Dushore Public School
Contributed by Ellen Koppenhafer
Found in the belongings of her grandmother, Mary Magdalen Seltzer, born April 1899 in Dushore,
daughter of George Seltzer and Lizzie Saxe.


Contributed by Connie (King) McMichael
November 2007


Dushore High School was established in 1896. Before this time the

children of the county were afforded schooling mostly in one room schools.

The following is a list of the alumni of Dushore High School taken from a

reunion booklet that belonged to my mother, Elizabeth(Kozemko)King.

The alumni from the years 1898 through 1937 are in this text. The original booklet actually goes to the year 1953. However, because many alumni are still living, I will not share the years 1941 through 1953 publicly. I would be more then happy to do look ups for the years not shown. Interested readers can contact me at the e-mail address linked to my name above.


Note that I have added married last names or spouse names by hyphenation for women when possible. Hope you find a lost ancestor!

Editor's Note: You will find some names colored cerulean below. They are pictured at the foot of this page at a school reunion held on June 27, 1987. The photos are courtesy of Carol Brotzman, curator of the Ellen Crawford Shefler collection, where the pictures were found.



Some of the Past Teachers of Dushore High School



Cecil Lathrop

Marion Heverly

Emma Goodwin-Rose

Ethel Fehr-Waltz

Pauline C. Holcombe

Florence Morris-Platts

Ethel Martin-Keeler

Lillian Diltz

Charlotte Deegan

Christine McArty

Elizabeth Hine

Ruth Hileman


First Graduating Class 1898
Source Lewis Saxe Estate
Courtesy of Carol Brotzman


Class of 1898

First class at Dushore High School

Principal--1898 to 1902 again in 1905 - J.H.Thayer

Emma Janette Biddle

Eva Blanche Lawrence

Elsie Wardella Moyer

Clara Alice Streby

Margaret Gertrude Utz

Note: Click here to see the actual Invitation to the 1898 Graduation Ceremony
at Garey's Hall in Dushore. This document also came from the Lewis Saxe Estate, which was auctioned in 2002.
You can learn more about the Saxe family at The Descendants of Lewis and Hannah (Suber) Saxe.


Class of 1899

Henry Carpenter

Marcella Farrell

Walter J. Hunsinger

Hattie Scouten

Emma Weisbrod

Florence Whalen

Class of 1900

Harry Biddle

Cline Bohn

Margaret Hoffa - Henninger

Thomas Kelley

Elsie Lawrence

Amelia Litzelman

Hattie Newell


Class of 1901


William Cott

Mabel Hayman

Rowena Herrmann

Harry Hoover

Bessie Mingos

Susie Steiner

Martha Streby


Class of 1902


Emma Cole

Josephine Cummisky

Julia Farrell

Herman Jacoby

John Ortlieb

Gertrude Saxe


Class of 1903


Principal-J.E. Reese Killgore-1903-4

Charles Borton

Lizzie Farrell

Nellie Hess

Elena Kline

Hanna Litzelman

Bertha May


Class of 1904


Zora Carpenter

Leonard Farrell

Leon Jones

Hugh McDonald

Zeta McHenry - Merkel

Kathryn O'Neil -Wright

Mary O'Neil - Farrell

Elizabeth Smith

Maurice Zuparn


Class of 1905


Willard Bender

Gertrude Cunningham

Zeta Farrell

Andrew Hileman

Lawrence Kelley

Mildred Kester

Jeanette Kline-Trautwein

Ralph Kline

Carrie Kohler

Mabel Kraus

Raymond Kschinka

Fannie McCarty - Whiteley

Ray McCarty

Millie Molyneux

Abbie O'Neil -Parker

Delena Utz - Meehan

George Weisbrod

Mina Wilcox - Lamberson


Dushore School 1906
There may have been no high school class in 1906, but there were students and teachers, as shown above, at the Dushore School. This postcard illustrates that old school. The card was both sent to and postmarked from Dushore. It was mailed to "Ray KSCHINKA". There is a canceled one cent green Franklin stamp on the card which was at one time held ina . On the front, the author wrote "Do you like to teach as well as to be taught?"

