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Would you like to share your old family photo's with our visitors? If you would, please send your scanned photo file to Connie Burkett and April Phillips. Please include a brief description of the photo, names of individuals, location (township too), file name and size, and approximate date the photo was taken.

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Four generations of Nicholsons, Goodtown, Somerset County, circa 1924. Notes: Four generations of Nicholsons. Mrs Simon Nicholson, her son Nelson G Nicholson, her grandson Walter B Nicholson standing in back, and her great grandson Frederick, on Nelsons knee 36k Jan 1998 John C. Oester
Familiarly know as Grandpa Nickelson, he lived to the ripe old age of 94 years, 1 month, and 23 days. Mr. Nickelson lived on a farm known as the Bailey Place, on the Springfield road, near Draketown, having resided here for 62 years continuously to death. He was a noted hunter, tree grafter and bee man. He served his district as tax collector, and at his prime, was road supervisor for many years. 29k March 2002 Les Snyder
Adam Nickelson was the son of John Robert and Phoebe B. (Snyder) Nicholson. Adam is believed to have changed the spelling from Nicholson to Nickelson during the Civil War to eliminate confusion between he and his brother. Maria was the daughter of Levi and Susan (Ringer) Snyder. Adam b. 2 Nov 1840, d.25 Dec 1934. Maria b.26 Mar 1848, d.17 Jul 1921. 37k March 2002 Les Snyder
Anna Mary Nicholson Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, circa 1915. Notes:Daughter of Peter Nicholson and Elizabeth Myers Nicholson. She married George H Rist, January 9, 1898 . 28k Mar 1998 Cookie Huckaby
Elizabeth Meyers Nicholson Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, circa 1895. Notes:Wife of Peter Nicholson, daughter of Rudolph Meyrs, IV and Jane Pinkerton . 29k Mar 1998 Cookie Huckaby
Silas Nicholson Family Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, circa 1896-98. Notes: pictured Silas Nichalson and wife Sarah/Mary Krebs. b.1842 and died -----1905 b. in Pettis Co, MO - Married Sarah/Mary Krebs 1865. 36k Apr 2000 Helen Guymon
Peter Nicholson Upper Turkeyfoot Twp, circa 1895. Notes: Son of John R Nicholson and Phebe Snyder. 21k Mar 1998 Cookie Huckaby
William Wilson Nicholson Vim, Summit Township, circa 1895.
Notes:(Son of Simon C.R. Nicholson and Elizabeth Vought Nicholson) Well known postmaster of St.Paul for five years, school teacher for eight years, and merchant of villiage store in Vim.
26k Mar 1998 John C. Oester
Richard S Nicholson Family, Elk Lick Twp., circa 1916. Notes: Richard S Nicholson Family,(Son of Simon C.R. Nicholson and Elizabeth Vought Nicholson) children, oldest to youngest, Ralph E, Nancy E, Ester G, Viola L, Matilda L, Lillian L, and Alva J, wife, Fannie Lepley Nicholson, and Richard S Nicholson 98k Jan 1998 John C. Oester
Rev. Harvey S Nicholson Family, Elk Lick Twp., circa 1916. Notes: Rev. Harvey S Nicholson Family, (Son of Simon C.R. Nicholson and Elizabeth Vought Nicholson) children, left to right, Paul R, Anna, Stanley R, and Nevil G. seated, Mrs. Lilly Good Nicholson and Rev. Harvey S Nicholson 77k Jan 1998 John C. Oester
Simon C R Nicholson and Elizabeth Vought Nicholson, Milford Twp., circa 1900. Notes: Simon C R Nicholson, born October 14, 1837, in Milford Twp, (son of William and Catherine Nicholson); Elizabeth Vought was born February 6th, 1841. She was the daughter of Jacob and Elizabeth Vought. Her birthplace was in Negro Mountain, about 5 miles from the Handwerk school-house. She married Simon C R Nicholson on March 11th, 1860. She died November 25th, 1925. Simon died July 1st, 1897. 32k Jan 1998 John C. Oester
Samuel Austin Nicholson and Florence Mason Nicholson, Fayette County, circa 1914. Notes: Samuel Austin Nicholson was born September 13, 1890, at Clinton, Saltlick Twp., Fayette County, son of Benjamin John Nicholson Jr. and Minnie Rebecca Nicholson. He married Florence Mason on March 18, 1914. They lived on Breakneck Rd, Connellsville, Fayette Co. Pa. Samuel was a former coal miner and for many years was a stone cutter and operated a stone quarry. He also was a timber man. 29k Jan 2000 John C. Oester
Benjamin John Nicholson Jr. Family, Bull Skin Twp., circa 1925. Notes: Benjamin John Nicholson Jr. was born March 3, 1864, at Clinton, in Bull Skin Twp., Fayette County, son of Benjamin John Nicholson and Peggy Keefer Nicholson. He married Minnie Rebecca White. They lived in Bull Skin Twp, Fayette Co. Pa. - Back Row- Albert, Jessie, Harry, Henry, -Front Row- Frank, Benjamin Jr., Irvin, John. The six boys are son's of Benjamin Jr.- Irvin and Benjamin Jr. are bothers. 24k Jan 2000 John C. Oester
Pvt. Benjamin John Nicholson, Co. B, 16 Calvary, Milford Twp., circa 1862. Notes: Ben was born January 19, 1833, in Milford Twp, eldest son of William and Catherine Nicholson. He married Peggy Keefer on September 20, 1854, in Bull Skin Twp, Fayette Co. Pa. He died in Andersonville Civil War prison on August 14, 1864. Hundreds of his desendants can be found in a book by Opel Berger, "The Keefer Family Tree", in the Uniontown Public Library. 85k Apr 1998 John C. Oester
Harriet Nicholson, Elk Lick Twp., circa 1900. Notes: The Nicholson homeplace, near the Wm. H Hay farm in Elk Lick Twp. The girl on the far right is Harriet Nicholson. She was the youngest of the twelve children of Simon C. R. and Elizabeth Nicholson 110k Jan 1998 John C. Oester
John Wesley Nicholson Family, Upper Turkeyfoot Twp., circa 1908. Notes:.Back Row: Left to Right: Albert A. 17 yrs, Mary Katherine 13 yrs, Roy Roscoe, 19 yrs, Nell Berkey, Phoebe Grace 15 yrs. Front Row: Grandpa Johnny (52 yrs) holding Paul Ellsworth, 5 yrs, behind JW is Esther Louise, 11 yrs, Grandma Lizzie 46 yrs, Kid in front of Roy is Samuel Austin, 9 yrs; Charles Berkey holding baby, with child in front of Sam, next Susanna in the skirt and blouse, 7 yrs; then Berkey girl. The Berkeys could be Lizzie's brother and wife and their 3 kids. 34k Jun 1998 Ray Lawrence
John Wesley Nicholson, Lansing, Michigan, circa 1920. Notes:John was born December 20, 1856,in Somerset Co., and died in November, 1925. He was a son of John R Nicholson and Phebe Snyder. He married Elizabeth Catherine Berkey. They had 12 chldren. 61k Jun 1998 Lynn Schuyler

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