Copied from "The History of Bedford, Somerset and Fulton Counties, Pennsylvania -- 1884"
1796 Tax List Milford Township
Ludwick Flick, Adam Flick, John Fisher, Hugh Fulton, Conrod Frank. Samuel Friend, Jacob Feathers, Peter Friedline, George Friedline, Ludwick Friedline. Ludwick Fisher, Joseph Francis, Georre Friend, William Findly, James Fulton. John Gross. Henry Grindle. John Grindle, Henry Grove, John Gebhart., Jacob Gushwa, David Griffith, Mathias Goshett, Peter Garey. Frederick Hensel, George Henry, John Herring, Ludwick Hart, Casper Harbaugh, Jacob Harbaugh, Nicholas Hull, Jacob Haynes, Andrew Hemminger, John Hemminger, Simon Hogh, Walter Hews, Jacob Hoover, Alexander Holmes, George Hitler, Peter Hess, Jacob Heighler, Jehue Jones, David Jones, William Mason Jomes William Jones Thomas Jolly, Nathan Justice, Casper Kroop, Jonas Kline, John Kooser, Herman Krileigh, George King, Ludwick Keighler, Adam Koondle, George Kinder,

William King, Philip King, Esq. Michael King, Jacob Knable, Casper Kitsmiller, John Koons, David Kimmell. Adam Keffer, Mary Kooser, Conrod Kizer, John Lower, Jacob Lenhart, Jacob Lamer, Widow Logwood, Henry Laymer, Henry Lint, John Leech, Christian Lint, Gillian Lighteburger, Jacob Loury Hugh Linn, Frederick Long, Jacob Miller, John Miller (distiller), Jeremiah Miller, Frederick Mitchell, Robert. McConnell, Samuel Morrison, John Marteeny, William McCarty, John Miller, Jr., John Miller, Sr., Peter Moneigh, Daniel Moore. Peter Millhouse, Abraham Miller, William McDemmit, Thomas McCall, George McCall, Gutleip Mittock, Adam Nigh, Abraham Nafe, Henry Omvake, Andrew Oyler, John Oyler, Martin Philips, George Philipsk Jr.. Frederick Pitcher, Sr., Nicholas Parrone, John Pyle, Casper Pyle, Jacob Pyle, Francis Phillippi, David Penrod, Moses Packer, William Pergher, Peter Putman, Sarah Penrod, Isaac Penrod. George Pritts, Samuel Pritts, Andrew Putman, Michael Pyle, John Rone, George Ray, William Rambow, Moses Rambow, George Rhoads, Cornelius Riley, Christian Rice,

Gillian Gary, collector. Amount of' tax collected, five hundred and forty-four dollars and sixty-three cents. Total valuation, real and personal, one hundred and eight thousand nine hundred and twenty-six dollars.

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