Photo Copy of an Old Postcard Auctioned on eBay in November 2007

Class of 1906





Dushore HIgh School 1907
Photo Courtesy of Scott W. Tilden
Original Postcard Distributed by Charles W. Hoffa Was Actually Postmarked in 1930: See Reverse Side.
Auctioned on eBay in January 2015


Class of 1907



Harry Cole

Nellie Cunningham -Sick

Marry Harrington - Quinn

Miriam Herrmann -Williamson

Ruth Kline

Harland McCarty

Coloma Ortlieb


Class of 1908


Lizzie Collins

Francis Cunningham

Walter Hoffa

Clarence Lusch

Arthur Smith

Walter Scher

Fred Thayer

Alice Vandermark -Jackson


Class of 1909


Principal - William Hinman

Mary Farrell

Linda Wood Litz

Francis Heiber


Class of 1910



Assistant Principal - Sara E. Walters

Hallie Cox - Spalding

Benjamin Kline

Leila Kunes

Howard Richley

Blanche Messersmith- Kuhnle


Class of 1911


Anna Bahr - Richlin

Harry Hamer

Floyd Kast

Clara Killgore

William Roth


Class of 1912


Gladys Keller - Hileman

Lena Osler - Wright


Class of 1913


Principal - D.R. Lovette



Class of 1914


Principal - D.E.Hughes

Robert Cox

Sara Dieffenbach - Eberhardt

Elsie Fitzpatrick - Borden

Mamie Graviley - Mosier

Albert Hoag

Judson Kast

Meyer Kline

Charles Lusch

Alverine Norconk - Yonkin


1915 Graduating Class
Dushore High School
Standing, l to r: Clara Farrell, Ellen Crawford, Charles Broschart, Elizabeth Cox, Elizabeth Baker and Miriam Zaner
Seated, l to r: Mary Harrington [Assistant Principal], Edna Farrell, Ernest Erle, Marie Kunes and Willard Bender [Principal]
Copy of an Old Photo Reprinted in the Sullivan Review on May 25, 2006

Class of 1915


Principal -W.S. Bender-1915-18

Assistant Principal - Mary E. Harrington

Earnest Erle

Clara Farrell - Lusch

Miriam Zaner - Erle - Miles

Charles Broschart

Pearl Baker - Spencer

W. Marie Kunes

Ellen Crawford - Shefler

Elizabeth Cox - Wilcox

Edna Farrell - Winston


Class of 1916


Roscoe Cox

Fern Kschinka - Miller

Marie Taylor - Karge -Bender

Maud Landbach - McCauley

Inez Lamberson

Arthur Hoag


The Class of 1917
These were the children and grandchildren of the early settlers and pilgrims
whose graduation from high school would represent the mark of achievement for turn-of-the-century Sullivan County families.
Left to right, Standing: Alvin Frawley, Jennie (Krause) Light, Robert Kost, Learette (O'Neil) Streby, Ambrose Kunes.
Sitting: William Yonkin, Carol Bender, Mary Harrington (teacher).
Note: This listing is at variance with the class list for this year below. Photo courtesy of Carol Byassee, grand-daughter of Jennie Krause Light
Original photographer unknown

Class of 1917


Caroline Yonkin - Rightmire

Alvin Frawley

Robert Kast

Ambrose Kunes

Jennie Kraus - Light

Loretta O'Neil - Price


Class of 1918


Mary Seltzer - Kopenhafer

Mary Bahr - Wagner

Irvin Erle

Glen Taylor


Class of 1919


Principal -C.E.Jewell-1919-25

William Bahr

Vida Conner - Allen

Charles Gross

Mary Hunsinger

Florence Kraus - Baker

Margaret Kunes - Benson


Class of 1920


Ruth Donovan - Perozzi

Helen Benjamin

Marguerite Evans

Ruth Harding

Hazel Ross - Kolb

Mildred Farrell - Hallenbeck

Minerva Shaffer - Ashbroche

Alice Mosier - Tice


Class of 1921


Clara Saxer

Josephine Broschart - Thomas

Pauline Holcombe

Helen Bahr - Hamer

Anna Cole - Whalen

Ethel Fehr - Waltz

Barbara Hoffa - Henninger

Florence Fulmer - Kast

Helen Stalford - Brown

Leon E. Hoag


Class of 1922


Marion Heverly

Ralph Donovan

Christine Little _ Snyder

Bernard Ortlieb


Class of 1923


Clayton Hoag

Ruth Stalford - Bond

Charlotte Degen

Madge Eichenlaub - Moore

Arthur Erle

Lucy Evans

Dane Bahr

Ray Harrington

Alice Holcombe _ McCarthy

Ida Rachel Kelley - Tourschner

Ethel Martin - Keller

John M. Lumley Jr.


