Colley High School
Sketch From Graduation Program 1943
Contributed by Connie (King) McMichael


Contributed by Connie (King) McMichael
and Carol Brotzman
November 2007
Updated: July 2015


As explained at Dushore High School: Class of 1944, there was a relationship between Colley and Dushore such that children coming out of the Colley school system spent their last year of high school at the Dushore school. Before that, children might attend the Colley grade school or other grade schools in the area.

The following School Souvenir for the 1928 class was auctioned on eBay in July 2015. Our contributor, Scott W. Tilden, spied the sale and captured these scans for our site:

Colley School Souvenir
Class of 1928
Contributed by Scott W. Tilden
Original Auctioned on eBay in July 2015

The Teacher is Maude Kasson; the Superintendent is H. R. Henning. The Pupils, by grade, are:
First Grade: Beulah Flick, Reva Eberlin, William Butts
Second Grade: Clyde Steele, Harold Boyer
Third Grade: Beatrice Reeser, Howard Boyer
Fourth Grade: Dorothy Eberlin, Donald Junk, Marion Reeser, Curtis Eberlin
Fifth Grade: Esther Shaefer, Raymond Tubach, Betty Griffith (handwritten in), Samuel Dyer, Everette Reeser
Sixth Grade: Erma Palmer, Cleon Boyer, Victo Shaefer, George Steele
Seventh Grade: Geraldine Crawford, Theodore Dieffenbach
Eighth Grade: Clara Neuber, Alta Ryder
The School Directors are listed as W. L. Dyer, Earnest White, Clarr Reeser, John Gardner and E. Chesonis.

Here is an old photo of the Colley High School band playing in front of the high school building. It is probably dated to the early 1940s.

Colley High School Band
High School in the Background
Between 1942 and 1944
Contributed by Connie (King) McMichael

According to Connie, our contributor, the Colley High School class members of 1943 were: John Patrick Cahill, Jean Marie Chesonis, Leonard Albert Chesonis, Helen D. Decker, Esther W. Gardner, Elizabeth Kozemko, Esperia Marion Caccia, Thomas R. Lavery, Franklin John Scaab, Helen Mattichak,K atherine Marie McGee, John Plaskon, Chester Sahanoski, Theresa Ann Margaret Smith, Mildred Stavisky and Michael McCobin. Not all of them actually graduated that year, and only some of them ended up in the Dushore High School Class of 1944, as you can determine by comparing this list with the picture on the Dushore page linked above.

Here is the 1937 class at the one-room Colley School near the Grange building in Colley, PA. This structure obviously served as a multi-grade school.

Colley School 1937
L to R: Front row: Evelyn Wintermute, Duane Steele, Richard Steele, Jimmy Junk, Shirley Steele, Mary Lou Gephart, Warden Rosengrant, Norman Wintermute, Charles Saxe
Second row: Phoebe Hieber [teacher], Anna Crawford, Alita Foote, Nina Bates, Margie Basley, Dorothy Bates, Edith Steele, Sally Steele, Earl Wintermute, Robert Pond, Richard Wintermute, Donald Saxe, David Gephart
Back row: Charlotte Pond, Doris Basley, Millie Schafer, Gerald Crawford, Dick Schafer, Earl Tubach, Ed Dieffenbach, Gwen Reeser, Alta Crawford
An Old Photo Contributed by Carol Brotzman
Reprinted in the Sullivan Review, May 5, 2005 from an Original
Owned by Fay A. Young of Clarks Summit, PA

The three Crawfrod children are all relatives of Carol Brotzman. You can learn more here about The Crawford Descendants.


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