Will of Adam Spaukie

Submitted by Harold Spaugy

A Copy of the last will and testament of Adam Spaukie late of Northampton Township, Somerset County decd -- See Record of Wills vol 5 pages 46 & 47
This is a translation from German

To day the 18th March 1853 I write a will between me and my wife Margareta Spaukie, which shall stand fast after my death. She dare keep every thing, cattle household furniture in short every thing I own as long as she lives if she remains single and keeps her senses, should she however no longer be able to manage, the the matter can be altered, the land rented or farmed on the shares, the land dare not be sold as long as she lives, and until the youngest child is of age. Should it so happen however that she would still live after he is of age, it dare still not be sold, if the right should be taken from her then she must be well kept with eating and drinking and clothing but it cannot be taken from her unless it is shown by strangers that she is not able to manage for herself, the farm must maintain her as long as she lives and remains single, she shall keep house and no person can hinder her. With the land it is so, when the youngest son has his age and the mother is dead, then it shall in two pieces be sold the run shall will make a straight line, and each piece shall be appraised and when it is appraised then the 5 boys have a right to take it at the appraisement, should however each of the boys want to take it, then they are to make lots and cast lots who will get it, should however Jacob have no desire to live on it then he is not to cast lots with them. Jacob Spaukie has $19. dollars to draw of my estate without interest, should there be debts here yet they must be paid what is left you shall divide in equal shares in peace the girls same as boys. With the mother it is as it is written in the beginning every thing is in her hands as long as she lives, when she gets in need she may sell of the moveables what she pleases, should she get married then a foreman shall be made and the moveables shall be appraised, and then nothing more shall be sold but she shall have the benefit or proceeds as long as she lives, but Emanuel Echlein dare not be made foreman. So as it is written I have written it permanent and no one shall do any thing at it.

Signed.        "Adam Spaukie"       

Probate of Adam Spaukie will 1854
To the Honorable the Judges of the Orphans Court of Somerset County Penna

The petition of Daniel Spaukie and Adam Spaukie respectfully showeth. That Adam Spaukie late of Northampton Township, Somerset County Pennsylvania died on the 23 day of October 1853, leaving his surviving nine children to wit: Jacob Spaukie of Pittsburg Allegany County Pennsylvania, Daniel Spaukie, Adam Spauke and John Spauke of Somerset County Pennsylvania, William Spauke who is in the U.S. service of Co. F. 142 Regiment P.V., Catharine intermarried with John A. Ludford of Watertown Connecticut, Margaret intermarried with Engle Weller of Westmoreland County Pennsylvania, Maria intermarried with Joseph N. Slick of Darke County Ohio, and Louisa intermarried with Emanuel Echlain of Somerset County Pennsylvania. The said Adam Spaukie sometime prior to his decease, to wit: on the 18th day of March 1853, made, published and declared his last will and testament, duly proven and registered at Somerset, wherein and whereby, he gave, devised and bequeathed, after the death of Catherine Margareta Spaukie his widow, and after his youngest son shall have arrived at the age of twenty-one years of-age (as will appear on reference to said will, a true copy whereof is hereto annexed) all the real estate of said deceased wheresoever and whatsoever unto the above named children. Said real estate to be sold in two places the run to be the dividing line, each piece however first to be appraised, and each of the five sons to have the right to take said realestate at the appraisement &c. The said Adam Spaukie died seised in his demesne as of fee of and in the following described real estate to wit: A certain tract of land situate in Northampton Township, Somerset County Pennsylvania, containing 150 acres more or less, about 60 acres of which are cleared and on which are erected, a two story log house, log barn & other out buildings, adjoining lands of Jacob P???baugh, Barney Trimpey, John L. Kiessler and others. Your petitioners thereof pray that your Honors award an inquest to make partition of the premises aforesaid to and among said parties interested therein, in such manner and in such proportions as by the said will and laws of this Commonwealth is directed if such partition can be made without prejudice to or spoiling the whole; but if such partition cannot be made thereof, then to value and appraise the same and make return of their proceedings according to law, and as in duty bound &c. Your petitioners further represent that said Catherine Margarita Spaukie widow of said Adam Spaukie decd is dead and that the youngest son of said Adam Spaukie decd is over twenty-one years of age.

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A 4-page letter written by Adam Spaugy to William Spaugy, both in Somerset County.
William Spaugy was in Fayette County by 1870.
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Census information for Adam Spaukie

1840 Census Somerset County, PA,
Allegheny Township, Page 15

(2) under-5
(1) 5-to-10
(1) 15-to-20
(1) 50-to-60
(2) 10-to-15
(2) 15-to-20
(1) 40-to-50

1850 Census Somerset County, PA,
Allegheny Township, page 149,
lines 1-8, Dwelling: 37, Family: 39

SPAUGE, Adam 62, m, Farmer, $600, Germany
", Margaret 52, f, Germany
", Daniel 17, m, Laborer, Ocean
", Adam 15, m, Laborer, Penna
", John 12, m, Penna
", William 9, m, Penna
EXLINE, Emanuel 20, m, Laborer, Penna
", Louise 19, f, Germany

1860 Census Somerset County, PA,
Northampton Township, Page 343,
lines 27-28, Dwelling: 1170, Family: 1170

SPAUGY, Adam 24, m, Farmer, $0/$100, Pa
", Margaret 60, f, $1800/$100, Bavaria

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