Copied from "The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania -- 1884"

CHAPTER LXVII. MILFORD. Township Organization--Progressive and Prosperous Farmers -Taxpayers in l796- Pioneer Settlers-Experiences, Anecdotes and Adventures-Hard Times--Early Manufactures- Rockwood-The Rapid Growth of an Industrious and Thrifty Village - New Centreville Borough-A Quiet and Pleasant Town - Gebhartsurg -- Churches and Schools.

THIS township probably contained several settlers during the time of the revolutionary war. At the beginning of the present century many farms had been improved, and the settlemcnt was fairly prosperous. From that day until the present there has been a constant and steady iucrease in wealth and popu- lation. Today no township in Somerset county equals Milford in agricultural importance. Beautiful farms adorned with elegant and costly buildings ; neatly fenced, fertile and well-kept fields ; orchards and green woodlands greet thc eye on every sidc, affording a rich and pleasing landscape. The farmers, of Milford are industrious and progressive. They are awake to the value of modcrn improvements and wisely adopt every idea which is calculated to advance their interests. The soil is fertile aud productive. The people are prosperous and contented, thrifty and intelligent. They do not devote all their time and attention to thc study of the art of money- getting, but find opportunities for self-culture. Not many years ago it was rare that farmers had libraries. They took a newspaper or two and had a few old books about the house. Today, many have choice aud valuable collections of books, representing the best in ancient and modern literature, and standard periodicals are regular visitors in thcir homes. Nine churches and twelve schoolhouses embraced in the town- ship and villages of Milford bear eloquent testimony respecting the people of the township and their position with regard to religious and educational interests. Two Prosperous towns peopled by as wide-awake and energetic citizens as ever blessed a community by their presence are included within the territory of Milford township. But we must leave the present and traverse the past in order to show who have been instrumental in effecting the prosperity which now exists. The following is a copy' of the tax-list of Milford Township in 1796, and shows the names of the resident taxalbles of at least one-sixth of Somerset county :

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