

But he, by storms of sorrow swept,
Well-nigh was crushed and lone,
Save that one little child he kept,
Our John, his well loved son.

This son, our hero ancestor
Stood firm for truth and right,
Little he cared for stripes and fines
If stainless in God's sight.

And now his sons our lines divide,
You Thomas and I Joshua take;
These brothers neaby did abide,
Dear to each other for parents' sake.

Your Amos and my Hezekiah
Still trod the same familiar ways
Cousins and friends and neighbors still
Through all their honorable days.

Now had your Robinson remained
And lived in sight of "Bolles' Hill",
He with my father had maintained
A kinship and friendship still.

But Pennsylvania called him hence
To wooded slopes and pastures fair,
And there you dwell, my well loved kin,
Alas, so far-- and I not there.

I tread the roads our people trod,
Climb the same hills, see the same trees,
While you in your own native State
Have hills and woods as great as these.

I called to you--you called to me,
Kind was each voice, and true each heart,
May God shower blessings on us both
And keep us friends though far apart.

Mary L. Bolles Branch
New London, Conn.


1900-1910 Gleockler Family Reunion, Lake Run, PA

The Gleockler Family Reunion
Held Between 1900 and 1910 in the Lake Run Area Near Elkland, PA

The participants in the photograph are known but not their specific arrangement.
Here are the names of those present: Anna Hugo, Carrie Bailey, Gentleman Hugo, Julia and George Campbell, Emmett Jose, Lillian, Jane, Fred Bailey, Lenora Cott, Tony Heinze, Uncle Philip Gleockler, Belle Heinze, Uncle Anthony Gleockler holding daughter Agnes, Belle Heinze's mother, Aunt Callie (Uncle Philip's wife), Aunt Carrie, Uncle Anthony Gleockler's wife Annie, Grandmother Gleockler (Margretta), Uncle S. U. Morgan, Aunt Rose Morgan, Father (Glen Varney), Aunt Caroline (Gleockler) Heinze, Uncle Charlie Heinze, Anna Gleockler Varney (Mrs. Dorothy Traver's mother with baby on her lap, Jane, Hugo Gentleman, Alzea Heinze (Tony's wife), Ira Varney, Ralph Hugo, Pearl Hugo Beardslee, Iona Gleockler (Sherman), Ruby Varney (Rice), Anita Gleockler, Reva Varney, Blanche Wooster Varney, Julia Gleockler

Contributed by Laurie Gleockner

Anton Gleockler, the original immigrant, married to Margretta Baumunk, was the architect of the well-known Octagon House at Estella, PA. He is also credited with bringing the use of veneer in carpentry to the United States in his manufacture of chairs, hose fixtures and home construction itself. You can learn more about Anton and the history of the Octagon House elsewhere on this site. You can also read about the Gleockler family burial plot on the Churches and Cemeteries page of this site.

The Houseknecht Family Reunion of 1911

Williamsport Sun
Williamsport, PA
August 29, 1911

Many Teachers in Houseknecht Family

History of Family That Has Played a Prominent Part in the
Affairs of Lycoming County read at Annual Reunion

At the sixth annual reunion of the descendants of Benjamin and Sarah Houseknecht, held at the home of A. W. Fague, near Hughesville, the following interesting history of the family, compiled by the historian, was read by the secretary of the association, William Derr:

The first reunion of the Houseknecht family was held at Ferndale park, Lycoming county, on August 25, 1906. This family now numbers about 163, and represents nearly every honorable occupation of life. Many of the male representatives are farmers, that occupation and teaching being the predominating and favored ones. The profession of teaching has more than thirty on its list, covering a total of more than a hundred years, John, Hiram, Phoebe, Sarah, Martha, Hannah, Elmira, Ellen and Alice being the first to engage in this work. Besides the teachers and farmers, among the direct descendants we find a doctor, two professional nurses, a journalist, six salesmen, implement dealers, a poultry dealer, government employee and scores of students.
Alice Houseknecht, the youngest daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Houseknecht, taught three terms of school-the Derr, Germany and Opp. She was married to Isaac Shipman, November 18, 1869. To them were born four sons and two daughters. One son died in infancy. The other children are Anna, Jacob, Clyde, Mary, and Verus. Jacob Shipman married Mary Oliver, who is a traveling salesman and located in Hughesville. To them have been born four children, Alice, Albert, deceased, Evans, and Margaret, deceased. Anna * married Smith Forrester and to them have been born three children, Harold ** was a teacher of the public schools prior to her marriage.
Clyde (Shipman) married Alta Trick and to them have been born three children, Harold, Edwin and Kathryn being the youngest member of the Houseknecht family. Clyde is engaged in the implement business in Hughesville.
Verus enjoys the distinction of being the youngest grandchild of Benjamin and Sarah Houseknecht. He is a student at Pennsylvania State college.
* Editor's Note: "Anna" is Anna Shipman, daughter of Isaac and Alice (Houseknecht) Shipman.
** Editor's Note: Harold Shipman was the son of Clyde and Alta Shipman, and therefore a grandson of Isaac and Alice (Houseknecht) Shipman. The names of the rest of the children of Anna and Smith Forrester were inadvertently left out in this newspaper article. Many of the membes of the Houseknecht and Shipman families are buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Hughesville, Lycoming County, PA. This community is just south of Sullivan County.

The First Diggan Family Reunion of 1911

Gazette & Bulletin
Williamsport, PA
August 24, 1911


Held at Home of Edward Tule at Lime Bluff -- Marred by Serious Accident Watsontown, Aug. 23--One of the record breaking reunions of the season was the Diggan reunion, which was held at Lime Bluff at the home of Edward Tule on Saturday last, when nearly one hundred of fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, grandfathers, grandmothers, nephews, nieces and cousins met for their first reunion.
A very accident occurted to Mrs. Mahetable (Diggan) Van Buskirk, of Picture Rocks, one of the oldest expected to be there, and who looked forward to the occasion with great anxiety, had the misfortune to fall out of bed, breaking her hip. The doctor regards her condition as serious as she is nearing her eightieth year. She has the sympathy of all who were present at the reunion, with ages ranging from one year to eighty. There were eight in the seventies.
Those present were Mrs. Mary Diggan, of Dewart; Mr. and Mrs. Bethuel Diggan and Miss Alice Diggan, of Huntersville; Calvin Barbour and E. G. Warn, of Barbours; Mrs. Susan Diggan, Edith Diggan, Raymond Diggan, Edith Diggan, Raymond Diggan, Mrs. Monroe Hill, Hannah Hill, Gertrude Hill, Raymond Hill, Lyle Hill, Roland Hill, James Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gortner, Carl Gortner, Frank Tule and Lawson Priest, of Hughesville; Mr. and Mrs. Abram Tule, Miss Belle Tule, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tule, Rea Tule, Charles Tule, Howard Corson, Faith Corson, Mrs. George Latimer, Misses Mary Kilgus, Lillian Kilgus, Mr. and Mrs. William Diggan, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Diggan, Harriett Diggan, Robert Diggan, Mrs. Elmer Springman, Mrs. S. H. Fulmer, Bertha Boudman, Isabel Fowler, Myrtle Buck, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Fague, Mr. and Mrs. Clint Tule, Susan Tule, Mrs. Walter Kahler, Carrie Kahler of Muncy; Mrs. Rachel Lewison, Mrs. Charity Campbell, Mrs. Malinda Badgley, Mrs. Emma Powel, Gladious Miller and Lillian Miller, of Cammal; W. H. Van Buskirk, Mrs. Leona Walters, Bert Walters, Daisy Walters, Mrs. Fannie Trimble, Alonzo Campbell, Van Danley, Emerson Danley and Kathryn Van Buskirk, of Williamsport; Frank Tule, of Boston, Mass.; Mrs. Samuel Tule and Louise Tule, of Hartford, Conn.; B. S. Tule, Niagra Falls, N.Y.; Mr. and Mrs. Elenel Diggan and John Tule, of Montoursville; Frank Sheets, Sonestown; H. C. Kremer, of Jerseytown; Mrs. F. Greenlaw, Alice Greenlaw, and Linda Kemery, of Picture Rocks; Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Wenrick, Clyde Wenrick, Harriet Wenrick, and Frank Nicholas, of Watsontown R. F. D.; Mr. and Mrs. Herman Stetler, Edna Stetler, Marie Stetler, and Roland Stetler, of Milton R. F. D.; M. A. Diggan, Belle Diggan and John Diggan, of McEwensville; Iva Hinton, of Pittsburg; Mr. and Mrs. George Veley and Mrs. George Haney, of Jersey Shore, and Ellis Weaver, of Turbotville.
After a bounteous dinner, the following officers were elected for the ensuring year: Bethuel Diggan, president; William Diggan, vice president; Clyde W. Wenrick, secretary; Abraham Tule, treasurer; Miss Lillian Miller and Clint Tule, historians. It was decided to hold the next reunion the last Thursday in August, 1912, at the same place. Some of the families at this reunion had not met in 20 years, with others never.
'God Be With You Till We Meet Again' was sung at the close."

The Bartlow Family Reunion of 1913

Gazette & Bulletin
Williamsport, PA
August 8, 1913

The sixth annual reunion of the Bartlow family was held at John Bartlow's grove in Moreland *, August 2. It was decided to hold the next reunion at Faust park, near Opps, the first Saturday in August, 1914. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. John Bartlow, William Bartlow, John Bartlow, Elmer Bartlow, Leroy Bartlow; Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Bartlow and children Mable, Harry and Clyde; Mr. and Mrs. Albert Bartlow, Mary Bartlow, Freeman Bartlow, Mr. and Mrs. Lovell Bartlow, Mr. and Mrs. S. W. Bomboy, and children Edna and John; Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Gogensparger, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbert Conrad, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Bartlow and daughters Hattie, Mamie, and Lulu; Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Buck, Miss Blanche Bartlow **, Mr. and Mrs. Harry (sic, should be "Harvey") Bartlow and children Irene, Alice and Lawrence; Justin Bartlow, Lester Reed, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Warn; Miss Clara Reed, Mr. and Mrs. John Fenstamaker, Mrs. Mary Sones, Stanley Sones, Sqlvan (sic, should be "Sylvan") Bogart, Miss Ella Jacobs, Leary Albeck, Maggie Albeck, Jennie Harris, Maggie Harris, Clyde Jacobs, Ray Sones, Thomas Reed, Lulu Kisner, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gowers, Andrew Robbins, Mrs. John Whitmoyer, Mrs. Hannah Whitmoyer, Mrs. Robert Buck and daughters Margaret and Elizabeth; Misses Grace, Murl and Martha Gowers.
* Editor's Note: Moreland Township is in Lycoming County. Many of these families cross over in terms of family history in Sullivan County. One source for family interactions between the counties is the Pleasant Hill Cemetery page. This cemetery is located in Hughesville, Lycoming County, just south of Muncy Creek, Sonestown and other nearby portions of Sullivan County.
** Editor's Note: Blanche (Bartlow) Corson was born Lelia Blanche Bartlow, daughter of Horace H. Bartlow and Harriet Elixabeth Palmer in 1893. She married George Pennington Corson and died in 1927 she is buried at Pleasant Hill Cemetery as Blanche Corson.

