This map of Hexie, or Hexabar, was drawn by Clyde Miller and published in the second issue of his Hexie Gazette in April 1995.

The two church cemeteries in Kingwood are located at the junction of the road with Route 281 at the upper right corner of the map.

Accompanying the map, Clyde Miller offered the following observations:

"The more I get into our history, the more I find different names for different places. For example, the Brougher Cemetery, I always called the Younkin Cemetery by John Pletcher's, and what I show as the Younkin Cemetery has also been called the Ansell Cemetery. With this map, unless something drastic comes along, we can all sing from the same song book.

When I was last home in November 1994, it was difficult for me to locate the Williams Cemetery. Fortunately, my brother Sam and I came across a part-time resident, and he was kind enough to lead us to it. Between now and the July issue, I am going to find a way to properly mark our cemeteries. This map was apparently based on some plats of about 1960 vintage. The Church Hill no longer has the sharp curves, and the lane connecting Wyno Road to the Charlie May Place is grown over. The road beyond the Brougher Cemetery becomes "challenging' while getting down over the hill to road LR55030 would be most difficult. In any case, of the many maps I looked at, this seemed the most appropriate."