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AUG, LANNING, OVERSTRAKE, ROBERTS, TANNEHILL, TROUTE posted by Gregory LO. Bender on Friday, October 3, 1997

WEST; PA,USA>OH,USA; 1800-1902 Nathaniel WEST and his New Jersey-born wife lived in Farmington, Warren Co., PA where they had a daughter. This daughter, Mary Jane WEST was born in Farmington December 28, 1832. As a young girl, she visited Somerset Co, PA. Later in her life, she married Victor TANNEHILL and returned to Somerset Co., PA where she lived with her husband on a farm on a hillside above Drakestown near Confluence in Lower Turkeyfoot Twp. Her husband Victor was the son of Zachariah TANNEHILL of Drakestown and Mary Ann Lanning of New Jersey. Mary Jane WEST and Victor TANNEHILL had four children: William TANNEHILL, born July 1852; Nathaniel TANNEHILL, born November 1853; Melvina TANNEHILL, born 1855; and, Enos W. TANNEHILL, born October 1856. Mary Jane WEST died August 22, 1902, and is buried in Coss (Old Belfast) Cemetery, Belfast, Jackson Twp., Highland Co., OH. William TANNEHILL married Sara Jane ROBERTS (b. AUG 1864) on June 26, 1884 in Highland Co., OH. Nathaniel TANNEHILL married Mary B. OVERSTRAKE (b. APR 1859) on May 13, 1883 in Highland Co., OH. Melvina TANNEHILL married James W. TROUTE on May 13, 1876 in Highland Co., OH. Enos W. TANNEHILL married a woman named Alice who bore him two sons: Harley and Enos. Alice died about 1884 and a year later, married Mary Margaret 'Maggie" McMEEKIN (b. May 1854) on August 5, 1885, in Highland Co., OH. Maggie bore Enos four more children: Anna Mae "Mae" TANNEHILL, born May 1887; Vernon Louis TANNEHILL, born July 25, 1889; Ray TANNEHILL, born April 22, 1891; and, Nancy "Nannie" TANNEHILL, born May 12, 1893. Victor TANNEHILL died May 25, 1916, and is buried next to his wife. What else is known of our Mary Jane WEST? or Victor's mother Mary Ann LANNING?

BROOKS posted by Phillip M. Brooks on Sunday, October 5, 1997

BROOKS, James. b. abt. 1770 d.1833. Reportedly a Methodist minister in Somerset Co. Possibly with origins in Virginia and migrating eventually to Fayette Co., Ohio, in 1810.

BAUGHMAN posted by Carole Wardle on Monday, October 6, 1997

I need the 1850 Censes record for Dennis BAUGHMAN.

PARTSCH posted by Jerry Partsch on Tuesday, October 7, 1997

Frank PARTSCH Johnstown, PA Father of Francis, Eugene, Ben, Robert, Theodore, Raymond, Patricia, Agnes, Peggy, Dolly I am trying to start tracing my genealogy. Frank was my grandfather but was deceased before I was born.

BURKET, ENGLE, FAUST, FIKE, FISHER, FOUST, GLADFETY, GLASSNER, INGLE, NAWGEL, NAWGLE posted by Lonnie Charles Thomas-Dugan on Tuesday, October 7, 1997

