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Main given-name for this surname
Galbraith Ruby Riley born prior to 1820
Garee Linda Steorts Kaufman .
Garlitz Kathie B. Lund Henry Garlitz (1760-1836) married
Magdalena Gerlachen (1755-1787)
Gatehouse Lynda Katonak .
Gauntz Mary Gauntz Baltzer Gauntz, (d.1889) buried Summit Township
m. Christina Shumaker Boyer
Geiger Maria Brower Josiah/Joseph GEIGER (b.1828) son of John GEIGER
m. Mary Ann YOUNG (b.1826)
Sheryl Kelso .
Geller Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Marcia Salvatore .
Gerber/Garber Lynda Katonak .
Gerhar(d)t Glenda Tressler Smith Jacob
Gibler Donna Knupp Jacob Gibler (1728-1813) married to
Anna Marie Weinbrenner (1745-1834)
Gloria J. Snyder .
Giffen Lynda Katonak .
Gillenberger Pati Blowers May Jacob Gillenberger (1843-1920) m.
Mary Staudt (1851-1924)
Gindlesperger Stewart Saylor .
Glessner Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Ted Klenk .
Gloria J. Snyder .
William R. Zeigler
Jacob G. (1792-1870) m.
Susan Altvater (1802-1828)
Glotfelty Heather Jacob Michael Glotfelty (1816-1877) m. Anna Nancy Maust (1819-1899)
Daniel Curtis Phillips Samuel D. Glotfelty (b.1808)
Gonder Peggy Jenene Coleman Catherine Gonder (b.1837, d.?) mar. John C. Barron
[would like to know death date and place of burial for Catherine]
Good Michael Bathrick .
Elaine Campbell Sarah Good (1796-1861) m.
Samuel Lambert (1790-1869)
Gowarty Jessica Sapalio .
Gower Janice Conn-Keitz .
Pati Blowers May Jacob Gower (d.1864) m. Mary Cunningham
Grady Margaret McMillin Margaret Grady (b.abt.1790, Somerset PA)
mar. Thomas McMillen (b.abt.1783, Somerset PA)
Graff Ruby Riley born prior to 1820
Gramling Kerry L. Miller .
Grasser Jack O'Connor
Greathouse Rick Greathouse William Greathouse (was taxed in Brother's Valley 1772-1773, then in Turkeyfoot 1774-1776, 1779, 1783 and 1785)
Griffith Janis (Dysert) Burkett .
Growall Joe Growall A. J. Growall
Glenda Tressler Smith Anthony Growall (about 1735-1803)
Grove Steven Weyand Folkers John or Christian Grove, m. Magdalena Deeter (1787-c.1853)

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