Class of 1924


Donna Donovan

Barbara Spence

Wardell Arey

Oscar Kneller

Alice Hamer - Rohe

Elizabeth Kast - Driscoll

W. Buell Scher

Twila Dieffenbach - Gephart

James Rouse

Amelia Gawryla

Francis Quinn

Robert Yonkin


Class of 1925


Pierson Holcombe

John Boll

Florence Lumley - Kelly

Mae Kneller - Schoonover

Elwood Saxer

Murl Steafather - Young

Frances Huffmaster

Joseph Fehr

Myrtle Weisbrod - Wilson

Betty Hewes - Waite

Elizabeth Hileman - Cain

Carl Yonkin

Audrra Steiner - Cott

Gladys Gross - Kelly

Theresa Keating


Class of 1926


Principal - L.M.Crandell-1926-8

Genevieve Everline - Slater

Katherine Biddle

Maxine Streevy - Lynch

Hazel Watson - Ambs

Albert Weisbrod

Robert Potter

Bernard Valinch


Class of 1927


John Cornell

Robert Raub

Rhea Schaad - Harrington

Malcom Potter

Royce Henning

John Hoffa

Walter Samuel Yarosh

Jack Hewes


Class of 1928


Florence Daley - Mrs.Robert Grey

Marguerite McCarthy - Mrs.William F.Downs

Iona Newell - Mrs. Lloyd Youmans

Alice Bahr

Veronica Bahr

Nellie Donovan - Cadey

Doris Dutters - Wescott

James Arey

Florence Kast - Yonkin

Inez Crandell - Farrell

Benjamin Kelley

Phillip Donovan

Francis Reagan

William Minier

Lawrence McDonald

Anna Weisbrod - Trick

Leo Lewis

Gordon Potter

John Hanist

Charles McCarthy


Class of 1929


Principal - Charles E. Becker

Wayne Duttera

Winifred Kschinka - Hutchens

Maurice J.Duttera Sr.

Ethel Hartford - Fetherbay

Margaret Lamberson

Rhoda Becker

John Hileman Jr.

