Dushore High School 1961
Back Side Contains a Note Written from "Lena O." in Dushore to Lucy Ellen Jennings (1891-1990) in Estella, PA
She was the daughter of Ellsworth and Anna Sophia (McCarty) Jennings.
Her husband was George Frederick Rogers.
Lucy and her sister Madge Alden Jennings took over the General Store
in Estella from their father in 1951.
Original Postcard Auctioned on eBay in July 2016
Photos Courtesy of Scott W. Tilden

Mr. A.F. Snyder from the Class of 1938

Class Reunion 6/1/1968


FRIDAY, MAY 27, 1938 – SATURDAY JUNE 1, 1968



Transcribed by Connie Hembree Gaban
March 2016
Source: The Frank Snyder Collection

Editor's Note: You can learn more about Dushore High School and its ealier classes at: Dushore High School: 1898-1937.


For one to be serious at this time is most difficult, as we have so much to be thankful for tonight. We have gathered here to reminisce about the “good old days” at Dushore High School. Some of us started school in the first grade -  others joined in along the line, and thus, by September of 1937, as we started our senior year, we were a merry group of twenty-six. We were blessed with a School Board of local businessmen who devoted unlimited hours – with no pay – to the job at hand, by furnishing us with a  good building, and dedicated teachers who were ready to give their ALL, in the best interest of their students. To administer the school as a daily task we must give due credit to the Supervising Principal at that time, Mr. John Lumley, who was elected to the post of County Superintendent during our senior year.

To this group we owe our present status in life; our success in the fields of endeavor they so aptly prepared us for; and for the direction and examples they demonstrated so often in our everyday dealings with them.

We here tonight offer a toast of good HEALTH AND HAPPINESS TO THEM for many years to come. MAY GOD BLESS THEM ONE AND ALL.

The members of the committee wish to thank the Loyalsock Post of American Legion for the facilities; Mrs. Grace Fulmer for the wonderful meal, and Dick Weaver for his “social hour” services.

For devotion above and beyond the call of duty in setting up and making all the arrangements, we wish to express our gratitude to Mrs. Francis Boll, Mrs. Donald Fiorini, Mrs. Francis Richley and Mr. Leon Raub.

As we turn the clock back to May 27, 1938 we must also start it in motion toward the present day. It is our hope that the following pages will bring you up to date on your Principal, Teachers and Classmates:


MR. JOHN LUMLEY has reached out into many corners of these United States, in striving for better education for American youngsters. After being Superintendent of Schools in Wilkes-Barre, Pa. and Deputy Superintendent of Instruction in Harrisburg, Pa. he is now Director of Federal Relations of the National Education Association in Washington D.C. A recent article in Good Housekeeping magazine gives John national coverage.


MISS PAULINE HOLCOMBE has been associated with the Towanda School System and Mansfield State Teachers College since she left Dushore High School in the mid-fifties. We understand today is her birthday and we wish her many more.


MISS CLARA SAXER is a retired teacher from the County School System, who is living in Dushore at the family homestead. Miss Saxer sends her best regards but due to a previous commitment could not be here tonight.


MR. EDWARD CHRISTMAN and his lovely wife Kitty have journeyed from Nazareth, Pennsylvania to be with us on this memorable evening. Mr. “Ed” is director of Physical Education and athletics for the Nazareth school system.


MR. DAVID DYE is presently living in Elmira and is the owner of a large music store on Water Street. Dave is very sorry he could not be with us tonight, because of his commitments to Elmira College’s graduation activities. He is responsible for the Hammond organ music at all functions on this weekend.


ELMO KOSINSKY (MRS. K. ELMO HAYNES):  After the passing of her husband in 1962, Elmo continued to live in California and working with the Emporium in the Singer Center. She has a daughter Carolyn age 21, and a son Roger age 16. She extends an invitation to all to visit her if you are in the Bay area.