FOUST / FAUST / ENGLE / BURKET / GLASSNER I am searching for Mary FOUST / FAUST who was near 17 years of age at the time of the court orders shown here. If anyone has included this child in their family as step-child or other title or if she married soon after 1792 and there is a record of the marriage, then please let me know. Also, anyone with knowledge of meaning of 'late guardian' as it applies to Michael INGLE please explain to me. I have found that all of the names in these references are quite different from those used at your Reformed Church. I elected not to change the court record. PeterFOUST, dec'd (-1790) Mary, widow. c: Abraham, Elizabeth, John, Margaret, Sara, Susannah, MARY FOUST / FAUST Peter FOUST, dec'd. Mary, widow. Adm: John FISHER Bonds: Clements INGLE, Michael INGLE, all of Elk Lick Twp. (7 January 1791). On motion of Joseph NAWGEL & at instance of John FIKE, surviving administrator of Peter FOUST, Solomon GLADFETY was appointed guardian over Abraham & Elizabeth FOUST, both under 14 years. On the motion and instance, as above, Michael INGLE was appointed guardian over the other children of Peter FOUST dec'd, namely, John, Margaret, Sara & Susannah, under 14 years of age. MARY FOUST, over 14, chose Michae lINGLE as guardian. Approved. (20 February 1792) Upon application by Memorial of Jacob GLASSNER, Jr and on motion of W. NAWGLE the court appointed Jacob GLASSNER, Jr., & George BURKET as joint guardians over John, Peggy, Sally & Susannah Foust, minor children of Peter FOUST, dec'd, in place of Michael INGLE, late guardian. Ordered.(28 January 1793) "The Bedford County Archives" Volume I, Edited by James B. Whisker (pp 55, 56, 64)


I'm seeking knowledge of Dennis WETMILLER d. 1863 and descendants. He settled in or near Meyersdale, Somerset County with his wife Catharine d. 1877. They had 5 children. (John?) Henry WETMILLER b. 1838 d. 1919 who married Lydia GRINE or GRIMES b 1837 d. 1907, Samuel WETMILLER b. 1848 d. 1925 who married Lydia WEIMER b. 1848 d. 1909, Herman WETMILLER, who I believe served in Civil War, but know nothing more about him, Mary WETMILLER who married Henry BOCKES and Alice WETMILLER who I know nothing about. (John?) Henry WETMILLER'S daughter Sarah b 1860 married Samuel GIPE, his daughter Elizabeth b. 1869 married John BOCKES, his daughter Mary Catherine b. 1874 married George SHOCKEY and his daughter Alice May b. 1877 married John Henry HERTZOG. Samuel WETMILLER's daughter Margaret b. 1882 married Harry KNECHT and daughter Catherine b. 1889 married Howard COUNIHAN. If anyone has further information on anyone of these families I would very much like to add to my knowledge of the family. I'm especially interested in finding out more about Dennis WETMILLER and his five children. I believe alot of the family stayed in the area of Somerset County.

GASHAW, RUMMEL posted by Rebecca Rummel on Wednesday, October 8, 1997

I am searching for information on the RUMMEL and GASHAW families of Maple Springs Church of the Bretheren. Our Ggrandmother CORA GASHAW RUMMEL just celebrated her 100th birthday. I would like cemetary listing for Maple Springs Cemetary near Holsopple/ Jerome, Somerset Co. PA. where her husband William David Rummel is buried. Would like to correspond with anyone working on these families.

SCHULTZ, SHULTZ posted by Janet Jenkins on Thursday, October 9, 1997

LOOKING FOR INFORMATION ON SCHULTZ (SHULTZ) John AND Barbara and son George living around Greenville in Somerset county in 1820s and 1830s. George had children Maria born in 1827, Urius born in 1829, and Deliah in 1833. John SCHULTZ died in 1839. Would like to know Barbara SCHULTZ maiden name

BARKLEY, LAVALY, LAVELY posted by Sandra Garstenshlager on Monday, October 13, 1997

I am looking for Aaron LAVELY who married Maria BARKLEY they had a daughter Amanda LAVALY, born 22 Jan 1858 and she Married John M. Mishler.

DODSON, MOSGROVE, PEER, PEERE posted by Diane Poorman Plumlee on Monday, October 13, 1997

DODSON, MOSGROVE, PEER/PEERE. I am looking for information about Ida DODSON born October 30, 1889; lived across the river from Bolivar, PA. Father was Dorsey, mother was Ida or Sara(h) PEER from Indiana state--she died about 1898. Their children (Ida's siblings) were Ed, John, Alec/Alex, and Martha. Ida married Albert MOSGROVE, originally from Westmoreland County, PA, on October 9, 1913.

