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Main given-name for this surname
Sage Brian Keyser .
Sanner Jane "Ray" Crowell .
Sapalio/Zapolo/Sapalo Jessica Sapalio .
Sarver Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Rodney Sarver (in Allegheny Township)
Gloria J. Snyder .
Sass Pat Hady Anna Susan Sass
Saylor James A. Inhofe Lydia Saylor (b. 1825 in Somerset Co. area) m.
Robert A. Inhofe (b. 1823 in PA)
Lynda Katonak .
Gregory P. Lantay .
Kathie B. Lund Jacob Saylor (1715-1793) married
Magdalena Stald (1718-1784)
Joel Nicholson .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Saylor/Sayler Merikay Mestad .
Stewart Saylor .
Scarlett Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Schaff William R. Zeigler David Schaff (1773-1821) m.
Magdalena Altvater (1778-1857)
Schantz Loren Johns Joseph Johns (Schantz / Tschantz)
Schenk/Schenck Susan Everman Charles Frederick "Fred" Schenk/Schenck (b. 1 Sept 1849) son of Georg Adam Schenk (b. c1784) & Rosine Marck (b. c1817)
Schisler/Shisler/Schuessler Priscilla Engeman Adam Schisler (abt 1800-1873)
Schmaus Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Schmucker Stewart Saylor .
Schneider Ruby Uhazie Jacob Schneider m. Gertrude Dietz
Don Wurm Adam Schneider (1747-1846) m. Catherine Putnam
Schnieder Dawn Daniel .
Schrock Heather Jacob John M. Schrock (1836-1889) m.
Elizabeth A. Weigle (1841-1911)
Kathie B. Lund John D. Schrock (1730-1796) married
Elizabeth Miller (1753-)
Don Rininger .
Schropp Winnie Nichols Robert Schropp m. Geneive Ott (d. 2003)
Schroyer Ellis Michaels .
Scritchfield Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Seese Lisa Seesee Seese, Cook, Helman
Seitz Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Seitz / Sides P. Gary Burkett John Sides(1814-1880)
Server Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Shaffer Paula Edens .
Bev Gardiner Jacob Shaffer (1815-1882) married to
Catherine Barnhart (1816-1887)
Jennifer Harned Joseph Shaffer (1837-1904) married to
Catherine A. Snyder (1837-1896)
Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Donna Knupp Hiram Shaffer (1836-1893) married to
Frances Berkebile (1826-1904)
Robert Shaffer .
Stacey Siepmann William Shaffer (b. about 1824) married to
Rebecca Filson (b. about 1824)
Albert Shaffer (eldest son, b. 8-Nov-1848 Alleg. Twp)
Mary Wall .
Barbara Zenker .
Shanefelt Donna Knupp Susanna Shanefelt (1775-1841) married to
Ludwig Smith (1763-1832)
Shank Heather Jacob Martin L. Shank (1792-1880) m.
Catherine Trent (1798-1884)
Shaules/Saulis Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Shauley/Shawley Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Sheeler Dorothy Hunt John Sheeler (b.abt. 1836) m. Isabella
Shepko Jackie Miller .
Shima Melissa McCoy Shima Andrew Shima, Sr.
Shimmel Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Shipley Linda (Hall) Magiske .
Marion Taylor .
Shippey Pennie Shippey Mancuso .
Shockey Sheryl Kelso .
Daniel Curtis Phillips Elizabeth Shockey (1829-1906)
Jeanne Weller Susanna Shockey (b.1820 in Slaystown)
m. Daniel Weller (b.1815 Somerset, d. 1893 in MO)
they had ten children, nine born in Somerset County
Sam Christian Shockey, grandfather of Eliza Wagner
Shoemaker Gloria J. Snyder .
Shoemaker/Shumaker Sheryl Kelso George Shoemaker (1794-1874)
Shroyer Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Mary Wall .
Shultz Rick Simpson .
Shumaker Ruby Riley born prior to 1820
Shurtz Mike Shurtz wife: Anna Marie (Mary) Sodar; children: Geo., Henry, Andrew, Samuel, Anna Marie, Catherine, Margret, John, Jacob, and Barbara. In area 1796 to 1806.