The Fague and Weaver Reunion of 1913

Gazette & Bulletin
Williamsport, PA
Sept. 3, 1913, page 2


Hold 23d annual Reunion at Home of Edward Tule, Hughesville R.D.1

Hughesville, Sept. 2--the twenty-third annual reunion of the Weaver and Fague families was held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Tule of Hughesville, R.D. No. 1. The following were present: Isaac Kepner, Henry Kepner, Lester Fague, William Hall, Mrs. Sophia Taylor, Peter Weaver, Malon (sic) Taylor, Albert Fague, Ellis Weaver, Mrs. Jessie Sahm, Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Shaner, Mrs. Martha Vanbuskirk, Mr. and Mrs. Mathias Lockard, Mrs. Sarah Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Roup, Mrs. George Hall, Mrs. George Martenas, Amanda Martenas, Mrs. J. A. Keener, Mrs. Sarah Rhynerson (sic, should be Rynearson), Mrs. Frank Houseknecht, Mrs. Henry Barto, C. B. McCarty, J. M. Fague, Martha Snyder, Meriam Weaver, Mabel Hall, Anna Fague, Daisy Weaver, Lois Fague, Catharine Fague, Mrs. J. M. Fague, J. F .Hall, Mrs. F. Hall, Otto Hall, Mrs. S. Fague, Mr. Hannah Ort, Mrs. Harvey Ellis, Ocie Ellis, Edityh Ellis, Mrs. Fred Keebler, Gertrude Keebler, Mrs. N. I. Fague, Mrs. A. W. Fague, Mrs. Ernest Weaver, Mrs. Oscar Neight, Mrs. Edward Tule, Mis Ruth Fague, Mrs. Milton Fague, Mrs. Henry Nunn, Mrs. Delanson Poust, Edward Tule, Elmer Springman, Isabelle Keebler, Josephine Mulligan, Miss Fannie Ort, Miss Leota Housknecht, Irma Weaver, Celia Poust, Lillian Hall, George Hall, Mary Fague, Grace Martenas, Joseph Deitrick, J. W. Hill, Alta May Weaver, George Milller, Mrs. George Miller, Catherine Miller, Chester Frantz, Raymond Fague, Margaret Fague, Mary Fague, Edith Fague, Freda Poust, Rebecca Tule, Mrs. J. Hall, Mildred Roup, Melvin Frantz, Anna Frantz, Edna Fague, Ruth McClintock, Dorothy Fague, Nurl Fague, Mr. and Mrs. Pierce Bull, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Fowler, Clyde Poust, J. C. Webster, George Weaver, LaRue Weaver, Kenneth Poust, Harold Poust, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Ellis, Mrs. Edward Mulligan, Mrs. David Leiby, Mrs. Sarah Buffington, Mrs. Emery Reinhart, Mrs. Albert Houser, Wilbur Keener, John Keener, Ruth Nicholas, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Nicholas, Harold Nunn, James Fague, Arthur Rhynerson (sic), Earnest Weaver, Marian Frantz, Lena Arthur, Edna Frantz, D. P. Fenstamaker, Mrs. and Mrs. John Fenstemaker, LeRoy Fague.
The following officers were elected: President, Norman Fague; secretary, Mrs. Edward Tule; treasurer, Amanda Martenas. The reunion next year will be held the last Saturday of August at the same place.


The Frantz ("Frontz") Reunion of 1914

Gazette and Bulletin
Williamsport, PA
Aug. 20, 1914

The second annual reunion of the Frantz family was held at Van Rensaeleer's park, at Picture Rocks. Those from this place who attended were: Mr. and Mrs. Walter Frantz, Mrs. Helen Frantz, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frantz, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bugh, Mr. and Mrs. William Lorah, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Michael, Mrs. M. S. Smith, Mrs. Harry McConnell, Edward McConnel, Thomas McConnell, Miss Helen McConnell, Miss Mable Sanders, Mrs. Anna Clark, Mrs. George P. Frantz, Mrs. Jack Walton, Miss Maud Frantz, Miss Ada and Fannie Houseknecht, Mr. and Mrs. Benton Eddy, Harold Eddy, Miss Dorothy Bullock, Miss Francie Corcoran and Mr. and Mrs. Brady Derr.

Editor's Notes per Margaret Haberman's Warn and Corson website and research from the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Site:

Walter C. Frantz: grandson of Jacob (1806-1855) & Lydia (Gray) Frantz
--Mrs. Helen Frantz: --Mr. and Mrs. Edward Frantz: Edward was grandson of Philip (1816-1886) and Hannah (Poust) Frantz
--Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bugh: son of Mary (Frantz) Bugh
--Mr. and Mrs. William Lorah: William Lorah (1842-1922); wife Mary E., (1848-1924), married in 1868. Could be the daughter of Joseph (1809-1870) and Mary Elizabeth Frantz. See Lorah family research at Settlers LII: The Wilbers: A Farm Family from Wheelerville.
--Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Michael: relationship unknown. Alfred Michael (1849-1938); wife Mary Ella (1854-1916); both buried Muncy Cem. # 193A
--Mrs. M. S. Smith: relationship unknown.
--Mrs. Harry McConnell, Edward, Thomas, & Helen McConnell: relationship unknown.
--Mable Sanders: granddaughter of John M. (1813-1890) and Jane (Dugan) Frantz; d/o Anna C. Frantz & Henry W. Sanders, Sr.
--Mrs. Anna Clark; daughter of John M. (1813-1890) and Jane (Dugan) Frantz; married John B. Clark after death of 1st husband, Henry W. Sanders.
--Mrs. George P. Frantz; George was son of Philip (1816-1886) and Hannah (Poust) Frantz.
--Mrs. Jack Walton: relationship unknown.
--Maud Frantz: probably daughter of George W. (1844-1925) and Sarah Ann (Neufer) Frantz. If so, she was one of only three descendents of Peter and Elizabeth (Bieber) Frantz at the reunion.
--Ada & Fannie Houseknecht were sisters, daughters of John S. (1840-1924) and Rosetta (Freeman) (1845-1930) Houseknecht. John S. was son of George and Euphemia (Welch) Houseknecht; Rosetta was daughter of John (1801-1864) and Jane (1809-1863) Freeman.
--Mr. and Mrs. Benton Eddy: Cora (Frontz) Eddy was granddaughter of Philip (1816-1881) and Hannah (Poust) Frantz; her father was Wilson Frontz and her mother was Emma (Narber).
--Miss Dorothy Bullock: daughter of Francis M. and Anna (Frontz) Bullock. Anna (Frontz) Bullock was sister of Cora (Frontz) Eddy, mentioned above; Anna was granddaughter of Philip (1816-1881) and Hannah (Poust) Frantz; Anna's father was Wilson Frontz and mother was Emma (Narber).
--Miss Frances Corcoran: born 1903, daughter of Frederick W. and Maggie (Fague) Corcoran. Frances was a great-great-granddaughter of Peter and Elizabeth (Bieber) Frantz.
--Mr. and Mrs. Brady Derr: Jennie (Frantz) Derr (1880-1972) was daughter of Daniel G. and Harriet (Smith) Frantz; she was a great-grandaughter of Peter and Elizabeth Bieber Frantz.

Editor's Note: Many members of this extended family are buried at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery in Hughesville, PA.


The Woodward Family Reunions: 1914/1915, 1981 and 1997

In August 2011, Charles Clinton Woodward, Sr. sent us the following photograph with identifications. Here is part of his comments:

This is the Woodward family reunion held at Wheelerville. I am the son of Clinton Lloyd Woodward Jr. In this photo, my father is about 8 or 9 years old. As he was born in 1906, this would make the reunion date 1914 or 1915. Clinton L. Woodward Sr. & Jr. and George Woodward paid for an advertisement in the 1932 Fox Gazette for The Woodward Press. I had two brothers, John Lloyd Woodward of East Canton and Ernest Eugene Woodward of San Antonio , Texas, who also had an interest in family history. Both just passed away in 2014. John Lloyd died at home in East Canton, Bradford County. on May 24 , 2014. Here is his Obituary. He had four children with his first wife, Nellie Jean Owen (1943-2016): Kay, Tessa Page, Corina Saxon and John ("J.J."). Here is Nellie Jean's Obituary. Eugene died on September 9, 2014 in San Antonio, TX. Here is his Obituary.

My uncle George Emery Woodward (1911-1999) provided some lineage information that will help put these names and relationships into some context. First, William Woodward (1826-1900) * and Charlotte T. (Gruver) Woodward (1841-1921) were the grandparents of George and Clinton L. Woodward, Jr., and therefore my great-grandparents. Clinton Lloyd Woodward, Sr., was the father of George and Clinton L. Jr. The elder Clinton was born in Rose Valley, PA in 1869 and died in Wheelerville, near Shunk, PA, in 1938. He was married three times.
* Editor's Note: In the 1850 Federal Census for Hepburn Township in Lycoming County, William is actually a resident of a household headed by Peter V. and Sarah Woodward, ages 46 and 47, respectively. We imagine that this couple is therefore William's parents. An old family legend holds that Sarah was at least part Indian. The record also shows that Peter's parents were "Appolus" Woodward and Jane "Vanderbelt". Appolus was born on Feb. 13, 1775 in Sussex Co. NJ to William and Catherine (Tate) Woodward. Appolus married Jane Vanderbelt on April 24 , 1803. He remarried Matilda VanAnda on Jan.2 ,1848, 10 years before he died. They had a daughter, Jane Vanderbelt Woodward, 9 months old, in the 1850 census of Williamsport, Lycoming County, PA, where both marrages took place. Charles, our contributor, hasn't been able to find anything else on Appolus yet, since the British destroyed all the local records in Sussex County, NJ. Appolus died June 21 , 1858. Here is the Appolus Woodward Lineage Chart, courtesy of our contributor.

A month or so after his first communication, Charles sent us photos from the 1981 Woodward Reunion, presumably also held in the Wheelerville area. Charles noted in passing that this was the last family reunion that his father, Clinton, Jr. attended, since he died in 1983. Then in 2015, Charles sent us a photo fo the 1997 Woodward Reunion held in West Burlington Township, Bradford County, PA. He also included as many identifications as he could. George, the brother of Clinton, Jr. passed away in Texas in 1999, so these photos, the information passed along by Charles, and subsequent research by Carol Brotzman detailed below, are what we know about this family. First, let us look at the 1914/1915, 1981 and 1997 photos, however.

The Woodward Family Reunion
Wheelerville, PA
1914 or 1915
Front, l to r: Two daughters of William Woodward; Clinton L. Woodward, Jr. and George Woodward (sons of Clinton L. Woodward, Sr.); Dorothy, Richard
and Warren Whipple; Minnie Woodward and "Baby Edna", wife of Harry Woodward
Middle: Mrs. William (Anna) Woodward, Mrs. Clinton L. (Roberta) Woodward, Sr.; Charles Woodward *; "Grandmother" Charlotte T. (Gruver) Woodward; Anna Woodward
Back row: John Woodward, William Woodward, Clinton Lloyd Woodward, Sr., Unice Whipple, and Harry Woodward
* Note: Charles Woodward was an uncle to Clinton L. Sr., John, William, Harry, Anna and Unice.
Click Here to See Handwritten List of Subjects
Photo Courtesy of John Woodward

The Woodward Family Reunion
Home of Charles Woodward, Sr.
Sylvania, Bradford County, PA
Top Left Photo: l to r, Charles Clinton Woodward (our contributor), John Lloyd Woodward, Ernest Eugene Woodward, Chris Woodward (son of Ernest)
Top Right Photo: back--John Lloyd; front-- l to r, Charles Clinton, Clinton Lloyd, Jr., Ernest Eugene
Bottom Right Photo: Clinton Lloyd, Jr. and George Emery (brothers)
Bottom Left Photo, back--l to r, George Emery, Gladys Jane (Freeman) Woodward (3rd wife of Clinton Lloyd, Jr.), her daughter by a previous marriage, Alice Jane Williams; front-- l to r, Agnes Woodward (wife of George Emery) and Clinton Lloyd, Jr.
Photo Courtesy of John Woodward

The Woodward Family Reunion
Behind Old Methodist Church
Route 6, West Burlington Township, Bradford County, PA
Click on Attendance List to See a Partial List of Subjects
Photo Courtesy of Charles Woodward