CARNELL, FULLER, HEANE, POORMAN, WILSON posted by Diane Poorman Plumlee on Monday, October 13, 1997

POORMAN, HEANE. Looking for information on William POORMAN, born July 2, 1893. Siblings were Paul, Harry, Bertha (Beam) and others. He married Clara Belle HEANE, born June 9, 1897 somewhere in the area of Johnstown, Newcomerstown. Her siblings were Lavina (Lavinia) WILSON, Harriet FULLER, Elizabeth (Liza) CARNELL. I appreciate any and all information, as this is all my father can remember.

FORQUER posted by Ernestine Poling on Monday, October 13, 1997

FORQUER Researching Forquer surname, specifically ancestors of Isaac Armstrong Forquer born in Preston County, Virginia (now West Virginia), parents John and Elizabeth (Smith) of Somerset County who left PA about 1824. John Forquer may have spelled his name "Forker" at some time. He was born around 1795 and she was born around 1798. I believe John Forquer was a soldier in the War of 1812 and that he was of English descent and she (Elizabeth) of German.

BAKER, SHULTZ posted by Sheri Nye on Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Seeking parents of Catherine BAKER b. abt. 1750, she married Johan Nicholas SHULTZ Jr. (the son of Johan Nicholas & Elizabeth (Baker) Shultz) Catherine & J. David had a daughter Catherine Shultz(s) b. 1780 Brothersvalley twp. Somerset Co. Pa.

ADAMS, CHAMBERS posted by Lowell Thomas Baggett Jr. on Tuesday, October 14, 1997

Looking for info. on John ADAMS b.1672,Antrim,Ireland d.1753 BedminsterTowneship,Sommerset Colony....Married Elizabeth 1709 in New Jersy...had son Samuel G. ADAMS b1720-1725 Fayette Co.,Penn. d.1803 Married Kathryn,will in Union Co.,Penn.....Had son Major Robert ADAMS b.1742 Fayette Co.,Penn. d.1806 Westm??? Co.,Penn.,Married Elizabeth CHAMBERS d.4/5/1809, her father was John CHAMBERS from New Jersy ect....... Please e-mail me at zipadido@msn.com or call at 1-(916)-632-1836!! Thank you!!

ATCHEISON, ATCHESON, ATCHISON posted by Jerry Morrison on Wednesday, October 15, 1997

ATCHISON/ATCHESON On the 1810 & 1820 US Census for Somerset County, there is listed a William ATCHISON in Brothers Valley. On the 1830 Census there is listed a William ATCHISON and a James ATCHEISON, both in Brothers Valley area. In the 1840 Census, neither is listed. There is a James listed but he is in Milford area. I am trying to locate information on these two families. There is both a James R. and William ATCHISON that shows up on the 1840 Census for Walton County GA. James R. ATCHISON was supposed to be born in 1786 in PA but I don't know where. I think these two were relatives and both moved to GA, first William and then James. They are cited in a history book of Walton County as area Pioneers. I need to establish the Identities of these two to see if they are the same people. James R. married a woman named Susan at some point before 1816 as their first child was born in that year.

HARSHBARGER, HERSHBERGER posted by Ed Hershberger on Thursday, October 16, 1997

Seeking information about Isaac HARSHBARGER/HERSHBERGER (1811 - 1897). Lived in Cambria County from 1850 (and perhaps earlier). Is buried in Richland cemetary, Cambria County, PA. Interested in determining who parents are.

