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Main given-name for this surname
Pacifico/Pacifici Jessica Sapalio .
Paja Daniel Zaroff .
Palm Roselyn Whitmore John Adam Palm (1746-1816) m. Magdalina Shaulis
Parke Bonnie Schultz Mary Parke m. David Moore (1779-1860)
Parker Chris Parker Young Parker, born in Somerset County, PA in 1794
(I am looking for any information on this ancestor)
Patton Marion Taylor .
Paul Stewart Saylor .
Peck Heather Jacob William J. Peck (1838-1922) m.
Mary Ann Weimer (1839-1899)
Glenda Tressler Smith .
Pence William R. Zeigler
Elizabeth Pence (1809-1884) m.
Frederick ALTVATER (1801-1876)
Penrod Vickie Pavelko
Isaac Penrod (1700s - early 1800s)
Pershing Bonnie Miller Potter Phoebe Ann Pershing (b. Westmoreland Co. PA, d. Ohio) m. Hiram McGinnis (b. 1829 Somerset Co., d. 1897 Hamilton, VA)
Petenbrink Sheryl Kelso Martha Ellen Petenbrink (1889-1962)
Petro Brady girl .
Pflug Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Phenicie Charles Marshall Rose Ellice Phenicie (b.1847 in Scalp Level) m. 1864 to
Samuel Brady Camp / Kamp (b.1843 in Shanksville)
Phillipi Brian Keyser .
Phillippi Pati Blowers May 2 separate lines
Phillips April Phillips .
Philson Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Picking Janice Sanford Henry Picking
Pinkerton Mary Bakeman .
Glenda Tressler Smith Robert
Pisel Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Platter Mary Gauntz married to Matilda Gauntz
Marion Taylor .
Pletcher April Phillips .
Jennifer Pletcher Jerome Pletcher (b.1882 in PA)
married to Edna Faust in 1906 Somerset PA
Porter Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Posten Frances Robinson .
Prakner Rick Albright Margaret Prakner (1777-1845) married Christian Albright, Sr. (1775-1830). Both buried at Comp's Church, Somerset County
Price Frances Robinson .
Pringey / Prinkey Ruby Uhazie John Pringey, Jr (1772-1865) m.
Catherine Schneider and Abigail Rhodes
Pritts / Pritz /Printz Irvin Pritts Jacob Pritts/Pritz/Printz, (abt.1744-abt.1808) m.
Barbara Elizabeth Fowler
Pritts Jennifer Harned John Pritts married to Catherine King
Pugh Heather Jacob Hulet Pugh (1822-1896) m. Matilda C. Rayman (1822-1909)
Pullen Frances Robinson .
Putnam Don Wurm Catherine Putnam (1756-1810) m. Adam Schneider/Snyder

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