The preceding photo shows Darla K. (Woodward) Beardslee. Darla, the youngest daughter of Charles Woodward, Sr., our contributor, passed away on August 4, 2016 after a heroic struggle with cancer. Here is her obituary:

Covert Funeral Home
Ovid, NY
August 9, 2016

INTERLAKEN - Darla K. Beardslee, 47, of Interlaken, passed away on Thursday (August 4, 2016).In keeping with Darla's wishes, a graveside service will be held at 2:00 p.m. on Friday (August 12, 2016) at Lake View Cemetery in Interlaken. Please feel free to dress comfortably and casually. Following the burial, a Celebration of Darla's Life will follow at her home at 7619 Hall Road, Interlaken. At the family's request, please bring a dish to share. The family asks those that would like to make a contribution in Darla's memory, to kindly consider the Melanoma Research Alliance, 1101 New York Avenue, NW Suite 620, Washington, DC 20005 or was born in Towanda, Pennsylvania, a daughter to Charles and Dorothy Woodward. She worked for 20 years in the food service department at Cornell University. Darla loved spending as much time as she could with her children and grandchildren and taking care of her beloved cats and dogs.Darla is survived by two children, Casey (Amberlynn) Jones and Tara Jones; two grandchildren, Hunter and Emmalynn; mother and father, Charles and Dottie Woodward; six siblings, Donna Treleavan, Charles Woodward Jr., Lois (Butch) Woodard, James Woodward, John Woodward and Jason (Sarah Elston) Woodward; mother-in-law, Shirley Beardslee.She was preceded in death by her husband, Dan Beardslee, in 2006.The family has entrusted arrangements to Covert Funeral Home, 7199 So. Main Street, Ovid. 607-869-3411. www.covert Funeral Home - See more at:

As mentioned above, Carol Brotzman has carried out prodigious efforts to clarify the descent and relationships in this Woodward family. Many of the Woodwards were married more than once, as spouses died or parted ways. They were also very actively involved in the Seventh Day Adventist religious community in Tioga, Bradford and border areas of Sullivan County. Let us present what Carol has uncovered. The reader can reference the following files as we review the connections:

Descendants of William Woodward
Descendants of Abraham Andrews ("Andrus")

William Woodward and Charlotte T. Gruver were the parents of Clinton Lloyd Woodward, Sr. They had several children, one of whom was Charlotte Woodward; she maried Hiram Andrus. Their daughter, Alice Andrus, married first to Andrew J. Freeman; they were the parents of Gladys Freeman Williams, the third wife of Clinton Lloyd Woodward, Jr. There is actually a handwritten note from "Uncle" George Emery Woodward, written before he died, which lists the children of Charlotte (Woodward) Andrus, and they match up exactly in the Census records and the Brotzman research.
Both Clinton Lloyd, Sr. and Clinton Lloyd, Jr. were married three times. Clinton L., Sr. married in order Ruhamah S. (Matson) on June 24, 1889 in Elmira, NY; "Rwa" (Rowena?) E.; and Roberta Reeseman. Clinton L., Jr. married in order an unknown woman for a very short time, Lois E. Figart and, finally, Gladys Jane (Freeman) Williams, his first cousin-once removed.
We are grateful to Carol Brotzman for her monumental effort in developing the background material on the Woodward and Andrus families.

Clinton Lloyd Woodward, Jr. (5/16/1906-3/25/1983) is buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Burlington, PA. Here is his Grave Marker.
Clinton Lloyd Woodward, Jr. and his second wife, Lois E. Figart. are shown on the same grave marker * in Granville Center Cemetery in Granville, PA, as are her parents, John Charles and Elsie (Manley) Figart. John and Elsie are the grandparents of our contributor, Charles Clinton Woodward, Sr. Here are the two markers:
Clinton and Lois Woodward Marker
John and Elsie Figart Marker

* Editor's Note: However, Clinton Lloyd Woodward, Jr. is not actually buried in Granville. His third wife, Gladys Williams, who survived him, had him buried in Burlington, as indicated above.


The Messersmith Reunion of 1916

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
August 23, 1916

The 7th Annual Reunion of the Messersmith family will be held Saturday, August 26, at the home of John B. Heiber [sic]. All relatives and friends invited.
Blanche Messersmith, Sec'y

Assorted Reunion Announcements for 1919
From the Sullivan Gazette and Herald, August 13, 1919, Dushore, PA


The annual reunion of the descendants of Leonard Streby will be held at Bula Park, New Albany, Thursday, August 21.
Mrs. Beatrix Wilcox, Secretary


The annual reunion of the Heiber family will be held Tuesday, August 19 at the residence of Oscar Heiber in Cherry township.
Phoebe Heiber, Sec'y


The eighteenth annual reunion of the Molyneaux Family will be held in the grove at Millview August 20.
Helen Kilmer

Gibbs Reunion.

The tenth annual reunion of the descendants of the Gibbs family will be held in Kaufman's grove at Wilmot adjoining the Lutheran church Aug. 16, 1919. All relatives and friends are invited to attend.
Mrs. J. W. Norconk, Sec.

Yonkin Reunion.

The 20th Annual Reunion of the Yonkin Family will beheld in the grove at Howard Yonkin's on Wednesday, Aug. 27. Relatives and friends are invited to attend.
Harry C. Yonkin, Secy.


The seventh annual reunion of the Hottenstein family will be held in the Overton hall Aug. 22, 1919.
George E. Hottenstein, Sec.


The fourth annual reunion of the Richard and Hannah Davis-Douglass family will be held at Wyalusing Park, September 1, 1919. All members and friends are requested to come early and bring well filled baskets.
Mrs. Glenn Rogers, Sect.


The 20th annual reunion of the Little family will be held at the Fair Grounds at Forksville, Pa., on August 21, 1919. All members are requested to be present.
A. G. Little, President


The annual Phillips reunion will be held in the grove on the farm of M. J. Phillips at Muncy Valley, on Saturday, August 16th. All Phillips' and friends are invited.


The seventeenth annual meeting of the Rogers Family Association will be held Aug. 27, 1919 on the fair ground at Forksville.
Fred M. Rogers, Pres.
Mary F. Snyder, Sec.

Assorted Reunion Announcements for 1920
From the Sullivan Gazette and Herald, July 14, 1920, Dushore, PA


The annual reunion of the descendants of Leonard Streby will be held at Bula Park, New Albany Thursday August, 19.
Mrs. Beatrice Wilcox, Secy.


The annual reunion of the Hieber family will be held Tuesday August 17 on the farm of the late Emanuel Stiner near Dushore.
Phoebe Hieber Secy

The Sick and Litzelman Reunion for 1922

The full history of the Sick and Litzelman family relationships can be found in many articles and stories on this site, particularly in Settlers XX: The Sick Families of Cherry Mills, by Bettyann Sick Goodyear. The large group photo shown below has many so far unidentified attendees. Bettyann has picked out the participants she can confirm, and we would certainly entertain any additonal identifications offered. This Reunion was also the occasion for the Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary of John and Mary (Sick) Litzelman. You can see a smaller group photo of this couple and their direct relatives that was taken at the time of the larger event in 1922--just scroll down Bettyann's page mentioned above toward the end to do so.

The Litzelman and Sick Family Reunion 1922
Large Group Photo
First row: Unidentified Children

Row 2: l to r: Julius & Dora Sick, Hannah Sick Cook, Charles Sick, Ed and Rosy Sick Weisbrod, Raphael and Lydia Sick Litzelman, John & Mary Sick Litzelman, Emma Graifley Sick and Joseph Sick, Elizabeth Yonkin Sick, Wendell and Sarah McDonald Sick * Gabriel and Elizabeth Bahr Litzelman
Other Paerties Unidentified
Contributed by Bettyann Sick Goodyear
* Granddaughter of Wendell and Sarah McDonald Sick

The Fulmer Reunion of 1924

** Editor's Note: The following article was published in the Sullivan Review and Gazette and Herald, Dushore, PA, on October 1, 1924:


Twin brothers, W. E. and E. A. Fulmer, celebrated their sixtieth birthday anniversaries on the day of the second annual reunion of the Fulmer families, at the home of the former at Benton R. D. Wednesday. The following officers were elected: Alvin Fulmer, president; Pauline Bennett, secretary; W. E. Fulmer, treasurer. It was decided to hold the reunion at the same place and on the same date next year. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Fulmer, Fairmount Springs; Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Fulmer, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Chestnut, Mrs. Harry Secules and sons Ernest and Leonard, and daughter Freda; Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Fulmer and daughter Helen, Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Fulmer, all of Muncy Valley R. D. 1; Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Worthington, Mr. and Mrs. Brady and daughter Pauline, of Eagles Mere; Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Fulmer and sons Donald and Paul, of New Columbia; Mr. and Mrs. Earl Fulmer, son Dale, and daughter Marion; Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dietterick, daughters Lois and Audrey, and son Dea, of Berwick; Mrs. Dewey Hartman and daughter Jeannette, Mrs. Donald Smith and Mrs. Ray Smith, of Benton, and Mrs. Harvey, Mrs. William Fulmer and Mrs. Mosteller and Frank Fulmer, of Hughesville.

You can learn more about the Fulmer family at Joseph Fulmer and Descendants.

The Wandell Reunions of 1922, 1947 and 1971
With Related Families

The Wandell-Williams Family Reunion of 1922
Wandell Homestead, Laurel Hill, Milan, PA
Contributed by Dawn Wandell Fenton
Daughter of Harry Wandell

Front, l to r: Edward Wandell; Dorothy Wandell; Anna (Krowles) Miller, an aunt of Harriett (Williams) Wandell; Luella Wandell; unknown; unknown. Back, l to r: William Wandell, Harriett (Williams) Wandell, spouse; unknown; possible Merritt Wandell (below and to the right of the unknown man; James Mingos; unknown; Viola may Wandell; Theodore Wandell; Charles Wandell; Harry Wandell

William Wandell Family Portrait
Waverly Glen Park, Waverly, NY
Contributed by Gail Sachenik
According to Dawn Fenton, the picture was intended
as a family portrait of William and Harriett (Williams) Wandell, her grandparents,
with their children.

The most recent annual Wandell-Williams Reunion was held July 22, 2001. The Reunions have been held the 4th Sunday of July since early on, often at the Waverly Glen Park in Waverly, New York, according to Gail R. Sachenik, granddaughter of Viola (May) Wandell Mingos. Viola is shown in the picture above with other members of the "class of 1923". The above picture was passed out with an identity key at the 2001 Reunion. Gail's aunts date the picture to ~1921 because the youngest child is about 2 or 3 years old and she was born in 1919. Apparently, Viola was already married when the photograph was taken. Here is the identity key:

Contributed by Gail Sachenik

Next we show pictures of some of the participants at the 1947 and 1971 Wandell-Williams Reunions, respectively.

Four Generations of Wandell Relations
L to r: Marion Mingos Luckey (d/o Viola May Wandell Mingos), William Wandell, Viola
May Wandell Mingos (d/o William Wandell), and baby Charles (Pete) Luckey, Jr (s/o Marion Mingos Luckey)
Waverly Glen Park, Waverly, NY 1947
Contributed by Gail Sachenik

The Five Daughters of William and Harriett Wandell
L to r: L to R are: Viola May Wandell Mingos, Dorthey Wandell Lewis, Luella Wandell Sullivan, Julia
Wandell Benjamin, Harriett "Blanche" Wandell Davis
Waverly Glen Park, Waverly, NY
July 1971Contributed by Gail Sachenik

Gail is the granddaughter of Viola (May) Wandell and James George Mingos (1897-1985). James and Viola had twelve children altogether: the first was a stillborn unnamed child; then, Marion, George, Ellen, Robert, Esther, Leslie, Betty, Julia, Frank, Hila and Peggy.