ROY ADAMS – Star Route, Dushore, Pa. 18614

Roy is a labor foreman for the Pennsylvania Game Commission and is married to the former Reva Eberlin. They have five children, Burton age 27, Bonnie age 26, Nefa (??), Neva age 21, Gary age 18 and Lucinda age 12. They also have five grandchildren.


LOUIS BAHR:   4751 Winona Avenue, San Diego California 92115

Louie is employed by the city of San Diego, California and served with the 115th Calvary during World War II. He is the proud father of three children, Sharon age 23, Danny age 22, and Ted age 19. He is also a grandfather at this time. Louie reports he sees Lee Connors from time to time and wishes to say hello to all as he does not expect to return east until November- hunting season of course!


WILLIAM BUTTS; 33331 Percentum Road, Toledo, Ohio 43617

Bill was hard to track down but he has furnished us with a masterpiece of “adventure tales” which is attached to the last page of the booklet. He is a barber by trade and served with the U.S. Army Engineers during World War II. Bill does not have any children at this time.


MARY BYRON (MRS. EDWARD HENNINGER):  353 Curtin Street S. Williamsport, Pa.

Mary is a busy housewife and mother to four lovely children: David age 17, Dick age 15 Eddie age 13 and Kathy age 10. Mr. Henninger is associated with the Pennsylvania Railroad Company. It was with deep regret that Mary could not attend as her family had a previous commitment in Lancaster, Pa. at the Franklin & Marshall College.


VICTOR CALAMAN:   518 Hairston St., Martinsville, Va 24112

WOULD YOU BELIEVE that Vic was the first person to respond to the call for a Class Reunion? Vic is a salesman for his brother, Don Calaman in the lumber business. Vic served Uncle Sam in the army in the early forties. He is the father of five children: Beverly age 21, Douglas age 18, James age 14, Vic Jr. age 9, Lynn age 5. This will be a great affair with you here, Vic.


AGNES CAVANAUGH (MRS. FRANK PROTASIO):    36 Eldred Street, Williamsport, Pa.  17701

After some difficulty we tracked “Aggie” down with the aid of Mary Byron – to the Central Pennsylvania Community. She has two children, Charles age 10 and Alicia age 8. She is employed as a dietician at the Williamsport Hospital while her husband is employed at Lycoming College.


LELAND CONNOR:   12056 Los Amegos Ave. Lakeside, California

Lee has retired from the naval service after serving twenty years and is now employed by the Post office Department in Lakeside. He too plans on returning East during November – (we wonder why?) he is married and has two sons, Leland Jr age 23, Kemerly age 17 and one granddaughter. Leland Jr. graduated from the air force academy and spent one year in Viet Nam as a pilot.


LEONE CRANDALL: (MRS. MAX McCarty)  15 Elm Drive, Lewistown, Pa 17044

Another navy career family – Leone has moved with the navy assignments of her husband. At present Max is in charge of navy recruiting in the Lewistown area. They have two sons, Michael age 23, and Danny age 19.


FELOMA DeNOIA (?) (MRS. DONALD FIORINI):   Dushore, Pa. 18614

“Trink” hasn’t changed a bit in thirty years. When asked to help on this project, she pitched right in and gave one hundred percent of her time and effort. She has a daughter Donnalee age 18, who is finishing high school this year.


JOE FARRELL:   28 Rochelle Road, Binghamton New York 13901

Joe is Director of Physical Education and Athletics for the Binghamton City School District. He has three children, Mike age 23, Freddie age 17, and PattiAnn age 9. Mike is a member of the sea-air rescue squad, assigned to a C-130 operating from Seville, Spain.


JOE GALLAGHER:   921 Malta Lane, Silver Springs, Md. 20901

A report from the Department of Defense says, ‘NO WEEKEND PASSES FOR JOE.” At present he is an Intelligence Operations Specialist, and a Lt. Colonel in the Air Force Reserves. He has one daughter Sandra age 23. Joe was a B17 pilot in World War II.