Louise Hoag - Beeman

Joseph Riordan

William Saxer

Frank Fulmer


Class of 1930


Principal - Leland Green-1930-1

Freda Cox - Scoggin

Althea Bahr - Hibbard

Margaret Frawley - Buckholz

Catherine Lang - Chervak

Gertrude Hess

Curtis Potter

Carl Weed

Harold Stephens

Reese Meehan

William Erb

Erma Pelton

Ruth Heverly - Harris

Fluetta Karge - Reeser

Helen Fangya

Esther Hyman - Belcher

Clayton Yonkin

Richard Streby

Charles Raub


Class of 1931


Alma Bahr - Weed

Phobe Kelley

Florence Rohe - Toothaker

Grace Rohe - Mrs. Eugene M.Fry

Mark Walsh

Edna Adams - Bullock

Helen Meyers - Diltz

Robert Diltz

Richard Hileman

Francis E. Slawta

Rose Adams - Barrowcliff

Vell C. Holcombe

Laura Arey - Downes

Charles H.(Herby) Miller

Francis Finan

Madge Steafather

Eva Chesonis

Genevieve Neuber - Taylor -Smith

Violet Hunsinger - Dieffenbach


Class of 1932


Principal - John M. Lumley-1932-8

Geraldine Bahl - Mrs.Eugene F. McDonald

Helen Bendinsky - Rosbach

Mildred Brown - Hollon

Mary Calaman

Marion Diltz - Mrs. A.C.(Dave) Young

William Hobiak

Evelyn Hottenstein - Yonkin

Ellen Jackson - Mrs. Charles Muntz

Pauline Neuber - Mrs.William Rouse

Marion Shelhimer

Bernard W. Walsh

Helen Chesonis - Donovan

Agnes Rohe - Eddy

Dorothy Donovan

Joseph Powderly

Eleanor Riordan

Earnest Perozzi

Ann Cox - Trese

Geraldine Brown

Kelton U. Meehan

Helen Hileman - Orbert

Pauline McGee - Tubach

Eula Hamer

Eugene Hatton

Helen Kaufmann

Everett Catlin

Dorothy Stephens

Erland Perozzi


Class of 1933


Ernest Hatton

Richard L.Holcombe

Grace Nottingham

Donna Raub - Mrs. William S. Shacklette

Beulah Setzer - Mrs.Albert Chiplis

Phyllis Shelhimer

Earl Reese

Howard Robbins

Edward Pardoe

Stephen Walosin

Doris Hood - Gibbs

Edward Watson


Class of 1934


Frank R. Crandell

Leonard Fehr

James J. Gaughan

Jewel Lang - Mrs. John E. Fiorini Jr.

John R. Polinsky

Laura M. Powers - Mrs. Burt W. Poff

Mary Rusin - Mrs. John Lucas

Gerald Shaffer

Valeria Stortini - Farrell

Lena Vitali - Skutnik

Anne K. Williams - McDemic

Gene Hannon

Euguene McMahon

Eleanor Hartzig

Steve Romania

Jane Havard - Hatton

Earl Wood

Michael Yarosh

Nancy Paichi - McDonald


Class of 1935


T.O. Chicarelli

Earl C. Conner

Michael T. Elchak

Alice Gore - Mrs. Harley Hunsinger

Grant Hood

Doris Hyman - Grosman

Gina Panichi - Chicarelli

Mary Ellen Potter - Porrazzo

Gertrude Powers - Agogliati

Rose Serafini - Mrs. William Gardner

Leo Soklsky

Agnes Stasiak - Mrs. Bruce Day

Fred Kelly

Hazel Adams - Way

Ray Cilvick

Audrey Fillmore - Heess

Pauline Lynch - Coombs

Wilbur C. Raub

Daisy S. Dunham

Lela Bahr - Saul

Archie E. Brown

Guy Steele

Raymond Tubach

Lillian Diltz

Alice Traver

Kenneth L. Raub

Catherine Cunningham - Raub

Bernard N. Murphy

LeRoy Miller

Evelyn Gibbs - Jackson


Class of 1936


Helen Bryon - Detrick

Lucille Merkel - Norconk

Sam Putterbaugh

Willa Reese - Mrs. Paul E. Arey

Esther Schaefer - Smith

Lena Stortini - Mrs. Joseph Skutnik

Florence Suber - Mrs. George Ambs

Martina Walsh - Mrs. Edgar Cavanaugh

Regina Dieffenbach - Fedor

Paul Arey

Dominic A. Calaman

Reba Catlin - Trasco

Charles M. Kschinka

John F. Lang

Helen Scanlon - Hasson

Curtis Eberlin

Betty Byron

J.Russell Smythe

Irene Carpenter

J.David Lamberson

Norma Benni - Pearson

James E. Walsh


Graduation Program for Class of 1937
Click to see Program Cover.

Source Lewis Saxe Estate
Courtesy of Carol Brotzman

Class of 1937


Dorothy Eberlin - Adams

Cornelia Hatton - Mrs. Henry Hopkins

Lawrence V. Rohe

Dolores Schaad - Mrs. Frederick Beauchamp

Phobe Stone - Shoemaker

Geraldine Sick - Rohe

William C.Taylor

Ruth Wilcox - Pitts

Helen Yarosh - Mrs.Cal Davis

Lois Catlin - Serafini

Dorothy Bahr - Boyle

Dwight Carpenter

Cyril Tubach

Oliver Yonkin


The Old Guard June 1987
Graduates of Dushore High School

Top, l to r: Pearl (Baker) Spencer-1915, Marion (Diltz) Young-1932 and Ellen (Crawford) Shefler-1915
Bottom, l to r: Pearl Spencer, Ellen Shefler, Loretta (O'Neill) Price-1917 and Alice (Mosier) Tice-1920
Contributed by Carol Brotzman
Source: Ellen Crawford Sheffler Collection

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