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Main given-name for this surname
Haas Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Marcia Salvatore .
Hady Pat Hady Frederick Karl Hady
Hahn Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Paula Edens .
Mary Wall .
Haines Vickie Pavelko
John Haines (1784-1861)
Rick Simpson .
Hall Linda (Hall) Magiske .
Hampe Lois Ellis Edward L. Hampe (1880-1947)
s/o Charles & Elizabeth (Murley/Merley) Hampe
Harbaugh Sally Young .
Harclerode Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Harden Phyllis Rosley Savil--Savel--Sevil Harden (b. abt. 1775)
and George Harden (b.1800)
Mary Yonan Catherine Harden (1789-1861 b&d Somerset, PA) m.
Jacob Cook/Kuch (b.abt.1785-d.1864-Wellersburg, PA)
Mary Yonan George Harden (b.1794 PA - d.1880-Wellersburg, PA) m.
Esther(Hester) Uhl (b.1795 Berks - d.bef.1855 Somerset)
Mary Yonan Isaac Harden (1767 Pa - 1848) m.
"Miss" Neymeyer (b.abt.1767 PA - d.bef.1810 PA)
Hare Daniel Curtis Phillips Margaret Hare married to William Wagner (1770-1845)
Harned Jennifer Harned Edward Harned (1835-1867) married to
Mary Ann Brook (1839-1879)
Harr Mary Wall .
Harshman William R. Zeigler Amanda Harshman (1793-1858) m.
Peter Zeigler (1788-1872)
Hartset/Hartsel Rick Greathouse Hartset/Hartsel, married Catherine Greathouse
Hartzell Suzanne Smith Chutis
Barbara Goss Jacob Hartzell
Glenda Tressler Smith Melchi Hartzell
Hattery Diane Huff Alexander Hattery (b.12-30-1800 in Somerset PA)
son of James Hattery & Margaret Hunter
married Catherine France in Ohio around 1818
Hauger Sharon Dyrkacz Hauger: Jacob S. Hauger (1805-1887) m.
Catherine Yowler (1806-1895)
Bonnie Schultz Johanna Hauger (1749 Prussia - 6 Dec 1813) married
Maria Barbara Miller (6 Apr 1749 - 11 May 1826)
Hayhurst Linda Steorts Kaufman .
Hayman Marcia Salvatore .
Heichel Sandy Bachman Joseph Alvin Heichel (died 1949 in Windber, Somerset Co.)
Heidorn Batha Karr .
Heinbaugh Pati Blowers May George Heinbaugh (d 1855) m. Jemima
Heinbaugh / Hinebaugh Patty Heinbaugh .
Helman Lisa Seesee Helman, Seese, Cook
Helsel April Phillips .
Linda Webb .
Helsley Marjean Walls Barbara Helsley (b.1809 in Perry Co. Pa.)
m. Philip/Phillip Allen Carr (b.29-May-1805 in Somerset Co.)
Heltzel April Phillips .
Henss Glenda Tressler Smith Anna Maria Henss (1777-1865)
Herman Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Herrgeroder Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Heshizer Ted Klenk .
Hess Maria Brower Mary Matilda Hess m. Joseph Geiger (bef. 1850, prob. 1848)
Danny Jackson .
William R. Zeigler Catherine Hess m. Jacob Zeigler (1782-1824)
Hildebrand Sharon Trosan .
Hillegass Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Hirtzell/Hartzell Sharon (Hartzell) Smith Jacob Hirtzell/Hartzell
Hite P. Gary Burkett Conrad Hite (1763-1835)
Ken Hite Conrad Hite (1763-1835) b. Bedford; d.Stoystown, Somerset
He was the grandfather of Capt. John H. Hite
Hochman Mary Gauntz married to Levi Baltzer Gauntz (b.1852 in Maryland)
Hochstetler Kathie B. Lund Catharina Hockstetler (1747-1834) married
George Klingeman (1740-1820)
Merikay Mestad .
Joel Nicholson .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Hoffman Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Holder Lois Holder Eller .
Holler Jean Wall Ross Holler (b.1862) m. Alice Augusta May (b.1866)
Holliday Irma J. Brant .
Holsopple Donna Knupp Adam Holsopple (1810-1889) married to
Salome Lape (1816-1896)
Holzshu Priscilla Engeman William H. Holzshu (1866-____)
Hook Karen .
Hoon P. Gary Burkett Valentine (Abt. 1797)
Hoover Jane "Ray" Crowell .
Jennifer Harned Jonas Hoover (1794-1874) married to
Elizabeth Krieckbaum (1841-1858)
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
April Phillips .
Horchler Sheryl Kelso Lewis Horchler
Hostetler Charles Dodge Henry C. Hostetler (c.1868-1947)
Marion Taylor .
Houpt Danelle Tyler Capt. Valentine Houpt (Berks County to Somerset following the Revolutionary War)
Hoyman/Hayman Ellis Michaels .
Huff Virginia Huff Gleason Caleb Asbury Huff (1793-1871) b. in PA, died in IN
m. Mary E. ? in Pennsylvania
Huffman Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Hull Lynda Katonak .
Hummel Lynda Katonak .
Kerry L. Miller .
Hunt Frances Robinson .
Hunter Daniel Miller Mary Hunter m. Andrew Miller
[married 6-Apr-1784 in Philadelphia PA]
Heather Jacob Alexander Hunter II (1792-1871) m.
Nancy Ann Trent (1799-1859)
Husband Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Ruby Riley born prior to 1820
Hutzel Karen Krich .
Hutzel / Hutzell Heidi Abegg .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Hyatt Dorothy Hunt Mattie (Matilda) Hyatt (b.abt. 1880)
Glenda Tressler Smith John Hyatt (d. abt. 1839)

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