The Wandell family was rooted in Bradford County. The Mingos family originally came to Bradford County in the 1830s and lived mostly around Monroeton and Liberty Corners. They intermarried with one of the McDonald families from that area. The mother of James George Mingos, Gail's grandfather, was Marion Angeline McDonald (1873-1925), daughter of James McDonald (1844-1899) and Mary Luther (1851-1885). They were from Bradford County and James was actually a Civil War veteran. James was the son of the original emigrants in this family, James McDonald (born May 11, 1805; died July, 1889, Bradford County, PA) and Mary McNamee (born July 14, 1809; died February 27, 1885, Bradford County, PA). They arrived separately from County Cavan, Ireland about 1838. Mary may have come first and then James. It is not known where or when they married, but James had previously been married to Anne Belle Kendall in Ireland.

At least some of the Mingos descendants moved into Sullivan county. For example, D. E. ran a grocery store in Dushore until 1894. In that year his wife died, and he gave up the store. The branch that Gail is descended from was also living in Sullivan County when her grandfather was born there in 1897. You can learn more about the German ancestry of the Mingos family and its history in northern Pennsylvania at The Mingos Family.

Here is a picture of James taken in 1982 and another taken with his two sisters, Gail's great-aunts, about the same time.

James George Mingos
Contributed by Gail Sachenik

Mingos Brother and Sisters
L to r: Helen Marie Mingos Minard Biles, James George Mingos, Clara Ellen Mingos
Early 1980s
Contributed by Gail Sachenik

Here is a picture taken at the birthday party for James Mingos on August 5, 1979.

Max Mingos and James George Mingos (Cousins)
Birthday Party for James
Mt. Pisgah State Park, PA
August 5, 1979
Contributed by Gail Sachenik

The First Fuller Family Reunion 1930

The Fuller family arrived in the Hillsgrove and Shunk area of Sullivan County about 1870. Their origins were in New Jersey and, before that, in Connecticut and England. The family lived in Wayne County, PA for about 15 years before moving to Sullivan County. You can learn more about their family history at The Fuller Family Now and Then and in the broader local history covered in Souvenir of Hillsgrove. In 1930, the Fullers, their in-laws and descendants held their first reunion at a cabin on Loyalsock Creek. Here is a link to the 1930 Fuller Reunion picture, along with identifications.

The Bird Family Reunion 1935

Charlotte May (Jenney) Tappan is the grandaughter of Joseph Bird (1873-1956) and Rebecca "Aunt Birdie" Hunsinger (1878-1965). This couple was married for over fifty years. Joe was a descendant of Powell Bird, one of the earliest settlers of Sullivan County. Aunt Birdie, in turn, was a child of Levi R. Hunsinger and Mary Ann Sayman, representing two of the pioneer German families in the area. You can learn more about the Sayman-Hunsinger connection at Faces and Families of Old Sullivan County, Group Four, in the section on the Sayman family history.

In any case, Charlotte Jenney Tappan is the family historian for the Bird family and families related by marriage. She recently forwarded to us the following picture taken at the 1935 Bird family reunion held in Mildred, PA at the Fairgrounds. Charlotte's mother, Bertha Mae Bird, wrote the names of many of the attendees in a list, also shown below. The list begins with the children in the first row from left to right, then it goes to the second and back rows from left to right and so on. There are obviously many names left out. Charlotte herself is sitting on the lap of her grandmother, Aunt Birdie, in the second row towards the middle of the row. We are appreciative of Charlotte for this contribution. She can be reached for further discussion or additional information, such as the names of those unidentified in the handwritten list, at Charlotte Jenney Tappan.

The Bird Family and Relatives
1935 Reunion
Fairgrounds, Mildred, PA
Contributed by Charlotte Jenney Tappan

Handwritten Attendance List
1935 Bird Family Reunion

Contributed by Charlotte Jenney Tappan

The Third Annual Kinsley Family Reunion 1999

In early 2002, the Sullivan County Genealogical Weg page posted the remarkable Kinsley family history entitled John Kinsley's Irish Settlement: 1830-1986. What a delight it was then when Carol Brotzman e-mailed us the newspaper article and picture reproduced here. This is the Kinsley family writ large in 1999, and we would be happy to invite any reader who can do so to give us the names in the picture.

1999 Kinsley Family Reunion
Over 100 members of the Kinsley family attend the third annual reunion
in Wyalusing on July 17
Source: The Wyalusing Rocket, Tunkhannock, PA, August 1999

The Wyalusing Rocket
Tunkhannock, PA

Third Kinsley Reunion Brings 115 Descendants to Wyalusing

Some of the descendants of John Kinsley and Catherine Quinn, who immigrated to America from Ireland in the 1830's, held their third reunion in Wyalusing on July 17, 1999.

There were three generations represented, coming from California, Michigan, Virginia, New York State, Maryland, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Iowa, Connecticut, Arizona, Colorado and Pennsylvania.

The 50th wedding anniversary of Dick and Mary Kinsley was given a toast. They celebrated in on June 25th. Paul Racht's 90th birthday and Dick Kinsley's 79th birthday were recognized with a cake. Paul was married to Marguerite Kinsley, who passed away in 1979. He was the oldest one attending. Our youngest one was four-month-old Josie Kindwall, granddaughter of Anne Kinsley Antonich.

Dominic Kinsley and Katharine Cummiskey Kinsley had 13 children. Three are deceased. Ten are still living, with nine of those ten showing up for the reunion. Out of the ten living, one is the oldest of the family at 84 and one is the baby at 64 and were present.

On Friday evening, there was a get-acquainted party, held at the beautiful country home of Maxine and Marvin Meteer on Lime Hill. There were 100 in attendance with swimming a big hit with the young folks.

Our next activity on the menu was Saturday a.m. when a 2-1/2 hour bus tour (was given) of Wilmot and Stowell areas where the ancestors originally settled when they immigrated to this country. The bus couldn't accommodate the 80 people ready to board, so there were six vehicles that followed the bus. Theresa Kinsley Hoffman was the tour guide, giving a little history of the area as they drove along. She included a few stories and a little music to spice it up a little bit.

The 5 p.m. Mass at St. Mary's Church on Saturday night was said for Andrew and Isabelle Kinsley, grandparents of many of those attending the reunion. The church was full by the time most of the reunion people attended, along with the regular Saturday night church-goers. After the Mass, a group picture was taken followed by a dinner for 115 in St. Mary's Hall.

The delicious dinner was catered by Helen Souto and greatly assited by her daughter-in-law Melissa Meteer Souto, who is the daughter of Maxine Kinsley Meteer. A hand-painted Christmas ball, showing St. Anthony's church in Stowell, was the souvenir.

About 75 of the attendees returned to the Meteer home on Sunday morning for a brunch before departing for home. Their next reunion is planned for the year 2001 with Robert and Julyne Kinsley of Dunedin, FL serving as host.

The Mulnix and Dieffenbach Families 1936
Venue Unknown
Front row: Max Bird, Billy Bird, Jimmy Meade, Vivian Dieffenbach, Doris Bird, Robert Gosline, Francis Dieffenbach
Second row: Josephine Dieffenbach Johnson (holding Joan Johnson), sitting: Christine Mulnix Meade, Lillian Fuller Mulnix, Walter Mulnix, Anna (Webster) Mulnix (holding Audrey Dieffenbach), Fannie Hugo Mulnix, Vide Mulnix, Marjorie Mulnix (Standing)
Third row: Clifford Johnson, Ada Mulnix Dieffenbach, Frank Dieffenbach, Cora Mulnix, Anna Gosline, Bertha Gosline, Thressa Dieffenbach, Richard T. Bird
Fourth row: Myra Mulnix Gosline, George Gosline, Sr., Mildred Mulnix Bird, Ruth Norton Dieffenbach, Keith Dieffenbach, Alice Mulnix
Contributed by Leanna Mulnix Morgan
Great Niece of Ada Mulnix Dieffenbach via Ada's Brother Vernon Mulnix

The Mulnix and Dieffenbach Family Reunion 1936

The Webster, Mulnix and Dieffenbacher (aka "Dieffenbach") families are intertwined by marriage back into the 19th century in Sullivan County. The first links were between the Websters and Mulnix lines, as you can read about in Settlers LVII: Jonathan Webster: Early Settler of Elkland Township. After the Civil War, the Mulnix line married into the Dieffenbach(er) family, one of the oldest and largest German families in the area. You can learn more about them at Descendants of Conrad Dieffenbacher. The specific lineage trace is through Anna Harriet (Webster) Mulnix, daughter of Jonathan and Mary Jane (Kaye) Webster. Anna married Avery Thomas Mulnix, Jr., son of Avery Thomas, Sr. and Almira Jane (Tomkins) Mulnix. Their daughter Ada Mulnix (1889-1958) married Frank Dieffenbach (1886-1953). These families lived in and around Elkland Township in western Sullivan County, PA. The photo above shows members of the Mulnix and Dieffenbach families and their relatives in 1936. The venue is unknown.

The Bird family shown here was descended from Richard Thomas Bird and Mildred Agnes Mulnix; Mildred was a sister to Ada (Mulnix) Dieffenbach. The Meade family were descendants of Christine Mulnix, the oldest child of Avery Thomas and Anna Harriet (Webster) Mulnix, and James Arthur Mead(e). Yet another sibling, John Rovilo Mulnix, married Fannie Hugo, who is also shown in the photo. Lillian Fuller Mulnix, shown here, was the wife of Walter Mulnix, another sibling of Ada Mulnix Dieffenbach. A younger sister of Ada, Myra Mulnix, married George Gosline, Sr., both shown here. Ruth Norton Dieffenbach was married to Keith Dieffenbach, and they are also both in the photo. Keith was a son of Frank and Ada Mulnix Dieffenbach. Josephine Dieffenbach Johnson was a daughter of Frank Dieffenbach and the wife of Clifford Johnson. Please refer to the Webster history linked above for more information on these individuals.

The Secules, Flick & Richart Reunions of 1925 and 1927

The Secules family intermarried with several other conspicuous Sullivan County families. The wife of Michael D. Sweeney, great-uncle to Bob Sweeney, the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page historian and grandson of the Sweeney emigrants to Ringer Hill, was Margaret "Ella" Secules. Her sister Clara Secules married George Landback, a family in turn connected by intermarriage to the large German family of Thrashers. Here we find news reports on their seventh and ninth annual reunion, which indicates that the meetings of these families began in 1918. We invite further comment from readers who can explain how the Secules, Flick, Richart, Myers, Tubach, Arey, and Van Horn families, among others listed here, were actually related. An initial discussion thread can be accessed and reviewed at Secules et al Relationships.

A family picture from early in the twentieth century is at the head of this page. Also, the Secules Family Bible is reproduced below. These bible pictures were provided by Lewis and Maxine Secules in August 2005, for which we are deeply grateful and appreciative.

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
September 23, 1925


The annual reunion of the Secules, Flick and Richart families was held at the Colley Grange Hall, September 5th. The following were present: Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Dyer and family, Mr. and Mr. H. L. Montague and family, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Secules and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Secules and family, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Arey and son, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Worthington and family, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Hunsinger, Mr. and Mrs. Steve Saxer, Mr. and Mrs. M. D. Sweeney and family, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Secules and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Keeney and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Tubach and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Neufler and daughter, Mrs. Barry and family, Mrs. T. Shelly Elrusa, Mrs. John Lisson and son, Mrs. Charles Schanlow, Mrs. O. P. Bull, Mr. Lewis Secules, Mr. William Secules, Mrs. Clara Landback, Mrs. Martha Saxer and family, Mr. Edward Cavanaugh, Mr. Frank Hunsinger, Mrs. Leo Marshall and son, Mrs. Mary Crawford, Miss Vera Phillips, Mr. Homer Lawrenson and Miss Alta Landback.