LELAND McEWEN:    320 River Ave, Williamsport, Pa.

We did not receive a form back from Leland at the time of printing. We wish him the best in all his present endeavors.


WILLIAM HAVARD:  1028 Oakdale St., West Covina, Ca 91790

The “sports minded” member of our class has become a jeweler and moved to California. Bill has two sons, William Jr. age 17, and Richard Lee age 14. It seems these boys are very active in the local high school sports program also. Bill served with the army in World War II.


CLYDE JOHNSTON:  1607 98th St., Niagara Falls, N.Y. 14304

This fellow is an operating engineer for the Kiminins Construction Company in Niagara Falls. Clyde spent four years in the air force during World War II. His family of three children are: Clyde Jr. age 20, William age 19 and Michele age 7.


MILDRED KARGE; (MRS. FRANCIS RICHLEY):  R.D. #2 Dushore, Pa. 18614

Another one of the old ‘standbys’ is Mildred. Her follow up on securing addresses of the class and teachers was most helpful. She feels she has undoubtedly the best profession – Mother. Her children are Gene age 23, and Carol age 22. Her husband is engaged in farming near Dushore.


ERMA PERROZZI; (MRS. FRANCIS BOLL);   313 Lillian Ave. Endicott, N.Y.

Our famous “Secretary and Invitation Writer” for this affair. Many thanks, Erma for a job well done. Erma has one son John age 11, her husband is a T.V. technician and a good one at that.


CLYDE STEELE:  Brookfield Road, Manlius, New York 13104

“Bucky” is employed by Precision Casting of Syracuse, New York as a millwright, welder. His family of two children keeps him busy. They are Gary age 20 and Elaine age 13. Clyde served in the navy from 1942-1946.

LEON RAUB:  38 Sturdevant Street, Johnson City, N.Y. 13790

“Babe” served in the Marine Corp during World War II and then moved to the Triple Cities. He has two daughters, Sara Ann age 26, and Diana Lee age 18. At present he is the Assistant Plant Superintendent for American Oil Co. here in the city.


WALTER SOKOLASKY:  419 Birch St, Scranton, Pa. 18505

After completing six years in the navy, Walt went to Scranton to join the family in the furniture making business. Today it is a thriving enterprise in the Lackawanna Valley. Walt has five children, Carol age 23, Walt Jr. age 20, Ann age 19, Paul age 17 and Tom age 15. He too makes his annual trip to Sullivan County in November.


GALE STEAFATHER:   Dushore, Pa. 18614

“Wimpy” hasn’t changed a bit and we don’t think he ever will. He is his usual jovial self. The father of two children, Harriet age 24 and William age 22. Gale is a machine operator for Dolly Madison Foods.


EVA STORTINI; (MRS. JOHN FEDERICCI):  N 49 Main St. Mildred, Pa. 18632

Eva has never been blessed with children but she is still the hard worker that she was during her school days. She is now employed at Keystone State Shoe Company and her husband works for Sylvania Products in Towanda.


JOHN STORTINI:  Dushore, Pa.

“Stirk” is presently employed at the Sylvania Products in Towanda and his wife is the manager of Acme in Dushore, Pa. There are no children.


CORDELIA TAYLOR; (MRS. WM. SAMMON):   165 Clemson Rd. Bryn Mawr, Pa.

“DeeDee” became a housewife after her return from the Naval Service in World War II. She has one son, William Robert age 11. Her husband is self employed as a Realtor Appraiser in the Philadelphia area.


ROBERT WEISBROD:  Granville Summitt, Pa. 16926

Bob is a maintenance man at Allens Ranch near Towanda. He has two daughters, Patricia age 24 and Carol age 22.


