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Main given-name for this surname
Facler Ellis Michaels .
Fagan Ann Heinz Pierson Fagan (1780-1848), wife Silence
Fair Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Fantz Susan Cheyney Francis Fantz (c1820-1872)
Faust Gloria J. Snyder .
Fazenbaker Patty Heinbaugh .
Fazey April Phillips .
Femer Stewart Saylor .
Ferguson Margie Keller George Ferguson (1778-1830) m. Josette Wilson (1779-1830) both of whom died in Somerset County Pa.
Fetters Charles Ray Fetters .
Fichtner Kathie B. Lund Mary "Polly" Fichtner (1782-1866) married
John Lowry (1780-1861)
Fieg Heather Jacob William N. Fieg (1868-1919) m.
Emma May Trent (1871-1916)
Figge Jessica Sapalio .
Fike Heather Jacob Samuel R. Fike (1832-1906) m.
Anna Catherine Peck (1840-1911)
Files Bethany Johnson James Files (1791-1861) m. Catherine (unknown surname)
James was born in Va, died in Iowa. Had at least four, possibly five children in Addison Township, Somerset County, PA
Filson Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Stacey Siepmann Rebecca Filson (b. about 1824) married to
William Shaffer (b. about 1824)
Albert Shaffer (eldest son, b. 8-Nov-1848 Alleg. Twp)
Firestone Glenda Tressler Smith John
Fisher Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Winnie Nichols Joseph Fisher (1801-1874) m.
Catherine Coffman (1803-1875)
Gloria J. Snyder .
Fitzhugh Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Flamm Jerry Mosholder and related family: Mosholder/Mossholder
Fleishman Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Flickinger Gloria J. Snyder .
Flory Merikay Mestad .
Fochtman P. Gary Burkett Frederick Fochtman (1842-1898)
Folk Lynda Katonak .
Kathie B. Lund George Folk (1761-1825) m. Magdalena Lichty (1768-1827)
Stewart Saylor .
Folk/Foulk Susan Jones Pentico William Foulk
Foltz Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Ford April Phillips .
Forney Kathie B. Lund Elizabeth Forney (1769-1848) married
Christian Livengood Sr (1761-1837)
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Forquer Barbara Goss John Forquer (Forker)
Forward Donna Knupp Eleanor Forward (1819-1853) m.
Daniel Lint (1813-1896)
Foster Jean Wall Ward H. Foster (b.1898) m. Catherine Lena Johnston (b.1901)
Foutz William R. Zeigler
Susanna Foutz (1803-1882) m.
John Altvater (1796-1874)
Fowler Irvin Pritts Barbara Elizabeth Fowler m.
Jacob Pritts/Pritz/Printz (abt.1744-abt.1808)
Fox/Fuchs Rita Dougherty George Fox/Fuchs (1825-abt1857) Somerset County PA
m. Lucy Ann Whipkey (1819-abt1903) Somerset County PA
Frampton Brady girl .
Frey Donna Knupp Barbara Frey (1783-1853) m.
John Wolford (died 1810)
Fritz Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Heather Jacob Harvey J. Fritz (1872-1953) m.
Laura Grace Rayman (1879-1930)
Brian Keyser .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Roselyn Whitmore Christian William Fritz (1744-1797) m.
Eva Margaret Dorworton
Fuller Charles F. Martin Jacob Fuller (1790-1861), spouse Rachel
Fulmer Janice Conn-Keitz .
Fyock Sally Huntley .

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