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
August 31, 1927


The ninth annual reunion of the Secules, Flick & Richart families was held at Myers Park at Strawbridge, Pa., on Saturday August 27, 1927

Those present were: Mrs. Clara Landback, Mr. and Mrs. W.L Dyer, George Dyer, Mr. and Mrs. William Tubach, Gordon, Leona, Raymond and Earl Tubach, Mr. and Mrs. John Arey, Lois Arey, Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Sweeney, Carl and Martin Sweeney, Mrs. John O’Neil, S.E. Secules, Bobby and Dorothy Secules, Mr. Wilson Starr, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Starr, Carlos, Arlena, Donald, James and Agnes Starr, Mr. and Mrs. Brady Secules, Hilda and Paul Secules, Mr. and Mrs. Blake Gavitt, Gerald Gavitt, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson Van Horn, Carl Van Horn, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Montague, Harvey, Jason, Helen, Ruth and Martha Montague, Mr. and Mrs. Glen Montague, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Secules, Mr. and Mrs. Grover Secules, Helen and Lewis Secules, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. S.W. Harriman, Percy Harriman, Mr. and Mrs. James Myers, Freda Myers, Mrs. Jacob Myers, Mrs. Anna Worthington, Mrs. E. J. Fulmer, Mrs. Martha Saxer, Raymond Saxer, Loretta Sutton, Harry A. Schram, Mrs. Mary Bull, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Myers, Viola Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Myers, William and Leroy Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Secules, Ernest Secules, Charles Secules, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Frantz, Mr. and Mrs. C.M Frantz, Mary L. Neufer, Laura Hawley, Alta Ryder, Edward Knight, Harrison Sortman, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Myers, Robert and Grant Myers, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Worthington, Norma and Gerald Worthington, Mrs. Edna Shipman, Maxine, Carlene, and Robert Shipman, Mrs. Ruth Laurenson, Miss Lizzie Laurenson, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Laurenson, Raymond and Enza, Ruth, Laurenson, Mr. John Richart, Mrs. Mable McClintock, Martha and Marguerite McClintock, Mrs. Leon Myers, Marian and Leon Myers Jr., Carrie Bigger, Ethel Charles, Mary Sherwood, Mr. and Mrs. Newton Saxer, William C. Saxer, Stella Steafather, Glen Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Edkin, Norma and Helen Edkin, Cletis Sanders.

Incidentally, in August 2005, we received the following notice from Lewis and Maxine Secules:

The Secules-Richart-Flick reunion will be held on August 21, 2005 at Secules Park, 3028 Harriman Rd., Unityville. Picnic at 1:00 PM. Everyone is asked to bring their own table service and a dish to share as well as their updates for the genealogy.
By our count, the 2005 reunion would be the 87th year since these famlies first started to get together. Here are two pictures of the family bible:

The Secules Family Bible
Page One
Birth, Marriage and Death Information for the Children of Phillip and Sarah (Flick) Secules
Photo contributed by Lewis and Maxine Secules

The Secules Family Bible
Page Two
Birth, Marriage and Death Information for Phillip and Sarah (Flick) Secules
Photo contributed by Lewis and Maxine Secules

The Potter Family Reunion 1929

The Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
September 18, 1929

Potter Reunion
Wilson and Catharine (Hunsinger) Potter are the ancestors of the descendants of the Potter reunion, which has been held annually for several years. At the home of their grandson Emory Potter, on Sugar Hill, Bradford Co., Pa. The Potter's are English decent. They came from Huntingdon, Pa. To Cherry township in 1821 Sullivan Co, Pa in 1824. The taxables at that time numbered forty among them was Alden Potter, Nicholas Potter, Brookins Potter, Henry Potter and Joseph Potter and Wm. Potter. Cherry township then comprised about ninety thousand acres or a little more that one third of the County. The first road built in Cherry was the Tioga and Susquehanna Turnpike in 1809 from Berwick by way of the Long Pond to the Loyal Sock. In 1810 it was extended to the county line to Heverly Settlement in Overton township. From thence over the Huckleberry mountain to Monroeton in 1815 Andrew Shine took the contract of building the road. The contract price was $1150 per mile with extra pay for bridges. Half of his pay was to be in land at $2 per acre. The sub contractors took jobs on the road at $800 per mile, and was to take half their pay in land at $ per acre. By this means some of the early settlers secured their lands.

A road was built in 1820 or 1821 leading from turnpike to the Lewis settlement now Eagles Mere, this became the mail route to the settlement on the turnpike. The Payne road leading from Ezra Paynes on Bahr's Hill to Wyalusing was built soon after the turnpike.

Rev. Dimmock of the Baptist faith who was from Huntingdon held services in the home of Ezra Payne once a month. Mrs. Freeman Fairchild was the first person baptized in Cherry township, ceremony being performed in 1821. Later in 1828 Mr. Freeman Fairchild, Mrs. Brookins Potter, Roswell Phelps and wife, Mrs. Salome Tompkins and Mrs. Alden Potter were baptized, previous to this Brookins Potter and Mrs. Nicholas Potter from Huntingdon were the only two Baptists in the settlement.

Wilson Potter moved from Cherry to Colley, which was established in 1849. The territory was taken from Cherry Township. It was named in honor of Hon. William Colley (a half brother of Wilson Potter). The first election was held in 1850, the following officers were elected: Judge of Election, Thomas Messersmith. Inspectors, Jeremiah Hunsinger, Wm. Burgess. Supervisors, John Santee and Joel Potter. School Directors Henry Rough, Jonathan Daddo, John Bates and Numas Messersmith, Dudly Vaughn, Wm. Burgess. Assessors Daniel Hunsinger. Constable Adam Messersmith. Overseers of the Poor, Numas Messersmith, John Hunsinger. Auditors Wm. Vaughn, Henry Rough. Justice of the Peace, Albert Vaughn.

In 1864 or 1865 Wilson Potter erected a sawmill on his place in Colley (now owned by Nelson McCarroll) and sawed a large quantity of lumber. Later he moved to Missouri and after five years of western life he returned and bought a farm on Oak Hill Bradford Co. Pa (now owned by his grandson Clinton Potter).

While living there they celebrated their Golden wedding July 28, 1888. They were the parents of seven children, namely: William Potter who married Catherine Smith; Daniel Lewis Potter who was killed near Petersburg, Va. July 2nd, 1864 during the Civil War; Clinton J. Potter who died in a hospital near Washington Nov. 5 1864 during the Civil War; Winifred Potter who married Annie E. Reeser*; Brookins Potter who married Hannah Huffmaster; Elizabeth Potter who married Daniel Prichard**, a veteran in the Civil War; and Celinda Potter who married Leroy Abbott, and later Henry McGrath.

Catherine Potter died March 18, 1892 aged 77.

Wilson Potter died July 28, 1894 aged 77.

Mrs. Annie E. Potter, Historian. Peckville, Pa.

*Editor's Note: You can learn more about the Reeser family and its relationship with the Potters in Faces and Families, Group Six. Just scroll down to The Descendants of John Reeser and Madeline Betts. There are also several pictures on that site.

**Editor's Note: You can see a picture of Daniel Prichard at The Baumgartner Emigration. Just scroll down to where Prichard is shown with his Civil War colleague, Adam Baumgartner.

The Bennett Family Reunion 1909

The large reunion photo taken below was contributed to the Sullivan County Historical Society (SCHS) by Charles Kehler in 1998. The picture is part of Some Descendants of Joel & Sarah Bird Bennett of Sullivan County, Pennsylvania. Kehler compiled this history between 1993 and 1998 with the help of many cousins. We are grateful to the SCHS for permission to reproduce the picture and Kehler's history here.

The Bennett Family and Relatives
1909 Reunion
Home of Alvin Miller
Muncy Valley, PA
Source: Charles Kehler from Pauline Houseknecht
With Permission of the Sullivan County Historical Society

The Bennett Family 1909
Row #1
1. Harriet Elizabeth (Libby) Bennett Miller
2. Child on Libby's lap is her daughter Edith
3. Ruth Bennett Laurenson
4. Martha Bennett Simmons
5. Pauline Bennett, daughter of Brady & Eda
6. Boyd Patterson Bennett
7. Sarah Smith Bennett
8. Bernice Bennett Miller
9. James Monroe Bennett
10. Charles Alvin Bennett, son of Nelson, adopted by Monroe and Rosie
11. Dolly Bennett, daughter of Herbert & Eva
12. Herbert Russell Bennett
13. Infant on Herbert's lap is his son Roland who died not long after this picture was taken
14. Ida Bennett Burkholder
Row #2
1. Alvin Miller, husband of Libby
2. George Laurenson, husband of Ruth
3. Annie Peale Bennett, wife of Boyd
4. Arthur Noble Bennett
5. Charles Miller, husband of Bernice
6. Rose Smith Bennett, wife of Monroe
7. Eva Jarrett Bennett, wife of Herbert
8. Elizabeth Bennett, daughter of Herbert & Eva
9. Sylvester (Wesley) Burkholder, husband of Ida
Row #3
1. Elizabeth Laurenson, daughter of George & Ruth
2. Sarah Simmons Boone, daughter of Martha
3. Martha Laurenson, daughter of George & Ruth
4. Ruth Miller, daughter of Charles & Bernice
5. Florence Boone, daughter of Sarah
6. Beulah Miller, daughter of Charles & Bernice
7. George Bird (Bert) Miller, son of Alvin & Libby
8. Bernice Burkholder, daughter of Wes & Ida
9. Ralph Bennett, son of Boyd & Annie
10. Dorothy Bennett, daughter of Herbert & Eva
11. Myrtle Miller, daughter of Alvin & Libby
Row #4
1. Leslie Bennett, son of Boyd & Annie
2. Eda Fulmer Bennett, wife of Brady
3. Brady Bennett, son of Boyd & Annie
4. Anna Miller, Wife of Bert
5. Harry Bennett, son of Boyd & Annie
6. Albert Bennett, son of Boyd & Annie
7. Elmer Laurenson, son of George & Ruth
8. Helen Bennett, daughter of Brady & Eda
9. Edna Miller, daughter of Alvin & Libby

The following photo was contributed to the Sullivan County Historical Society (SCHS) by David M. Taylor in 2003. We are grateful to David for permission to reproduce the picture here.

The Robert Taylor Homestead
Located off Edkins Hill Road above Muncy Valley, PA
The gentleman who was living there in 2003 told David Taylor that he had lived there all his life (79 years). It appears the house has been occupied all these many years and still looks in good condition, although the gentleman said the original house had a wooden addition which is no longer standing.

The Taylor Family Reunions 1923-1930

The following record of the Taylor Family Reunions in the 1920s was contributed to the Sullivan County Genealogical Web Page by Susan Shaner. We are most grateful to her for this historical document, which provides additonal information about the Taylor family to what can also be seen on The Descendants of Frederick Taylor by David M. Taylor. Please direct any comments or questions to Susan at the contact e-mail address provided here.

Attached please find the transcribed book "History and Reunions of the Taylor Family 1933 Compiled by the Historians herein mentioned". My third cousin Edward Taylor is in possession of the book and was kind enough to photocopy the entire 15 page book for my grandmother Rhoda Mae (Taylor) Campbell and me. I have transcribed it letter for letter. Gram was told by Edward that the family laughed each year the stories were told as they changed each time, as you will see. Some of the ancestors names were even spelled differently year to year. This is also the first in-depth information I have received concerning Mary Ann and Catherine Taylor...daughters of Robert Taylor, Sr. In addition, please note that Richard and Rhoda's son William Farr has been spelled usually as "Fair"; Rhoda's last name was Farr so maybe that is the correct spelling.

Susan Shaner
September 2003


Compiled by the Historians herein mentioned

Mrs. James Hall, Secretary,
Montoursville, Pa.

