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Main given-name for this surname
Mankamyer Sheryl Kelso .
Mark/Marck Susan Everman Rosine/Rosa/Rosie Mark/Marck (b. c1817)
m1 Georg Adam Schenk (b. c1784)
m2 Heinrich/Henry Zimmerman, Sr (b. c1820)
Marker Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Marteeny/Marteney Merikay Mestad .
Martin Dave Martin .
Mason Brenda Davidson Gilpatrick .
Masters Diane Wagner Benjamin Masters
Matthews Linda (Hall) Magiske
Maust Heather Jacob Abraham Maust (1793-1885) m.
Mary Magdalena Longenecker (1795-1854)
Lynda Katonak .
Sam William A. Maust, m. Elizabeth Wagner
May Pati Blowers May John May (b1801-d.aft 1860) m. Janu Phillippi
Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Jean Wall Alice Augusta May, (b.1866); m. Ross Holler, (b.1862)
McCarl Jessica Sapalio .
McCarty Rick Greathouse McCarty, married Anna Amelia Greathouse
McClintock Mary Bakeman .
Pati Blowers May .
Glenda Tressler Smith .
Marion Taylor .
McCracken Jean Wall James McCracken m. Sarah Jennie Elizabeth Johnston
McDowell Dennis McDowell .
McGinnis Bonnie Miller Potter Hiram McGinnis (b.1829 Somerset Co. PA; d. 1897 Hamilton, VA) m. Phoebe Ann Pershing (b. Westmoreland Co. PA, d. Ohio)
McKenzie Sheryl Kelso John McKenzie (1869-1944)
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
McMillen Margaret McMillin Thomas McMillen (b.abt.1783, Somerset PA)
mar. Margaret Grady (b.abt.1790, Somerset PA)
McNair Pati Blowers May 2 separate lines of McNair
McQuillin / McQuillan / McQuillen Jerry Zimmerman .
McQuilling / McQuillin / McQuiller Linda C. Driscoll John McQuilling
Meager Sheryl Kelso John Meagher (1842-1911)
Meyer Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Meyers Sharon Dyrkacz Michael H. Meyers (1825-1887) m.
Harriett Hauger (1829-1910)
Lynda Katonak .
Miller Michael Bathrick .
Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Steven Weyand Folkers Josiah Miller (d. 1823)
Janet L. Gray David P. Miller (1809-1887)
m. Magdelena Leasure
Kathie B. Lund John Hannes Miller (1724-1798) married
Magdalena Lehman (1730-1817)
Pennie Shippey Mancuso .
Daniel Miller Andrew Miller m. Mary Hunter
[married 6-Apr-1784 in Philadelphia PA]
Debbie Miller Lewis .
Kerry L. Miller .
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Joel Nicholson .
April Peterson Charles Miller (b.1809 Pennsylvania)
wife was Amy (also spelled Annie and Anny)
Jenni Riberkof Samuel H. Miller - married
Susannah Livengood (1824-1898)
Bonnie Schultz Maria Barbara Miller (6 Apr 1749 - 11 May 1826) m.
Johanna Hauger (1749 Prussia - 6 Dec 1813)
Stewart Saylor .
Marion Taylor .
Millhouse Jessica Sapalio  
Minerd / Miner Barbara Goss Burket Minerd/Miner married Susan Hartzell
Mock Charles Ray Fetters .
Karen Krich .
Moon Glenda Tressler Smith .
Moore Donna Knupp David Moore (1779–abt.1860 ) married to
Mary Parke (1781-abt.1849)
Bonnie Schultz David Moore (1799-1860) m. Mary Parke
Morgan Don Rininger .
Jean Wall Jesse Lee Morgan (b.1883) m. Annie Yoder (b.1885)
Morgert Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Morley Debbie Wetlaufer Calvin MORLEY (b. 1798 Gill, Mass.) married
Elizabeth BLANE/BLAIN (b.abt.1807 Mass., d. 1884 Westmoreland, PA)
Morrow Frances Robinson .
Moseholder Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Moses Barry L. Wallace .
Mosholder Irma J. Brant .
Mary Gauntz married to Mary Gauntz
Gloria J. Snyder .
Mosholder/Mossholder Jerry Mosholder and related families; Flamm
Mostoller Heather Jacob John Henry Mostoller (1770-1842) m.
Christena Miller (1777-1823)
Mountain Ruby Uhazie Jonathan Mountain m. Elizabeth Prinkey
Mountains Nancy Becker [mainly of Lower Turkeyfoot]
Mucha Jackie Miller .
Mueller Pennie Shippey Mancuso .
Mullen Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Müller Steven Weyand Folkers Johann Adam Müller (1750-1827) m. Rosanna Kershner
Musser Michael Bathrick .
Lynda Katonak .
Amber Snell Lopez .
Barbara Zenker .

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