Henrietta Kester

This information was contributed by Carol Brotzman from information provided by the Wyoming County Historical Society in Tunkhannock, PA, as well as members of the Kester family. We are grateful to Carol and to the Society for this information.

You can also learn more about the Kester family history at Descendants of Jacob Kester and Katherine Knubaharin.


Missing Page of the History of Bella Sylva
by Henrietta Kester

Source: Wyoming County Historical Society

"The following material was handwritten by Henrietta Kester - no date given and the first page seems to be missing as it starts with No. 2 of 57 pages on 9 x 6 paper."

In this way begins the History of Bella Sylva, the primary historical record composed by Henrietta Kester before her death in 1983. Henrietta Kester, the author, was born in 1906, daughter of Gottlieb Kofink and Henrietta Lindner. She married Clyde Kester and died in 1983 in Mehoopany, PA. It has been supposed for years that the first page of the Kester history was lost; however, recently we have come upon an explanation for the missing page. The following is how the story was related to Carol Brotzman by the folks at the Wyoming County Historical Society. Upon request from Carol, the Society checked into their file on Henrietta Kester. It turns out there isn't really a front page. Henrietta wrote notes in a 3-ring note book and people at the Society typed up her notes. Dorothy Colbenson, a volunteer life member of the Society, related that Henrietta had a neighbor named Mrs. Adam take her records to Dorothy at the Society. Then, after sorting the papers, Dorothy took the records to the Society and they typed it all. Someone did make a make-shift index of the surnames, which is copied above and which apparently was the missing "first page".

History sure works in strange ways, does it not!!?

October 2001

P.s. Another very interesting page about the history of Bella Sylva, Dutch Mountain and the settlers who came there can be found at Dutch Mountain McLaughlins. This is the home page for the Reverend Robert A. McLaughlin whose family hails from that area.

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