Archived Queries for December 1996

WEIMER, WEIMERS posted by Bob Boor on Saturday, December 7, 1996

WEIMER,Susan--Born circa 1820, Married George W. Inks of Wharton Twp, Fayette Co., Pa. This township borders Somerset Co. Susan died March 26,1905 in Uniontown, Pa. There is a lot of WEIMERS in Somerset Co. Anyone there Know who the parents of Susan WEIMER Inks might be. Please Help! We hit a dead end. Thanks.

FRIEDLINE posted by Dorothy Gerhardt Jones on Saturday, December 7, 1996

I am interested in finding the birthplace of Johan Ludwig FRIEDLINE, born ca. 1730 in Germany,emigrated and came to the United States in 1749. He lived in Somerset County, PA. I would also like to have information on his ancestors. I have been told that his father was Lodawick Friedline. Please e-mail DotSEZ.

posted by Norman Collier on Saturday, December 7, 1996

Seeking information for Mrs. Rebecca Kartilia on Jacob Slagle who died in Hampshire County, Va (now Wv) in 1800 this information should be independent from Monnett Genealogy. Any other information on Mary Slagle Collier, b. 1770,d. 1842 and John Collier, b. 1766 d. 1857 will also be appreciated.

HARDESTY, IRWIN, WARREN posted by James Ross Wiley on Tuesday, December 10, 1996

Searching for parents of Susanna IRWIN, b. 1762, PA. m. Hans Wiley, abt 1780-85, Dunbar twp., Fayette Co., PA. Also - Families of WARREN & HARDESTY, moved to Ohio from PA about 1800, Belmont Co. Other areas surnames: Clement, McHenry, Moore...


Searching for further information . Write to James Ross WILEY: (jrwiley@imperium.net) ___________________________________________________ PATERNAL family surnames: WILEY (Hans WILEY, b 1760, County Down, Ireland, Came USA 1778. Fayette Co., PA.) IRWIN (Susanna Irwin, b 1762, PA. Wife of Hans WILEY) McHENRY (James McHenry, Sr., b. Abt 1793 in Ireland, wife Margaret ___. M. Abt 1810, [W] Virginia, son, James, Jr., b 1820., m. Mary Jane Moore, abt 1850 Wetzel or Marshall Co. [W] Virginia) MOORE (Jacob, b 1791, PA, m. Anna Culp, parent of Mary Jane MOORE) WARREN (ancestors and descendants of Haddock WARREN, b 1760, DE) HAWLEY (Nancy Ann Hawley, b. Abt 1770, wife of Haddock WARREN) HARDESTY (ancestors and descendants of Obediah HARDESTY, b. 1/26/1758, VA.) PARIS (Mary "Polly" PARIS, b. Abt 1764, France. Wife of Obediah HARDESTY) CLEMENTS (Jane CLEMENTS, b. Abt 1793, PA., wife of Archibald WILEY.) (Father "Gurnan" CLEMENTS? "Guian" CLEMENTS?) MATERNAL family surnames: SMITH (Oliver, b. 1801, VT, son Hiram, b 1827, VT.) MEIER ( Johann Jacob MEIER, b. 1804, Lupfitz, Switzerland) KEISTER (Henry KEISTER, b. Abt 1735, Baden, Germany) REICHART(Maria Eve, b. Abt 1735, Germany, wife of Henry KEISTER) son, Adam Keister, b. 1765, York Co., PA.) McCULLOUGH (Jospeh, b. Abt 1770) son, HUGH McCULLOUGH, b. 1799, PA.) RICHESON (George, b. Abt 1775, PA, fath of Eliza SMITH RICHESON, wife of Hugh McCULLOUGH) ROBINETT (Dinah B., b. 1827, Mt. Hope, OH, wife of John O. Keister) (Moses A. ROBINETT, father of Dinah B., b. 1808, PA.) __________________________________________________ Surnames my wife, Lu Wiley (maggie15@imperium.net) is researching: PATERNAL family surnames: SMITH, SHAFFER, GOFF, SKINNER, BURGE, RADFORD. SMITH, Andrew - b. 1811, Coshocton Co., Ohio, m. 1831 - Christina SHAFFER, also b. Coshocton Co., Ohio GOFF, Tertulius, b. 1765, MA, later lived Lodi, NY, m. 1787 Permillicent ("Emily") SKINNER BURGE, William, b. Abt 1815, England. M. (Abt 1840?) Sarah RADFORD (Redford?), also b. England, abt 1815. MATERNAL family surnames: KIRKMAN, BELL, ARNSBARGER (Ernsberger?), CAMERON James R. Wiley, aka -> jrwiley@imperium.net

