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Main given-name for this surname
Cable Bruce Cable Abraham "Keble" Cable, Esq. (1729-1805)
Born in Switzerland, First Magistrate of Somerset County; Sub Lieutenant & Lt. Col., American Revolution; Pennsylvania General Assembly 1790-1794, Seventh-Day German Baptist. (gravesite location, the Calvin Will Farm, Brotherton/Berlin.
Calohan Cathy Olguin Daniel Calohan married Rachel Ramsey about 1813
Campbell Bernie Toser Samuel Campbell (b. 1819 Somerset, PA; d. 15-Oct-1880 Marathon, WI)
Cameron Tina Cameron Henry Slater Cameron (1858-1911) m. Amanda Bills in 1879,
and their son, Harry Cameron (1900-1947)
they lived in Ursina, Somerset Co.
Camp / Kamp Charles Marshall Samuel Brady Camp (b.1843 in Shanksville) m. 1864 to
Rose Ellice Phenicie (b.1847 in Scalp Level)
Campbell Michael Bathrick .
Glenda Tressler Smith James Campbell
Carmichael Alice Heinz Dan Carmichael (1829-1884), wife Sarah
Carpenter Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Carr Marjean Walls

Philip/Phillip Allen Carr (b.29-May-1805 in Somerset Co).
m. Barbara Helsley (b.1809 in Perry Co. Pa.)
Philip moved to Ohio about 1833. I am trying to find his parents and siblings.

Carroll Robert L. Windemuth James A. Carroll (b. Pa. about 1806); moved to W.Va.
m. Anna ? (?-possibly Gregg, b. Del. about 1809)
Carver T. Marshall Hopkins John Carver (1805-1879) m. Adeline Mostott (1806-1891)
Winnie Nichols Virgil Carver m. Nellie Ott (d.2003)
Cassell Vickie Pavelko
Marie Cassell (late 1700s - early 1800s)
Cassler Marcia Cassler Bernheisel .
Casteel Priscilla Engeman Archibald Casteel (1841-1924)
Caton Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Christner Batha Karr .
Christy Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Clark Sheryl Kelso Samuel Clark (1847-1927)
Linda Webb .
Clarke Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Cline Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko .
Clingerman Kay Peters Oliver Mary "Lucy Ann" Clingerman (b.betw. 1820-1826 in PA) m.
John Perry Baldwin (b.either 1-1815 or 4-19-1817 in PA)
[both died in Fulton County, Ohio]
Cober Terry Wanamaker late 1700's and early 1800's
Coffman Betty McKenzie Conrad Coffman (b. 1786)
m. Catherine Wycoff  (they had a son, Isaac)
Coleman Ellis Michaels .
Peggy Jenene Coleman Harry Coleman mar. Belinda J. Barron (b.1863, d.?)
Comp Sandy Hawbaker (in Allegheny Township)
Conkle Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Conn Janice Conn-Keitz Conn 1809 in MD, and then PA
Glenda Tressler Smith .
Cook Paula Edens .
Lisa Seesee Cook, Seese, Helman
Mary Yonan Jacob Cook/Kuch (b.ca.1785 Dauphin-d.1864 Wellersburg PA)
Cooper Joellen O'Neill James B. Cooper (1798-1855) m. Susan Thom (1814-1892) both died in Berlin, Somerset County.
Coppage Phyllis Rosley William Travis Coppage & daughter Eliza Susan
Corphans Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Cotterman William R. Zeigler
Margaret Cotterman (1809-1889) m.
Jonathan Altvater (1808-1882)
Countz Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Cover Brian Keyser .
Cox Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Cramer Laura Brandenburg .
Cressinger Kathy Rogers John Peter Cressinger (b. 1-8-1807 Somerset, Pa; d.8-11-1867)
m. Salome Lindesmith (b. 12-20-1807; d. 1900)
Crissey Elaine Campbell .
David P. Lantay .
Cristner Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Batha Karr .
Croyle Sharon Trosan .
Crum April Phillips .
Cunningham Pati Blowers May John Cunningham m. Jane McClintock
Kathie Rooney .
Cupp Rick Simpson  
Jean Wall John Ward Cupp (b.1878 m.
Sarah Jennie Elizabeth Johnston (b.1897)
Currie Janice Ann Dundas Beaver (cousins)
Custer Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Lynda Katonak .
Winnie Nichols John Custer (1842-1915) m.
Anna Mariah Fisher (1839-1923)
April Phillips .
Carolyn Shupe Emanuel Custer (b.1779 Phil, Pa; d.1829 near Grantsville Md) m. Anna Catherine Ringer (1784-1847)
Cutlip Linda Steorts Kaufman .

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