                The first reunion of the Taylor family was held at the home of Mifflin Taylor near Tivoli on Labor Day, September 3, 1923.

                Mr. Marvin Horne acted as Chairman and called the first meeting to order.

                The following Officers were elected for the ensuing year:

                                President               Margarette Poust

                                Vice President         Stella Taylor

                                Secretary              Freda Poust

                                Treasurer               Mrs. John Croman

                                Historian              Mrs. James Hall

                The next reunion is to be held at Boaks Park on Labor Day, 1924.


                Officers elected for the ensuing year:

                                President                Mrs. Stella Taylor

                                Vice President               Mrs. John Turner

                                Secretary              Freda Poust

                                Treasurer               Mrs. James Poust

                                Historian              Mrs. James Hall

                Robert Taylor was born April 28, 1778, in Ireland; son of Frederick Taylor who emigrated to America in 1783 and located on a farm in Northumberland county, Pennsylvania.  He was twice married; by his first wife he had one child, Robert, and by his second wife, (whose maiden name was Gailey,) he had seven children.  In 1802 Robert, the only child by his first marriage, located in what is now Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, where he engaged in farming.  In 1831 he built a saw and grist mill; in 1832 he constructed a still house, operating them in connection with his farm.  He married Elizabeth Mahew, and to them were born eight sons and four daughters:

                Frederick, Robert, Richard M., James, William, John, Elizabeth, Catherine, George Washington, Matthew, Mary A. and Jane all deceased. Robert Taylor died March 17, 1838 and his widow died February 10, 1878, in the 95th year of her age.

                G.W. Taylor

                G.W. Taylor, merchant and farmer, was born in Sullivan County, Pennsylvania, July 21, 1817, son of Robert and Elizabeth (Mahew) Taylor.  He received a common school education and began a  business for himself on a farm.  In 1848 he built a saw mill and manufactured lumber until 1886.  He erected his business room in 1865 at Tivoli, where he has done a general mercantile business ever since (1897).  In 1848 he commenced to build the little hamlet of Tivoli, now containing twenty houses; sixteen of which he built himself.

                February 28, 1839, he married to Miss Mary A. Craft and to them have been born ten children.  Norman, Oliver W., Maynard, Jurushia, (who married Francis Hall), C. Lloyd, H. Wilson, Amanda, (who married J.W. Fiester), Margaret E., M. Tivoli and Thomas W.  Mr. Taylor has always taken an active interest in the Democratic party, and in 1887 he was elected to the State Legislature.  In 1841, when at the age of 24 years, he was appointed Justice of the Peace and is now serving his eighth term.  He is a member of the Masonic Order, and in his religious views he is a Liberal.

                                                                                Mrs. James Hall, Historian.


                The third annual reunion of the Taylor family was held at the Van Rensselaer's Park,  Picture Rocks,  with one hundred and twenty-five present.

                After dinner all gathered in the pavilion for the business meeting.  The following Officers were elected for the ensuing year:

                                President               Brady Taylor

                                Vice President          James Hall

                                Secretary              Freda Poust Gordner

                                Treasurer               Mrs. James Poust

                                Historian              Mrs. Jacob A. Meyers

                A new report was given by the historian as follows.

                The first member of the Taylor family was Robert Taylor who emigrated here from Ireland and settled on a farm in Rock Run, Sullivan County, Pa.  Their children in so far as record was kept, were:

                1 John , a Sawyer, drowned.

                2 Robert, Married Miss Burnett, (or Bennett) and was a farmer.  He died in Muncy Valley.

                3 James, Married Delia Edkin,.  Died on Alfred Taylor's farm in Muncy Valley.

                4 Richard, Married Rhoda Farr.  Died in Rock Run.

                5 General, Married Mary Ann Craft.  Died in Tivoli.

                6 Mary Ann.  Married Samuel Van Buskirk.  Died in Sullivan county.

                7 William, who died in the West

                8 Frederick, the only member of the family of whom we have any definite information, was born on November 19, 1802.  Died in Shrewsbury Township, Sullivan county, March, 1886. He emigrated to America when young with his parents, and settled on a farm in Shrewsbury Township, which he cultivated until his death.  He was a prominent citizen in that section, and was a Baptist in Religion.

                He married Margaret Edkin, born in 1806 and died in Shrewsbury Township in 1896.

                Their children were:

                                1 William, who was born September 2, 1828 and was killed on the railroad near Tivoli, Lycoming county, August 26, 1892. 

                                He married Mary Anderson, and their children were:

                Martha, born 1860.  Married McClellan Phillips.

                Margaret, born July 17, 1862.  Married Jacob A. Myers now living in Sullivan County

                Theodore, born July 22, 1864, now living in Syracuse.

                William I., born April 3, 1870.  Married Cora Myers, and is now living in Eagles Mere.

                Elizabeth, born February 2, 1874.  Married James Poust and is living in Hughesville.

                                2 Robert Taylor was born October 1, 1830.  Died 1908.   He married Sarah Sellers.  Their children were:  Ocie, Harry and Edna.

                                3 George Taylor was born in 1832 and died 1919.  He married Margaret Biddle.  No           children.

                                4 Deborah was born in 1834.  Died in 1882.  Married John Roach.  Their children were:

                Margaret, now living in Hughesville, married as second wife of John Anderson, and

                Jennie, deceased, married as first wife of John Anderson.

                                5 Sophia was born in 1835.  Died in 1918.  Married John Foust.  Their children were:

                Margaret, Theodore, Elmer and Benton.

                                6 Theodore was born in 1836.  Served in the Federal Army throughout the Civil War and was killed near Richmond, Virginia in 1865.

                                                                                Mrs. Jacob Meyers, Historian


                The following Officers were elected for the ensuing year:

                                President               Mrs. Margarette Poust

                                V. President               Mr. Charles Taylor

                                Secretary              Freda Gordner

                                Treasurer               Mrs. James Poust

                                Historian              Mrs. Marvin Horne

[Editor’s Note:  The following list apparently is an updated list of the children of Robert Taylor, the immigrant.]

Frederick; Robert; James; John; Jane (married Moses Garner); Eliza  (married Alfred Corson); Kathryn  (married Daniel Flick); Matthew (not married); Richard; Mary Ann; William; General.

[Editor’s Note:  The following list apparently is an updated list of the children of Fredercik Taylor, the son of Robert Taylor, the immigrant.]

Frederick Taylor

                Sarah W., was born October 1st, 1826.  Married Joseph B. Kitchen.  Died August 29th, 1865 aged 68 yrs. 10 mos. 28 days; William, was born September 2nd, 1828; Robert, was born October 1st, 1830; George E., February 13th, 1833, Sophia., March 26th 1835; Theodore, was born May 6th, 1837; Deborah, was born May 27th, 1839; Margaret, was born January 24th, 1842.

                                                                                Mrs. Marvin Horne, Historian



                The fifth annual reunion of the Taylor family was held at Van Rensselaer Park, Picture Rocks.  An excellent dinner was served to all present.

                After dinner the business meeting was held.  The presiding officer being Mrs. Margaret Poust.  The following officer were elected for the ensuing year:

                                President               Mrs. Edna Shipman

                                Vice President               Mrs. James Hall

                                Secretary              Mrs. Freda Gordner

                                Treasurer               Mrs. James Poust

                                Historian              Mrs. Susan Diggan

                The historian, Mrs. Susan Diggan gave a very interesting report.  The first member of the Taylor family was Robert.  He was the son of Frederick Taylor.  He came here from Ireland in 1783 and located in Northumberland county, Pa.  He had a son Robert, Jr., who settled on a tract of land at Rock Run in Sullivan county.  He was married to Elizabeth Mahew in 1803.  To them were born twelve children.  They were: John, William, Mathew, James, Frederick, George, Richard, Robert, Jane, Mary Ann, Catherine and Eliza.  Robert Taylor, Jr., died May 17, 1837, aged 60 years.  His wife lived to the age of 96 years.

                Richard Taylor was the son of Robert Taylor, Jr.  He was born August 2, 1805.  He married Rhoda Farr, February 19, 1833.  They were the parents of six children.  Andrew Jackson, William Farr, James Madison, Robert Mathew, Elizabeth Ann, Richard Bartley.  Richard Taylor died February 20, 1864, aged 57 years.  His wife died June 1, 1893, aged 89 years.  Both lived on the old homestead their entire lives.

                Willaim Farr Taylor married Rachel Jane Huston, deceased.  They had one daughter, Susan K., born February 11, 1873, who now resides in Hughesville.

                                                                                Mrs. Susan Diggan, Historian


                The Sixth annual Taylor family reunion was held on Saturday, September 8, at Van Rensselaer Park, Picture Rocks.  The meeting, which followed the dinner,  was opened by all singing "America," followed by the Lord's Prayer.

                An entertainment program was rendered, in which Mrs. Anson Taylor and Mrs. Edna Shipman each gave readings.

                Officers were elected for the ensuing year:

                                President               Mr. Chas. Taylor

                                Vice President          Brady Taylor

                                Secretary              Freda Gordner

                                Treasurer               Mrs. James Poust

                                Historian              Mrs. Margarette Poust

                Robert Taylor, son of Frederick Taylor, was born in Ireland, April 28, 1778.  He came to America in 1783.  He was married to Elizabeth Mahew.  To them were born eight sons and four daughters.  Frederick, Robert, Richard, James, William, John, Elizabeth, Catherine, George Washington, Matthew, Mary A. and Jane, all of whom are now dead.  Robert Taylor, Jr. died on March 17, 1838.

                James Taylor was born in Rock Run, Lycoming county, June 5th, 1808 and died August 31st, 1872.  He was married on December 16th, 1830 to Miss Delia Edkin, who was born on May 22, 1810 and died September 28th, 1875.  He received a common school education.  Following his marriage, he became the owner of, and lived upon, the farm known as the Alfred Taylor farm.  He lived there until the time of his death.  Mr. Taylor kept the first post office in that locality at his home, it then being called Muncy Bottom, later becoming Muncy Valley.  He was a Baptist, and was married by the Rev. Mr. Bird, a Baptist clergyman of that locality.  Mr. Taylor was a leading citizen of the community, being known for his uprightness and generosity to the poor, especially during the Civil War days.  He was an officer in the Union army during the war and in the vicinity of his home many men received military training under his instructions.  To Mr. and Mrs. Taylor were born the following children: Alfred, Catherine, Matthew, Sarah Jane, Margarette and Galor.  Alfred was born May 7th, 1835 and died February 4th 1894.  He was married to Miss Montague.  She still resides on the old Taylor farm at Muncy Valley.  Their children were: Willliam, Charles, Jessie, Clara and Milton.  Catherine was born October 20th , 1837 and died December 29th, 1903.  She was married to James Stroup.  Their children were: Margaret, Curtis, Taylor and Joanna, deceased, Matthew Taylor was born November 12th 1835 and died September 18th, 1914.  He was married to Sarah Ritchie, who was born November 27th, 1844, and died November 17th, 1913.  Their children were: Laura Bell, Margarette J., George S., Anna M., Clyde W. and Dora Maye, deceased.

                Sarah Jane Taylor was born June 24th, 1841, and died February 1st, 1851.  Margarette Taylor was born August 15th , 1844, and died December 13th, 1863.  Galor, an adopted son, was born December 4th, 1844 and died December 13th, 1863.  Matthew Taylor's family were: Laura Bell, born July 19th, 1863, and married to Lloyd Burkholder.  To them were born ten children; Dorn, Charles, Lula, Eva, Helen, Raymond, Dorsey, Martha, Jesse and Josephine, deceased.  George S. Taylor, was born October 8th, 1867, and was married to Nora Craft.  To them were born four children: Leroy, Glenn, Reva and Ethel, deceased.  Anna M. Taylor, was born October 1st, 1870 and was married to Samuel Secules.  To them were born eight children: Raymond, Myrtle, Reva, Larue, Donald, Philip, Mildred and Jennings, deceased. 