MENGES posted by Penny Menges on Friday, December 13, 1996

I am looking for information on Adam MENGES Sr. wife. Adam was born in Somerset Co., 30 Nov. 1777. He had three brothers, John Henry b 7 Sept 1787, Joseph b 19 June 1790, and Ludwig b 9 Feb 1795. Adams wife does not appear anywhere I have looked. Adam and his wife had four children Henry b 18 Nov 1801, Jacob b 13 Feb 1804, Eliazbeth b 3 Feb 1806, and Adam Jr. b 8 Apr 1808 Most of the information on the family came from the Family Bible or the Church records in Berlin. They have no record of her. Is anyone researching this family and maybe knows who she was? Thank you

CATON posted by Robert D. Gillie on Sunday, December 15, 1996

CATON, James Hall w/son: Martin CATON Suspect James Hall Caton spent time and possibly was born in BEDFORD CO., PA or somewhere in N.Y. state. I need anything that might connect me to Martin CATON's siblings and/or parents. The only "Clue" I have is Martin's request for Civil War Pension in which he stated his place of birth as "Cessic's CO., PA" which I have never found to have existed. Martin was a Sergent in the Union Army, Co. F., 142nd PA INF., out of Somerset, CO., PA. Robert Gillie (gillie6922@aol.com) Gaithersburg, MD (301) 330-1566

BEAM, BETZ, BIESECKER, COVER, GOHN, KING, LUTZ, SHAULIS, SIPE posted by Billie Leclerc on Sunday, December 15, 1996

Christian and Christiana BETZ reared a family of 10 children on a farm near/in Jennerstown, Somerset CO., PA. Who were Christian and Christiana? Where & when were they born...in U.S. or in Europe? What was Christiana's maiden name? Christian Betz died in Jenners in 1825. His widow married John Keefer about 3 years later, but I haven't found records of this latter marriage...only references to settlement of Christian's will and to their minor children. Their eldest 4 or maybe 5 children were possibly born in Allegany. Does this refer to Allegany, a township of Somerset Co., or was Jenners Twp. part of Allegany County, MD from about 1793-1799? Their son Henry Betz married Elizabeth BEAM, no date know; but they also lived and farmed in Somerset CO, PA. Henry Betz was a deacon/elder of the Beams German Reformed Church in Jenners. He and Elizabeth had 9 children between 1821 & 1845, all born in Somerset Co. I have sketchy information about most of these descendents. I am interested in any pertinent information about these Betz people. Some of the Somerset families that Betz daughters married into: J.J. GOHN, Frederick BIESECKER, Michael SIPE, J.J. COVER, Samuel LUTZ and Levi SHAULIS, Wheeler KING, & J. K. P. Biesecker.

