Military History in the County

No military event took place in Somerset County, but five army expeditions passed through its area.  The first of which was Col. George Washington's march towards Fort Duquesne at Pittsburg in 1754 which ended with his surrender at Fort Necessity. This event was followed by Gen. Edward Braddock's expedition when the British and Provincial troops were ambushed and defeated in Braddock's Field. In 1758, Brig. General John Forbes' British and Provincial troops cut a road through the county in his expedition to Fort Duquesne which was burned on his approach. In 1763, Col. Henry Boquet led an expedition to the relief of Fort Pitt which was under attack by the Delaware and Shawnee Indian Tribes during Pontiac's Conspiracy, and defeated the Indians at Bushy Run in Westmoreland County. During the Revolutionary War various military units passed back and forth. The last march of troops through the county was in 1794 when an expedition marched westward to enforce payment of excise tax on the making of whisky by the inhabitants.

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Civil War

Somerset County, PA was not directly in the line of fire during the Civil War but many of her sons valiantly served and died at Appomattax, Gettysburg, Antietam, and the Wilderness during one of our nations greatest internal conflicts. For an overview of the war and Somerset County's involvement, see "History of Bedford and Somerset Counties, Pennsylvania, Vol II, pp. 325-331, by William A. Welfley".

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