Glade One-Room School Restoration Project

The School is located on Route 160 between Roxbury and Reel's Corner in Stonycreek Township. It is presently on the grounds of the Glade Church. The present Schoolhouse dates to 1868 and was used until 1929 when all County Schools were consolidated. It was erected across the road from Glade Church. Around 1931 the building was moved and attached to the Unity United Church of Christ and used as a social room. In the summer of 2000 Glade Church members decided to build a large addition to the Church. Some of the members realized the historical significance of the one room School building, so they offered it to the Berlin Area Historical Society along with the land to re-locate it to. BAHS was glad to receive the gift and soon afterward the Glade School Restoration Committee was formed. The Committee decided to put a concrete block foundation under the building at its' new site. The original idea was to restore the School, but now the Committee decided to make the basement a museum of all one-room schools. The top is being restored as the room originally looked, as much as is possible. A great amount of effort went into this, with much help from other sources such as the County Prison workers and the County Vo-Tech. This is only two examples of the many hands that worked on this project. When the School is finished we plan to have tours and other events for people with an interest in such things. We are looking for donations of one room School memorabilia for display. If you have an interest or something to donate, please let us know.

Written by Joyce Hay

For more information or to make a donation:

The Berlin Area Historical Society
P.O. Box 35
Berlin, PA 15530
Tel: (814) 267-5987


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