Clyde W. Taylor, born November 23, 1875, and married to Martha Kahler, now deceased.  To them were born two children: Mae and Myrtle, both deceased.  Margarette J. Taylor was born October 1st, 1865 and was married to Delanson Poust.  To them were born seven children: Elwell, Celia, Garette, Donald, Freda, Kenneth, and Rolland.  Dora Josephine Taylor, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, is deceased.  This family record dates back to the pioneer days of the valley, the Taylor family ancestors being among the very first settlers in this vicinity.

                                                                                Mrs. Margarette Poust, Historian


                Officers elected for the ensuing year:

                                President               Mrs. Margarette Poust

                                Vice President          J. W. Moran

                                Secretary              Mrs. James Hall

                                Treasurer               Mrs. James Foust

                                Historian              Mrs. J. Van Buskirk

                Mary Ann Taylor was the daughter of Robert Taylor, Jr.  She was born in Sullivan County, Pa., July 19, 1819.   She lived there until she married Samuel Van Buskirk.  They lived by Hughesville and kept the hotel there for a number of years.  Then they went to Muncy Valley and there they kept the Muncy Valley House for a number of years.  To them were born three children:

                                Oscar, born June 2, 1844.  Died February 23, 1871,  21 years old.

                                Jason, born June 4, 1846.  Died July 10th, 1917.   71 years old.

                                Morris, born December 16th, 1851.  Died April 5th, 1854, aged 2 years 6 months.

They then came to Williamsport to live and there they kept the City Hotel. 

                Mrs. Mary Ann Taylor Van Buskirk died from burns received in a fire at the City Hotel.

                Mr Van Buskirk was elected sheriff and then left the City Hotel, he married again.  After serving a term as sheriff, he removed to 520 West Third Street, Williamsport, where he died.

                Jason, his only surviving son, then married Sarah Harmon of South Williamsport; they had no children; he was a machinist and lived at 520 W. Third Street where he died at the age of 71.  His widow still resides at the old homestead on W. Thid Street.

                                                                                Mrs. Van Buskirk, Historian


                Officers elected for the ensuing year:

                                President                Brady Taylor

                                Vice President          Mrs. Brady Taylor

                                Secretary              Mrs. James Hall

                                Treasurer               Mrs. James Poust

                                Historian              Mrs. Howell

                Catharine Taylor, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Taylor, was born on July 19, 1815, in Shrewsbury township, Sullivan County, and was married to Daniel Flick, February, 1838,  They started housekeeping in Hughesville, Lycoming County,  Mr. Flick following the trade of Blacksmith.

                At the end of two years they bought a farm about two miles above Elimsport, Lycoming County, and moved to their new home.  The following children were born to them: Cinderella Flick, Mary Elizabeth Flick, Margaret J. Flick, Robert Taylor Flick, Anna Bell Flick, James Flick, William B. Flick, Delia Catharine Flick.       All growing up to manhood and womanhood except Anna Bell, who died quite young. 

Her descendants are as follows:  8 children, 26 Grandchildren, 35 Great Grand children and 18 Great Great Grand children.  She was a good wife, never complaining of the hard work that comes with being a farmer's wife, especially in those days when it was real work to clear up uncultivated land and start home making.

                As a mother she was unexcelled, her days were long and hard as she worked for husband and children, but not a word of complaint - always happy and ready to meet whatever occurred, and the best that was hers to give was none too good for husband and children.

                She was a good Loyal Christian Woman; a consistent member of the Elimsport Baptist Church up until the time of her death which came January 25, 1888; was at the time of death, 72 yrs. 4 mos. and 6 days old.  Her only surviving children were - Margaret J. Howell, Williamsport, Pa and Delia Catharine Shuler, Elimsport, Pa.

                                                                                Mrs. Margaret J. Howell, Historian

[Editor’s Note  The following was handwritten in on page 15. The meaning of the last few lines is not spelled out but presumably indicates that these were all children of Morton and Iris Shaner Taylor]


Frederick Taylor - Great, great, great, great grandparents
Robert Taylor & Elizabeth Mahew Taylor - great, great, great grandparents
George Washington/nickname “general” & Mary A. Craft Taylor - great, great grandparents
Harry Wilson Taylor & Mennetta [?] great, grandparents
Brady & Mae Frantz Taylor, grandparents
Morton & Iris Shaner Taylor – parents

            Relationship to Helen Taylor Epstein
Edward Taylor
Mary Ann McCoy
Keith Taylor

1929 Peterman Family Reunion

Here is another reunion picture where, when it was submitted, we just did not have any identifications. The picture was contributed by Sylvia Hughson in 2001. Posted just below it is a picture from the 1920s reproduced in the Sullivan Review in 2005 of several members of the Peterman family in a hunting party. Can you match any of them up and give us the identifications?

The Peterman Reunion of 1929
Photo contributed by Sylvia Hughson

Peterman Bear Hunting Party
Source: Sullivan Review, Dushore, PA, March 17, 2005

c. 1925-1930 Laurenson Family Reunion

In September 2014, Shawn Miller, grandson of the late Margaret Laurenson of Picture Rocks, PA, was going through the estate photos and materials for his grandmother and also for his late great-aunt Enza Laurenson of Eagles Mere, PA. He came upon our page and sent to us, among other items, an undated reunion photo. The photo is shown here, but we just don't know a lot about who is actually in the photo. You can read more about our efforts to identify the subjects in this photo in the section on "Unknowns" at the end of our Image Gallery page. You can also access an enlarged version of this photo by clicking on the image below.

The Laurenson Family Reunion
Davidson Township, PA
Between 1925 and 1930
Photo contributed by Shawn Miller

Kester and Musselman Reunions 1916-1953

In October 2002, Helen Hottenstein died and the pictures from her estate eventually became available to Dave Kester, a key contributor to our web page. You can access the bulk of the photos from the estate at Helen Hottenstein's Picture Collection. Here, we are presenting the information that relates only to Musselman, Kester or Hottenstein reunions or other family get-togethers between 1916 and 1953.

Our first source is a report from an undated copy of an August 1916 issue of The Sullivan Review, found in the estate collection:

The descendants of Jacob and Hannah (Eisenhart) Musselman [sic], who came to Overton from Lehigh county in 1847, held their first reunion at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George O. Musselman, near Overton, Thursday, August 10.

Among those present were two daughters, Mrs. Hannah Sherman and Mrs. F. P. Bleiler, of Overton; Mr. and Mrs. F. O. Musselman, Deerfield, NJ; Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Musselman, Syracuse, NY; O. E. and Horton Musselman, Scranton; Mr. and Mrs. Alfred, Blanche, Edward and Gordon Kester and Mrs. G. L. Rinebold, Overton; Mrs. Fred Chase, Elmira Heights, NY; Mr. and Mrs. Fred and Letha Sherman, Meshoppen; Mr. and Mrs. Oscar, Pauline, Fay, Bessie, Floris, Alice and Ralph Sherman, Rummerfield; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Garey, Macon, MO; Mrs. Clara Spink, Mrs. Burton Glenn, Irene, Carl, Theodore, Mr. and Mrs. Chas., Madeline and Myrtle Epley, Mr. and Mrs. Ira, Lynn and Claire Vough, Overton; Mrs. Jas., Adrian and Harlan Rowe, Athens; Mrs. Clara and Earl Lancaster, Overton.

Other friends that were present: Mrs. Frank and Bently Marshal, Towanda; C. M. Williams and B. T. Martin, Dushore; Harry Vankuren, Rummerfield; Mrs. Daniel Heverly, Mrs. Melissa Messersmith and Annabelle Heverly, Overton.

A sumptuous dinner was served in the barn from which all partook with a hearty relish.

The afternoon was spent in visiting which was enjoyed by all as it had been a long time since many had met.

A blindfold wheelbarrow race caused a lot of fun. The occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by all present, all saying we must meet again next year.

Our next entry is the Musselman Reunion from 1918. Dave Kester obtained help once again from his cousin, June Howard, in identifying the participants.

The Musselman Reunion of 1918
Photo contributed by Dave Kester
Source: Helen Hottenstein Estate

June Howard in turn sought help from Grace Treaster Helen Grace Vough) of Dushore with the identification in the 1918 photo above. Most of the adults are identified, but few of the children. Here is the current roster, with each row identified from left to right:

First Row: unknown boy (on knees), Clair Floyd Vough, Lynn Musselman Vough ...unknown until after the group of girls, next two boys are Harlan and Adrian Rowe and then come two unidentified boys.
Second Row: unknown boy, George "Ed" Garey & wife, Cecilia (Haverly) Gary (of Macon City, MO), George Oliver Musselman holding his grandson, George Musselman Fairchild, (Note: identities of other children on laps in this row are unknown.) Hannah Aquilla (Musselman) Sherman (widow of Jacob Sherman), Anna Filena Musselman Bleiler (widow of Franklin Peter Bleiler), Mary Ellen (Musselman) Epley (Mrs. Sam B.), Anna Maria Clara (Francke) Musselman/Spink (widow of Edward Musselman and remarried to A.J. Spink Sr.), unknown woman
Third Row: Helen Dana (Musselman) Vough (Mrs. Ira D.), holding daughter Helen Grace Vough (later Treaster), Edith (Musselman) Fairchild (Mrs. Lee P.), Nellie E. (Matthews) Musselman (the second Mrs. Geo O.), Fred Charles Sherman and wife, Mary Margaret (Richlin) Sherman, next three unknown, Pauline Agnes Sherman (later Mrs. Ben Franklin), unknown (possibly an Epley)
Fourth Row: Helen Leona (Martin) Musselman (Mrs. Geo "Ray"), Maude Winifred (Musselman) Rowe, (Mrs. Jas H.), George "Ray" Musselman, Lee Paul Fairchild, Ira D. Vough, Oscar Edward Sherman, Edward "Ted" Musselman Kester, Clara May (Musselman) Kester, (Mrs. Alf B.), Blanche Kathleen Kester (later Mrs. Willard B. Hottenstein), Jennie Margaret (Vanness) Sherman, (Mrs. Oscar E.)
Fifth Row, far right: unknown woman, James H. Rowe, Clara Almeda (Sherman) Lancaster, (Mrs. Richard C.)

The second picture in this series is the Musselman Reunion from about 1925. Identifications were a joint effort between June Howard, Dave Kester and their mutual cousin, and former Overton resident, Rich Lancaster, prior to the Musselman Reunion in 2002. To their knowledge, this was the first formal reunion of that greater family held in about 60 years. Dave's sister, Ruthie, remembers attending them as a little girl, but they must have ended about the time of the Second World War..

The Musselman Reunion of About 1925
Photo contributed by Dave Kester
Source: Helen Hottenstein Estate

Here are the identities of the attendees, again left to right by row:

First Row: unknown girl, Harold Quentin Sherman, Letha Margaret Sherman, Alice Jane Sherman, Robert Sherman, Ralph Jacob Sherman, Carl Sherman
Second Row: Selma E. (Musselman) O'Brien (Mrs. Wm J.); Cecilia (Haverly) Garey (Mrs. Ed); Martha "Jennie" (Molyneaux) Musselman (Mrs. Rev. Edw C.); Anna Maria Clara (Francke) Musselman/Spink (widow of Edward Musselman remarried to A.J. Spink Sr.); Pauline Agnes (Sherman) Franklin (Mrs. Ben), holding daughter Ellen Jane; Clara May (Musselman) Kester (Mrs. Alf B.); Hannah Aquilla (Musselman) Sherman (widow of Jacob Sherman)
Third Row: Jennie Margaret (Vanness) Sherman (Mrs. Oscar E.); George "Ed" Garey; George Oliver Musselman; Cecilia Lucinda (Sherman) Chase (Mrs. Fred F.); Reverend Edward Charles Musselman, and possibly his brother, Orville J
Musselman, Clara Almeda (Sherman) Lancaster, (Mrs. Richard C.), Fred Fremont Chase.
Fourth Row: unknown woman, man & young woman ; possibly Gertrude (?) Kester (Mrs. Gordon E.) behind Geo Musselman's hat; Mary Margaret (Richlin) Sherman (Mrs. Fred Charles); Willard Byron Hottenstein and wife, Blanche Kathleen (Kester) Hottenstein; Ruth Valeska (Kester) Arey and husband, F. Burton Arey
Fifth Row: Oscar Edward Sherman; Mary Anna (Fassett) Sherman (Mrs. Don Bain); Benjamin Franklin; Donald Bain Sherman; Fred Charles Sherman; unknown man with moustache; Alfred Benjamin Kester; Gordon E. Kester; Fay Edward Sherman; and Edward "Ted" Musselman Kester

Our next picture represents one of many summer get-togethers of the Kester family in Dushore or Overton.

