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Newspapers are an excellent source of genealogical records prior to 1906 when the state took over the keeping of vital records. The State Library of Pennsylvania has the largest collection of Pennsylvania newspapers. The Carnegie Library in Pittsburgh also has a large collection of Pittsburgh and western Pennsylvania newspapers. The LDS FHC also has many newspapers on microfilm and fiche.

Somerset PA newspaper articles in the USGenWeb Archives.

You may also wish to contact the local libraries in Somerset county for a listing of their archived newspapers. Questions can be addressed to the Reference Desk. Note: Some libraries do provide lookup services and there is a fee associated with this - please contact the library directly for this information.

Current Newspapers

The Daily American
334 W. Main Street
Somerset, PA 15501
Telephone: 814-444-5900

425 Locust Street
Johnstown, PA
Telephone: 814-532-5100

History of Newspapers in the County

For a complete history on the early newspapers of Somerset County, please see Bedford and Somerset Counties, Vol. II by Blackburn and Welfley, Lewis Publishing Co., New York & Chicago, 1906. The February 1996 issue of the Laurel Messenger has excerpted this information and some of the names of the early papers appear here.

[Excerpted from the February, 1996 issue of the Laurel Messenger. For a complete reading, see pages 244-45.]

Former County Newspapers

SALISBURY INDEPENDENT, 1872 Luther A. Smith, George H. Suhre

CHRISTIAN FAMILY COMPANION,1872 Rev. Henry R. Holsinger, Meyersdale

DALE CITY RECORD, 1872 Rev. Henry R. Holsinger, Meyersdale

VALLEY INDEPENDENT, 1873 a consolidation of the SALISBURY INDEPENDENT and the DALE CITY RECORD. Published by Smith and Suhre, Meyersdale. Discontinued in 1878.

MEYERSDALE COMMERCIAL, 1878 Stock company owned the plant; leased to Smith and Suhre. Smith became sole owner in 1881. Still operating in 1906.

MEYERSDALE REGISTER, 1890 Geo. Suhre. Operated only 4 years.

MEYERSDALE REPUBLICAN, 1900 Hen. Samuel A. Kendall, owner.

SOMERSET COUNTY STAR, 1891 Peter L. Livengood, Salisbury. After a fire Livengood made a second start in 1895. Still operating in 1906.

BERLIN BULLETIN, 1878 Rev. Holsinger and Judge Lewis Turner Ran only four months.

PROGRESSIVE CHRISTIAN, 1882 Rev. Holsinger. This was for German Baptists and was merged in 1882 with the BRETHREN EVANGELIST in Ohio.

BERLIN RECORD, 1885 Frank G. Chorpenning. In 1900 publication was suspended but revived in 1904 by a partnership, including editor William V. Marshall. Still operating in 1906.

The GLEANER, 1899 Henry F. Cook. Started in Frostburg, MD but was moved to Berlin, PA in 1903, when it became the BERLIN GLEANER. Cook sold to a stock company of Berlin men in 1904. Still operating in 1906.

WINDBER ERA, 1899 Amos Claar. Still in operation in 1906

WINDBER JOURNAL, 1899 J. W. Reed. Discontinued 1906.

ROCKWOOD GAZETTE, 1903 DanielB. Zimmerman, owner. Publisherand editor was Charles F. Overacker. In 1905 the plant was sold to James R. Barren.

ROCKWOOD LEADER, 1905 James Barren, publisher, U. S. Werner editor.

TURKEYFOOT NEWS, 1906 Beggs Bros. & Co., Confluence. Still operating 1906.

QUEMAHONING SENTINEL, 1906 Charles E. Overacker, publisher and editor, Boswell.



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