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Main given-name for this surname
Baer Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Lynda Katonak .
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer  
Ed Surkosky Ludwig Baer descendents
Bahorik Jackie Miller .
Bailey Gerald Schill .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Baker Ellis Michaels .
Donna Baker Roginski Phillip Baker (b.before 1790 - d. 1826-28) married to
Catharine Brallier (1786-1864)
Kerry L. Miller .
Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Baldwin Kay Peters Oliver John Perry Baldwin (b.either 1-1815 or 4-19-1817 in PA) m.
Mary "Lucy Ann" Clingerman (b.betw. 1820-1826 in PA)
[both died in Fulton County, Ohio]
Ball Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Balsley Barbara Goss George Edward Balsley
Baltzer Heather Jacob George Baltzer (1808-1876) m.
Anna Maria Rayman (1819-1900)
Barr Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Barron Peggy Jenene Coleman Belinda J. Barron (b.1863, d.?) mar. Henry Coleman
dau. of John C. Barron and Catherine Gonder
[would like to know death date and burial place for Belinda]
Basye Terry Basye Floran Ward Basye (1906-1984) m. Nellie Avery
Bauer Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Beabes Marcia Cassler Bernheisel .
Beachy Kathie B. Lund Lucinda Beachy (1830-1908) married
George Milton Lowry (1820-1903)
Marion Taylor .
Beacker Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Beagle/Beegle Henry Snyder Phoebe Beagle/Beegle (1811-1836) m. Jacob Rosenberg
Beam Michael Bathrick .
Beaner Batha Karr .
Becker Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Beeghly/Bueghly Merikay Mestad .
Beisel/Bisel Nancy Caruthers Karns .
Belteur Kathie B. Lund Elizabeth Belteur (1823-) married Joseph Garlitz (1818-1858)
Bence Pennie Shippey Mancuso .
Bender Elaine Campbell .
Benell Sandra Benell .
Benford Michael Bathrick .
Berkebile Danny Jackson Sarah Berkebile m. Ephraim Adams
Left Somerset Co. in the 1860's and moved to Arkansas
Berkey April Phillips .
Berkey/Burkey Sally Huntley .
Bills Tina Cameron Amanda Bills m. Henry Slater Cameron on 9/14/1879
Bird Gene Bird Derrick Bird (d. ca.1827) arrived in Addison about 1798
2nd wife: Elizabeth Barnet. Derrick likely came west from New Jersey with first wife, likely another Elizabeth.
Beth Golden Sarah Bird, wife of Philip Turney (b. 8-Dec-1791; d. 20-Jan-1873; buried Old Turney Cemetery, Addison)
Bitner Mary Ward Mary Ann Bitner (1809-1888), m. George Zimmerman
Bittner Rich Boyer .
Maria Brower Moses BITTNER (b.1825) m.
Christina ERNST/EARNST (b.1832) d/o Jacob Ernst/Earnst
Gloria J. Snyder .
Blake Susan Reighard John J. Blake (b.1843/England; d.1920) m.
Mary Margaret Nelson (b.1851/England; d.1935)
Blane/Blain Debbie Wetlaufer Elizabeth BLANE/BLAIN (b.abt.1807 Mass., d. 1884 Westmoreland, PA) married
Calvin MORLEY (b. 1798 Gill, Mass.)
Blough Sally Huntley .
April Phillips .
Stewart Saylor .
Boggs Linda Steorts Kaufman .
Bohn Dawn Daniel .
Boll Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Bone Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Border Marcia Cassler Bernheisel .
Borgher William R. Zeigler Caroline (1823-1909) m.
Adam Altvater (1814-1893)
Bossert Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Bowers Glenda Tressler Smith Frederick Bowers
Bowater Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Bowman Mel Bowman (Bauman, Baumann, Buman)
Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko .
Kerry L. Miller .
Bowman/Bauman Lucinda Boyer .
Bowser Heidi Abegg .
Anna Marie Kuhns-Walko .
Marion Taylor .
Gloria J. Snyder .
Boyd Lynda Katonak .
Merikay Mestad .
Boyer Lucinda Boyer .
Rich Boyer
Susan Cheyney Benjamin Boyer (c1796-1865)
Mary Gauntz Christine Shumaker Boyer
m. Baltzer Gauntz (d. 1889, buried in Summit Township)
Batha Karr .
Robert Shaffer .
Brady Brady girl .
Brenda Brady James Thomas Brady (b.1876 Ottawa, Illinois)
m. Elizabeth Landis (b. in Pa); they moved to Shady Creek Twp, Somerset PA between the 1920 and 1930 census years.
Jean Wall Barbara Mary Brady (b.1918) m. Robert E. Johnston (b.1916)
Braillier April Phillips .
Heather Jacob Henry B. Brallier (1801-1863) m. Margaret Trent (1811-1854)
Brallier Donna Baker Roginski Catharine Brallier (1786-1864) married to
Phillip Baker (b.before 1790)
Brandt Irma J. Brant .
Brant Heidi Abegg .
Lucinda Boyer .
Irma J. Brant .
T. Marshall Hopkins Ephraim Brant (1837-1919) m.
Catherine "Caty" Woy (1844-1920)
Heather Jacob Chauncey Adam Brant (1833-1906) m.
Susannah Rayman (1834-1915)
Brant/Brandt Priscilla Engeman Franklin Brant (1829-1859)
Brecht Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Brick April Phillips .
Briggs Glenda Tressler Smith George and Anthony
Brown April Phillips .
Stewart Saylor .
Brubaker Donna Knupp John Brubaker (1753-1803) married to
Anna Musser (1751-1819)
Brunner Michael Bathrick .
Buelman Jeff Buelman Buelman
Burket(t) Connie Burkett
Jacob Burkett (1846-1934) married to
Hannah Smith (1848-1935)
Burkey April Phillips .
Burkhart Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Stewart Saylor .
Burkholder Suzanne Smith Chutis .
Burley Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Bush Cathy Click Margaret W. Bush (b.1819-d.betw 1900-1910)
m. Daniel E. Davis (1814-1892)
Bussard William R. Zeigler Mary Anne (1821-1848)
m. Solomon Altvater (1814-1893)
Bussard/Buzzard Rhonda Whetstone Neibauer .
Byers Allen Wissinger .

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