CRITCHFIELD, GESSNER, TILLISON posted by Michele Hawkins on Thursday, October 16, 1997

I am looking for ancestors of Jesse CRITCHFIELD, born 2July1841 in Somerset Co., PA. He married Rebecca GESSNER, daughter of Ludwig GESSNER and Margaret. We believe his parents were William CRITCHFIELD and Susanna. Possible grandparents WIlliam CRITCHFIELD and Joanna TILLISON. Would appreciate any help. Thanks Michele Hawkins

ARNSPIGER, BRUNER, CROUCH, ERNSTBERGER, PUTMAN, REED, ROHRER, SCHNEIDER posted by Carol Jones Wilson on Thursday, October 16, 1997

My ancestor Ulrich BRUNER sold land in Frederick Co, MD to Jacob SCHNEIDER (a brother to Adam SCHNEIDER, who married his grand-daughter Catharine PUTMAN), in 1794. Other names connected to BRUNER are Abraham REED, Jacob ROHRER, Andrew PUTMAN and his son Peter, Paul ERNSTBERGER (ARNSPIGER) & Frances CROUCH. I would like to correspond with others working on any of these families in this area at this time. The BRUNER family went to Bedford Co, PA sometime after the above date. Some children went to Westmoreland Co.

BURKET, GOOD, GREIG posted by John Greig on Thursday, October 16, 1997

My father's father's name was George GOOD, I am told. Hiswife, my Grandmother, was Mary Burket. My father was born between 1910 & 1912. Some problem, I have been told a story painting George badly, resulted in my Grandmother some time later marrying Rolland GREIG. I am told Rolland never adopted my father. In 1958, was in a man's house, in Somerset, who was very uncommunicative. I often wonder if he thought I was looking for an inheritance. Was not & am not. However, this man was a Good, and I believe he may have been George's brother. The BURKET'S were a long established family. George Good was of German desent I am told. If true, I suspect the name had been Anglisized to Good some time after itgot here. I appreciate any information that can be provided. Thanks. I can not make the county listing below scrool down. Therefore, I hope this message will substitute. Please post in Somerset county.

HOUSEHOLDER, KNABLE posted by Karen Holt on Friday, October 17, 1997

I am interested in corresponding with anyone researching KNABLE and HOUSEHOLDER in Bedford, Somerset, Fulton and Franklin Counties.

RHOADES, RHOADS, RHODES posted by Rhodes J. Isenhart Jr. on Monday, October 27, 1997

Am looking for any information on Jacob RHOADES/RHODES/RHOADS son of Henry Rhoades Sr. who died in Ursina in 1774. Jacob married a Rebecca Gilbert from Frederick Co. MD. Jacob died in Bedford Co in Londonderry twp in 1790. Their children were Joshua, Abraham, Elizabeth, Mary, and Susnnah. Susannah married my GG-Grandfather Jacob Isenhart in Cumberland MD in 1901.

BOWMAN, LOHR posted by Ron Bowman on Tuesday, October 28, 1997

I am searching for the birth or death of Daniel or John Daniel BOWMAN b. abt. 1831 Meyersdale, PA d. ? m. 1854 to Agnes LOHR b. Dec. 12, 1833 Fayette Co. PA d. Oct 25, 1917 Westmd. Co. PA. Any help appreciated.

BOWMAN, LOHR posted by Ron Bowman on Tuesday, October 28, 1997

I am searching for the birth or death of Daniel or John Daniel BOWMAN b. abt. 1831 Meyersdale, PA d. ? m. 1854 to Agnes LOHR b. Dec. 12, 1833 Fayette Co. PA d. Oct 25, 1917 Westmd. Co. PA. Any help appreciated.

SHAW posted by Connie Latta on Wednesday, October 29, 1997

SHAW, Lewis, born 1851 married to Mary Ann Spriggs born 1852 c. 1875. Looking for information on this family. Daughter Eliza Belle Shaw, married William F. Sidow. Any help is greatly appreciated.

BENRAT, BENRATH, PENROD, PENRODS posted by Wayne E. Penrod on Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Seeking research sources for surname PENROD a/k/a PENRODS, BENRAT, BENRATH.

REAMER, REMER, SMITH posted by Stephen Butler on Thursday, October 30, 1997

David REAMER\REMER was born in Dec 1754, served in Rev. War, married Nancy SMITH in 1780 Cumberland Co.,PA. Who was David's father & mother? Was it George?

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