Sible Heather Jacob Clifford J. Sible (1914-2001) m.
Gladys Elaine Peck (1921-1996)
Sicko Dan Sicko (Sicko in Gahagen)
Sides Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Siehl Ruth Sprowls .
Silbaugh Pati Blowers May Conrad Silbaugh (d.bef.19-Dec-1824) m. Mary
Siler William R. Zeigler Phillip Siler (1797-1854) m.
Elizabeth Altvater (1800-1873)
Sines Marion Taylor .
Sipe Duffy Floyd .
Stewart Saylor .
Skinner Cheryl J Skinner .
Smith Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Barbara Goss
Margaret Smith, Elizabeth Smith
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Glenda Tressler Smith John and Henry, Issac
Smouse Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Snyder Brady girl .
Heather Jacob John H. Snyder (1813-1893) m.
Lydia Rayman (1817-1894)
Donna Knupp Mary Ann Snyder (1822-1877) married to
George Moore (1814-1902)
April Phillips .
Glenda Tressler Smith .
Don Wurm Adam Snyder (1747-1846) m. Catherine Putnam
William R. Zeigler Mary Snyder (1796-1868) m.
Jacob Altvater (1790-1869)
Sodar Mike Shurtz Anna Marie (Mary) Sodar; married Mr. Shurtz
Specht Duffy Floyd .
Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Don Rininger .
Speicher T. Marshall Hopkins Jacob J. Speicher (1835-1911) m.
Mary Carver (1833-1900)
Spence Janice Ann Dundas Beaver Robert H. Spence married Catherine Nashwinter
Spiker Kerry L. Miller .
Sposita Jessica Sapalio .
Springer Steven Weyand Folkers Philip Springer (b. 1734)
Linda Steorts Kaufman .
Stahl Duffy Floyd .
Danny Jackson .
Staker Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Statler Elaine Campbell .
Amber Snell Lopez .
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Steckman Lynda Katonak .
Stein Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Stephanus / Stevanus Gloria J. Snyder .
Stern Laura Brandenburg .
Stiles Barbara Ann Stiles Nase William Henry Stiles - married Mary Rose Youngkin
Stom Kay Cole Henry Stom (b.1807 Somerset Co., Pennsylvania, d.1868 Wyandotte Co., Ohio)
Stonebreaker William R. Zeigler Samuel Stonebreaker (1776-1843) m.
Anna Elizabeth Altvater (1777-1816)
Stoner Charles Dodge Ernest Ray Stoner (b. about.1909--)
Amber Snell Lopez .
Storts / Sturtz / Stotz / Stotts / Steorts Linda Steorts Kaufman .
Stotler Kathie B. Lund John Jacob Stotler (1828-1904) married
Mary L. G. Long (1828-1871)
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Stover Lynda Katonak .
Strohl Marcia Cassler Bernheisel .
Stufft David Quinn Annie E. Stufft (1861-1946) m.
Wm. F. Rhoades (1856-1940)
Stump Gloria J. Snyder .
Sturtz Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Paula Edens .
Ellis Michaels .
Mary Wall .
Stutzman Heather Jacob Walter E. Stutzman (1888-1985) m.
Sadie Elizabeth Trent (1893-1980)
Kathie B. Lund Mary C. Stutzman (1756-1838) married
Peter P. Miller Sr. (1756-1818)
Stuver Charles Dodge Willard Carl Stuver (b.1920-)
Suttmiller / Sutmiller / Suedmiller Harry Suttmiller Henry Suttmiller, lived in Somerset County from approx 1840 to 1870. He had at least 3 wives: Catherine, Frances, and Amanda.
Suter / Suder Mary Wall .
Swank Sharon Trosan .
Swarner Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Sweetman Keith Buck Thomas Sweetman, Sr.
Switzer Carolyn Shupe Peter P. Switzer d.early 1850s m.
Rosanna/Rosina Sibert (1809-1856)
baptized their children at Berlin Luth. Ch. Somerset County, PA
Suder William R. Zeigler Elizabeth Suder m. Adam Altvater (1787--)

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