JACK McMAHON:  Great Neck South Sr. High School, Great Neck L.I., New York

Jack is a Physical Education instructor at the Great Neck South Sr. High School and is the head coach in wrestling and track. He has four children: Michael age 20, Sharon age 18, Cathy age 14 and Monica age 10. Comment from Jack: “The reunion idea is wonderful! The timing is Bad! (for me). Big state track meet.


MARY REAGAN: (MRS. JOHN MORRIS):   c/o Mrs. Mike Elden, Bunker Hill Rd., Mt. Rainer, Md.

We did not receive a form back from Mary at the time of printing. We wish her the best in all her present endeavors.



Dr. John Lumley

National Education Headquarters

Director of Federal Relations

1201 Sixteenth Street N.W.

Washington, D.C. 20036


Miss Pauline Holcombe

Dushore, Pa.


Miss Clara Saxer

Dushore, Pa.


Mrs. Ariel Boop (Miss styer)

526 Carter Street

Bloomsburg, Pa.


Mrs. John Hileman (Miss Wagner)

Dushore, Pa.


Mr. Edward Christman

Nazareth High School

Nazareth, Pa.


Mr. David Dye

309 East Water Street

Elmira, New York 14901


Mrs. Elmo K. Haynes (Miss Kosinsky)

433 Font Blvd.

San Francisco, California 94132





                                                                                                                        Toledo, Ohio

                                                                                                                        May 20, 1968


Greetings to the class of ’38 and to those faculty members present.

It is with deep regret that I cannot be with you tonight but rest assured that I will be there in spirit with you all.


I would like to hear what each of you have done and accomplished in life. If there are minutes or notes taken I would surely appreciate a copy.


The following is briefly what I have done.

In July, 1940 I enlisted in the U.S. army Corp of Engineers, served 5 years, 3 months and 28 days; was discharged in September 1945 and took 2 years of G.I. training at Columbus, Ohio in Religious Visual Education, during which time we made a color movie called “The Way of Peace”. It was FIRST; the only religious film to have a world premier in Constitution Hall, Washington D.C. I handled distribution of the film. Copies were sent to many countries. Only the one sent to Russia was never returned. I was in this work from 1946 to 1950. At this time I went to work as a State Representative for the Buckeye State Sheriff’s Association covering 44 counties in Ohio, calling on each Sheriff to promote better laws and crime prevention.


In 1952 I went to school in West Orange N.J. to become Branch Manager for Thomas A. Edison Company. After school I was sent to Charleston, W. VA. 1954 found me working in sales for Sears Roebuck and Company in West Virginia. About this time my wife, Polly, was getting homesick for Toledo, Ohio which is where we were married in 1950. We moved to Toledo in 1955 and soon became part of the community. Polly went to Beauty School and I decided I would love to “Clip the Public”, so I entered Barber school. Here are a few things I have become involved in – President of our Barber Union for 5 years, (one more year to go on the term) – a member of the Toledo Zoological Society for 12 years – Vice President of the Toledo Fly Fisherman’s Campfire – Member on the Board of Directors of the Northwestern Ohio Natural Resources Council, which covers 7 counties. During the past 2 years I have been interested in the fight against water pollution. I have shown a film called “Fate of a River” to many groups and have been guest speaker to such groups as farm Bureau Council, Garden Clubs, Soil Conservation Districts, Senior Citizens Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, Business and Professional Womens Club, Sportsmans Clubs and many others. This was actually fun and not really work.


We live just outside of Toledo, in the country, and have a small place only about 2.5 acres, but we have lots of wildlife – rabbits, quail and pheasants which like to help us in our garden. To discourage this, we have made plantings of autumn Olive Bushes and over 450 roses. With all this I still find time to hunt and fish.


Of course I always welcome friends and neighbors at any time. This gives me an excuse to stop work and have a ‘cold one’ with them under the ol’oak tree. Stop in any time, you are always welcome.


We plan on being at St. Basil’s 4th of July picnic, hope to see some of you then.


Thanks so much for letting me be with you tonight.


                                                                                                            Bill Butts

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