CRUM, DODSON, PLUMMER posted by James R. Phillips on Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Looking for info. on John CRUM,m. Margaret PLUMMER. Lived in Cambrai Co., Summerhill, Pa. abt.1884. Children: Elmer Edward Crum, b. 1884, d. 1953, m. Amelia Jane Hofecker Joseph Crum, b. 1870, d. 1961,m. Elizabeth O. ? Clara Crum,m. ? Rutter Stella Crum, b. 1883, d. 1963, m. ? DODSON If you have any info. on these people please e-mail me at JamesP6247@aol.com

CABLE, HELSEL, KEMP, MILLER posted by Shirley Adler on Saturday, December 21, 1996

Seeking info on HELSEL of Hollsopple or Paint Twp. ELIZABETH HELSEL b. 1822, married SAMUEL CABLE. Need parents, etc., also seeking JOHN KEMP 2nd husband of SUSANNA MILLER, d/o ABRAHAM MILLER (Brothersvalley or Stonycreek Twps.

MCKENZIE, TOMLINSON posted by Thomas Lancasster on Monday, December 23, 1996

Researching John MCKENZIE1794-1863 married Hannah TOMLINSON (about 1794- 1838), 9 children. Married 2nd Barbara Engle 1818-1905 , 12 children any info appreciated. who was his father and mother, Hannah's father and mother. In Somerset Co. Greenville twp, Possibly Garret co. Md. Thanks.

KUNKLE posted by Mark Kunkle on Friday, December 27, 1996

Looking for information on my GG Grandfather Peter KUNKLE. He was said to have fought in the Civil War (8161-65). Was suppose to be from Germany. Lived in Somerset County and possibly Indiana County. One of his sons was Calvin S. Kunkle.

BOYER, SILBAUGH, WASS posted by William Disbro on Saturday, December 28, 1996

Hello Fellow Researchers I'm researching the WASS,BOYER,SILBAUGH families surnames in the Adiison Twn. in the late 1700 early 1800's .I am at this time seeking records from several Methodist Episcopal Church's in that township.The church's that I seek records form are the Newbury Methodist Episcopal Church and the Silbaugh Methodist Episcopal Church. Does anyone know where these records are now kept? Also looking for any history of the Methodist Episcopal Church in this time frame.Any help greatly appreciated!

FESTAG, SNIDER posted by Karen Dreucci on Saturday, December 28, 1996

Seeking descendants of Marie FESTAG SNIDER to contact me about family history. Marie and her husband owned the OAKHURST TEA ROOM, possibly the original owners. Contacts to Karen Dreucci, e-mail dreuc@hhs.net will be appreciated.

HOOVER posted by Christine Irvine on Sunday, December 29, 1996

HOOVER Searching for the location and date of death for John Benton Hoover b. 1824 in Somerset Co. PA. - Living in 1870 in Summit Township, in 1880 and 1900 John is living in McKean County, PA. Unable to locate any death or probate info. All help would be appreciated

WEIMER posted by Robert Boor on Sunday, December 29, 1996

WEIMER, SUSAN married George W. Inks circa 1845 of Wharton Twp., Fayette County,Pa. She died March 26, 1905. There are a lot of WEIMER families in Somerset Co. Looking for anyone who might be able to help me find her parents or other family members. Thank You.

SHAFFER, SPAKE posted by Gary Burton on Tuesday, December 31, 1996

I'm interested in finding the roots of Adam A. SHAFFER, b. 26 Jun 1809, Baden Germany, married to Julia Ann SPAKE, b. 11 May 1811, Germany. Would appreciate any info regarding parents or siblings. Known info: an older brother came to America first and settled at Columbus, New York, and later moved to Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Julia Ann and Adam lived in Conemaugh Twp., Somerset Co., PA, 1860 Census confirms this! You may e-mail me % of Gary_Burton@eee.org!

FRAZIER, NEUMANN, WHITE posted by Charles L. Neumann on Tuesday, December 31, 1996

My parents: FREDERIC WILLIAM NEUMANN and MARGARET IRENE FRAZIER where married at St. Mary Assumption Church 28 June 1933 Church record Vol.II,p92. My fathers date of birth 02/14/1908. My paternal grandparents AUGUST NEUMANN and CATHERINE WHITE lived lived in an above the store they owned on Niagra St. I would like some help with any records the state may have archived on my parents and grand parents.

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