1948 Family Get-Together
On the Hottenstein Front Lawn
Overton, PA
Photo contributed by Dave Kester
Source: Helen Hottenstein Estate

Pictured on Hottenstein's front lawn in 1948, from left to right, are:

Fred Lewis VanOrman Jr. (brother of Leola (VanOrman) Kester); Sally Kester; Willard Hottenstein; May (Musselman) Kester; Edward, Leola & Dave Kester; Ruth (Kester) Arey; Blanche (Kester) Hottenstein; John Edward "Jack" Kester; and Clifford Molyneaux (Hottenstein family friend and neighbor whom Dave will always remember for playing "cops & robbers" with him!)

Next is the 1950 Kester Family Reunion at the Arey homestead in Dushore, PA. This one in the Arey's front yard happened to be one of the best attended. The only notable absences were Jack Kester, who had just graduated from high school and was working on a cousin's farm near Milport, NY, and Helen Hottenstein, who was a nurse in New Orleans, LA just prior to her thirteen year stint with the Arabian American Oil Co. (ARAMCO) Hospital in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

1950 Kester Family Reunion
On the Arey Front Lawn
Dushore, PA
Photo contributed by Dave Kester
Source: Helen Hottenstein Estate

The attendees, again left to right, were:

Burt Arey, Gordon E. Kester, Gertrude and Ginny Kester, Blanche (Kester) Hottenstein (behind the hand), Margaret "Angeline" (Hottenstein) Allen, unknown man & woman (probably Hottensteins), May (Musselman) Kester, Leola (VanOrman) and Dave Kester, Edward M. Kester, Mary Jeanne Kester, Ruth (Kester) Arey, Sally Ann Kester, and Ruthie Kathleen Kester.

Next comes the 1951 Kester Family Reunion. This one was in the Hottenstein's backyard in Overton, probably in the fall of 1951.

1951 Kester Family Reunion
Overton, PA
Photo contributed by Dave Kester
Source: Helen Hottenstein Estate

In attendance from left to right were:

Burt Arey, Willard Hottenstein, Blanche Hottenstein, Leola Kester, Carl Osthaus (a first cousin of May Musselman Kester, but everyone called him "Uncle Carl"), May M. Kester, Ed and David Kester, Ruth Arey and Jack Kester (just home from Marine Corps boot camp). Mary and Sally Kester (in front).

The Kinsley Reunion of 1925

There were two Kinsley families present in Sullivan County by the middle of the 19th century. The Irish version first settled in and around Stowell and Wilmot, both just over the border of Sullivan County. We described one Irish Kinsley reunion earlier on this page. The German version, whose reunions we introduce here, settled in the Cherry and Dushore area. Here is the announcement for the 1925 informal reunion for these Kinsleys:

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
September 16, 1925

Many Entertained at Ellis Hill Home

Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Kinsley entertained the following over the weekend, at their home on Ellis Hill: Mr. and Mrs. John Kinsley, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Kinsley, Charley Kinsley, Clarence Kinsley, Ethel Kinsley and Ray Fose, all of Niagara Falls, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence DePew and son, Ralph, of Elmira, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rundell, Earl Kinsley and Mae Powell of Waverly, Mr. Lewis O. Kinsley, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kinsley and sons, Lewis and Gordon, Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kinsley and daughter, Florence, and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Kinsley, all of Dushore.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Elliott and children, Viola and Howard, of Liberty Corners, Beulah Kinsley Leland Willey, Franklin Kinsley, Elizabeth Kinsley, and Robert Kinsley of Towanda all reported a very enjoyable time. It was decided to hold a reunion at the same place next year.

The Crawford Reunion of 1930

The Crawford family originated in Connecticut and spawned a large group of descendants in Bradford and nearby counties. The 1930 Reunion was held on June 14, or possibly June 15, in Towanda, PA. The attendees are pictured below.

Crawford Family
June 14/15, 1930
Towanda, PA
Standing, l to r: Sarah Ella Crawford, Catherine (Crawford) Pierce, Bertha Ella (Crawford) Bolles
Seated, l to r: George W. Crawford, Nathan Gershom Crawford
Source: Leo Bolles Collection

Carol Brotzman, who conserved and organized the Leo Bolles Collection, makes the following observations about this reunion:

The photo was taken in Towanda, PA. I suspect Catherine Crawford Pierce resided in that area in that time span. Nonetheless, this is the Crawford reunion with the photo probably taken by Leo Bolles himself . It is in his collection.
Sarah "Ella" Crawford was single in this photo; she married Leo Bolles as his second wife on December 17, 1936. His first wife, her sister, Bertha, died in 1935.
Catherine Crawford Pierce born in December 1886, married three times. I thought I knew the order but I am not sure now. She was married to Wilson Robbins (born September 16, 1863) who died in 1917 according to this photo, but Leo Bolles also records that he died September 17, 1916. She married to Willis Pierce; he died in 1924. I found out for the first time about this husband with this photo. She must therefore have been a Pierce in 1930 when this photo was taken.
Catherine married to Lorenzo D. Strope last, I believe; he died in 1945. Catherine died in September 1966 and was buried in the Overfield Cemetery Meshoppen, PA on September 13, 1967 with the first husband, Wilson Robbins.
Bertha Crawford Bolles was born December 16, 1882. She died October 25, 1935. She married Leo Bolles August 1, 1911.
Catherine, Bertha and Sarah "Ella" Crawford were the daughters of Gershom Bunnell and Sarah "Ellen" Green Crawford.
Seated in this picture is George W. Crawford (February 6, 1864 - May 28, 1941). His brother, Nathan G. (Gershom) Crawford (April 12, 1862 - September 27, 1947), is seated next to him.
George W. Crawford and Nathan Gershom Crawford were the sons of Benjamin and Catherine Bunnell Karney/Carney Crawford. Benjamin was born December 06, 1793 in Wyalusing, PA. and died March 18, 1885 in Beech Grove, Auburn Township, Susquehanna County, PA. His wife, Catherine Bunnell, was born May 13, 1797 in Middle Smithfield, Monroe County, Pennsylvania and died February 20, 1892. Both are buried in the Bolles Cemetery, Beech Grove, Susquehanna County, PA.
Benjamin was the son of Benjamin and Olive Carpenter Crawford of Wyalusing, PA.
More information on Leo Bolles and these families, and more photos from his collection can be found on the Leo Bolles Collection page.

Carol Brotzman
January 18, 2007



The Heess Family Reunion Circa 1953

A full discussion of this family and photo shown here can be found at The Baumunk and Heess Legacy in Photos.

Heess Family Reunion
Held About 1953
Famstead of Mark and Ruth Elizabeth (Heess) Burgess
Forksville, PA
Source: Shirley Heess Wilson
Click on the Photo for an Enlarged Version



1963 Sweeney Family Reunion Held Near Dushore

From The Sullivan Review for September 27, 1963:

Descendants of the Sweeney family of Cherry Township, Sullivan County, origin held their fifth annual reunion on Sunday, September 15, at a restaurant near Dushore.

Each family represented brought picnic baskets with them and the long tables of the spacious dining hall were soon adorned with delicious food served in the manner of a buffet luncheon. After a hearty meal, the afternoon was devoted to pleasant social diversion in the way of game conversation, a musical interlude and exploring the outdoor scenic attractions.

Under cover of smiling skies, the day presented a beautiful spectacle of autumn and harvest time. The background of the forest and foliage in its multi-colored setting lent itself beautifully to photography and cameras went into action.

Owing to distance, travel time involved or occupation schedule, many members were unable to be present and it is hoped that next year a larger number will be able to attend this affair.

It was decided by mutual agreement that the first Sunday following Labor Day each year will be the regular reunion date. The place of meeting will be announced at a later time. This year's meeting was informal but next year an organized procedure will be adopted, with the election of officers.

Those attending from the Dushore area included Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Sweeney; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Sweeney; Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Sweeney and sons John, William and Daniel, and daughter Jean Marie; Mr. and Mrs. John Nolan and children George, Dianne, Jackie and Julie.

From the Overton area: Robert and James Kelly.

From Mildred: Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Calaman and son David.

From the Sayre area: Mrs. William Bustin; Mr. and Mrs. Edward Murphy; Mrs. Fred Sperduti and children, Eileen and Mary Teresa; Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wayman and children, Frank and Mary.

From Johnson City, N.Y.: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bustin.

From the Scranton area: Mrs. Julia Walters and daughter Mary; Mr. and Mrs. John Walters and children, Karen, James and Peggy.

Editor's Note: Every two years or so, there is a worldwide reunion of the Sweeneys held in Ireland. You can learn more about these past reunions and about the family heritage at The Sweeney Clan.Page


The Molyneux Family Reunion 2006

In the summer of 2006, Larry Pardoe, a frequent and talented contributor to this site, snapped the following photo at High Knob in Sullivan County, PA. The circumstance was the 2006 Molyneux Family Reunion being held in Forksville. We are grateful to Larry for this pictorial record. The group photo shows the well known local historian Kermit Molyneux Bird with several family members and relatives. Kermit was the editor and co-author with Joel Molyneux of Quill of the Wild Goose: Civil War Letters and Diaries of Private Joel Molyneux. He was born November 16, 1919, the son of Carl Orlando Bird and Marion Winifred (Molyneux) Bird, and died on June 26, 2008. His obituary is reprinted below.

Molyneux Family Members
Molyneux Family Reunion 2006
High Knob, Sullivan County, PA
L to r: Kermit Molyneux Bird, Rosemary (Molyneux) May [Kermit's 1st cousin], Eugenia Carol (Bird) Tomkins [Kermit's sister], fourth and fifth [?] possibly Dorothy (Ingerson) Terhune and Priscilla (Molyneux) Bence, Rosalinda Bird [Kermit's daughter]
Photo by Larry Pardoe

Sullivan Review
Dushore, PA
July 2, 2008

Kermit Molyneaux Bird died June 26, 2008. He was 88 years old, and survived by his wife of 39 years, Phylis; his daughter, Rosalinda Ray; an adopted daughter, Mary Hannewald; five grandchildren; and his sister, Carol Bird Tomkins. He was preceded in death by his first wife, Mona Shibli Bird; his daughter, Kaye Bird Obee; and his son, Kermit Molyneaux Bird II.
Kermit received a Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics from Pennsylvania State University and worked for the USDA. He was widely published in his field. He was instrumental in charismatic renewal and influenced many. He leaves a legacy of forgiveness, love and respect.
A memorial service will be held in Christiansburg, VA on Saturday, July 5, 2008 at 2 p.m. at the Bridge Foursquare Church, 900 Life Drive, off Rt. 8. A memorial service will be held in Northern Virginia at a date to be announced.
The family requests that donations be made to the American Cancer Society or the Bridge Foursquare Church instead of flowers.

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